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After 17 years we broke up and my partner found someone else within weeks!

Q.   My partner of 17years spilt up and found another guy within a few weeks. I didnt get any closure and she has not made any contact for a good few months. I was extremely hurt and have had counselling. I just wondered if she might have cheated on me ...

A.   18 July 2007: to be honest yeah she probably has cheated on you if she found someone thats quick but i dont no to be honest but probab;y mif she wanted out so quick ... (read in full...)

Im 34 and hes 30, Im worried and insecure as I cant see why he would want me!?

Q.   hi, im a 34 year old woman married to a younger man who is just 30 year old, we've been married for a 4 years now, we ve a 10 month old son. we love each other very much and also my parents likes him too.but this am guilty about my age difference. ...

A.   19 April 2007: no if he didnt love you he wouldnt be with you and marry u and have a kid with u think about it 4 years isnt that much of a difference ... (read in full...)

How can I break this cycle of binge eating junk food ?

Q.   OK so this may sound really silly but i dont exactly know how to stop. i seem to be over eating all the time. like binge eating. i never throw up or anything after i just binge on junk... a lot. not even because im hungry, just because i'll be bored ...

A.   19 April 2007: im 5ft 3 and 8 stone and im exactly the same id starve myself for a couple of days because id feel fat but i always go back to eating loads again i think its because its when i get bored,occupie yourself so ur not bored try and get your mind of ... (read in full...)

He kissed me and I told him to get off but at first he wouldn't. I don't feel I can trust him anymore. Any advice?

Q.   Im going to make this quick. Theres this guy, Boy we'll call him. Hes much older than me... 4 yrs. Im twelve hes sixteen. We have been freinds forever and I invited him to this chocolate fondue party. He was in my room eating chocolate. Appare...

A.   17 April 2007: my mates has a little sister and she is only 12 , now i also had these other friend that where 15 ahnd 17 now they got together one night and got her drunk and she had sex with both of them twice now they are getting done for rape , event though ... (read in full...)

I'm tired of just lying there during sex. I want to know how to make it better for him!

Q.   I am a 15yr old girl and I've had sex before and all but I still don't know what to do. I just lay there not doing any thing it was good and all but I want to know what way to move and how to pleasure a lad....

A.   27 February 2007: listen this girl is asking you's a question not to give her a lecture on her age im shore u done worse things ,i know i have , as long as you no to be safe and prepared because i was 15 and i slept with 4 people i dnt no why , try it on top work ... (read in full...)

She broke up with me, I told her I loved her and she called me "Pathetic." What do I do now?

Q.   My girl friend broke up with me and I have been trying to get her back. I tell her i cant live without her and i always remind her of how much i love her, she then calls me pathetic, what should i do now?...

A.   27 February 2007: dont just tell her show her she may not be able to trust you now or maybe she has gone off of you because you want her back now and you didnt care because ,you hate it whens it there but u miss it when its gone ,make the most of it and dont take ... (read in full...)

Shall I surprise her on Valetines day? Good idea or not?

Q.   We dated once and our next date is a week after Valentines Day. I am going to the cinema with this girl. Shall I send flowers and a card to her via a friend to surprise her on Valentines Day? She said she'd love to get flowers and a card from a boy ...

A.   6 February 2007: if she says she loves t go for it even if it to her from u as a friend, she must like in that way beacause she is going out with u on valentines day... (read in full...)

He has a gf but really likes me! Should I continue contact with him?

Q.   hi there, last month i met a man online. we flirted for a while and then out of the blue (although i wasnt surprised) he told me he had a grlfriend. i said that was ok and we could remain friends so we have been emailing for a weeks as friends, i ...

A.   6 February 2007: Dont you care about her feelings. If you were with a guy, how would YOU feel if another girl stole him. What Comes Around Goes Around, and if you do it to her. Someone will do it to you return. Put this down to experience. Don't get involved with a ... (read in full...)

He has a gf but really likes me! Should I continue contact with him?

Q.   hi there, last month i met a man online. we flirted for a while and then out of the blue (although i wasnt surprised) he told me he had a grlfriend. i said that was ok and we could remain friends so we have been emailing for a weeks as friends, i ...

A.   6 February 2007: i had the same problem with a boy that said he likes me but he has a girlfriend be very careful , do u like him ? think about it if u do go for it but dont expect him to leave her or anything wild like that because i expected to much of him and ... (read in full...)

My Husband said I dont love him if I wont give him a blow job!!!

Q.   My husband says I don't love him if I don't give him a blow job. Blow Jobs make me throw up what should I do - at this point I don't care if he leaves me....

A.   6 February 2007: if u dont care that he leaves that must mean u dont love him but or your just angry with him , if you dont want to do it dnt do it it doesnt mean u dnt kve him at all... (read in full...)

I'm only 25 and I've got an erection problem, any advice ?

Q.   Erection problems at 25... I have never had this problem before and it is quite embarrassing. I get really hard right before I am about to put it in but as I start intercourse it almost instantly goes slightly soft and shortly after goes all the ...

A.   6 February 2007: why dont u try viagra u may feel embarrased but the ladies love it ... (read in full...)

Does Flirting Count as Cheating ?

Q.   Wow, okay, this is crazy...lolz, I really like this guy I know. He's lik 29 or 30, and he's really flirty with me. I know he's like this with everyone, but he seems more-so with me. I really like him. It's probably just hormones with me, but he ...

A.   6 February 2007: no its not cheating just flirting i j=do it with everyone its ok to fancy someone when your with someone asd well it isnt like ur shagging him ior kissing him and like u said u love your bf so let him no that xx... (read in full...)

So stressed that my parents fight all the time and she makes us choose who we want to be with!!!!

Q.   Hi..this is driving me nuts and I reeeeeallly need to get some sound advice. My mum and dad haven't had a great relationship in forever now. He cheated on her once, I think she forgave it. His family didn't treat her too well and he didn't stick up ...

A.   6 February 2007: i have the same problem and i chose my mum in the end even though i love my dad my mum has noone she gaves birth to me and brought me up and my dad made it worse by cheating think of your mum though how would it feel to be cheated on and it would be ... (read in full...)

What advice can I give to a friend whose heartbroken after falling in love with his friend ?

Q.   What is the best advice for a friend who's heart-broken because he fell inlove with his close friend?...

A.   6 February 2007: cheer him up tell him there are plenty of other people out there he's got to get over it ... (read in full...)

He has a gf but I like him a lot. What can I do to stop thinking about him?

Q.   i dont no where to start , well this boy has fancied me for ages but i didnt really like him in that way until this party we went to but he was with his girlfriend but he was dancing with me and kisses me we were drunk but we both didnt regret it , ...

A.   1 February 2007: thankyou those that have helped me it will be hard to let go but im sure il get through it nw THANKYOU XXXX... (read in full...)

I like this girl and she knows, but she steers clear of me and avoids meeting up together!

Q.   I have this problem with a girl a fw years younger than me. shes my friend's little sisters friend. i dont know this girl, except for that iv seen her around school and that shes my friends sis's friend. shes absolutely gorgeous. she knows that i l...

A.   31 January 2007: act like you dont liek her anymore , dont be mean but hard to get act like your not interested anymore , act cool laid back , but dont expect anything, you could give it a try , i no what it is like to like someone and they dont like you back its ... (read in full...)

Mom is depressed over issues with my brother's wife! How can I help Mom cope?

Q.   How can I deal with the fact that my mum is depressed about my brother and sister behavior who only phone her to ask her for things or advice and the disappear for days or just worry about their lives, they are very nice and do not notice but she ...

A.   31 January 2007: this happens family problems all the time , just talk to her let her no you understand , and maybe buy her sum flowers to cheer her up or make dinner , treat her , she needs it !... (read in full...)

She just wants to be how do I find ways to spend time with her,after school. Any ideas?

Q.   i really like this girl in my school. i've known her for years. she is a close mate now since 6 months ago. once she found out i had a crush on her so she was really weird and didn't talk much. but as soon as she found out i fancy this girl and ...

A.   31 January 2007: just ask her if she wants to hang out go places it shouldnt have to be akward your FRIENDS ! , iv got a best friend he is a boy and he fancies me but i dont fancy him but we will allways be bst friends , i can be the same 4 you's... (read in full...)

My first boyfriend from highschool just got back in touch... anyone else been in this situation?

Q.   I am 39 years old, never been married and just recently was contacted by my first boyfriend from highschool. We live very far apart and have been trying to get together for over a year. I date but can't seem to get him off my mind. We talk quit ...

A.   31 January 2007: that was years ago (no offence )i was probably just a little fling and he just wants to catch up with old times , but maybe he been thinking of you , what the hell take it and go see him life is to short to be waiting uv waited long enough ... (read in full...)

Any ideas on how to create a bond between me and this girl I like?

Q.   any ideas on how to find out and create a bond between me and this girl i like. we been on a date. and since i called her today. and we talked for a while. she was talkin alot. but she never calls me. but if she misses my call she texts back to ask ...

A.   31 January 2007: act like you havent got a carre in the world, if she wants to go out now let her call you , or if u ask her and she says no just say "yh ok catch you l8a " or sumthing like that .... (read in full...)

Guys! Do you like witty girls who can make you laugh or is it not important?

Q.   I do have quite a sense of humor. I have always heard that it is something that women find attractive in men....does it work the other way around. Do a lot of guys like a girl who is witty and sees the humor in situations....not at anyone's expense ...

A.   31 January 2007: i think so , just have a laugh about things be funny not like , why did the the chicken cross the road type thing !, but like try and be funny , men love it , you'll have them running for you , act cool and laid back like you havent got a care in ... (read in full...)

How do I get him to quit thinking of me just his little sis's best friend?

Q.   So I have this friend, we'll call her Jackie. She has an older brother who's best friend I have a bit of a crush on. We'll call him Greg. Well I don't know Greg that well, and I'd like to get to know him more without seeming like I'm interested ...

A.   30 January 2007: how old r u and how old is her brother ? think will this really work do u no him , my brother is always nicking my mates he is with one now , my mates are with my brother more than the they are with me . so annoying ... (read in full...)

Why do I get bladder infections after having sex?

Q.   half of the time when me and my boyfriend have sex i pee and pretty much always get a bladder infection afterwards even when i dont pee. why?...

A.   30 January 2007: maybe you should go to the docs i get that but i wont brave it up to go i dnt want my mum noing ... (read in full...)

We are best friends.. How do I find out if he wants to take this to the next level?

Q.   Hi, i've known my best guy friend for practically 3 years. He's sort of like a player, always needs a girl around him. In fact, he never had a girl best friend all his like...and i'm his first ever girl best friend. We can talk about anything..but ...

A.   30 January 2007: i had exactly the same problem , i told him on my own what i felt and it turned out he liked me still but fought i didnt like him coz i didnt say nething and just wanted to be mates, i went to kiss him and kissed me back we made out and we r still ... (read in full...)

How can I celebrate my 18th birthday? Any suggestions?

Q.   My 18 is birthday coming up this Friday, and my keep asking me what I would like to do, but I have no idea have any suggestion/ idea on what we can do. ...

A.   30 January 2007: as you turn eighteen you can go clubbin which everybody loves get you and all your best girls and go clubbin or maybe if your not in to all that BINGO !! LOL ... (read in full...)

I need date ideas for me and the my new bf! Any tips?

Q.   hey, im nearly 15, my new bf is 17.. we've been going out for just a day, but im stuck 4 an idea for a date, and im so scared about tellin me parents. will they disapprove?...

A.   30 January 2007: hw about movies , shopping , going for a meal or maybe just hanging out ... (read in full...)

Can we raise a child together while we live in separate homes? Any advice?

Q.   i really want this to work but how will it work when i know deep down that i cant trust him he seams to think i should get over it but it hard when you have been lied to. we have a child together we live in different houses a 40 minute drive he ...

A.   30 January 2007: listen is he cheating on you ? no well think of your kid i no loads of kids that are pretty messed up because of there parents splitting thay may seem fine but look that you are doing , do you love him ? does he love you? if you dont feel ... (read in full...)

I lack the confidence to talk to this nice girl I like. Any tips?

Q.   i am 24 and have not had many girlfriends, my last one was a girl i met on holiday but we have split up, i consider myself reasonably good looking but lack confidence to ask a girl out. there is this girl who i quite like who works in a shop that i ...

A.   30 January 2007: just act cool and ask her hey what you up to this weekend ask her maybe if she wants to go to a party with you then cancel and say partys cancel but maybe you n her can go watch a film your treat but dont be moving to fast play it cool, walk her ... (read in full...)

What's going on in this guy's head?

Q.   Three months ago I moved away from my home town and away from a guy I liked there. We went out before I left but I couldn't find the courage to tell him how I felt only to then walk away, knowing I would be away for such a long time. Over the ...

A.   30 January 2007: id probably think the same uno what you've got a crush but does he feel the same about you try talking to him dont be scared you'll never no find out whats hes been up to and if he carrys on being ignorant you should take a month to reply to his ... (read in full...)

Broken up with an abusive man but got some worries about getting together with my ex's one-time-friend...

Q.   I am going through a divorce right now. I have three children from my previous marriage. The father was a very abusive guy in every way. The past four years I had my eyes looking elseware but did nothing with it until a month after I filed my ...

A.   30 January 2007: my mum was going through the same thing i had to grow up watching this she has 4 kids and 3 ex husbands thats were all either abusive or cheat on her now me and my sisters and brother grew to them likw they were our dads which was unfair but now im ... (read in full...)

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