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Don't want to have sex with my b/f because I hate my body.

I don't want to hurt his feelings but I don't intend to have sex with him again

I don't match his preferences so I'm leery of dating him

Is she waiting until we're in a position to be married, or is she pushing me away?

She says I make her feel like no one ever has, but she has a boyfriend.

I'm too scared to ask her her boundaries. Should I be so hesitant to ask?

It felt like he was trying too hard and I didn't enjoy it

Can a man be happy with a slim girl when he really prefers BBW?

Is it shallow to want to break up with someone because they lack intelligence?

I've lost respect for my boyfriend after finding out what he has done

Porn - why the big huffah

I'm a crossdresser with a girlfriend relationship problem

Am I just being jealous? Should I move on?

Is she playing games?

His first weekend out in America and my B/f got a lapdance and kissed a stripper! The trust is completely gone.

I feel threatened by his beauty standards.

Everything was going good until he suddenly cut me off1

Is it normal for an aged man to like Barely Legal Porn

I love her, but she cheated?

Are these my issues or should I be concerned that my Bf prefers breasts that are more pert?

Should I hope for the best? Or allow my insecurity about my breasts be enough to put me off being intimate with a partner?

Do I accept that my boyfriend looks at girls on the internet?

Boob size and pain issues! Normal?

I wouldn't let him go farther and now I don't hear from him.

I know it's normal but finding porn caught me off guard

It's seven years since my wife allowed me to touch her breasts. What might help to help her resolve her issues over this?

My boyfriend won't let me forget my mistakes

Men, how much do you notice and/or care about saggy breasts?

Men: What do you think of breast implants?

Surely he will feel disappointed that my nipples are not the way he prefers?

I'm happy to be a girl, I just don't want breasts

How do I confront my boyfriend about pictures and files I've found?

I am fit and petite but I have no boobs. He's a boob man. Is there any chance that he'll consider me attractive?

Anyone know about the NHS rules for breast scans?

I've become very uncomfortable with this "friendship"

Why does my boyfriend watch chubby porn but not fancy chubby women in real life?

I am fed up of arguing about her wanting breast enlargement surgery!

I think my vulnerable friend is being taken advantage of

Am I reading these signs correctly? Is she being friendly or flirtatious?

Why is it okay to criticize big boobs?

Is it normal for female friends to tease their male friends with their breasts?

Are some people nasty or is it just me?

What does it mean if she's afraid when I tell her that I love her?

I dyed my hair and now look so different! Is this possible?

My husband told me he doesn't find my body attractive! What now?

Where do you draw the line at looking at pornography/celebrities?

Jealous of boyfriend's female friends - how can deal with my insecurities?

How do I tell them in bed ..... "dont do that"?

Is she dropping hints or am I mistaken?

I kissed another man, now my husband wants to sleep with someone to "get even"

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