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Check out these questions about "heartbroken"

My best friend and the boy she knows I like ....

Wil he realise what he had?

Heartbroken he has returned to porn

Will we be able to get back together in the future?

He duped me! How do I learn the red flags and move on?

The relationship I am in has become exhausting

Am I falling for the wrong guy?

I feel I am not good enough and cry everyday

I'm heartbroken but he said he wouldn't get back together with me because I was acting crazy!

Why am I the one suffering when all I tried to do was help my family?

I desperately want to reconcile with my ex husband. He had sex with me after he had broken up with his girlfriend but hasn't contacted me since

My boyfriend has just confessed that he slept with someone else

A co-worker made an unkind remark that really hurt me. How do I cope?

Why would he say he isn't right for me, yet I'm right for him but he still doesn't want a relationship?

I got back with my ex but I am struggling!

My partner shows little empathy when I am upset

12 years of hits and misses and I have no idea where I stand with this guy

Why wasn't the fact that he was married and a baby on the way enough to stop him from cheating?

My boyfriend is dealing with the loss of his brother. He's blaming me and shutting me out

I want to be strong for him at this time of terrible grief, but how?

Does her telling me to move on really mean its over?

Should I contact my old tutor and tell him how much he meant to me?

I broke things off with him because he isn't at the same place I am. I'm so heartbroken!

He is getting married next month, I want to tell him I still love him!

How can I end my feelings of regret

I want to tell his wife that I was his mistress

My boyfriend is lying about porn again. what are my options?

Why do men show an interest in me and suddenly change?

Why is it I feel I lost my soulmate? And could he really have moved on so fast?

Closure on possibly unfaithful ex boyfriend

I think I scared my online guy off. How do I get him to flirt with me again?

Need some advice on a love-triangle situation, please?

I want to talk to my boyfriend about my miscarriage but I am too angry with him

A week after losing my beloved dog, my partner wants to split up with me

A women with a boyfriend/kids is texting my boyfriend and he texts back. I'm not happy about this!

LD friend. Should I wait for him?

Should I be waiting on this guy? He acts like we are a couple but we are not!

Is this man using my sister, and did she move him into her house too soon?

Why can't I quit him? Heart says yes and mind says no?

Husband's penis smells like condoms and we never use them!

I don't know whether to keep seeing this man or not

I worry I am being led down the garden path again!

Workplace problems... Did I deal with Jimmy in the right way? How do I handle the situation now?

Is he confused? Playing me? Using me as a rebound?

I cheated on my boyfriend with a co-worker and now my life has become a living hell

How can I stop feeling so very angry with my ex boyfriend? ?

Is it possible to tell him everything and stay friends?

What should I do? Is this normal behaviour or is there more to this than she's letting on?

How come I am not heartbroken?

Feelings for my late husband's brother

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