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I'm lonely and need friends but I am worried that at my age the only friends I may make now will be "messed up" people.

How can I deal with racism/ignorance in the workplace and in personal life ?

Is it okay to ask out a girl from my workplace just for the fact that I find her beautiful?

I need to talk about what I am feeling but cant burden my family or people at work

Dating apps and cheating in a long distance relationship

My ex who's also my colleague has ended the relationship in a really nasty way and I'm heartbroken!

Something's not right with my mother and I'm very worried about her mental health

What should I do about this player?

Some colleagues at work are targeting me and I feel that they'll complain against me yet again and have me fired. How do I handle things?

Why do men want to show off?

Should I gave up or wait more time to approach my ex

Favouritism in the workplace

I’m terrified that I’ll encounter my Facebook stalker in my new neighborhood!

How do I deal with my very difficult father?

I can't get his past trauma out of my mind

Did I unintentionally ask him out?

What's the deal with my incredibly rude, passive aggressive new flatmate?

Where are we going in this relationship?

How do I deal with his ex and his family during Christmas?

Where do you go to meet momen?

How important to you is respect for and trust of your manager?

Walked into an awkward love triangle

A coworker eats smelly food right next to me!

Was my colleague right to feel left out?

He's starting a new job and I've begun to worry about it!

Is this woman after my husband?

He kissed me at work and I'm confused

I don't think he wants a divorce but he wants his freedom

He is too close to his ex' and it bothers me

Why is my colleague behaving like this?

Husband comes home drunk with his underwear inside out and stained. Is he cheating?

How do we or I take this LDR relationship further? 2

How to get along with younger colleague at work who ignores me a lot, HELP!

Getting my love's past behavior out of my head

Husband's penis smells like condoms and we never use them!

Two years and I should be over the treatment at my last workplace!

Suffering a workplace bully ringleader. How should I deal with this situation?

I ranted about a friend to another friend and he told her what I said!

Should I date this man?

Is it a bad idea to hook up with a single mother?

Coming Out - my personal experience

I need to make friends but don't know how

I can't seem to find anyone to date me

How am I meant to deal with and understand his total neglect?

Should I stay at this workplace and ''prove'' myself or accept one of the offers I've received from other car dealerships? My manager here is difficult.

What should I do? Have had a workplace crush on a guy for 2 years and it's ongoing.

My boss says he's in love with me? Should I be with him?

I sent flowers to a girl at work and I didn't realise I had done so. Can the friendship be saved?

Is Facebook the way forward for me to meet him?

Could this older man like me?

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