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Check out these questions about "insecure"

Still hurt over the break-up

Dealing with low self-esteem and body image from acne scars

Am I right to doubt his fidelity?

I said yes to a guy but I just don't like him that way

I don' t seem to fit the gay scene

Co-worker's stories make me green

I need to help my parents know I'm an adult

Why do I feel so insecure about his ex and his other relationships?

How do I make myself more attractive now that I'm out?

How can I learn my value?

Do you ever get trust back in a relationship and if it’s possible how on earth do you get it back?

He's left me yet again but what wrong have I done to be treated like this?

I found out my husband went for an adult massage before we married

Haunted by the past and now I'm expecting

Do mixed signals just mean he's not interested?

My boyfriend used to be a nerd but now acts like a 'Gangsta'

Am I falling for the wrong guy?

I keep comparing myself and feel like a loser!

I think guys just want me for sex

I constantly feel jealous about his exes!

Will men care if I live at home?

I'm heartbroken but he said he wouldn't get back together with me because I was acting crazy!

Hard to love a man's children like my own.

I'm pregnant and my husband's sexual demands are taking a toll on our marriage

Is the guy I'm dating being a jerk?

His teapot has his and his ex's names and wedding date on it! Is it appropriate to ask if I can replace it?

What are basic expectations people in relationships have in regards to social media?

How do I fix this verbally abusive relationship?

I've been engaged forever but not married. Why?

A guy I have a crush on wants to do things I've never done

What will my boyfriend think of me that I don't have many friends?

What to do with my cheating friend?

My girlfriend goes out with a male friend who makes her feel uncomfortable being too touchy

So confused and worried for the future

My boyfriend doesn't want to talk about sex or have sex. Why?

I can't believe that after all his drama, HE dumped me! I need closure. What do I do?

My new boyfriend doesn't make me feel beautiful

Are all men vain?

Will a guy wait for sex?

I'm always trying to please my husband so he won't get upset

I am much less experienced sexually and it bothers me.

He's asking about people I've slept within the past 2 years!

How can I start liking myself?

Should I tell her that I have no experience with women what-so-ever?

How can I stop living inside my head ?

I can't tell if I'm dating a really odd social butterfly or a man whore.

I feel disappointed by my friends' promiscuity

Is my husband up to no good behind my back with another woman on Facebook?

My partner is falling for his ex and although I know I should end things I love him!

Despite what he says I feel I'm not good enough for him. Should I feel this way?

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