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Boyfriend lied about moving overseas to keep sleeping with me

My husband has ED only during intercourse

I can't feel anything while having sex and lose my erection

How do I stop getting erections around her?

Why can't I orgasm normally?

My boyfriend can't stay hard!

I keep getting erections around this school friend!

Is pregnancy a normal turn on for a man ?

Could my body after weight loss be turning men off?

I can't understand why he isn't more eager

I get an erection during foreplay but lose it during sex. What do I do about it?

Are boxers not for everyone?

I think he has erectile dysfunction. Do I wait it out? Approach the subject?

Should I let my wife have a young lover since I can't perform as I once did?

How do I control these erections I get so easily?

Husband can't get it up and I'm miserable!

I can't handle my husband lying!

My girlfriend doesn't seem that interested in sex

We are newly weds. Should I confront him over this? He's been watching porn, alone, when I've been at work

Worried that I'm not big enough

Married to my FWB guy but sex life is terrible and husband isn't 'up for it'

All of a sudden my husband is sometimes having erectile dysfunction issues, but not with me. He's been to Dr. What possible reasons could be causing this?

Sex isn't going well with her, any advice?

Should I ask him if there is a medical problem for the lack of sex?

Would ladies be interested in a night of hot foreplay but no sex?

My husband has Erectile Dysfunction issues and yet is not interested in seeing the Doctor about this. I get no satisfaction. What can I do?

I like this guy I'm dating, but the sex is nice but not amazing. How do I discuss this with him?

What are the best sexual positions for a man with a 3 inch erection?

I sometimes think sex is a chore.

I tried my best and I want him back. But were my words about his ED too confronting? I apologized, but he has big trust issues as well.

Stuck in a cycle and unable to initiate the conversation ...

Is this normal? Should I avoid any contact sexually with men if I'm not gay or bi?

I heard talk that my FWB beat up his ex girlfriend

Why would my Bf's penis go limp after foreplay? Does it suggest that he's cheated on me?

Unexpected break-up. Can anyone give me any advice? Advice from guys would be much appreciated.

Has my teacher got a thing for me?

I'm feeling insecure and would appreciate some insight.

Married for 37 years and fed up with his porn addiction. How should I deal with this?

Why am I not as hard as they are?

I love women. But I seem to react differently. do get an erection when a woman sees me naked. Does this mean I might be gay?

Is this primarily a health issue for me, not ED, or is it because I am feeling as if my wife is less attractive?

He's less interested in sex. Is it me? Or could it be that I disgust him in some way?

I lost my erection just before sex, is this ED?

I always liked girls but I'm afraid I might be gay

How do I solve the finishing problem?

Is it best to get sex out of the way?

If I stop smoking weed will I stop having gay thoughts?

Should I confess the details of my secret messages ?

Why does he get an erection when touching himself but not when I do?

Is masturbation interfering with our sex life?

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