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My boyfriend goes out drinking every weekend and our relationship is devoid of intimacy, emotional and physical contact

Does she deserve to know what happened during the break up?

I want to hear from you - especially the male ‘aunts’ - if you think he likes me?!?

Why is he withdrawing after we have had sex?

Is he just looking for fun online?

He doesn't seem to want to be my friend after I 'rejected' him, is he playing games?

Supplemental: My ex is now posting horrible things about me

Will he take me back even though I have acted like a nutter?

2 babies with another woman and he's married to me. I want a divorce!

He cheated on me, was violent but it now feels things are back on track. So why am I not happy?

Am I being sent signs that I should stay single?

How do I meet new friends?

Why would he spend so much time courting me then suddenly act like we never happened?

He is all that I have ever wanted but I feel trapped. Is an open relationship the answer?

I’m in an exclusive long distance relationship, despite my desire for it to be open, and I started cheating. What do I do?

Should I pursue a relationship to push away the feelings for my best friend?

I want to be at a place where women would be in abundance.

I think this is not acceptable and he thinks I’m overreacting!

Is my boyfriend's behaviour normal? He's admitted to going really strange sexual things relating to the girl he liked!

He just revealed his new relationship! How do I get over feeling that I am not enough?

Do you think I should stick the relationship out and if so, how do I tell him I need a bit more support?

My brother is too touchy-feely with his girlfriend in public and it's embarrassing!

My ex saw my hairy nipples! Is that enough to end years of great sex?

I'm waiting for someone who clearly doesn't want me

When he is sober he's nice, when he is drunk its a big downfall.

I'm being used by a totally useless boyfriend and I feel trapped

Should I just leave it at that?

I showed interest in a shy guy, now he wont leave me alone.

I married the man I was having an affair with and I am struggling with trust issues, and feeling anxious and worried everyday he will cheat on me.

I think he’s an alcoholic and I don’t know what to do!

My best friend and my boyfriend were flirting with each other on my b-day right in front of me

My girlfriend is perfect, but I want an open relationship.

I'm sick of this man being a ghost in our relationship.

Boyfriends drunken night may be the end of us but I want to make things work. How?

He doesn't believe that I am over my ex

I don't want to make things easy for my ex. Do I move out because he wants me to?

I'm hurt, confused, angry and betrayed.

I’m excited at the concept of an open relationship but I’m not really happy with the current situation.

After years of putting up with my wife's drunken behavior, she gets sober and 6 months later she is getting righteous on me!

Regret kissing a girl I didn't find attractive that turned out to be an alcoholic on a date whilst drunk and now she wants more.

How do meet someone who would want to settle down with me?

What should I do to guard my heart and not be a fool?

I am caught in the middle of a boy I like and my female friend

I hit him while drunk for making a pathetic comment and now I deeply regret it

Is it wrong that I feel he's totally describing her when he volunteers his opinion on whats his type?

How to make a recovering alcoholic comfortable at a family holiday event?

I kissed my ex when on a break from my boyfriend!

How can I motivate and encourage my daughter to socialize more? is her behaviour normal?

I lied about my age. Can I salvage this relationship?

Follow up to an earlier question about some decisions I have to make

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