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Hey guys, I'm the baby of dearcupid- or so I see hehe and I joined last.....October I think...? Anyway, I'm really sympathetic and have probably been through most things in my short drop me a line if you need any help xx

How can I get rid of or camouflage these stretchmarks on my shoulders?

Q.   This isn't a relationship question but Ii need a bit of advice. I'm in year 11 at school, I'm 15 and I have my school leavers prom coming up in May. Well as you do to a prom, I have to wear a dress which I'm not really bothered about but most o...

A.   2 March 2008: Well chick, I suggest you don't wear a boob-tube style then. Dare to be different! I did! I wore a shortish babydoll dress and everyone loved it! Alternatively, you could get that boobtube style and buy a little shrug (short cardigan) to go ov... (read in full...)

Is he taking me for a ride? Do you think I can learn to trust him??

Q.   I got together with my boyfriend (who is 16 and I'm 19) while he was with another girl. They had only been going out for two months and we felt that what we had was really special. He's dumped her now but now I'm scared he'll do the same to me. ...

A.   10 September 2007: Hi I am the Asker of this question. Well that was a pointless question! woke up this morning after i had left my computer on with msn still logged in and he had dumped me! Well, sort of! He says he needs time to think and his head and heart is all ... (read in full...)

Depo Provera contraceptive question!

Q.   hey guys, i need to know if anyone has been on the contraceptive Depo-Provera injection? If anyone has, can you tell me if you had any sudden - or arising side-effects. You see, ive been on it a year now, and over the past few months ive been hav...

A.   18 September 2006: i had my last injection on the 18th of july because i was goin on holiday oon the 20th, but ended up having a period all holiday, and my next injection is the 22nd of october., thanks for every1's help xx... (read in full...)

Ladies:- Being a toned guy would it be better to wear Briefs or boxers ?

Q.   Lady's. im am an athletic build and my whole body is toned. would wearing briefs turn a girl off or would boxers be the best option?...

A.   16 August 2006: Boxers - definately! They are sooo sexy!! *turned on* hehe xx... (read in full...)

Will guys care that I have braces? Are they worth it?

Q.   I have a pretty bad overbite, and at the end of next month i will be getting braces. But i am really worried that once i get them i am never going to have a boyfriend. And that may sound weird, but it's the decideing factor in weither i am going to ...

A.   19 July 2006: They are definately worth it. Squint teeth are such a turn-off for guys. In later life (after like, 2 yrs) You will be soooo happy that you went through with it. Try and be happy with yourself babexxx... (read in full...)

Ladies... Briefs or boxers?

Q.   DO girls prefer briefs of boxers???...

A.   28 May 2006: boxers xxx... (read in full...)

I'm 20 and I don't think my boyfriend knows I'm a virin...

Q.   What do I do? My boyfriend of 2 1/2 months is very keen on me. I do like him a lot but I don't believe that I love him or anything. I have known him for 2 years. He doesn't know that I have never had a boyfriend before and I reckon just assumes I h...

A.   21 May 2006: hey chicken, okay firstly, you say you don't know whether to sleep with him or not. My answer is that if you are so worried about it then you are not ready physically or emotionally. If you don't feel you can talk to him about sex or tell him that ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend wants me to do stuff with him I'm not comfortable with... What can I say!?

Q.   i have just got a boyfriend and he wants me to do things to him i dont want to say no coz ill look like a wuss and i dont want to say yes coz i dont want to what shall i do...

A.   22 April 2006: simple - just say exactly what you've just told dont feel comfortable yet.xx... (read in full...)

My son wants to marry a woman 36 years older than he is!

Q.   My 16 year old son has told me he wants to get married to his 52-year-old girlfriend now. what do I do? Please help me, I need your advice. Martyn in Watford, Hertfordshire...

A.   22 November 2005: Is his mother present in this whole situation? If not, you may find he is only using this woman as a mother-type figure and getting confused about his sexual feelings towards her. ask him how he feels about this and Good Luck, Hugs and Kisses xxx... (read in full...)

Not sure how my best friend will react when I tell her that I'm bi...

Q.   Recently I have accepted myself as being bisexual. I'm comfortable with it myself, but I'm not sure if others will be so I haven't told many people yet. I have three best friends (all girls) and only one of them knows about it. I want to tell the...

A.   8 November 2005: Point out the fact to her that, if she was to be around another boy, would she automatically fancy him or check him out just because of his sex? Just because you may fancy girls doesn't mean you're going to go around fancying every single one! ... (read in full...)

I'm trying not to drive my 13-year-old daughter's relationship with her 18-yo boyfriend underground!

Q.   Dear Agony Aunt, My 13 year old daughter is dating an 18 year old, she's known him since her last year in middle school. He is in the sixform of her new high-school and will be going to university next year. I feel I cannot say anything becau...

A.   8 November 2005: Two words, Reverse Psychology. If you tell her she CAN'T see this guy, then it will make her more adamant about seeing him. If you support her and guide her along, then hopefully in time she will realise the age gap is too vast and will want to be ... (read in full...)

My husband has said he wants to wait to have sex... until we're 60!

Q.   I am 24 and my husband is 29. I promised to him that we would not have sex until we were married, as we are both virgins. Now he's saying that he doesn't want sex with me until we're in our early 60s - and I find it odd. He said to me that he me...

A.   8 November 2005: If Sex is a very important factor in your life and how it contributes to your relationships, then you have to have a long, serious discussion with him. If you cannot come up with a serious compromise then I dont believe it will work, there will ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend thinks I should also sleep with his dad, but I'm completely disgusted by the idea!

Q.   I am 18 and my boyfriend is 19. He said to me the other night; "If you love me you'll sleep with me, and my dad as well." I told him that the idea was disgusting but he just repeated the idea again and laughed my opinion off. I can't understa...

A.   8 November 2005: As above, I agree with everyone - he is a nutter!!! He is only using you and if he's using the old "if you ;love me routine" then this is not a good sign for your future relationship with him, what will he get you to do next...murder?!?!? Good Luck, ... (read in full...)

Is my soulmate still out there, while I'm still here with my boyfriend?

Q.   I've been with my boyfriend for four years. It has always been nice. He's supportive, a good listener, an honest, hard worker, and awesome at night. We get along very well, like best friends. I'm very comfortable and happy with him. But sometimes I ...

A.   7 November 2005: I believe that maybe the right thing for you to do is to go on a slight break. You need to have a little time to yourself where you can go out and experience other personalities and different attitudes, maybe then you will appreciate what you have ... (read in full...)

What do you call the sex you have when you're not actually having sex?

Q.   Me and my bf both want to wait til we are married to have sex, so we have pretnd sex. Is there a name for this and what else can I do to get him to orgasm? ...

A.   30 October 2005: Dry Sex... (read in full...)

Told her how I really felt via text, but she ignored it and carried on as normal...

Q.   Recently I have been attracted to this girl. At first I thought she felt the same. However on one drunken night I let her know how I felt (via text). She replied but her reaction was to pretty much ignore it. Despite this she treats me the same as ...

A.   30 October 2005: She most likely thought it was a joke, or clouded judgment over the fact you were drunk, please grow a penis and be a man. TALK TO HER FACE-TO-FACE!!!XXX... (read in full...)

Why won't my bf let me give him oral sex?

Q.   Im sixteen and have been in a steady relationship for a month.I want to give my boyfriend oral sex but he doesn't want me to. What's wrong with me?...

A.   30 October 2005: I also agree with the previous answers, some guys just really hate the idea of it and feel embarassed about how they may "taste" . So please dont panic!! Think yourself lucky, my bf is bj crazy!!!! Good luck and lots of love xxx... (read in full...)

My ex is looking for a woman nearer to his own age, but he still wants me close, too...

Q.   I have been seeing a younger man for 4 months. He broke up with me to find a more age appropriate woman. Yet he keeps calling me and wanting to see me and have me in his life. He says I am his best friend, that I am nicer to him, and that he enjoys ...

A.   30 October 2005: hey, look I would get rid of him from your life completely! I think ge is using you as a comfort-blanket-incase he cant find someone he really wants to be with, he will just assume that he can come running back when hes heartbroken. Alternatively, ... (read in full...)

Why am I such a nasty bitch to my friend? Can I stop it?

Q.   Hi, I know this might sound pathetic but, I have 2 best friends. One of them I can be nasty to at times - in fact most of the time - and she's a real good friend for coping with me. But I want to stop being this nasty bitch. I have tried so hard to ...

A.   30 October 2005: i think what you need to do is work out exactly what annoys you about her, when you react in a bitchy way. Try and work out how you can cope with this in a better way, like laughing it oof, then also, stop and think what you are about to say to her ... (read in full...)

I caught my 10-year-old daughter masturbating!

Q.   I hope you can help me with this because i just dont know what to do! I have a 10 year old daughter who is very happy- go lucky and has lots of friends. Last week i walked into her bedroom to find her straddling her bedcorner and thrusting. I told ...

A.   25 October 2005: Hey, Please don't worry about your daughter, this it totally normal! Iam only 17 but i began masturbating at around 9/10 only because in this day and age it is so easy for children of that day to experience viewing sex (on TV gossip at school etc). ... (read in full...)

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