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Hard for me to tell if he is genuine

This is the second abusive relationship I've been in. Am I picking the wrong type of men?

I need help to control his binge drinking

I want to have fun but it leaves me feeling guilty

Am I right to doubt his fidelity?

I feel that my boyfriend's ex wife was living my dream life and I'll never match up to her

Walked into an awkward love triangle

I hate the person who I used to love for his std and promiscuity

I love my long term partner but feel a spark for a coworker!

A guy keeps sending me mixed signals.

Just a kiss but what should I do now?

Two guys... So whom should I go for?

Why am I hopelessly infatuated with this man?

Can't seem to say no to sex anymore and actually mean it. What should I do?

My ex cheated on me, it took me 2 years to get over him and now he wants to try again

I haven't had any luck dating. Should I give up on love?

I can't wait to get married - but family issues putting a dampener on it.

How do I handle his awful younger sister who assumes she's one of my bridesmaids?!?

Help me fix this situation with my sister

Why can a woman reject sex but if her boyfriend does it, it's the worst thing ever?

Why am I stuck with the girl that doesn't want to give but wants me to do all the work?

If she wasn't interested why did she bother to text me?

Is she hiding something or cheating?

I was drunk and slapped my boyfriend across the face!

We just don't DO anything!

I like girl A but am dating girl B

Any advise on this relationship will be welcome.

Now that he's abroad he doesn't contact me at all!

Job not how I thought, girlfriend dumping me

How can I show him that I'm into him?

Why 2 days later does my husband go off on me about something I said while drunk?

My friend drunkenly ranted into my voicemail. Do I call him or wait for him to contact me?

I'm craving attention and wishing for a double life

I am in love with a girl who has a boyfriend.

My ex is contacting me again, what should I do?

Didnt cheat but feel guilty ?

Should I be concerned about my erratic behavior?

How do stop my self from being so nervous before a date.

He spent 5 years in prison for crippling a child in a drunken car accident

My friend's son seems to have a crush on me

His ex randomly pops up!

I got back with my ex but I am struggling!

Our family holiday has upset partner's ex!

12 years of hits and misses and I have no idea where I stand with this guy

My girlfriend goes out with a male friend who makes her feel uncomfortable being too touchy

I'm very puzzled by my boyfriend's giantess fetish. Can someone explain?

Should I let him go? or see what happens?

How do I help my boyfriend sort himself out?

Can you stay friends after having a one night stand?

He's asking about people I've slept within the past 2 years!

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