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Wife Left Me For Her Married Boss. How do I get over her?

I don't want to throw 5 years down the pan but I don't know what else to do. Can you offer any advice?

My boyfriend doesn't listen when I tell him I am not materialistic!

I have an ex that wont let go.

I've borrowed money to celebrate but am not excited about it.

My husband spends the same amount on his son's girlfriend as he spends on me.

She has a way of clawing herself back into my life! Insight needed!

The tickets have been bought, time planned but I don't want to go see my boyfriend

My ex's actions make me feel like I was never worth fighting for

I want to marry this woman and find it hard to let her go! Please help!

I love my boyfriend but am looking elsewhere

If he doesn't trust me then I can't stay

Broke up with girlfriend after her dad died, what should I do now?

I don't want to marry a man that doesn't understand when he is being hurtful

My partner shows little empathy when I am upset

Should his life choices be a dealbreaker?

My husband doesn't seem to care that it's our 5th anniversary

My partner for 3 years loves me. Would it be wrong to take a chance with another man who I've loved for 27 years?

What will restore my faith in love?

Married to my FWB guy but sex life is terrible and husband isn't 'up for it'

We've been married a year and are in a rut! I need some advice

I thought my fiance didn't love his ex wife but his old Facebook post seemed to imply otherwise

Am I justified to break up with him?

Why did she react the way she did to my words? She is the one who lied to me, earlier.

I want to marry this guy, how soon can I propose to him?

Do you think she is too young to get married ? we live together.

What do I do ? Head says no. Heart says yes. He dumped me, lied to me, then asked me for sex.

Is it weird to give my boyfriend a personalised key ring with a photo of myself on it?

2 year relationship just ended. How to move on?

How can I help myself? I am so confused. Our relationship has problems, but I do love him.

I still have hope of getting him back

I think I'm losing my boyfriend but I don't want to!

Ideas please on how to make this the best birthday he has ever had?

Should I be trusting my Girlfriend? Any guidance on what to do?

I want to know when I will stop bloody crying and feeling so low!

He's in a relationship yet he spent 6 to 7 hours in a bar and on his own? what should I do?

Am I entitle to feel the pain of loss and grief over my parents' breakup? Including my loss of connection to the family home?

How do I change? Every year my jealousy level escalates to a higher level

We are like two guys who are room-mates. Marriage together has become boring. Is this how it is? Are my expectations too high?

Insensitive, thoughtless partner that doesn't care about special occassions. Calling a woman as materialistic when confronted him about his ways.

What can I do? Why does my husband choose to associate with this bad company of friends? I'm feeling uncomfortable with this

Should I still visit my husband after he hung up on me from jail?

I am in a lifeless relationship!

What can I do to manage my own feelings? This relationship is pulling me down

Are my best friend and I in love?

My gf is texting another guy

I love this man but I don't trust him!

I've seen the drink destroy my family and now I am dating a drunk!

What do I do if they do divorce?

Are her tantrums normal?

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