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My partner's behaviour towards me has been very questionable ever since he lost his job. What's going on here?

Why do I feel fear and anxiety of not being able to cope?

Has my husband lost interest in me sexually?

Older man wont leave his girlfriend for me.

Has anybody else ever missed out on time and then got past it and been able to get on afterwards without too much regret?.

I met a cute guy at a job interview, when can I make a move on him?

I showed interest in a shy guy, now he wont leave me alone.

I feel like I need her permission to leave the relationship. Is she crazy?

I married the man I was having an affair with and I am struggling with trust issues, and feeling anxious and worried everyday he will cheat on me.

How do I get over my dream guy and an almost relationship?

Sometimes I feel lost about who I am.

I'm 20 yet my parents don't want me to date.

I've been watching porn for years. How can I quit?

People who were once a part of my life no longer miss me

I'm unable to move on after being rejected by the girl I love

I'm hurt, confused, angry and betrayed.

How do I stop being so socially awkward and silly?

Should I reply or ignore?

My boyfriend is thinking about working with a woman I don't like! What should I do?

I am quick to accept blame and that allows people to manipulate me

Why am I contemplating taking a job that makes my abusive ex my supervisor?

Could a lack of confidence in the bedroom be making first-time sex more difficult? How can I relax more?

How can I be more confident in social situations?

My progressive hair loss is making me insecure about dating

Follow up to an earlier question about some decisions I have to make

I’m looking for practical advice on managing interviews!

What can I do about my relationship anxiety and chronic overthinking?

I need advice on makeup and blocking negative comments from my dad!

How do you swim through the dating pool?

My ex alienated me from my friends but I'd like to re-establish contact with them but how?

Our sex life used to be magical until his porn use!

I don’t understand why people don’t want to be friends with me!

I'm wasting the prime of my life. What should I do?

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and questioning my relationship with my partner because I just found out that he's slept with numerous prostitutes before we met.

I cheated and want to fix my relationship, but how?

Should I volunteer for the first time for three months in another country?

Our relationship is disintegrating, and I don’t know what to do!

My crushes never last long. Is this a sign of commitment issues?

I suffer from OCD and crippling jealousy and my husband's occasional comments about other women's looks drive me over the edge

My ex said some things, now I feel so low and worthless.

How do I regain my self confidence?

My boyfriend is extremely shy, but can put on fake confidence which is starting to worry me

My ex said hurtful things about my body. I'm self conscious and my get up and go has gone

My boyfriend and I have very different views

Afraid to commit

How do I cope with insecurity while he's abroad?

My confidence is shot, I know I'm better off but I want him to realise it.

My boyfriend is all about himself during sex, but never about me.

Sex seems like something he's trying to get over and done with and going through the motions!

My boyfriend can't stay hard!

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