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I refused to trade nudes for friendship. Now what?

I'm (21M) receiving ridiculously mixed signals from my best friend (18F)

My girlfriend is blaming herself for an early miscarriage.

How do I address my poor self-image problem?

My friend's son seems to have a crush on me

Is his request weird or not?

Drunken fumble, was what the guy did normal making out or was it more than that?

Are these sex dreams my libido trying to tell me something?

Am I expecting too much of my wife? I desire to make love to my wife, but she says it stresses her out when I initiate

Sucking on breasts. Is that so enjoyable that it can be described as an act of love and deeply satisfying when between two adults in a relationship?

My boyfriend is in love with my boobs, but is he in love with me?

Does sending me picture of her stomach tattoo with the bottom of her breasts just visible mean she’s flirting with me?

I cheated once on my husband with a friend I like the attention but feel guilty

My boyfriend touching my breast didn't do anything for me

Married but cheating on my husband with two other men. Exciting for me but it's becoming too much. What are my options?

He's unhappily married. Does he like me or is it all in my head??!

I thought I stonewalled my wife from saving up for breast surgery but she's raised money on a website!

I'm duty bound to my long term partner afflicted with illness. How should I handle the attraction between me and my younger boss?

I'm not in the mood all the time like he is so our sex life has gone downhill!

Does it feel different having another person touch you than when you're touching yourself?

How do I get this stereotype about men out of my head?

Our relationship is great, except when he comments on the appearance of other girls!

I feel so ugly that I cry myself to sleep!

My stretch marks seem to be a huge problem for the men that I date

Why isn’t she wearing her bra in this instance?

How can I tell him that sometimes I just don't want to be touched downstairs?

I'm too conscious about my body to take my shirt off during sex

Why is my boyfriend suddenly making me comments and not explaining? I'm ready to leave!

Difficulties in the bedroom with boyfriend and I don't know how to fix them

Fiancé keeps nude and masturbation photos of previous ex's

Should I be lead by my dream life?

I am a beauty pagent winner who suffers body image issues.

I want my boyfriend to touch my breasts. Is this wrong?

I'm concerned the impression I'll make on our first date!

Do breasts get bigger by being touched?

Will my Bf be disappointed when he discovers that I am only a B cup?

What could be causing boobs to start hurting? Could it be my bra? Or..?

My boyfriend's stomach is coming between us

Why do we need to compare breast sizes? And what breasts do men want?

I'm attracted to another mother at the school. I want to make a move, but how?

My body is "flat" and I feel a woman should look more womanly

My wife went to an adults-only topless pool in Vegas. I'm not so sure what to think about it

How should I tell my new boyfriend about my breast deformity?

Boyfriend has a problem with me having a male surgeon

Is there any way to increase the size of my breasts without surgery?

Should I get breast implants because my boyfriend wants me to?

My girlfriend of 7 months will not have sex nor let me see her naked

Why do most guys like big boobs so much?

Dilemma about breast implant removal

I am starting to think no man will accept my body but I can't do anything about it so what is someone like me to do?

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