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How do I work through our sex drive imbalance?

Why is my sister in law making herself accessible to me?

Why does my girlfriend not allow me to perform oral sex on her?

We're both 26, been together 3 years and done nothing sexually beyond kissing! It's just driving me up the wall!

My confidence is wrecked, I regret telling people the truth about my ex boyfriend.

There is no intimacy in our marriage .... is my wife having an affair?

Haunted by the past and now I'm expecting

I am not a masturbatory toy!

Married 11 years and my husband is now wanting details of my sexual life before him.

Why can he have an orgasm now?

How can I make my husband feel better about our sex life?

How do I tell a man he's not doing it for me in the bedroom?

I can't deal with his passive aggressive behavior when I don't want sex

Do men lose out on any pleasure by using condoms?

I don't want to be replaced by a vibrator .... again!

I can't tell if I'm dating a really odd social butterfly or a man whore.

Am I masturbating properly?

My girlfriend doesn't seem that interested in sex

Recently, my girlfriend starts to bleed everytime she orgasms. What could be wrong with her?

My boyfriend is lying about porn again. what are my options?

Is there a reason I didn't have an orgasm the first time I had sex?

How can I become more wet during sex?

I can't have an orgasm so I always fake them. Is there something wrong with me?

Worried that I'm not big enough

How should I approach this situation? I think he is messaging other women.

Advice on how women feel about orgasms please?

I don't have alot of experience with dating but not sure if what is going on in our relationship is normal

Do any men have this problem? I cannot orgasm from oral sex

Am I over the top about his using porn?

Boyfriend likes to ejaculate on my boobs and face and he finds this "adorable". Is this normal guy behavior?

30 year age difference and she's starting to talk about having kids. I do not want to lose her but just can't go back to raising another family

Is he a commitment-phobe? Is there still a chance?

Sex isn't going well with her, any advice?

How do I get her to want sex more?

Why cry? Was she feeling guilty? My LDR is currently studying overseas. She has started a new friendship there but promised me that they would not have full sex

Disappointed he couldn't see me Valentine's day. Am I being selfish? Should I try and make things work?

Is my wife secretly interested in a threesome?

Do I stay and hope his performance in bed improves?

Everything was great .... except the sex!

I feel inadequate!

Should I tell my wife I've been visiting massage parlours?

How to determine if a woman likes me? How do I let a woman know I like her? How to slow down my orgasm when with a woman?

Am I a lousy lover for my wife?

I've planned a very elaborate threesome with my bf and another girl, but could still do with some advice..

How can I help myself? I am so confused. Our relationship has problems, but I do love him.

How do I tell my husband without hurting his feelings that he doesn't satisfy me?

I cant seem to make my partner understand that sex is good for me and I'm worried he's stressing out over it!

She'd rather masturbate than have sex with me. Is there a way to resolve this problem?

My girlfriend thinks we should find other people because I last way too long in bed and she takes a minute to orgasm and then gets bored

Lots of issues... Younger girlfriend, torrid past, immature, we're not gelling sexually... What do I do?

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