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*abriella lopez

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I want to get them to break up!

Q.   Ive known this girl for a year now. Shes everything you could ask for, pretty, great personality, and we have really good chemistry, we could talk for hours. When i first met her she was going out with one of my friends, and i was going for ...

A.   12 September 2009: I dont think getting them to break up for your own benefit is a good idea . All you can do is get closer to her , you dont want to put her in a awkward place to choose . It should come naturally to her whether he's right for her or you are . I've ... (read in full...)

We talk exactly like we did when we were seeing each other... But he doesn't want a relationship. What's the deal?

Q.   Hey This guy I had been seeing, which everything was going very well with over the summer, just decided that he was too busy to be in a relationship with anyone at the moment and that we should just be friends. I took this understandingly as ...

A.   26 September 2008: First be open with your feelings. And second do NOT whatever you do pressure him into a relationship. Relationships for some are hard to manage even though they are older, its not unusual for people to feel trapped and feel as if there too busy to ... (read in full...)

Why does the girl I like stay with her awful boyfriend? She says she'd rather be with me, but won't break up with him.

Q.   I am in a very tough situation. there is this girl who i like and says she likes me back. she has a bf. 6 months ago she told me that they might break i should wait it out... i waited and waited...six month later its all the same but now ...

A.   26 September 2008: Honestly, that relationship isnt healthy for both of you. Just move on, you need to let her figure out how much of a great person you are. And second she also must figure out for herself how bad the situation is that shes in. You cannot do anything ... (read in full...)

Pleasuring myself makes me feel disgusting, but I know I shouldn't and that it's completely normal!

Q.   Hi, i'm 15 years old and im not in any relationship, i've never been in a relationship before and i've never had sex, but the one thing im addicted to is masturbating. At first I always try and tell myself to stop but I end up doing it anyway and ...

A.   30 August 2007: Well you should feel so sick of what your doing all people do it at least once in your life, so relax! I you really want to quit there 21 step I have found there just suggestions so not all of them you might want to do. Suggestions: ... (read in full...)

I have tried breaking up with her, but she keeps begging and pleading with me! What should I do?

Q.   I have a problem guys! any help with this will be greatly appreciated! I have a girlfriend that i started dating in high school in my sophmore year, i am in my second year of college now. When we first started out i was a big jerk type of a guy, i...

A.   5 April 2007: Well it seems as if she thinks that she is controlling a puppet, what you need to do is cut the strings first talk to her and make sure she understand that you have a life and she does too, so stop trying to control your life also. And like she said ... (read in full...)

Do all women want a 'bad boy?"

Q.   A question for the ladies. Is there actually some sort of infatuation (hope i spelled that right) with "The Bad Boy"? I am 28, and I feel I am a pretty decent guy. Although almost every relationship I've had the woman seems to get bored or find so...

A.   14 January 2007: Not all women want a "bad boy" most want a really nice guy. You are a guy that many girls would be lucky to get, a guy to have a future with. When women get older they grow out of that bad boy term in there life, and want to settle down. Don't ... (read in full...)

I'm not ready for motherhood! Should I have an abortion or keep this baby?

Q.   Hey there! I am about less than 2 months pregnant. I am devastated. I'm only 17 and this was obviously very unplanned. I wish I could turn back time and change the fact that I had unprotected sex. I'm stuck in the middle wondering if I should have ...

A.   13 January 2007: Well this is diffrent what ever you choose should be best. There are many options one could be put the child up for adoption, and another is have the child there are many women who change there state of mind after the baby, some think they grew to ... (read in full...)

My ex keeps changing her feelings about our relationship! What's wrong with her?

Q.   My Ex Girlfriend 1 Minute Is Cool the next not. My ex girlfriend and myself are now apart 3 week’s have passed at first I just wanted to get our friend-ship of 2 a start so a week after us splitting we meet for an hr. I went in for a snog y I d...

A.   4 January 2007: to me I think you should confront her about it, that the only thing you can really do. And if it still nothing changes don't waste your time with that move on with your life. There is always the chance she's using you, e.g. as a rebound. But it ... (read in full...)

He broke up with me, but I don't understand why!

Q.   i was with my ex boyfriend for a month but knew him before. everything was perfect my mum knows his parents an an she liked him an his parents liked me, we spent christmas together and thats the first time i ever spent christmas with a boy. he was ...

A.   4 January 2007: Well your mom is right give him some time. But first of all it's better to hear the anwser from the source( boyfriend)! And when you confront him you should also say why are you sending mixed messages, tell him your feeling and the reason you were ... (read in full...)

My problem with shyness makes me freeze up when it comes to talking to boys! Help!

Q.   i'm a sixteen year old girl who has problems with shyness. whenever i find a guy that i'm interested in i just completely freeze and find it really hard to talk to them in person. as a result i've never had a proper relationship. theres a guy that ...

A.   1 January 2007: Well I know how you feel I use to be the same, But one thing that helped me is thinking that if I don't go for it why should I like anyone, take a chance whats the worst that could happen he saying "no" if he does well then I wasn't meant to be. And ... (read in full...)

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