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Check out these questions about "breasts"

I think my vulnerable friend is being taken advantage of

Am I reading these signs correctly? Is she being friendly or flirtatious?

Why is it okay to criticize big boobs?

Is it normal for female friends to tease their male friends with their breasts?

Are some people nasty or is it just me?

What does it mean if she's afraid when I tell her that I love her?

I dyed my hair and now look so different! Is this possible?

My husband told me he doesn't find my body attractive! What now?

Where do you draw the line at looking at pornography/celebrities?

Jealous of boyfriend's female friends - how can deal with my insecurities?

How do I tell them in bed ..... "dont do that"?

Is she dropping hints or am I mistaken?

I kissed another man, now my husband wants to sleep with someone to "get even"

My girlfriend's job and her smoking are jeopardizing our relationship

Things are going well with this new guy but I don't know whether to tell him I have a boob job scheduled

What is wrong with me? Why am I getting all the wrong kind of attention?

Be careful of predators and perverts online

His ex wife is so much more attractive than me!

The man I secretly love finally made out with me while drunk but doesn't remember it

She's not so keen on intimacy anymore - whats wrong, me, her or the other guy?

Tiny boobs and a wierd vagina

How can I regain my body confidence and make my husband find me sexy again after giving birth?

What should I make of her very friendly actions?

Is there any chance a handsome guy could like a fat girl?

Sex is painful for me after having 2 children?

What do guys like during foreplay?

How can you just not care if your partner had orgazm or not

Short men: Have you ever found a tall woman attractive? Would you approach her?

What does it mean when your husband doesn't get hard anymore?

I really want to help women gain some body confidence but I'm not sure how I can make a difference

Things get too hot between us but I'm not ready for sex!

Should I worry about his porn use? He said he tried to give it up but lasted only 3 days!

Fat Issues and lots of Tissues: Question is, why would I stay in a relationship where I have to change to suit his ideals?

I am almost completely flat-chested, my self-esteem is in the toilet and it's affecting my relationships.

My boyfriend of 6 years has been sexting a married woman!

Does this sound like normal puberty?

Is it too soon in our relationship to consider starting a family?

My man pushes me to be bisexual!

Sexy pictures? I don't want to send completely naked pictures. So what to do? Any ideas?

I'm a virgin. I do find women attractive especially their breasts. But I look at men too. Am I gay or not?

How do other women handle the situation when their guy will not stop ogling other women?

Is he still interested in me?

Do guys like fake boobs if a girl practically has no boobs?

I need help feeling better about my Almost flat chest! Sometimes it gets me down!

Gained weight after the baby and need tips to get it off!

How do I approach my girlfriend about losing weight?

How can I get over my insecurities regarding my body weight?

I am concerned my boyfriend has never been sexually attracted to me

Nothing below the belt - My belt not his!

Negative responses about breast implants have me questioning what I should do about my body!

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