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Check out these questions about "debt"

How should I handle this situation with my boyfriend?

I'm pregnant and work part time. My husband wants me to get another job to pay his parents debts.

My husband of 12 years is so secretive and refuses to talk to me just gives me the silent treatment

How do introverts and those living with social anxiety make friends?

My ex took out credit cards in my name without my knowledge is there anything I can do?

I'm being used by a totally useless boyfriend and I feel trapped

I am thinking of taking our 2 month old son and leaving my husband. How can I get him to man up?

Do you think it’s wrong to talk to my mom about the breast augumentation she had and has hidden from me?

My boyfriend who is broke pretends to take control of my economy and my bank.

I wont to move across country and leave this life behind, but worry if I am doing the right thing

I need emotional support which my husband can't give me.

Why am I contemplating taking a job that makes my abusive ex my supervisor?

He has a gambling problem and sneaks around. I’m pregnant and wondering if I should just leave him now?

How I am going to do with my the monthly expenses with all these medical debt?

How do I work on this trust issue and two, should I be with someone who is a diamond in the rough?

Stay with my Sugar Daddy to help my financial issues, pursue a real relationship, or both?

Is it okay to delete from your life a parent (father, in my case) that has never cared for you?

He earns three times more but wants to split the bills 50/50

Friends of 25 years don’t include me anymore!

Should I give this toxic person another chance?

Help! I'm crushing on a younger man.

I'm dating a 48 year old man who lives in utter filth and doesn't know what he wants from life

I have to work nonstop to pay off my debts and I feel very restless and hopeless sometimes. How do I keep this up for another 8 months?

My boyfriend doesn't approve of my modeling career!

How can I stop feeling ashamed about my living situation?

He talks about money and costs a lot, is he testing me?

I feel too shamed to talk to my family

How do I get back on my feet? Can I turn my life around?

I'm fed up but still attached to my long distance boyfriend!

Helping spouse pay their child support

Three men and I can't date them all. Who would you pick?

Should I leave my job even though I'm knee deep in student loan debt?

How can I get over my parents' neglect?

Is $3000 too cheap for an engagement ring for a high maintenance girlfriend given my income and background?

I've always been a people pleaser ... how can I stop?

Relationship started out well but now he's asking for more and more money. Is he using me?

Do I keep trying to contact him? Or cut contact despite his debts to me?

My boyfriend and I argued again, this time over laundry

We are getting married soon and I'm tired of family living with us

I haven't had any luck dating. Should I give up on love?

Will men care if I live at home?

I'm 28, watched my father die, and now watching my mother die. How to deal with anger?

I'm worried about my husband's business venture

My fiance is in debt, was married previously and isn't making any real efforts to be with me

When its good its great but right now its bad.

Family puts too much stress on me. Should I end it?

Living together is making me broke

Pipeline wives: how do you do it?

I'm in a sexless marriage due to my wife's depression and now menopause. What do I do?

Is my hubby just starting his mid-life crisis?

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