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Is it normal to want anal sex with my wife?

Q.   Is it normal to want anal sex with my wife, she's got a lovely arse and she's the only person I want it with, we have been together for 20 + years and have a fantastic sex life, I'm just wondering if my penis would be too big for her, it's 6 ins but ...

A.   22 March 2013: Jeez AuntyEm, chill out a bit, the guy was asking a valid question! I'm female and really enjoy anal sex, it's quite the oppoite of painful when done correctly. OP talk to your wife about it, if you've been married for 20 years, isn't it the type... (read in full...)

B/f takes 20 minutes to respond to texts and comes back with cliche responses. Is something up?

Q.   Big dilemma you guys ill try and keep it short. I really need some help. My boyfriend is 22 and works on a boat for 2 weeks of the month. Well, all day he texts me like once every couple of hours, and on his lunch break, like once. When he gets off ...

A.   3 February 2013: Are you for real? Why don't you grow up and not have a relationship through texting, like other adults. Seriously, if you can't go for a few days, let alone hours without texting him, you have some dependency issues. I would expect a question like ... (read in full...)

Child Support issues. Am I asking for too much? He thinks so.

Q.   After separating from my husband if many years, I started to claim for child support When he got to know this from the agency he sent me a text saying, "can't believe you're doing this to me, taking my kids and family away and now also causing ...

A.   24 December 2012: Yes, and I can see that it's a complicated situation. Do you have the kids full time and he can see them when he wants or do they live with them part of the time? Is his dad living with you because of disability or, and why with you spec... (read in full...)

Child Support issues. Am I asking for too much? He thinks so.

Q.   After separating from my husband if many years, I started to claim for child support When he got to know this from the agency he sent me a text saying, "can't believe you're doing this to me, taking my kids and family away and now also causing ...

A.   24 December 2012: If you earn a decent amount amd will only be putting the money aside then why are you askimg for it? It's not exactly being used to support the kids with every day needs... I don't know your custody arrangements but if you are splitting the kids... (read in full...)

I just found out that my boyfriend got another girl pregnant (before we got together) and dumped her.

Q.   I just found out today that before I was with my boyfriend, he had sex with other girls, got them pregnant, told them he would marry them If he had too then left them. I'm so confused this is the first guy that I have really seen having a long ...

A.   4 December 2012: 'Even wrote sweet things on my Facebook wall" - this means nothing in the real world. Get as far away from this guy as possible. He has cold bloodedly tried to ruin other girls lives for his own sexual pleasure. He has no moral code and lacks et... (read in full...)

Is my behavior my fault, or the fault of the person who caused me to behave this way?

Q.   SIMPLE QUESTION: if i tell someone (in this case a family member) not to do or say a certain thing b/c it'll get me really angry, and then they go ahead and say or do what gets me angry anyways, and i blow up and get mad, am i at fault, or ...

A.   29 November 2012: Simple Answer. Yes you do have a problem, you do not know how to control your anger. You are an adult who's brain is perfectly capable of processing the information needed to access and respond to any situation. You and only you are responsible for ... (read in full...)

Got caught speeding by a traffic camera. Need advice from people who live in the UK!

Q.   I know this has nothing to do with love or relationships but everyone on here who answers always seems very insightful and knowledgeable so I figure maybe you can help me. I live in the UK and I went to a concert last night in Glasgow, which is...

A.   29 November 2012: Why do you think you could get away with it? You were speeding and flashed! You will get a letter through the post with a fine and saying you have 3 points on your licence. ... (read in full...)

I'm a nice guy is that why I get friendzoned?

Q.   I'm what you could call a nice guy. I hold doors open for girls, always treat them with the respect they deserve, and my friends that are girls say that I'm sweet, ask why more guys aren't like me, and why I'm not dating anyone. Yet, even when I ...

A.   28 November 2012: I'm a woman who isn't attracted to the super-macho, cocky, immature type. There are some women who are, but they're not the rule. Still, I'm sure I've friend-zoned a few guys. I see two reasons: the Nice Guy (TM) douchebag and the Scaredy Guy (TM)... (read in full...)

My cousin loves me and even though I fight her off, know its wrong, I'm afraid one of these times I'm going to give in!

Q.   Dear Cupid, I am in a bit of a pickle concerning my relationship with my cousin. I am 25 and she is 20. I am single and am not interested in pursuing a love life at the moment as i am focused on my career. My cousin is single and is in university...

A.   24 November 2012: Tell her parents and let them talk to their daughter, simples. And in the future if shecones on to you again, state that you do not want her and leave her to cry. Do not coddle her. She is an adult!... (read in full...)

Gained weight since being in a relationship, it affects our sex life, and really want to lose it! Any tips?

Q.   Hey guys, this isn't really a dating question, but it does effect my sex life with my boyfriend. I am currently 180lbs at 5f 6 inches, and this is the heaviest I have ever been! Before I moved in with my boyfriend I was around 140/150 a...

A.   21 November 2012: What Cerebus said. I was in exactely the same position as you 3 years ago. Went from 150lbs-220 within 6 months after meeting my partner. We ate out like crazy. I lost 50lbs within 6 months by doing 20 mins of interval running/walking ... (read in full...)

All the girls go for my good looking friend instead of me!

Q.   A friend of mine is the total opposite of me. He is 6'2 with blond hair and has stunning looks and he works out. I'm 5'8, work out and play sports, but don't look stunning like he does. I've been told I am handsome by older family and that is it. ...

A.   17 November 2012: OP - it sounds like you're going for the wrong girls and trying to meet them in the wrong places. Do you really want to be with a girl who would sleep with your friend just because he's hot and a jerk? Do you want a hook up or a loving relation... (read in full...)

Could my boyfriend be watching porn because he's depressed?

Q.   My partner watches porn and says he does it because he feels depressed. So, to the men... Is this just an excuse or could he be telling the truth? Also, how could looking at pictures of naked women help him to feel better without masturbating...

A.   31 October 2012: It could be either or. I masturbate when i'm feeling sad because an orgasm fills me with endorphins and energy, the same if not better as the feeling you get after a great work out. I also watch movies when i'm sad because they are an escape. S... (read in full...)

If someone is ready to be pleasured how can they not be ready to give pleasure?

Q.   Is something wrong with me? My boyfriend and I (I am a gay man) have been together almost 3 years, we are getting married in November. We live together and have a very open and public relationship. The problem I am having is in the bedroom. Our...

A.   5 September 2012: Something is not right here. You need to both go see a couples councillor before you get anywhere close to getting married. You should be happy in your relationship before you make a _life long_commitment. You are not happy with the relationship as ... (read in full...)

Can we help determine the sex of a baby by the position we have sex in?

Q.   Ok guys . I hope you can help me. My husband wants a little girl. Right know we have 3 boys. My mother in law and her sisters told me to do all the work in bed. My husband should just lay there while im on top. Is that true? Apparently according to ...

A.   31 August 2012: NO... (read in full...)

Will having a threesome with my wife ruin our relationship? She's the one who brought it up.

Q.   My wife asked me to have a 3sum with another female. I'm up for the idea but I thought about it more and I don't know how it will change our relationship, am I not pleasing her enugh, she orgasms at least three time every time we have sex. What she ...

A.   23 August 2012: Why do you think it could effect your relationship negatively? My partner and I are poly which requires very open and honest communication. You're about to do something really exciting and special, what's holding you back from looking forward to ... (read in full...)

I caught my wife in the bathtub with my brother! What do I do now?

Q.   Dear friends, I am hoping to find a way on how to handle a situation. Me and wife (23) are married for 3 years now and for the last 2 years my youngest brother stays with us for study. He and my wife are close in their age. He is just 19 months l...

A.   19 August 2012: OP, i do understand the type of relationship you have with your wife. My partner and I are Poly - we believe that love can be shared and multiplied and we dont believe to confining ourselves to what society believes is the only option. Many people ... (read in full...)

Should I tell my Bf that two friends, one being male, plus me, shared a bed during a sleep-over, but nothing happened?

Q.   So I slept in the same bed with two of my friends, one male and one female when I have a boyfriend. Nothing weird happened it was just a simple sleepover but I am worried that my boyfriend will be upset about it - even though they are both his ...

A.   18 August 2012: If it was completely innocent, why are you worrying? We don't know your boyfriend or your relationship enough to say anything. You haven't said whether he is layer back, jealous etc... (read in full...)

My Wedding soon, and I'm on track to lose some weight. Can you help motivate me more, with some happy weight loss stories?

Q.   Hi! I will be married in 8 weeks and want to lose some weight (5-6 kilos) I've already talked to a doctor and a nutritionist: they say I can do it and gave me a diet which I'm following. But, man, it's so hard! Can you please tell me some happy we...

A.   17 August 2012: If you want to burn fat and gain muscle, I really reccomend that you read The 4 hour body by Tim Ferriss. ... (read in full...)

Should I be upset about planning an abortion?

Q.   I just found out I am 4 weeks pregnant. I'm going to have an abortion. I don't feel guilty about it at all, in fact im actually happy about it. Shouldnt I be crying?...

A.   16 August 2012: I had an abortion when i was 19 and it was such a relief. I had no attatchment towards my potential child, my body was creating something that i didnt want and was making me incredibly sick. For me there was no other option and to this day im glad i ... (read in full...)

Sex every other day for 2 months, but I'm not pregnant yet!

Q.   Hi! I'm almost 32, my hubby is almost 34. We've been trying to have a baby for 2 months now, having sex every other day. We're both healthy and in good shape, don't smoke and don't drink alcohol. Unfortunately, after two months, I'm not pregnant and ...

A.   14 August 2012: It takes a normal healthy couple on average a year to conceive naturally. A doctor will not see you until you have been trying for 12 months. What specifically have you been doing to help yourself get pregnant?... (read in full...)

I want to show up to his house in something seductive!

Q.   Hello. Me and my boyfriend had sex last night for the first time. Tomorrow morning I'm going to his house we are going to spend the day together. I want to show up in something sexy to seduce him. Is it too soon or should i do it? ...

A.   5 August 2012: Too soon, unless like blonde30s says, you have been with him for a while. Do you know what he finds sexy? Not all men like boyfriend thinks i'm very sexy in one of his shirts or my pjs and a hoodie! He dislikes lingerie/make up ... (read in full...)

I have an urgent desire for a baby but it's not the right time!

Q.   I have a question for people who are going through, or have been through, what I am feeling right now. Up until a few months ago, I was pretty much anti kids. My husband and I discussed kids before we got married and agreed it was something th...

A.   4 August 2012: Haha very well said female anon! I do exactely that when i'm broody. Walk around a supermarket during the weekend, seeing how kids behave on buses and trains works especially well too!... (read in full...)

Any advice for a 44 year old virgin? I tried an escourt but had Erectile Dysfunction so she suggested a longer visit next time.

Q.   I recently visited an escort agency to have sex for the first time at 44yrs of age but was unable to obtain an erection and nothing happened. Of course i was nervous even though the lady was very attractive, i booked for an hour. She suggeste...

A.   4 August 2012: Have you seen a doctor about your erectile disfunction?... (read in full...)

Do I have another infection again?

Q.   Hi there, I have an odd, (or hopefully not so odd) question to ask. For a while (past twelve months) I have had quite a strong smell coming from my vagina. I can smell it every time i go to the toilet on my underwear or even sometime when i move my ...

A.   3 August 2012: I also have the problem of bacterial vaginosis - it's quite common. Go to the pharmacy, they have gel sachets you can insert into your vagina which neutralise your vagina and get it to the right pH. The one i used is called 'Balance Activ' vaginal ... (read in full...)

What should I do? We broke up but he wants me 'on hold' but in his life? Yet he is talking to other girls already?

Q.   Hi all, I have recently (2 weeks ago) broken up with a boyfriend of 4 months. The circumstances of the break-up were as follows: He stopped showing me any affection, he was cancelling plans to see me and he has avoided calls, simply texting m...

A.   28 July 2012: Isnt is obvious what he's doing? He's sleeping with you because you're letting him and yet keeping out watch for someome he actually wants as a girlfriend. When he says he's not ready for a relationship, he means he doesnt want one with you - he... (read in full...)

Can cheating be justified?

Q.   if someones love interest doesnt give enough time,love, emotional and mental support the care and need and also doesnt take part in sorting such differences by mutual talk then does it give the other partner to cheat on him/her, is it justified ...

A.   28 July 2012: No. End the relationship. ... (read in full...)

Could this make someone pregnant?

Q.   My girlfriend touched me and then touched the outside of her underwear lightly. I had noticed some pre-ejaculate earlier that was on my underwear. She noticed that she was a bit 'wet' afterwards from herself. She did not feel any liquid from me. It ...

A.   27 July 2012: I'm a health and pregnancy specialist. From what you have described, there is no possibility of her getting pregnant. I would STRONGLY urge you to educate yourself more in sex before you continue to get intimate with anyone. This is not the kimd of ... (read in full...)

I can't afford to pay every time we go out. What's the best way to let her know?

Q.   Hi. So I asked someone out and we had dinner and I payed, which I was happy to do. I've asked her out again for a coffee and she said yes. The thing is I just can't afford to pay for her every time we go out. I don't know if she'll be expecting me ...

A.   27 July 2012: Yes, she'll be expecting you to pay because you asked her out. Buy her coffee and a slice of cake - you cant be that broke! Then dont ask her out again to places you cant afford. If she asks you out for dinner, saying i'd love to but im a bit short ... (read in full...)

How do I make my arms bigger?

Q.   i need to help that what should i do for getting a big arms ? and i have been gyming for last 3 year but it doesn't work? so can anyone tell me what should i do...

A.   26 July 2012: What is your current regime?... (read in full...)

Do I tell friend what I seen?

Q.   i've just seen my mate flirting with her best friend's boyfriend what do i do?...

A.   25 July 2012: These things will fall apart by themselves. Don't get involved, weather it's fair or not, the messanger often gets shot. ... (read in full...)

I'm not sure if I want a gay relationship or to be able to have a family

Q.   Hey, im 17 and bisexual from Australia. Lately i've been going crazy over my sexual orientation. At times i think im gay, and im happy about it. I'd love to be in a gay relationship for the rest of my life, but at the same time, i really want a st...

A.   22 July 2012: Have you thought about polyamory? My partner and I are and we have a girlfriend. I am bisexual and wanted to date women and still be with him and he also was interested in dating other women. This works for us as we believe that love can be ... (read in full...)

I didn't bleed but it really hurt. How do I know if my hymen was broken?

Q.   My boyfriend was fingering me and it really hurt, but I never bled. Did I break my hymen? How can I check?...

A.   16 July 2012: Tisha is right. You may have been born without one, it may have worn way with time or have you ever rode a bike? Played any kind of sport or ran? Or used tampons? ... (read in full...)

My girlfriend acts like my mum!

Q.   anyones gf act like your mum? LOL strange question i know, but at times my gf does this, just wana know if anyone else out there experience same thing, and what is the meaning behind it etc, is it a bad or good thing? is it psychological for women ...

A.   9 July 2012: We need more detail here. How does she act like your mum? All mothers are different... (read in full...)

Is it true that girls my age are more attracted to guys who know how to drive and own a car?

Q.   Recently I've felt pressured into learning to drive. Here in the UK you can learn at 17 and im currently 19. Quite a few of my friends can drive but I've never got round to learning, most of the places I go to in my spare time are local or I can ...

A.   9 July 2012: The ABILITY to drive i feel is important, not the actual having a car. If you live in a town or can get anywhere easily by bus, train or tube then i don't see the point of having one if it's going to be an unnecessary expense. Having a useful skill ... (read in full...)

Besides condoms are there any other precautions we can take to avoid pregnancy?

Q.   I have been dating my boyfriend for about 4 months now and I would really like to take my relationship to the next level and have sex with him. I am not on any form of birth control, we have a condom. but is that enough? I'm scared something...

A.   9 July 2012: Go to your doctor and ask him about the pill, shot and implant. These will stop you ovulating. You cant get pregnant if there is no egg to fertilize! The pill has been fantastic for me, i'd really reccomend it.... (read in full...)

My girlfriend and I want to adopt, but friends and family are against gays' raising children. Advise please?

Q.   Hi Im a gay woman who is in a very healthy relationship of 3 years and recently I have became really broody and would like to adopt in the near future with my girlfriend, we have discussed children before and she also would like to have them one...

A.   6 July 2012: Err..Hugh.J and anon male...why do you think people have kids in the first place? ... (read in full...)

Would it be safe to ask for a Fwb relationship with the neighbor?

Q.   Hi, I always have sexual urges to have sex with my neighbor. We're both 15, she's very cute and has a creamy complexion. We're classmates in elementary. And I know that she has a major crush on me. She flirts with me all the time but in the past ...

A.   3 June 2012: You don't. You are both childeren! Put your nose in a book, wat h TV, play a video game. Anything other than sex at your age!... (read in full...)

Why do girls cheat on their boyfriends?

Q.   Do they do it because they are horny over another guy? I'm not trying to make it sound like guys don't cheat but I already know why guys cheat, because they're horny....

A.   27 May 2012: Quite simply - They like the other guy more then their current boyfriend, and they want the best of both worlds. There a whole load of reasons why they might like that person better, and it's generally not because they are "horny". ... (read in full...)

My mom found out I'm sexually active

Q.   My mom found out that I have sex with my bf My bf n I are twenty years old. She is so mad I don't understand why if I'm using protection n I'm not pregnant ...

A.   24 May 2012: Are you having sex in her house? If yes then she may be angry that you are doing it without asking her permission..... (read in full...)

He said I stink down there and it's probably the food I eat!

Q.   Hey friends, me and my guy were out today evening and we were talking about having sex 2mrw at his place. He asked me if he should full shave? i said its your wish but just wash your men hair down there, so it smells good. He suddenly said that i ...

A.   20 May 2012: Would you rather not know? I think you're perhaps being a little over sensitive. Afterall if he penis really stank would you lick it? Its a normal thing to happen. If I eat onions, garlic and don't drink enough water, my vagina smells. Cut out ... (read in full...)

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