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My ex has said sorry after many years, but I want her to apologise for more!

Q.   My ex apologised in a MSG many years after we broke up but all she said was sorry things were said. A lot more than things were said and I'm not an emotional person. She went out of her way to get to me on numerous occasions because I wasn't b...

A.   20 March 2018: You are so incredibly lucky, a figure from the past had the decency to apologize to you for their mistakes. Do you have any idea how many people would kill....KILL....for a gift like that? But instead you want more because that's not to your ... (read in full...)

The only time my girlfriend has orgasmed was with an ex boyfriend.

Q.   We're together for a few months, our sex is great but she can't orgasm with me. I asked her why and she said she can't orgasm and that she had just one orgasm in life once with other guy in the past. I'm very jealous and insecure about that and d...

A.   20 March 2018: Instead of being down on yourself why not see this as an opportunity to become better at your sex game. Our struggles are usually what help us to grow and whenever we grow we become happier people. She said she orgasmed once. You can make her orga... (read in full...)

I need advice on stepping back gently from a friend!

Q.   So i have a friend who ive known since i was 9 we are now 40. We do not live near each other about a 2 hour drive away. Its not that i do not want her in my life as she is a nice person and we are there for each other. She has lots of issues (...

A.   20 March 2018: I think one of the best ways to solve your issue is to turn the tables on yourself. If you were down in the dumps, depressed, in need of a shoulder to cry on and just unable to see positivity in the world anymore would you want you friend to bail ... (read in full...)

I always recognise my boyfriend's birthdays but he never recognises mine.

Q.   Hello, I'm currently in a one year long distance relationship. Though I saw him a month ago for two weeks. I bought him gifts and paid for most of our lunches or dinners together. He didn't get me a gift or paid for lunch or dinner. I know I ...

A.   14 March 2018: Well, in all honesty, it is only a ONE year relationship. I think the main concern here is that you do things for him in hopes that he will return the favour and as a result these fantasies of yours have now lead to you feeling let down. He does h... (read in full...)

Money mean son is refusing to bring his family to a family vacation.

Q.   My youngest son has a good job with the US Postal Service. He has a wife and a daughter. His wife is a nurse. The problem is he is really tight with his money. I think he goes overboard with being tight with his money. He has always been tigh...

A.   14 March 2018: Mean or not, he's not obligated to spend money under your instructions, that's one of the main freedoms of living on his own not to mention being head of a family. I understand you raised him and knew he was a miser since day one but not much can... (read in full...)

Family and friends want me to present as more "girly girl."

Q.   I’m a girl, I’m not really girly but I don’t dress like a guy either. I just prefer to wear normal casual clothes like a crop top a bomber and nice jeans, vs heels and dresses. I don’t wear makeup, I don’t judge people that do but they seem to judge ...

A.   14 March 2018: I'm so very happy that you're comfortable in your own skin. It's a pretty uncommon trait among girls in their early 20s especially with social media apps like Instagram and Snap-chat virtually issuing unwritten rules and gimmicks as to how one ... (read in full...)

I like him but can't take the disresect anymore.

Q.   Hi. I met a guy recently and we stared talking online . He said he is looking for something serious with me and is not here to waste time. At first I tried to invest my time in him by answering his calls in the morning and at night which ruined my ...

A.   10 March 2018: You met a guy RECENTLY and this is how he treats you? Wow, you need to block this guy. He has some SERIOUS issues. He's only thinking about himself. He's a selfish person. And it seems once you aren't there to listen to his chatter he explodes ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend is unemotional and giving me the silent treatment!

Q.   Dear Cupid I'm living with my bf of 3 years , and he is nice most of the times, but he is very unemotional and practical and had not told me he loves me yet, though I said couple of times and no response So I got pregnant , we both agreed it...

A.   8 March 2018: I'm no doctor, but this does not sound like a very healthy relationship. Are you sure you don't pester or annoy him all day long? Men tend to tune women out if they become too overwhelming for them at any point in time and sometimes not saying a... (read in full...)

Do I have to be a bad boy to find love?

Q.   I met some one new, my question is, so do I act like my self,which is a gentleman, kind of guy who opens doors, says nice things, I keep hearing from my friends that am too nice, act like I don't give a hoot, my friends say she will like me more, so ...

A.   8 March 2018: I think most men have reached this crossroads at some point in their lives. To be or not to be? It's unfortunate that the kind and caring people are the ones who get stomped on the most, however, it's with good reason. You shouldn't aim to be on... (read in full...)

Is it possible for me to ejaculate and not realize it?

Q.   I have sex with my gf, 3 times in fact in a night till morning, first was 6-7:30pm and 2nd was 2:00am, it's unprotected sex and I did a pull out, it was successful, but on the 3rd time I did it around 6:30, I did not cum, or I think so.. I was hard ...

A.   4 March 2018: You're testes can only store so much sperm. The more you ejaculate the less sperm will be available the next time. If you continue having sex you will notice that you will orgasm but you will not ejaculate much, maybe you won't release anything. ... (read in full...)

I used to love my friend but now she gives me anxiety

Q.   A few years ago, I was very close with my friend. We had similar interests and always had a conversation topic. However, since last August, she seemed very cold and distant. She started hating anything I liked and sided with anyone else in a...

A.   4 March 2018: Science has proven that the meaner your friend the more they care about you. At first blush it might sound weird, but when you really give it some thought you may understand it better. A real friend will tell you like it is, and won't try to ... (read in full...)

Why are other people so negative?

Q.   Why are people always negative or trying to make me feel small. What is it that I do? From a young age, I have always had to deal with negativity. As a result I have become auto-pilot positive in response (could call it defensive). I often realised...

A.   3 March 2018: I don't know much about you as an individual but I can see how these "friends" of yours make you feel. Your new found success has left you feeling like crap because....of other people in your life. As humans we tend to grown into newer versions o... (read in full...)

My wife won't allow me to choose our son's name, constantly undermines me and hates me

Q.   My wife is 33 weeks pregnant with our first son. Today she started to fight with me. I had chosen a name for our child. She didn't even pay attention. I picked her up from the church today and she announced that she wants our son to be named by...

A.   25 February 2018: It could just be the pregnancy hormones talking but her behaviour does comes off pretty extreme plus you haven't provided much details as to how your wife generally treats you. But, from what I gather about the movies and the 10-year-contempt she ... (read in full...)

How can I change my attitude?

Q.   Hello Aunts I want to ask on how I can change my outlook and co dependency in life. I am very insecure - although on the outside I am put together - degreed - attractive- thin- middle class pay - my insecurities eat me up. I haven’t analyzed...

A.   24 February 2018: The good news is you've highlighted the problem and now you want to change it. That's an excellent start. One of the reasons I answered this question is because I feel like I can relate to you very deeply with this issue. The difference here however ... (read in full...)

I keep getting erections around this school friend!

Q.   I attend an all boy high school. I am a junior and always consider myself straight. The problem is that I keep on getting an erection around one of my friends at school. I don't know why I get an erection around him when I am straight and I f...

A.   24 February 2018: Well it depends. What exactly are you trying to confirm by coming here and asking this question? The science or your sexuality?Unlike having random erections which tends to happen often as a teenager, you're having erections around a specific ... (read in full...)

Could this new interest of my husband mean he is bi-sexual?

Q.   My husband has recently begun enjoying anal penetration with a vibrator. He suggested that we buy a double headed dildo to try together for the first time. So, I went to the local sex shop and bought one along with lube. I just can't get over h...

A.   22 February 2018: You will find that many men lie to their wives and significant others because they believe their honesty will only backfire on them. Usually, because many women tend to get worked up easily and overthink everything making a simple situation into a ... (read in full...)

I'm pregnant with my first cousin's baby

Q.   I'm pregnant with my first cousin's baby and i'm going to birth the baby but i'm worried. Doctor says my baby is fine but i'm still worried. My cousin is scared and we both can't tell our families because they're really strict but now they know tha...

A.   9 February 2018: Something like this is bound to come out sooner or later. I'm assuming you feel embarrassed for the fact that you've been sleeping with your cousin and now the two of you will be found out. Many people have long and happy lives with their c... (read in full...)

Did I upset her?

Q.   A girl and me met at a friends place and crashing at thiers, we were getting along and she decided to go to bed after they had been out all night. They had to wake up one of the children for her to sleep in a seperate room. There were 2 couches ...

A.   4 February 2018: Probably not. Woman like to be careful around new men they've met, whether or not they like them. Even though a couch was available she just wanted her our space for the night, that way no hanky-panky from your end can take place as it seems sh... (read in full...)

LDR has been 8 years now he wants me to wait 4 more before marriage

Q.   Hi, am a 25 year old arab lady and ive been in a long distance relationship for like 8 years now. I love this guy and we use to have it all clear that marriage is the goal. he recently said that marrige is not possible until 4 more years. he is ...

A.   28 January 2018: Waiting is really up to you. But you can't be too surprised if 2 years down the line this guy gives you a call saying that he found the woman of his dreams in Canada and would love if you came to the wedding. Many men can be the biggest of jerks... (read in full...)

Is there anything wrong with my sister and I being nude around each other?

Q.   I am 20 years old and my sister is 18 years old. Our parents are usually not home: my dad is a long distance 18 wheeler driver and since my sister graduated from high school last year, my mom often goes with our dad. Both my sister and I hat...

A.   28 January 2018: Well, from your letter it seems this nudity-club of yours only blossoms when your parents aren't around. Is it a secret of sorts or are they aware that this is what you two tend to do? Is it wrong? No.... Would it be frowned upon by society? Yes... (read in full...)

How to deal with my two-faced work friend?

Q.   I have a friend, she’s around 8 years younger than me (24). She has always been very nice to me, though she is quite an intense person generally. She’s incredible career obsessed and focused. She recently moved to my department at work. I noticed ...

A.   27 January 2018: As I always say, those willing to talk about others, are willing to talk about you.... (read in full...)

Contact him? Or jut move on?

Q.   So, I was texting a guy that I met online for a few days. He asked for my number and we continued texting and then he asked to meet a few days after. We set to meet the next day, Friday at 5:30pm for coffee. Friday comes and I texted him asking him ...

A.   24 January 2018: When someone acts like they don't care....believe them.... (read in full...)

Is it wrong of me to say I would leave my girlfriend if she became an addict? Is it right of her to say that I can't keep things that might "tempt" her around?

Q.   I was having a conversation with my girlfriend the other day about her being upset because her brothers have started smoking weed again. I have no problem with weed. I've smoked it before myself, but apparently for them it starts them on harder ...

A.   24 January 2018: Well it comes off a bit cold... You pretty much said, should your girlfriend hypothetically come to face a hardtimes you'll immediately bail on her. I'm not saying you can't have boundaries and yes drug addicts DO make a choice but it comes off... (read in full...)

Strong mutual attraction with my married supervisor. Should I continue working with him?

Q.   So I just completed my first year in a master's program at a pretty prestigious university and I'm held at very high standards due to the field I'm working in. For the next year I am required to complete several hundred hours of an internship before ...

A.   23 January 2018: Well, he is married, with kids. Are you sure you want to be seen as a homewrecker if the two of you get caught? Should this man decide that he wants to make a move on you I believe it would also speak loudly about his character. How do you even know ... (read in full...)

Am I right to feel humiliated?

Q.   Why was this cAfe server laughing at me? Ordered a coffee from a mall cafe 3 weeks earlier.. I ordered a Coffee and a small cookie,( the same order I ordered 3 weeks ago) Same server. Whilst ordering she began laughing at me saying “...

A.   22 January 2018: It's possible she she didn't mean much by it, or it could be that she saw you as an easy target. Your letter doesn't exactly spell out the details of the event but what I do get from it is how responsive you are to the words and actions of others. ... (read in full...)

I just found out my brother is HIV positive and I'm extremely worried about him

Q.   I am 35 and my brother is 31. I found out last week that his chronic diarrhea was misdiagnosed as tropical sprue, but was actually HIV. I am from the caribbean so my family is still there, but I live abroad in the States. I have been for more than ...

A.   20 January 2018: If you are fearful of being positive are you saying that being negative will give a better outcome? It won't. It situations like this the only direction to look is up. But you must realise that this isn't about you, it's about your brother ... (read in full...)

Why send me a video of his girlfriend?

Q.   My to be ex husband sent me his intimate vdo of him with his girlfriend. After we have been talking about divorce for these past years. We have been lived in 2 different countries though. So he sent me that last week, saying I should know and he ...

A.   16 January 2018: Well, I get why you're divorcing him. As @Honeypie says it appears he was trying to hurt your feelings, there isn't much of another reason unless his aim was to hint at a threesome or some sexual act among the 3 of you. Or it could mean that he ... (read in full...)

I just want some to love ... who will love me back!

Q.   Hello aunts What does someone do when they can’t find love? I want to give a background ( been in two relationships) long term( both same type of guys) negligent - over powering - verbally absuive - and non emphatic . Learned my lesson that I ne...

A.   14 January 2018: The energy I get from you letter tells me that you are relying on a man to come into your life and make you happy. The truth is there is no man on planet earth that can fulfil that wish. I'm assuming you think constantly about being single and ... (read in full...)

He communicates okay, apart from when I suggest we hang out!

Q.   I have been talking to this guy for a total of two months, we met on a dating app and have gone on one date since then, I even met his grandparents lol. At the very beginning he was eager-- calling, texting, you name it frequently and now after ...

A.   13 January 2018: Maybe he thinks the sooner the two of you start seeing each other, the sooner you want to start having sex. Maybe he's nervous about having sex. Or it could be a case where he really does prefer friendship first before anything else. I know th... (read in full...)

Is this ok? It’s meant to be a nice gesture!

Q.   Is this etiquette ok? Or. It acceptable? In 6 weeks I am going interstate to see a live theater show I enjoy It has a favorite stage actress of mine in it, in a smaller but important role. She’s not the star. I’m female and I admire he...

A.   13 January 2018: I understand in this day and age many people are becoming more afraid of "approaching" people in fear of offending them in some shape or form. You can enter a situation with the best of intentions and before you know it end up in a courtroom but... (read in full...)

His email to his brother hurts more than his affair

Q.   My partner and I have been together for 3 years in January, he cheated on me with someone I knew in October. In our bed When I was away for 2 days. When I came back he acted like nothing had happened but I knew in my heart and then my friends told ...

A.   11 January 2018: "I love you..." There...I said it.... Actions speak louder than words. You know this. Does this sound like a man who cares about you? Men DO NOT chase after women who put up with their crap. And it's very clear that you're rolling in it. H... (read in full...)

I need help breaking the happy news to my partner!

Q.   Hiya everyone I’ve been with my partner for 4 years we have a 2 year old son together the problem is I have just found out I’m pregnant which I’m over the moon about but the problem is he doesn’t want any more children ever he has said I haven’t ...

A.   10 January 2018: Congratulations, you're bringing new life into this world. Things like these happen all the time in marriages. Sure, you PLANNED on not having any more kids but life has a funny way of surprising us. He's your husband, and sure maybe he may not ... (read in full...)

My gf wants to learn salsa dance and I hate it. How to say no

Q.   Hi. I've been in a relationship with my gf for about 2 years now. I'm planning to propose soon but there's is something thas is making me reevaluate my relationship. I took her once to a latin club where salsa music is played and she absolute...

A.   10 January 2018: Pardon my French but, you sound hella dramatic. You do realise this is one of the many things that will occur in marriage right? Clearly something is wrong with me because I REFUSE to beat around the bush with people. "When you complain, you ma... (read in full...)

Should my 65 year old mother try online dating?

Q.   Hi , Thanks for always being helpful. My mom is 65 years old. My father passed away ten years ago. My mom feel very lonely. I do my best to spend time with her but still she feel lonely. I advice her to date someone. She is happy with my idea. Bu...

A.   10 January 2018: It's never too late for anything once you have life. She's a grown woman and sometimes grown women want companionship and a comfortable male figure in her life. The very fact that she didn't shun the idea of dating means she is quite open minde... (read in full...)

I found my best friends sex tape online

Q.   This is unbelievable. There is a girl I’ve been friends with since we were two years old, and we are now 24. I recently found a video of her on a porn site (one of my friends who met her at a party sent me a link saying it looked like her). It 10...

A.   9 January 2018: Well, you wouldn't be much of a friend if you just left it would you? If you tell her, and I'm assuming she doesn't want it there, she can now take steps to try and get it taken down or at least get a fighting chance too. If this proves futile a... (read in full...)

My best friend seems to want to end our friendship

Q.   I've been friendly with my pal David for over 30 years. He drives a taxi for private hire for a living.I provide computer fixing services. A month ago, for the first time ever, he referred a customer of his to me who had a computer problem. The...

A.   8 January 2018: Friendship is a strong word, with a strong meaning. It's not something you just toss aside because of some ridiculous hiccup in your relationship especially one that has lasted more than 3 decades. To make things worse this is all due to some rand... (read in full...)

How do I get back on my feet? Can I turn my life around?

Q.   how do I get back on my feet - can this be done? Three years ago I hung out with the in crowd and got myself in financial debt - I was making money and also spending money - long story short I got unexpectedly laid off and I had to move back home . ...

A.   2 January 2018: I wish I could pay off $30K in a year. Good job. According to your letter you've made mistakes, taken responsibility for them, set goals and now you're are taking steps to accomplish them. Seems like you're doing what you need to be doing. We're ... (read in full...)

Why am I upset that none of my dad's family congratulated me on my wedding?

Q.   Hey, This is more a question on advise on how to control my feelings. I'm not particularly close to my dads family, always been excluded from family events (I.e wasn't even invited to my Dads wedding or were my two sisters from his second ...

A.   30 December 2017: Congrats on your nuptials. First things first your dad sounds like a pretty petty person. It's sucks that he sees the need to behave this way to his own children, daughters at that. Sure, he can experience hurt but not in this way. He's a man ... (read in full...)

I found men's boxers next to my hot tub!

Q.   I have a hot tub in the back of the house. The yard is not fenced and there is open space behind where people often walk. Last night I found a pair of men's boxers that are not mine laying on the ground next to the tub. My wife of 19 years said ...

A.   22 December 2017: You should know you wife best. Watch her for a bit to try and detect if she might be lying. But teenage kids, and a Hot tub? ....Sounds like a fun Friday night. Un-Fenced yard, and nobody home? ....Sounds like a fun Friday night. All ... (read in full...)

My wife wants an open relationship, I don't

Q.   My wife insists on a open relationship for her but not for me. I am very resentful about this but she says its this or nothing. I love her but I am going nuts....

A.   17 December 2017: So let me get this straight... Your wife...insists on an open relationship for her....but not for you...and demands you give it to her? Your wife sounds like a very selfish person. It seems she is after something you can't provide. The first s... (read in full...)

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