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He treats me like a friend, but gets catty when I talk to other guys

Q.   I've been talking to this guy and he shows interest but then he acts like we're just friends and gets jealous when I talk to other guys, I like him too but I want to know why hes being catty? If that what it even is, ...

A.   16 February 2018: If he knows you like him, but chooses to keep you as a friend, talk to other guys and pay no attention to him. If he liked you, he would make an effort. Instead he is keeping you from other guys so that he has a fall back.... (read in full...)

A girl I chatted with online started telling me all of her fetishes. Should I meet her?

Q.   Ok so a few hours ago I started talking to a girl on tinder. Within minutes she started talking in quite sexually explicit terms, mainly centred around her foot fetish. I admit I was intrigued and played along. The conversation moved onto whatsapp, ...

A.   30 January 2018: If you are that uncomfortable, do not meet this girl. You can just block her on your phone.... (read in full...)

Exams and dating are conflicting

Q.   I know this guy who's 2 years older than me. We used to hang out while doing projects and event planning but recently I stepped away from all that because my GCSEs are this year. I need to take some time off. Earlier this year he had asked to meet ...

A.   28 January 2018: 3 weeks is a long time not text someone, then again I can understand hesitation on his end. Not saying you are making excuses, but he may think that because a lot of people will do that so they don't have to reject someone.... (read in full...)

He is very confused, should I give up?

Q.   Hello everyone, I'm 25 years old homosexual guy. two months ago I met a guy on Skype (who lives not so away from me). At first we talked like friends, but then we started flirting and now it seems that we like each other very much. we talk on Skype...

A.   26 January 2018: Do not wait on him. I've been there a couple times, all it that was a waste of time and emotions. Whenever a guy is confused, he isn't interested.... (read in full...)

Contact him? Or jut move on?

Q.   So, I was texting a guy that I met online for a few days. He asked for my number and we continued texting and then he asked to meet a few days after. We set to meet the next day, Friday at 5:30pm for coffee. Friday comes and I texted him asking him ...

A.   26 January 2018: Yes move on and don't talk to him again. Very disrespectful to try to make you run around waiting for him. Next...... (read in full...)

Is it mean to ghost someone who is nice but you just don't want to see anymore?

Q.   Would it be mean to ghost, a guy who treated you good for over six months, but it just isn't working for you, I don't want to cry when I break up with him in person, so I just want to block him, my girlfriend tells me, that be cruel,not giving him a ...

A.   20 January 2018: Please don't ghost him, that is super hurtful. If he has treated you well, you need to tell him the truth. Yes telling him will be hard, but at least you will spare him more hurt then just ignoring him.... (read in full...)

Why did he block me? Was it because I didn’t have sex with him?

Q.   Hey guys.. I randomly met this guy last week and as soon as I saw him, I liked him. He seemed shy and I could tell he was into me but I knew he wouldn't ask me out, so I did. He took my number and he asked me to dinner on Saturday. Well he knew how ...

A.   18 January 2018: Do not spend another moment stressing over this. Earlier when I started dating online last year, a couple guys did the same thing to me because they figured I wasn't there for sex. They weren't truthful and would just end up ghosting me.... (read in full...)

How do I stop feeling inadequate?

Q.   Ever since I was little, I was always in my older siblings shadow. I've healed a lot, but I still find myself inadequate compared to their successes despite having my own. I was always compared, sibling has a better social life, higher education, ...

A.   5 January 2018: Thank you Honeypie, just recently I started feeling somewhat ok w/myself. Hearing that stuff from my parents was/is painful and there are days where I feel extremely inadequate, esp thinking abt my siblings accomplishments over mine.... (read in full...)

Why would he trust me in a short time?

Q.   I recently started talking to a guy in a dating site. We've been calling and and texting for days now and we talk non stop. He told me that i was the person he was looking for all his life, we talk about everything. He told me that some personal ...

A.   4 January 2018: I absolutely agree w/honey pie. After doing extensive online dating, I learned to stay far far away from guys who use such flattery from the beginning. I've had 2 opposite situations unfold when a guy used such flattery. The 1st was the guy ... (read in full...)

Does he want to be friends because of his financial situation? Or he wants to date others?

Q.   Hi This is a question for the guys. My boyfriend was released from prison about a year ago, and he is struggling to get on his feet. I don't have the amount of money that he really needs to be established again, so I just help out when I can. I ...

A.   4 January 2018: Asking to be friends and making the excuse that he needs to get his life together is a brush off in regards to you. When you love someone, you will do anything and everything possible to be w/them. I've been there a couple times w/guys and all ... (read in full...)

Am I asking too little of him?

Q.   I have posted before and thankfully we solved a little issue in our relationship. This may be hella stupid for me to be resentful of how he treated his ex, but I kind of am. Idk how true this is, I'm only hearing his side of the story, but ...

A.   9 December 2017: Allumeuse The reason for rides issue isn't that I can't do it myself, its because its nice to have a partner who goes out of his way once in awhile. I am willing to take the bus to his place, but I wouldn't mind having a lift once in awhile. Btw I ... (read in full...)

I have these gut feelings she's cheating so how do I figure out what I do?

Q.   I'm a female in a relationship with another female. I have trust issues due to previous infidelities in past relationships. I know that it's unfair for me to question her when she's done nothing wrong, but, honest to god, I can't help it. I feel ...

A.   28 November 2017: You are going to drive her away. I dated a guy like that and I left after a month. He always accused me of talking to other guys, not being interested in him and always whined about something. Yes you can have a gut feeling, but there is also ... (read in full...)

Why would he not see me in 2 months then turn around and say he loves me loads?

Q.   hi everyone. person i'm seeing for a year now,we not had the exclusive talk but hes told me we friends but seeing where it goes etc we are sleeping together mostly when we see each other sex is involved 9/10 times it happens now recently iv not ...

A.   22 November 2017: He uses you for sex and flatters you so he can keep you for sex. Simple as that.... (read in full...)

Is online cheating okay?

Q.   OK! I found out that my boyfriend of 8 years has been going on adult dating sites looking for women to hook up he'd say he hopes they can come over see I'd stay at my daughters sometimes and baby sit. is cheating OK if there's no actual contact ...

A.   13 November 2017: Def not ok in my book, I wouldn't want my bf having contact w/random online women and he wouldn't want me doing that w/other dudes.... (read in full...)

I'm dating someone who has a twin brother and when the brothers and the sister-in-law get together, they make me feel very left out

Q.   I have been dating an identical twin for the last 4 years. We have been doing well except when it comes to spending time with his brother and his sister in law. When we are all together, I am always to one that is left out. I always get left out of ...

A.   31 October 2017: That is an awfully strange situation. Personally I would be hurt and offended if he said I had nothing in common w/the group. If he did care about you, he would make the situation easier for you to fit in. If this continues, leave, don't be w/a ... (read in full...)

A guy keeps sending me mixed signals.

Q.   Last month I met a guy, he's a friend's(F1) friend's(F2) friend.. We were a few girls and him. We had dinner and drank alcohol so we were all kinda drunk. F1 would continuously tell me that she feels like this guy is coming on to me really strongly ...

A.   29 October 2017: I agree with anonymous123, if a guy likes you, there are no mixed feelings. Usually if a guy gave me mixed signals, he was never interested in me in the 1st place. I have never give signals, I always either reject or respond positively to a guy. ... (read in full...)

Why was he was so mad because I answered his phone?

Q.   Hi. Last night my bf got so mad at me and left my place at 2 am. He fell asleep on the couch while I was watching a movie, around 130 am I noticed on his phone maybe like 10 phone calls then like 10 messages, his phone is always in silence so he ...

A.   24 October 2017: I would not be happy if someone answered my phone w/out my permission, my phone is my own private thing. I can understand why he is mad.... (read in full...)

Can he be a sucess when he neglects everything around him?

Q.   Need opinion on this person. Thank you? Can ignorant, careless and not taking care of self person going to be succeed? Please give example and opinion? Do you believe ignorant, stupid, and not take care of himself person can be succeed? Is ther...

A.   24 October 2017: No I do not believe someone like that can make a good partner. I dated a guy who didn't take care of himself. He was constantly broke, was unhealthy and really had no motivation whatsoever. That reflected onto the relationship we had, he never ... (read in full...)

We exchanged numbers but now I'm turned off by him

Q.   I haven't been out in the dating world for a long time. Recently I have been chatting here and there with a guy doing construction at my place of work, seemed like a nice guy, cute, I felt comfortable talking with him. So he asked me for my phone...

A.   17 October 2017: Just move, you will meet quite a few weirdos out there when dating.... (read in full...)

How can I gauge how much he loves me?

Q.   Guys help please.. What does it mean when he says he thinks of me sometimes all day? I am trying to figure out how he feels i guess... I know i am in love with him pretty much and i think of him everyday all day see.... Now that would mean that well ...

A.   17 October 2017: WiseOwlE has it right. I no longer go by what a guy says, usually if I feel loved, I know he is doing something right. I dated a guy long distance for a very short while and when he moved back home, he barely texted me. I got sick of this and ... (read in full...)

I'm struggling with wanting more attention from him through texts!

Q.   So I have posted about this previously, but I’m starting to get that feeling of neglect again.  I feel terrible as I know my bf is working very hard and I hate asking him for more attention.  The situation hit a breaking point a couple weeks ago, he ...

A.   14 October 2017: Thank you for all the advice! I def do not over text and sometimes let 5 or so hours go by, allowing him to concentrate on his job. I'm also never one to have lengthy text convos in the morning or at night. Today I did pull back, he noticed ... (read in full...)

It was going great and now she has stopped responding ... I guess its over!

Q.   Hello everyone! A few months ago I started exchanging Facebook messages with a girl I knew in high school about ten years ago. I'm 30 and she's 29. Things went really well and she agreed to meet up as soon as we could (she was moving back to h...

A.   12 October 2017: Do not initiate again. I would leave it as this kind of behavior is not worth your time. If she was interested, you would know.... (read in full...)

My ex cheated on me, it took me 2 years to get over him and now he wants to try again

Q.   At what point can you be sure you have forgiven someone for hurting you, and take them back? 3 years ago my then boyfriend of nearly 2 years left me for someone else. It took me a long time to get over it, but I did. I never really forgot he...

A.   12 October 2017: Forgive him, but don't forget what he did. Do not take him back esp since his cheating affected you so much, you have healed and moved on, no reason to let him hurt you again.... (read in full...)

My boyfriend is afraid of my beauty and that I will leave him!

Q.   My boyfriend said he's scared of my beauty and is afraid I will leave him.what do I do to prove I won't and he doesn't take me out, prefers me staying indoor with him is dat y?. And I love this guy so much and it hurts me anytime he saids dat..pls...

A.   10 October 2017: If a person is that insecure, there is nothing in the world you can say/do that will make him secure. He will completely control you if you don't leave.... (read in full...)

I think a year is a long time to wait for him ...

Q.   So, ive been seeing this guy for a few months now he's a couple years older than me (being 25), when we first started speaking in july and from that point i thought it was going to be more of a friendly kind of relationship as he didn't seem my type ...

A.   6 October 2017: He does not want a relationship w/you, just sex. If he wanted a relationship, you would be in one together. Never trust a man's excuses for not committing to you because they are all BS.... (read in full...)

I deserve better than to be ghosted by someone that I thought cared about me

Q.   We were close friends (according to him) but our feelings for each other complicated things. He shied away from having a relationship. He told me he was scared to be a rebound, because his last relationship was a rebound and ended miserably. I was ...

A.   30 September 2017: I agree w/honeypie, don't hold in the bitterness, just learn from this. When someone lets you in like that and goes hot/cold, that can be incredibly painful. You def deserve better and if you continue to chase him, you will not catch him. When ... (read in full...)

What is going on? Are these just excuses?

Q.   After still feeling neglected, I told my bf exactly why I was feeling down. In the last couple of weeks I have noticed that I was initiating the messages, which is ok, but I feel like I'm pestering esp being the only one initiating Messaging was ...

A.   26 September 2017: Last week I actually pushed myself to get out there and went out a couple nights out of the week. He was very concerned about me going out w/out him, but I wasn't going there to flirt w/other guys, though I went the last I went out and felt kinda ... (read in full...)

What is going on? Are these just excuses?

Q.   After still feeling neglected, I told my bf exactly why I was feeling down. In the last couple of weeks I have noticed that I was initiating the messages, which is ok, but I feel like I'm pestering esp being the only one initiating Messaging was ...

A.   26 September 2017: I still take the bus, idk why he even brought that up. I understand people cannot text all day, had a guy like that and he wanted me to text all the time, like I couldn't go an hour w/out texting him. In the past I didn't feel this neglected. I... (read in full...)

Is this a genuine concern or is he blowing me off?

Q.   My bf and I have been together for a couple months. He treats me really well and is different from the other guys that I dated. One thing though that has really started to worry me, is him trying to drop me off at home early in the day. He works ...

A.   22 September 2017: He does take me out and our time together is amazing. Lately I've been feeling quite a bit of neglect.... (read in full...)

He's rejected me but is open to having sex. I'm upset but tempted to, since I'll be bored and alone in his city.

Q.   I apologize in advance...this is a long one! I met a guy on Tinder back in March of this year. I was going to be in San Francisco for a few days and wanted to meet people while there so I changed my location to SF and started talking to him. ...

A.   22 September 2017: Don't settle for being his f buddy, you are worth a lot more then that. I can understand the falling in love w/tinder guys, been there myself. Do not give up what you want (being in a relationship) to get bread crumbs from guys. Moving to a new ... (read in full...)

I thought things were progressing well so why does she seemed to have slowed down?

Q.   A few days ago I was on cloud nine. I had finally gone out with a great girl after a couple weeks of chatting on Facebook since we were both moving back to our hometown. We clicked really well while we were chatting, she was very responsive and f...

A.   21 September 2017: Don't ask her out anymore. From the looks of it, she lost interest. I learned the these patterns of disinterest after extensive online dating. I would so excited about a date or 2 going well and all a sudden the guy would pull back, either trying ... (read in full...)

Is this something I can fix by correcting a few actions in our relationship? Do I give her space and trust that she will end up with me? What do I do?

Q.   My gf of 1.5 years recently told me that she likes a guy from work as as more than friends but is unsure about what to do. She said she loves me and she doesn't love him because it is too early to tell. She said she recognizes that it is unfair to ...

A.   21 September 2017: Give her space, permanent space. If she loved you, she wouldn't have any other guys that she likes. Leave and find someone who only wants you!... (read in full...)

My long distance boyfriend is a bad communicator.

Q.   I have been dating a guy for about 7 months. We started out as friends and had known each other for about 4 years, and then began dating. We started out dating close proximity, but then due to work and school, were forced to become long distance. We ...

A.   15 September 2017: Aunt Honesty is correct, a person does what they want to do. Been there in a long distance and I found out the guy wasn't super interested in me. From the sound of it, he doesn't seem all that interested, my long distance ex did the same thing. ... (read in full...)

Am I moving on too fast? And how and when do I tell the new guy about my past and the fact that my ex still lives in the same house as me?

Q.   I have recently split with my partner of 8 years , we have fallen out of love and we both thought it was the best decision to cut it off. He still lives in the same house as me though in seperate rooms and he still helps with shopping/lifts etc - ...

A.   15 September 2017: Bad idea to date when your ex is still is still living w/your ex. My 1st love lived w/his and that caused nothing but issues. Please consider taking care of your business before bringing in another person.... (read in full...)

Are we incompatible if he has these concerns early on?

Q.   Dear Cupid, my boyfriend is hurt that I don't spend more time with him and that I'm not giving him enough attention. I have crippling depression and often I am so anxious and so deflated even basic functions are difficult. I still see him at least ...

A.   15 September 2017: From dating someone similar, all I can tell you is the situation and his behavior will get worse. I dated a guy who had issues and nothing was ever enough for him. We talked on the phone everyday for hours, messaged all day and saw each other ... (read in full...)

Is it too soon to mention I'd like more contact?

Q.   Hello and thanks in advance for reading. I'm having trouble dating and trusting men after a very difficult year that I'm slowly getting through and coming to terms with. This year I've had to deal with sudden job changes, dates going wrong a...

A.   15 September 2017: I sympathize w/you 100%, but I advise not saying anything and seeing what he does. I have been in that position quite a few times and I wish I had been patient in watching the guy's actions vs their words. I have learned that you don't need to ... (read in full...)

Now that he's abroad he doesn't contact me at all!

Q.   Hi, I'm in a strange "relationship" with my colleague and I don't know what to do..One year ago I've got this new job..when i met with my coworker, it was instant chemistry, he always look at me, trying to contact me..but i heard he's a player s...

A.   8 September 2017: He is a player and will say anything to get what he wants. More then likely he found some other woman to charm and bed. I know charming these men can be and when the veil is lifted, you are left wondering what the heck happened. Best thing, ... (read in full...)

Getting over my GF not being a virgin.

Q.   Hello people. I'm a 21 year old guy, I've graduated college, have a cool job, and have been working in a great firm the past 2 years. I was raised in a small town, in a very catholic and conservative family. Nonetheless I'm an agnostic and I n...

A.   7 September 2017: Think of it this way, when she lost her virginity, she didn't know you. Not that she didn't wait, just that she was in love w/someone else. Everyone is going to have a history and she is now w/you. It wasn't meant for you to meet at that time. I ... (read in full...)

Am I just hoping for the best and not wanting to accept reality?

Q.   Just in a new relationship and he's moved back home to the south of our country (about 200 miles from me). We decided to just see how things go and he definitely asked me to be his. However, he hardly calls. If he does, It has to be before ...

A.   7 September 2017: To also answer your question; yes you are hoping for the best and I can understand why. I have learned when dating, you need to accept reality. The reality here is he doesn't communicate or make any effort w/you. You deserve way better.... (read in full...)

Am I just hoping for the best and not wanting to accept reality?

Q.   Just in a new relationship and he's moved back home to the south of our country (about 200 miles from me). We decided to just see how things go and he definitely asked me to be his. However, he hardly calls. If he does, It has to be before ...

A.   7 September 2017: You are not even close to being on the list of his priorities. You def do not want to be w/a guy like that, not trying to be negative, but I was in a similar situation and I was miserable. I made every excuse in the book for this guy not tex... (read in full...)

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