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I'm unhappily married but in love with a man who's engaged but hesitant to leave his fiance

My pretty friend gets constant attention. How do I cope?

Heartbroken he has returned to porn

Co-worker's stories make me green

My confidence is wrecked, I regret telling people the truth about my ex boyfriend.

My confidence issues are stopping me asking for a date.

I don't know if I should ask a colleague out

Girlfriend lost feelings for me - is it her depression?

I may have put him off. What should I do?

I need people's approval before I make changes in my life

I know I could have an amazing life with mistress but don't want to hurt my wife and children

She said she wants to hangout with her friends which is fine except for my concern about this one male friend!

I really like him, I think he likes me too, but he says he isn't ready for a relationship.

What are basic expectations people in relationships have in regards to social media?

Feeling the pain but finding it hard to let go

He waits for me to leave and then mastubates!

How do I fix this verbally abusive relationship?

How do stop my self from being so nervous before a date.

How can I stop thinking of myself as a failure and get my life in order?

He seems a lovely guy but could I be missing something?

My controlling father loves that I am dependent on him financially and I'm afraid he'll ruin my college time

I'm worried about the problems I will face with my soon to be mother in law

I want to tell my boyfriend that I'm unhappy with him watching porn but I don't know what to say

My husband is trying to bully, control, manipulate and isolate me! Help!

I went to the hospital for help and now my daughter's father doesn't want to return her to me

Am I masturbating properly?

Should I break up with my husband so I might be able to be with his friend?

I advised the male friend that jacking off is normal, but telling me all about it is not. How should I deal with this issue when I raise it with my Bf?

My husband has me earn lovers by performing painful or degrading acts with him

I don't know what to do, yet I don't want to give up on us.

How should I approach this situation? I think he is messaging other women.

Looking to reclaim my sexuality and get past the fear of meeting potential fwbs. Advice?

My housemate has invited her new Bf to stay in my home over Easter. I feel intimidated and think he's a criminal. What can I do ?

Dating tips sought, please? Any tips on forgetting about the ex? How to chat up a girl?

I stayed through fear, now worried my life is over and his is just beginning again

I've lost all confidence in how to have a relationship

How do I get my friend to stick up for herself

How do I make the next move? I'm scared of rejection but when I do meet a woman I don't know what to say to get her interest

How can I stop comparing myself to everyone else? How can I become Assertive and less insecure?

How can I stop feeling so very angry with my ex boyfriend? ?

Two years and I should be over the treatment at my last workplace!

I'm tired of the way our life is going and wonder if its time to throw in the towel

How can I stop letting this one man's opinion of me beat at my confidence?

One of my parents is a bully!

Will I ever move on, get over everything and meet someone?

Is my boyfriend not attracted to me?

My ldr partner wants to do fun time while apart but I feel extremely unconfident doing so since he watches so much porn

Why does this keep happening? Am I trying too hard? Is this a confidence issue within me?

I live at home and my Mum won't let me clean it up, its a biohazard mess!

Boyfriend of 5 months constantly mentions how good looking he is

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