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Check out these questions about "breasts"

What could be causing boobs to start hurting? Could it be my bra? Or..?

My boyfriend's stomach is coming between us

Why do we need to compare breast sizes? And what breasts do men want?

I'm attracted to another mother at the school. I want to make a move, but how?

My body is "flat" and I feel a woman should look more womanly

My wife went to an adults-only topless pool in Vegas. I'm not so sure what to think about it

How should I tell my new boyfriend about my breast deformity?

Boyfriend has a problem with me having a male surgeon

Is there any way to increase the size of my breasts without surgery?

Should I get breast implants because my boyfriend wants me to?

My girlfriend of 7 months will not have sex nor let me see her naked

Why do most guys like big boobs so much?

Dilemma about breast implant removal

I am starting to think no man will accept my body but I can't do anything about it so what is someone like me to do?

Will I get pregnant if we cuddle and bath together? Is it Ok to do such things before marriage?

Should I dump him? Also he tells me I need a breast implant for sagging breasts !

Are there guys out there who actually don't like strip clubs?

I'm very self concious of my sagging breasts

Two babies have changed my body. Guys are stretch marks and saggy boobs a turn off? Gals did you feel indecure about your body after pregnancy?

How can I ever truly be happy while I hate my body? Have lost significant weight but still hate what's left

How can I stop feeling weird around my dad?

How can I get my 17 year old girlfriend to quit using drugs? How can I convince her that she shouldn't need multiple partners? People tell me to break up with her.

Are my large breasts an impediment to finding and dating a guy? I feel my breasts are a turn-off.

I didn't like my boyfriend's behavior in front of friends. How do I talk to him about it?

He left because after I had our children he was not attracted to me.

Should I really go through with surgery to correct my breasts?

My boyfriend has a 'fat' fetish. Why?

I want him to notice me, but not in a bad way.

She seemed flirty and interested. Was she never really interested in me?

My weight is interfering with my sex life...How can I be on top without feeling insecure?

When it comes to sex, what is considered appropriate for my age?

Husband has apologised and wants me back, but I haven't changed since I left him.

My boyfriend's made a new friend, but is he too interested in her?

Why won't he kiss me?

The perills of looking young

How can I stop being so self conscious of my body in the bedroom?

I'm depressed that my husband, like other men in my past, prefers smaller breasts!

OK, what about foreplay on men?

My OCD makes it near impossible to date. How do I deal with this with a new person I might date?

Acne, a genetic skin condition and scars from an accident. How can I overcome by body insecurities that are ruining my life?

My girlfriend won't have sex because she's so embarrassed of her body!

Should I agree that it's OK? My Girlfriend wants to wear transparent clothing that will allow her breasts to be seen to others in public.

My boy friend lied about liking big breasts and now I feel self conscious about my small chest

Still a virgin - is it too late for me?

Would you change something that you hated about yourself, even if family and friends were against it?

Don't want to have sex with my b/f because I hate my body.

I don't want to hurt his feelings but I don't intend to have sex with him again

I don't match his preferences so I'm leery of dating him

Is she waiting until we're in a position to be married, or is she pushing me away?

She says I make her feel like no one ever has, but she has a boyfriend.

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