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None of my friends like him .... what can I do?

My boyfriend's drunken behaviour was nasty. Should I just let it pass?

Is it normal to miss a toxic relationship?

I feel I’m being played with! Do I cut off all contact?

My boyfriend often tells me small lies, how do I get him to stop?

I care for her no matter what our status but I want to be with her! How do I tell her?

Am I rushing things, I've never had a long distance relationship before.

I kissed a girl and my boyfriend didn't like it, what do I do?

Is the relationship doomed before it has begun?

Help! I’ve fallen for my friend, but I don’t know what to do about it!

I don't think this party girl is girlfriend material. Should I break up?

Do I give my ex with a drinking problem a second chance?

My wife is bi-curious and has talked about a threesome then never does anything about it! What is she thinking?

I was abandoned by my mom, my dad's girlfriend has managed to put a wedge between my father and I and I'm hurting

Possibly pregnant from a one night stand

I initiated a threesome with a guy friend and now my wife is having an affair with him

Are these trivial things we can work out or are we incompatible?

I’ve given up drinking! How do I tell my friend before his bachelor party?

I'm tired of my ex's manipulative behavior

I don't want to throw 5 years down the pan but I don't know what else to do. Can you offer any advice?

We've broken up but why does my heart still hurt.

My best friend tried to kiss my girlfriend.

My confidence is shot, I know I'm better off but I want him to realise it.

Boyfriend upsets me then gets mad at me and ignores me instead of making it better.

Why did my ex give his friend my number?

A mutual friend has boundary problems

Why did he have makeup smeared around his lips?

Did she sell the phone I gave her? I regret how our interactions ended!

He phased me out but got angry when I moved on.

He said he loved me but then he dumped me out of the blue! Do I just walk away and forget it all?

The man who was my companion contacts me through my daughter after 2 years!

I've never had a boyfriend but am considering losing my virginity.

How do I deal with my long time "best friend" who trashed me in a letter to my parents?

My ex has said he would never marry me, but I want him back!

How do I move forward with my new boyfriend after cheating on him?

What’s wrong with people? Or am I the freak?

Why would his parents ask me these odd questions?

My husband’s friend is trouble!

I feel like its my fault that my former lover has given up and gotten so heavy. I love her but know I couldn't take care of her

My dad is a nasty drunk, his mom is deaf... How can I combine both our lives?

Am I in the wrong or not with regard to my situation?

I drunk texted her while we were on a break!

I love her but I don't know what to do.

My attempts at sex were horribly painful. How do I make things better?

How do I detach myself emotionally from him before actually telling him it's over if I decide I don't want this anymore?

Why do you think he unblocked my number and responded to me, and do you think there is

Should I confess to my drunken night?

My boyfriend has dozen of photos of his exes on his profiles

Does my husband friend want a threesome?

Is it selfish to break up with him over this?

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