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He doesn’t plan dates and snaps at me!

Is this the end of our relationship

My boyfriend doesn't like public displays of affection and it bothers me

We live with his parents they heard us fight and now I'm ashamed to see them

I don't want a strained relationship with my cousins

My married lover seems to have lost interest in me. Why is this?

I want to communicate more openly with my mother, but how? And once a girl is not a virgin, does one tell a parent or not?

Is my mother just hurting and taking it out on me? How do I accept that nobody loves me?

I’m angry with his mom and his sister and have reached a breaking point. I need input!

My husband wants me to date other men for sex!

Boyfriend's libido is so low

Does my b/f only want me for sex?

How can I find a way to trust my boyfriend? Because I feel I can't trust him

I loved her but I couldn't take any more

His birth family comes before his spouse and children. It's depressing. What can I do?.

I am worried I may leave my children motherless.

Why is this happening now? Two years later? Now I'm plagued with dreams that remind me of his affair

He owes me over $5000 US and he's full of excuses and says he can't live without me. What should I do?

I need advice about my daughter's boyfriend please ?

His preference for 50:50 on everything is making me feel more like a mate, than really special to him. Is my concern justified?

I feel unloved by my partner and don't know how to fix it

My fiance is fine one minute and shouting me at the next. I don't know what to do!

Domestic Abuse: My Story- Part 1

Am I being unrealistic wanting a fairytale ending?

He is immature doesn't want commitment and told me to find someone else. Do I just move on then?

Having sex is painful for both of us, but I still have needs and I'm hurt when my boyfriend rejects me!

I want to forgive my mother, I know she will never change and I don't want to!

We've been together for 7 months and he has no interest in sex

Can my girlfriend overcome her troubled past enough for me to learn to trust her again?

He is trying so hard but my trust is gone

Am I really in love with him?

My wife won't have sex with me anymore and won't tell me why not

I think my husband is preparing for a divorce

Do I walk away? I'm torn!

He completely refuses to call me pet names!

I'm feeling neglected because of his friends and sports

My B/f said he was 'glad' that I had found out about his cheating as it has really shaken us and allowed us to see what we were neglecting in our relationship. What did he mean by that?

I had an affair with a younger man and I wanted to hurt his girlfriend so I told her about what we did. I thought this would break them but they're back together. What do I do now?

Boyfriend hasn't told his family about us... is he ashamed of me?

Should I let my fiance know I found out she was still an escort during our first month of dating, or should I let it go?

Socially and emotionally Ostracised at home. Need to feel better about me and find a job so I can move out. How can I cope better?

Bf has a short fuse and says he has PTSD and as a result I walk on egg shells. What can I do about this situation?

Boyfriend living with me temporarily the love is dying, what should I do?

I'm confused about what "true love" is?

Pregnant and my husband is out of the country I feel so lost and alone!

Where did the affection go?

My Bf says that talking to this other girl is "different" and he's not going to stop talking to her. What can I do?

When is it going to be my turn in dating?

Are my friends right? Is my boyfriend not treating me right?

My Bf is depressed about his parent's recent divorce. His behaviour towards me has changed. What should I do?

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