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Is it normal to miss a toxic relationship?

Should I just resign myself to the fact that my looks are going bye bye?

How do I distract myself from his absence?

Sister didn't invite me to her birthday but instead asked me to watch her kids. Advise please.

Is he playing games? How can I heal and also hurt him?

He had panic attacks, couldn’t eat and lost weight when I tried to end our relationship! What do I do?

She wouldn’t make this small sacrifice for me, so I’ve cut contact! I know she’ll be back though!

Our teenager's actions are causing problems in our marriage

How often should a healthy couple have sex?

I'm obsessed with my professor and it's making me depressed

How to deal with the pain of family estrangement?

My cousin's cold shoulder is hurting me.

I feel like its my fault that my former lover has given up and gotten so heavy. I love her but know I couldn't take care of her

Does anyone else experience these types of panic attacks?

I need insight and advice on coping with my mother!

How to convince my parents to let me date this guy?

Am I fooling myself that we can hold this relationship together long term? Anyone else experience this type of situation?

I love him, but his deception can’t go on!

I was working towards a goal that doesn't exist now.

I can't get his past trauma out of my mind

My boyfriend does't pay me attention any more.

I'm depressed and lonely being married to a controlling husband

He seemed so into me, said he had no wrong intentions... Then why did he ghost me after that evening of no sex?

Why do you think he unblocked my number and responded to me, and do you think there is

Should I try online dating to get dating experience or is it better for me to continue waiting to find the right guy?

So Do I go to what broke me who I love or the new guy who has fallen for me completely.

I’m feeling guilty for our breakup!

I’ve been the primary breadwinner for most of our relationship!

I feel my girlfriend is cheating on me... With her ex husband's new wife!

Married man taking me for a ride and dumping without closure

His depression is sending me back to my depressed days

I no longer feel attracted to her due to her weight!

21 year old currently lost in the world, any help?

Does he want me?

I am lonely and get depressed and can't seem to make friends. What can I do?

How do I move on from this married man and pick up the pieces of my life?

Boyfriend is really depressed what should I do 

I'm scared to break up with my boyfriend because of the repercussions it could have on both of us

I was a virgin, didn't bleed and now my husband says I wasn't a virgin

Should I treat this like I just got out of a BPD relationship or am I going about evaluating this situation wrong?

Accepted a job but I feel over qualified

How do I make my separated husband realize his responsibilities towards me?

Why didnt he just tell me he didnt want o be with me anymore?

Girlfriend is suffering my depression, my needs are not being met. Do I hope she will get better or end things?

I cyber cheated, my fiancé doesn’t want anything to do with me, help!

Our 7 year relationship is in shambles. Is it over? Should I accept defeat?

Am I seeing something that isn’t there and maybe she is just making excuses so I won’t hate her?

Girlfriend lost feelings for me - is it her depression?

He's left me yet again but what wrong have I done to be treated like this?

Haunted by the past and now I'm expecting

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