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Did he get an erection because he likes me??

Q.   I'm 14 years old(girl) Ever since grade.8 started last year this boy in my class(13) has been bugging and flirting towards me. I've barely have talked to him before but I still think he is a nice guy. Since he has been showing flirty gestures...

A.   28 February 2008: Ofcourse he got it because he likes you,so what are you gonna do about it?... (read in full...)

He really wants to hear me there anything I can do so when he tries again I do moan??

Q.   Yesterday I went over to my boyfriend's house. Well he wanted to hear me moan really bad. So he tried so hard just to get me to moan. He fingered me and kissed me on the neck a lot. I felt amazing but no moan came out. So he felt like he wasn't ...

A.   28 February 2008: If you don't feel like moaning don't do it,it'll be called faking.Just explaining to him that you feel good and that you don't wana fake anything.I'm sure he'll understand but if you are really hell bent about it you can practice on your own but you ... (read in full...)

She is always getting male she cheating??

Q.   I met a girl of about 19 yrs of age, whenever am with her she receives a lot of male calls telling her to come over their place. Sometimes she will tell them that it is late that she will come the next day. After that she will tell me that the guy ...

A.   28 February 2008: I smell a rat.The 1st mistake guys make is not follow your insticts and get to the bottom of it.You are scared of digging deeper coz you don't wana argue with her but the sad truth is that all we can give you here is opinion and facts lie on that ... (read in full...)

I asked her out and she said "I'm not sure..." I need to know!

Q.   I like this girl and she likes me. We've been on a date and we kissed. Later on it started getting really heated snd we were kissing really passionately like we luv each other so much. Now I want to ask her out. So I asked her wot she would say if I ...

A.   28 February 2008: That's da problem with nice guys.Don't try and understand what she says but react to her actions.She definitely likes you so convince her to make her your gf.However,she may not be willing for a serious committment or she needs convincing. Good ... (read in full...)

Is this considered rape?

Q.   I just had sex with my boyfriend and I know I love him a lot but I just wasn't ready. I told him no but he kept bugging me about it until I agreed. I wanted him to stop after we started but I didn't tell him that. Since I did tell him no to begin ...

A.   28 February 2008: You can never prove this is rape in most countries that i know unless you go to a muslim nation! The fact is that in a court of law this isn't rape but in a court of commons it's definitely rape.However,beyond reasonable doubt he's actions must be ... (read in full...)

Is it okay for me to ask her out when so may guys are doing the same and stressing her out??

Q.   I really like this girl, and she knows i do. But i have never really asked her out. She is single right now and has 7 guys other then me who like her and she likes one of them and likes a couple others. She keeps talking about all this around me and ...

A.   28 February 2008: It rarely happens that you are the only one asking a girl out and sometimes you may have to steal her from someone.It's like writing an exam in a hall.You may be a thousand but concetrate on your work and never make a mistake of comparing yourself ... (read in full...)

I'm not sure if I should be doing this stuff...

Q.   I really like this kid. I don't know though, I'm trying not to get too involved because I don't want to get too attached because I'm sick of stuff like this but whatever anyways, he came over my house today and we did stuff. He tried to get it in, ...

A.   28 February 2008: You are a brave girl.I have my reasons for calling you that and even though most would condemn your behaviour,i see something in you that i wish many older ladies posessed.Women use sex to enslave and satisfy their desires and this time not sexual ... (read in full...)

In love with one of my best friends

Q.   I am really close friends with this girl. We dated a long time ago, and have hooked up on many occasions since then, but never went back to dating. But for a while now, I have been having really strong feelings about her, as something way more than ...

A.   28 February 2008: You have no choice but to choose whether you wana stay as just friends or you want her as a gf.You can't always have best of both worlds.I always ask if you don't tell the person you like how you feel about them,how will they know? Just be a man ... (read in full...)

Do younger women really ever go for older guys say 15 to 20 years older?

Q.   Do younger women really ever go for older guys say 15 to 20 years older? I am interested in some real life occurances that worked out. Thanks for inputs....

A.   28 February 2008: There are various reasons women prefer older men and would be comfortable with 15 to 20 age difference.Belive me there are lots of women 20yrs younger than you who would leave everything just for you.My uncle married my aunt last year.She's 21 and ... (read in full...)

Why does it have to be so damm hard to figure out what women want in order to have a lot of sex?

Q.   Why does it have to be so damm hard to figure out what women want in order to have a lot of sex? Do most women want a lot of sex or is it only men? Why do you have to spend 10 times more time figuring out the issues rather than having wild sex? No ...

A.   28 February 2008: At your age you should be giving answers to the same questions you are asking.Someone mentioned that "If you want more sex , give them more love".The only problem with this is men and women understand love in two very different ways.For women,love ... (read in full...)

Should I tell my cousin that I saw his girlfriend cheating?

Q.   oh my god i walked in on my best friend having sex with her boyfriends best friend! i dont know what to do. her boyfriend is my cousin and even though we're not that close hes still blood!should i snitch on my best friend and help my cousin or ...

A.   28 February 2008: Tell your so called best friend to tell her boyfriend what she's done then if she doesn't own up.It's not your responsibility to tell your cousin.If you are brave enough you can tell him but now isn't the time.You may end up looking like the villain ... (read in full...)

Am I wrong in getting upset with my boyfriend?

Q.   My boy friend thinks about sex a lot more than I do am I abnormal? When I am having a conversation with him he tends to check out my ass or tits and in a way I feel disrespected because I dont feel like he is listening to me when he says he heard ...

A.   28 February 2008: You women are funny.When a man doesn't look at you that way,you complain he doesn't find you attractive.Enjoy it while it lasts coz in future it'll be you looking hornier than him and he'll be complaining about the same.Check your dressing as ... (read in full...)

Should I give it another go with my girlfriend after she cheated?

Q.   I've been dating my girlfriend for 7 months now. I know it doesn't seem like a long time but we have been friends for a couple years and with her I feel different then I have with any other girl. So I was out of town recently for my job and she ...

A.   28 February 2008: If you ask me based on my experience the earlier you break off the better for you.However,if you feel you love her truly you can go ahead and welcome her back into your life.One lesson you need to learn is that nice guys RARELY win and are usually ... (read in full...)

I'm having seconds thoughts. How can I convince him to put off the wedding?

Q.   Me and my other half have been togather three years we have our wedding planned for four months time. Recently i have been having second thoughts. We got together when i was in a very bad time and it's just recently i have been getting back to ...

A.   28 February 2008: I'll try and ignore the age showing on your profile coz you surely don't sound like anything between 13 and 15 yrs.Now what makes me curious is why the sudden turn around yourself ok you've given some reasons but i feel these are a make up of the ... (read in full...)

My foreskin is tight and it is making me nervous...any advice??

Q.   I read apparently only 20% of male men in Britain can retract their foreskins. I'm 14 and cannot. Now I'm not looking for sex at my age, but I'm nervous for sex in the future. I can take it back SLIGHTLY but anymore and it hurts. Any advice? *N.B -...

A.   21 February 2008: In small children the foreskin is tight and stuck to the glans, but normally begins to separate at about the age of 3 or 4. If the hole in the foreskin looks abnormally tiny, ask your doctor to check. After the age of 7, it is usually possible to p... (read in full...)

I don't think its possible for me to have sex because I am so tight...what is wrong with me??

Q.   I don't know what is wrong with me. I have never had sex but i don't think it is possible for me too anyway. I am so tight i can't even put in a tampon without it hurting too much to bare. I have tried fingering myself to see if it was possible and ...

A.   21 February 2008: I was also looking at your profile age and was about to congratulate you for being a virgin at such an adult age but i guess i can still congratulate you for being a virgin. Sometimes a more severe condition called vaginismus is responsible for vagi... (read in full...)

Am I the bad guy here or am I the victim??

Q.   My girl and i had a fight about her x-boyfriend. He calls too much, i think he uses the excuse of haveing a child with her. He would call 2 four times a day. She is six months pregnant with our baby. She is always on the internet facebook; almost...

A.   21 February 2008: What are you a doormat or what? You need to understand that there's something wrong with your lady.Either accept her the way she is with the fact that her ex will always be a part of your lives.You really have little influence on her.Lack of sex is ... (read in full...)

Married and in love with a married man

Q.   I have fallen in love with a man from work. we are both married and he has 3 children. we have known each other for 4 years and always been attracted to each other. at the christmas party we spent the night dancing together and from then on have ...

A.   21 February 2008: Cheating is at three stages.1st you try to build an emotional connection as you are doing.2nd you build a physical intimacy as you are looking forward and if you don't stop by now you'll definitely fall into 3rd stage.Sexual intimacy begins.I won't ... (read in full...)

Why do I find sex so painful?

Q.   Hi I'm 23 and I find it very, very painful to have sex. Is there something wrong with me??????? Please help if you can, thanx...

A.   21 February 2008: At your age i can understand when you get worried.Sometimes the vagina may have naturally developed tightly.Is this your 1st sexual experience? If not has this happened before? You can try lubricants but i have a feeling it won't easily go away... (read in full...)

Should he be forgiven after cheating again?

Q.   My boyfriend cheated on me with his baby's mom who is pregnant and will be having the baby in 3 weeks. This happened two months ago. Then I found out and also she confronted me later about 1 month later. I love him dearly so I had took him back and ...

A.   21 February 2008: You are too young to be dragged into such complications.Believe me you can get over him and find someone you can fall in love with.Cut all ties with him coz i can assure you that that guy's perfecting the art of being a cheater and the older he ... (read in full...)

It was wrong to cheat years ago, but do I have to suffer for the rest of my life!

Q.   I am not for sure where to even begin. Here it goes! My BF and I have been together for 4years in the beginning of our relationship I cheated on him. I know it was wrong and I am not excusing myself for this, after a year he found out about ...

A.   21 February 2008: Believe me as man who's been cheated on,even though i wouldn't be vocally abusive like your man,i understand what is going through his mind.As for all men(and maybe women) who've been cheated on,there's always the BIG question,if s/he's cheated on ... (read in full...)

Is my brother in law trying it on?

Q.   Hi there, Okay, so I've now been married two months; however my husband is stationed overseas. I love my husband, and aside from being apart am very happy. My husband's family lives a few hours away and I visit as often as I can. Over the l...

A.   21 February 2008: First of all i wish you the very best in your new marraige but i'm also aware that certain problems pop up from unexpected source like a brother in law.It's good that you love your husband and do not wish to misbehave so my advice to you is that put ... (read in full...)

I'm attracted to the maturity of older women, is this normal?

Q.   I wonderd about this and i think finally that i was right all along. I like older wemon, it's because i don't like the imature actions of a lot of the girls at my school and thus making me not like them. But older women i have been around even if ...

A.   21 February 2008: It's really normal and as you grow up you'll realise that if you are mature and treat them right,you can have steady gf years older than you.The youngest girl i've dated was my age mate.I guess older girls seem more compatible with you.However,be ... (read in full...)

I have never been subjected to being dominated by a girl before, should I let her do with me what she pleases?...

Q.   I recently bumped into a female friend from years ago. There was some chemistry in the air and we reacted. The other day when this girl came to see me, She totally sexually dominated me and told me point blnak what she was doing I was bit take...

A.   21 February 2008: Boy are you in trouble! This girl's sexuality is really not compatible with yours.You are just hanging on.Talking of your next date.You need a master plan on how to survive otherwise come up with an excellent excuse to postpone indefinitely.Calling ... (read in full...)

I'm just curious what you all think would be a nice way to tell him to stop without disgusting him. "Stop, I'm bleeding," doesn't seem to quite cut it.

Q.   I'm on my period and the guy I've recently started seeing has tried to make a move. I'm just curious what you all think would be a nice way to tell him to stop without disgusting him. "Stop, I'm bleeding," doesn't seem to quite cut it. Since it's ...

A.   20 February 2008: Hey people don't crucify the guy for being so horny,maybe the lady also gets horny when on her periods.I once had sex with my ex while she was on her periods and it wasn't so bad and would do it again if given the opportunity.However,dear poster you ... (read in full...)

My girlfriend wont go down on me

Q.   My girlfriend and i have been going out for about 7 months. She has always said that she thinks sucking dick is disgusting. However she said that she has done it in the past to other guys. It is really starting to bother me everytime we talk about ...

A.   20 February 2008: My guess is that if you force her,she'll do it just to please you and you'll surely won't enjoy mt dear.Don't think it's because of the shape,smell or size of your dick.Even if you brought a Ben Afflik's dick,she still wouldn't suck it coz SHE ... (read in full...)

Vaginal noise, really embarassing. Why does it happen?

Q.   Hi, I have quite an embarrising problem after i've had sex. Well the thing is, during sex air seems to get trapped in my vagina and afterwards it all comes out! It sounds like i've broken wind but i honestly haven't! It's really embarrising and i ...

A.   20 February 2008: I've noticed that this usually happens to us when in missionary position and i like changing positions so it really doesn't bother me.I'm sure your man will understand.Don't think too much about it coz you won't relax.Avoid positions where you have ... (read in full...)

Leakage of semen in between the periods we have sex. Is this normal?

Q.   Hi I am a 19 year old girl and my boyfriend is 22.When we have sex without a condom and my boyfriend ejaculates up me it stays up me for quite a while. This is quite embarrasing as it leaks out days after and doesnt smell too nice. If i have sex ...

A.   20 February 2008: I usually believe thorough washing overcomes this but you could also just use your vaginal muscles to bring it out.By da way are you two allergic to condoms? WOW... (read in full...)

He said we can advance by the time I reach 18 if I still like him. Why shouldn't we date now?

Q.   I am 15 and i like someone who is 20. We both have feelings for each other but because of the age difference we have to wait until i am 18. he said that when i am 18 if i still have feelings for him than we should make the relationship serious. but ...

A.   20 February 2008: I know it's hard for you to understand why he can't just take it further but you need to bear it with patience and understanding.Try to look at it from his perspective but again it may be a way of telling you he sees you nothing more than a ... (read in full...)

At what age does a woman reach her sexual prime?

Q.   I have a question about a the sexual prime for woman. At what age does a woman reach her sexual prime? During this period of her life does she tend to want and or have sex more? During this time is sex more enjoyable for her? During this time is the ...

A.   20 February 2008: I believe you are already in your sexual prime but because you are not married do not fully express it so your prime is delayed or what i call stretched.Usually ON AVERAGE,women are sexually active between 15-49yrs.In their late twenties are having ... (read in full...)

How can I tell when a woman is sexually aroused?

Q.   I have a question about arousal. How can I tell when a woman is sexually aroused? Is this something that you can tell when a woman is fully clothed or is this only noted when she is in the nude? At this point is she ready for intercourse or is ...

A.   20 February 2008: A girl's vagina can get wet just by looking at you but that don't mean she's ready for sex.You need to do some more work to make her ready for sex.E.g You may be sitted next to her in a cinema and she may get turned on but that's just a 1st stage ... (read in full...)

We got through the rocky stuff but now I am bored and frustrated and all I want is to be happy with him again...but we don't know how.

Q.   I am with a guy and we're both 21 right now. We got together around october and it was a little rocky at first because he was "afraid" to get back into a relationship because he didn't want to get hurt again. Neither one of us has broken up a rel...

A.   20 February 2008: Welcome to relationship crisis.It's normal to feel that way and usually is a result of over-familiarity of your partner.In other words the chemistry you once felt is gone.The sad truth is that in some instances it does come back and in some ... (read in full...)

She says it wasn't cheating because they weren't formally back together. Is she right??

Q.   Is this considered cheating? My friend and his girlfriend were going through a tough time, and decided to take a break...the break literally lasted a day and they were back hugging and kissing and everything...then one late night, she looks at him a...

A.   20 February 2008: Boy are girls so manipulative these days.She thinks she can have best of both worlds.Keep your friend interested while she goes out with other guys.It seems like girls of these days are really something.Look she's using her charm on your friend and ... (read in full...)

I really love him and don't want to loose him but don't want to be his lifetime girlfriend.

Q.   I'm 21, almost 22. I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 years. We had been friends for 5 years before we started dating. I'm at the point in my life where I am ready to get married and have a family. I keep seeing my friends get married or engaged ...

A.   20 February 2008: What makes you think he'll change his mind? He's already told you his stance on the matter of marraige.It's now up to you to make a decision.My dear,love isn't enough to make a relationship last.You may just realise your paths are two different ... (read in full...)

How can you tell it was rape?

Q.   I was 14 when it happened, most people don't believe me, not even my friends. I snuck out of the house to go meet 2 of my girlfriends and two of their guy friends. I had 7 shots, not that many but I passed out in the next 5 mintues. I keep waking u...

A.   18 February 2008: I don't know to what rape is confined to but for all we know there might have not have been any penetration.Say maybe the guy was just playing/musturbating with her genitalia.Is that rape? What evidence exists that there was actual penetration? Was ... (read in full...)

I love to have sex with my wife, but lately, I have found that I have a "window of opportunity" to when it can be done.

Q.   I love to have sex with my wife, but lately, I have found that I have a "window of opportunity" to when it can be done. The only time she will be in the mood is between 7:00pm and 8:00pm after she has come home from work, had dinner, and does...

A.   18 February 2008: You need to understand that seduction doesn't only start in the bedroom that's the mistake most men make.It begins with how you treat her early morning and when she comes from work.Helping out with house chores is really a big turn on for most ... (read in full...)

Do you think I am finally pregnant?

Q.   My boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex for a month now. And I'm supposed to start my period in 3 days and he went in me. Do you think I could finally get pregnant?...

A.   18 February 2008: It seems you are trying to get pregnant with your bf.Hope it's something you have discussed together.Chances exist of you getting pregnant but ofcourse my sisters can better explain how you should relate it to your menstrual cycle. Take care ... (read in full...)

The condom has split twice in a row!!

Q.   I'm starting to not be able to trust condoms, as now, during sex, the condom has split twice in row. It's never happened before, but what seems to be happening is it's getting tighter and tighter around the top of his penis, and it splits. The first ...

A.   18 February 2008: I hope you are not the same person that has reposted a similar question later on. Hope his not doing anything to alter the size of his manhood.However,there's definitely got to be a condom that can fit him unless ......... . I guess in your case... (read in full...)

She dumped me as she still has feelings for her ex...

Q.   dear cupid I am at the moment confused, I was going out with a girl for one week where she dumped me and said she still has feeling for her ex, tell my mates that she won't go back to me... girls do you think if I talk to her when college opens pr...

A.   18 February 2008: My brother i don't know how old you are but i can assume you are not yet 21yrs.Welcome to the crazy world of girls/women.They'll mess up your life if you are always into them like that.You need to take it easy and be strong.You are lucky she told ... (read in full...)

A split condom... 2 times in a row!

Q.   One night, we were having sex when we noticed the condom had split. Two nights later, we were having sex again and the condom split. Why is this happening?! It's never happened before until now....

A.   18 February 2008: That's what happens when you rush into sex and have it with a guy with little or no experience.As a guy ready for sex,you should know how to put on a condom and also be aware that friction makes condoms break.You two rush into penetration,i ... (read in full...)

I have never been subjected to being dominated by a girl before, should I let her do with me what she pleases?...

Q.   I recently bumped into a female friend from years ago. There was some chemistry in the air and we reacted. The other day when this girl came to see me, She totally sexually dominated me and told me point blnak what she was doing I was bit take...

A.   14 February 2008: There are two options here.Either you try and do things your own way that's if what she's doing isn't enjoyable to you.Or you can lie back and enjoy if she's good at what she does.A compromise could be exchanging leads.Do it your way one time and ... (read in full...)

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