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I'm Carrie, and...

I love fruit.

I love giving massages.

I love preppy clothes.

I hate lots of layered clothing.

I don't see skin color.

I love animals.

The song 'I'm on Fire' by Bruce Springsteen turns me on for some reason.

I hate Bruce Springsteen.

Bruce Springsteen has a sexy voice.

I have a sensitive stomach.

I like bald people.

I like beavers.

I love to give advice!

I'm pretty easy to get along with.

I'm flexible.

I have a fantabulous boyfriend of over a year. We're in a physical relationship, and we've had our ups and downs. Our relationship is strong and we bend but we never break. I've been there, done that in most areas.

Before my current boyfriend, I went out with a guy who is, erm, well, to say it honestly, he's not very stable. Really unstable, actually. Suicide attemps and everything these past two years or so. After that it was a guy who kept putting our school on lock-down because of his anger-management issues. He scared me a lot, but I'm glad I finally found a guy with all his screws intact, lol. My boyfriend treasures me like I treasure him. He's my light on a foggy night.

I live in the middle of no where. Let's leave it at that.

I've had every untrue rumor hurled at me in the book. I've actually been pregnant for a year and a half. Imagine that, y'all?


Feel free to drop me a line!

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I'm still worried about the blood clots...what should I do?

Q.   This goes with the blood clots did he tear me question. I wrote that. It's still bleeding after two days after fingering how long can I expect it to bleed for and if it doesnt stop could it be my period because i should be getting it in a week or ...

A.   16 April 2007: I missed your last post, sorry. Have you ever had a period? Because, trust me, this might just be a coincidence that the clots started after he fingered you. If you've had a period before, it might be irregular, so the 'clots' are really just an ... (read in full...)

Worried my clean-shaven approach will just emphasise the age gap!

Q.   Hello, Just a quick question for the guys: when a woman completely shaves/waxes all her pubic hair, do you feel like you're with a little girl?? I shave everything because I feel much more comfortable and cleaner, but I've heard many guy...

A.   6 April 2007: You'd probably be surprised, actually. Most guys go for a clean-shaven girl. At least mine does, and me and you are about the same age, and my guy is actually a few months younger than me. I think it has to do with it being risque`, since pornstars ... (read in full...)

Some info on lubricants please!

Q.   This is my first time, and im a little nervous. Could I apply sexual lubricant on my vagina without washing it out? Does it hurt when the lubricant is applied? Will it be too oily?...

A.   6 April 2007: I reccomend WET. You can get it at Spencers for around 8 to ten dollars. There are lots of choices and types to choose from, but the answer to the oiliness? Probably not. Lube feels oily at first, but as it dries or breaks down in your vagina or ... (read in full...)

I think I may be pregnant and am about to go on the pill!

Q.   i think i may be pregnant; however, my sister in law is taking me to get put on birth control sometime this week. Will they do a pregnancy test first?...

A.   3 April 2007: They'll probably ask you if you're sexually active and/or think you're pregnant. Tell them you'd like to take a quick pregnancy test to make sure you aren't because you are having some suspiscions. Even on the pill, make sure you use a condom until ... (read in full...)

Will I be fertile when I'm older if my periods dont return or do I need to gain weight so my periods start?

Q. 17, 5.7 and weigh 7 and a half stone. My periods have stopped for seven months so I've been told I need to put on weight and so been given the oestrogen pill by my doctor. Will I be fertile when I'm older if my periods dont return or do I need ...

A.   23 February 2007: It is very likely you will be able to have children when you want them if you put on that needed weight and start your period again. You may not be fertile for a while, but you will probably be able to have children, unless you have been very ... (read in full...)

Cops have caught us, making out---twice! Will my parents find out? Will I be kicked out of school? Help!

Q.   My boyfriend n I are super worried! Last december {we go to a community college} we were caught making out in the parking lot..the cop was very nice and just asked if I was 18 n I said yes..n if I was there on my own will..n I said yes..n he lets us ...

A.   22 February 2007: What do you have to be worried about if you're 18? You're there by your OWN will, you're 18, you're an adult! :) No one can tell you who you can and can't kiss, but perhaps you should find a better place to kiss this man. Or at least try another ... (read in full...)

He inserted into me briefly for a minute or condoms! Could I get pregnant?

Q.   i slept at my boyfriends the other night. i have slept with him before and we have always been careful using condoms but the other night we got carried away and he ended up inserting into me. it was only for a minutw or 2 but is it possible for me ...

A.   22 February 2007: The short answer: Yes. There is a small possibility you're pregnant from pre-ejaculate, aka pre-cum. This is a clear fluid that comes from an erect and/or stimulated penis. The pull-out method is at best 50% effective, but I think you only have a ... (read in full...)

What do men prefer? Bushy, normal or shaven?

Q.   I just wanted to know what guys prefer on womens private part, Bushy, normal or shaven? Girls answer 2 if ya like, thanks!...

A.   21 February 2007: Seeing as I'm a female, I'll give you the low-down on my routine. Slather on the shaving cream into all nooks a crannies, whip out a razor, shave DOWN, away from your face, while you pull your skin tightly upwards. Shave around other areas as... (read in full...)

Where can I get information on muscle wasting disease? My boyfriend's son (8) has it and he's so distraught about it.

Q.   Hi everyone, I don't know where or how to start here, I'm with my boyfriend just over a year and found out that my his son (who's 8) has got this muscle wasting disease that he got from his mother and her brother died from it when he was only 15! ...

A.   20 February 2007: Dear Irish Love, The disease you have mentioned is probably muscular dystrophy, and you can find more information on this disease, and other forms of this disease at (read in full...)

My gf says that she has not felt pleasure when we've had sex. What can I do?

Q.   what do you do if your gf says that she has not felt plesure when your having sex everytime but the one time you did it in my truck i really could use some help because i dont want are relationship to end because i am not able to plesure her beside ...

A.   20 February 2007: To be honest, it's common for girls to feel this way, and only recieve pleasure from fingering an oral. Some girls can only feel pleasure at all when they've reached FULL maturity, body wise, but judging by your age, and guessing her age is close to ... (read in full...)

I have an embarrassing question... is my penis normal?

Q.   hi i have an embarrasing issue, recently i have been watching pornography and have seem that my penis is diffrent. the top of mine is like floopy skin but on the videos it is hard is this normal? ...

A.   19 February 2007: The foreskin is the part which is circumcised at birth, or if your parents were religious, 8 days after birth (this is from biblical times. Circumcision was a way for Isreal to say 'hey, we're free because Moses said 'Pharaoh, pharoh, obey me, let ... (read in full...)

When should I start taking this pill when my period is so irregular?

Q.   I am supposed to be getting on the pill. I have them with me and everything. The doctor told me to start the pill the sunday after my period starts. well what if my period doesnt come? I have my period, but they cycle is soo off. It comes sometim...

A.   19 February 2007: Also I recommend using condoms, which I still use on the pill, for extra protection from pregnancy. It's better to be safe then sorry, considering you and I are both pretty young. The pill is merely 'disaster insurance' in my eyes, meaning if the ... (read in full...)

Can someone tell me what exactly IS "high maintenance?"

Q.   Is it a good thing or bad thing that a bloke thinks your 'high matenance'? and what does it mean exactly?...

A.   19 February 2007: Well, honey, I think it depends on the guy. Most guys I know, including my boyfriend, prefer girls that aren't high maintenance. Being a girl who is 'high maintenance' means you take a lot of time and care. Like he always has to buy you things, ... (read in full...)

What is wrong with me? Why am I feeling this way?

Q.   hi i no i am young i no i am inexperianced i am told this so often i want to take on the world at times others i want to hide away where no one would ever find me eversince my gcses (i got mainly cs when i could of got bs because i didn't revise) i ...

A.   19 February 2007: It's a pretty rought time to be a teenage girl, huh! For me it still is, and I'm over 18! But it's gotten SO much better for me, though. I was exactly the same way. I live in a drab town, so I wanted to be different. I was nice and fun and frie... (read in full...)

My girlfriend hates me using condoms, I've never NOT used one! Where do I cum?

Q.   Got quite weird question, im 23 y.o and have stable relationship at the moment, thing is that i never had sex without condom before.. and my GF hates them, and want's to have sex without condom ofc. Since i was always using condom due to only had ...

A.   19 February 2007: This is not an awkward question at all! The first question I will as YOU...Is she on the shot, the pill, or the norplant implant? An IUD? What form of birth control, other than condoms are you using? Ejaculating inside of her with no form of ... (read in full...)

Is 5 days too early to tell whether I'm pregnant or not?

Q.   its been five(5) days since me and my boyfriend had sex. it feels like im about to start my cycle. my breasts are sore around the nipples and my stomach is hurting a little but no bleeding. all of this took place the 2nd day after conceving. i took ...

A.   19 February 2007: It's best to take a pregnancy test two to four days after your missed period should have started, but usually only early pregnancy tests detect it this early. You can get a false negative, but never a false positive. To be more sure, wait until a ... (read in full...)

When should I start taking this pill when my period is so irregular?

Q.   I am supposed to be getting on the pill. I have them with me and everything. The doctor told me to start the pill the sunday after my period starts. well what if my period doesnt come? I have my period, but they cycle is soo off. It comes sometim...

A.   19 February 2007: I also am on the birthcontrol pill. My doctor also recommended I be a 'Sunday Starter'. I'm a 'First Day Starter'. Read the pamphlet that comes with your birth control. I use Aviane, and to start as a 'First Day Starter', you start on the first day ... (read in full...)

Any idea how we can have more fulfilling sex?

Q.   My boyfriend and I both haveflabby stomachs and his penis is small. We have tried man-on-top a few times but he can't seem to penetrate me this way. Is there a way to get this right?...

A.   17 February 2007: I agree with stacey on this one--try a leg or both over his shoulders. From personal experience, I know that his allows for the deepest possible penetration, and removes your belly from the way of intercourse. Also, if you are interested, anal ... (read in full...)

I'm bullied at school and everyone hates me! What can I do?

Q.   Everyone In my Year Hates Me. I only have one friend and everyone else picks on me in lessons and Kicks me and hits me and says its an accident. I told my teachers but they dont Do anything. I dont want to move schools because I dont want to leave ...

A.   16 February 2007: Been there, girlie. Done all that. :( I'm sorry to hear that you have the same problems that I had. I homeschooled my sophmore year and went to a Christian school the rest of my school career. If I was really a whore, and if I was really a bitch, I ... (read in full...)

How much emphasis do guys put on a girl's past sexual experience?

Q.   How much emphasis do guys put on a girls sexual experience? Although I've fooled around a bit and have done various things, I've never had a proper relationship and have never felt it was the right time or place to go all the way. But now I'm very ...

A.   16 February 2007: On the contrary, this is a good question. Guys usually go over the top with being selective of a girls' past. Why? Beats the hell out of me! He shouldn't be too upset considering you've never gone all the way. He shouldn't even be upset. It's ... (read in full...)

Is this guy I know, gay or not?

Q.   I think this guy is gay because he always makes comments about gays and laughs. Does that mean he is gay or he just sick minded. P.S we are both 12 - 13 years old so we cant get drunk also i dont want to want to lose my reputation or our friendship ...

A.   16 February 2007: lol, my 18 year old boyfriend does a freakishly good gay impression. He makes jokes about being gay all the time. He walks up to our friends and goes 'hi guys' in a really...well, gay voice. When it comes right down to it, he is NOT gay, haha. ... (read in full...)

Is it weird to love a celebrity?

Q.   Is it weird to love a celebrity more than normal? Do I like that celebrity or is just fan love?...

A.   16 February 2007: For me it was just infatuation. You can love a person, but if it's a celebrity you never TRULY know who they are under all that glamour. I love everyone, evil, good, ugly, sexy, etc. I love every celebrity for making gutsy move, even Paris Hi... (read in full...)

My boyfriend likes me to go on top but I feel I'm totally useless in this position... any suggestions?

Q.   Hi, My boyfriend and i have a really healthy, enjoyable sex life. However, my boyfriend likes me to go on top a lot - which i dont mind at all, I am however absolutely useless in this position! I have recently become sexually active for the f...

A.   15 February 2007: Don't worry, this happened to me too the first month or two of being sexually active. Being on top, his penis can penetrate you farther, so this is probably your source of pain. It will probably fade as time goes on. Also, it takes a few tries to ... (read in full...)

Am I breaking the law pretending to be 18 and posting pics to a website, or is it the site that will be to blame ?

Q.   I've been posting pics of me onto an ameteur porn site. I'm 16 but pretending to be 18. Ignoring any moral issues, am I breaking any laws or is it the site who would get the blame if my real age is discovered?...

A.   15 February 2007: If you feel very guilty about lying about your age, I'd stop posting period. Also, since you KNOW what you are doing, it's not the porn sites fault. They probably had a disclaimer saying they aren't responsible for the content of the site and... (read in full...)

When my girlfriend orgasms she never releases any gooey stuff! Has she really orgasmed???

Q.   Hi I have a problem regarding the female orgasm. My current girlfriend has NEVER released any cum/liquid etc when she orgasms. She believes that she has orgasmed but she has never released any liquid/goo stuff in any of her relationships. ...

A.   15 February 2007: I agree with fish food. Not all girls have 30 second orgasms and release this 'gooey stuff'. I don't. My orgasms last about 2 or 3, maybe 4 if I'm lucky, seconds. The only thing that happens to me is that I just get wetter. Not all girls... (read in full...)

I'm a virgin and my boyfriend and I really want to have sex but I'm afraid he won't "fit" in me.

Q.   need some help please. have been with my bf for around 4 months. i am a virgin, he isnt. we really want to have sex but i am scared as i have heard it hurts, a lot! also (not to sound too graphic) but when he has fingered me he has said it feels ...

A.   14 February 2007: A lot of my friends were concerned about pain. The thing to remember is that this is a natural pain, a pain that is put there by someone who loves you, who you love, and by someone who you trust. A girls vagina can stretch to fit any man's pe... (read in full...)

Does anyone know the best time to get pregnant?

Q.   Dose anyone know the best time to get pregnant? I heard several things: Right after your period and a week after your period. When does ovulation really supposed to start? Are there any foods that I should eat to assist in conceiving? And is it t...

A.   14 February 2007: The time a woman is most fertile is 13 to 18 days after her last period. This is also the time the most girls concieve an unwanted pregnancy because during this time our primitive instincts are kicking in and making up rather, well, horny. 13-18 ... (read in full...)

How can i tell if the sperm has reached the egg yet?

Q.   me and my boyfriend had sex last night. all of a sudden he stopped and said he nutted inside of me. i asked him again and he said yeah he did but it was a little. then he said you shouldnt be pregnant. when i laid down i felt it starting to come ...

A.   14 February 2007: You won't be able to tell if your egg/eggs have be fertilized until at the least two weeks after conception. This is pointed out by a late period, a change in vaginal discharge, nausea, vomiting (not just in the morning!), dizziness, and sensitivity ... (read in full...)

I flirted with someone, felt him and he rubbed my breasts, is this classed as cheating?

Q.   Hi I need your help, I love my boyfriend to bits, I would do anything for him. Last year I flirted with a guy I knew, my boyfriend is ok with me flirting, but I let him touch my breasts and I rubbed him. I NEVER kissed him or had sexual intercour...

A.   14 February 2007: To me, I don't think so. My boyfriend and I have TOTALLY different opinions on the matter. He thinks it is anything more than casually talking; no flirting, kissing, etc. To me, as long as your heart is true to your boyfriend/hubby, and you love him ... (read in full...)

What is the average sized penis for a guy?

Q.   hi, im 15. my gfs 17. i was talking to her about penis size, and started going thru them and what she though eg(1 inch? 2 inch? 3INch?), well i said my penis size and she laughed at it, im 4 inch 5. she laughed at all other sizes up to 4.5 an sed 5 ...

A.   13 February 2007: Mind you, four inches near the BASE, not just before the head. The male penis continues growing until age 21, so you have that to look foreward to. :) Also you can do penis enlargment excersizes. You can look them up on Google.... (read in full...)

I masturbate 3-4 times per week. Am I the only guy who does this?

Q.   dear cupid i am 15-16 i masterbate atleast 3-4 tymes a week or evn more, i would like to know how to stop as i cant be telling anyone i masterbate, as they will be taking the piss and also another thing why do people say its disgusting and am...

A.   13 February 2007: Masturbation is COMPLETELY normal! Even 3 year old little boys and girls do it! It's healthy, it's natural, and it feels good. I wouldn't worry about it very much, because even as a sexually active man, my boyfriend does it once or twice a day; once ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend is well endowed and I'm finding anal sex a bit difficult. What can I do to make it easier for me?

Q.   Hi, im a 23 yr old gay guy, have just gotten into a new relationship and I haven't had sex for about a year and am finding it hard being the "bottom" especially since my new guy is quite well endowed, any advice making it easier, i've only ever ...

A.   12 February 2007: Good question. My solution, babes, is a lubed condom. Trojan Ultra Ribbed, Trojan Lubricated, etc. Lubed condoms are a God-Send for first-time anal intercourses, and also for the first two or three, until you're stretched a little. After that, if ... (read in full...)

I have this fetish about being attracted to fat women. How do I lose this way of thinking?

Q.   I'm a 21 year old male. I've always been attracted to fat girls. The main trouble is, it's more than just a preference, I'm completely obsessed with the thought of them getting fatter, outgrowing clothes, getting stuck, breaking chairs usually e...

A.   12 February 2007: I actually find this a little refreshing, lol. My boyfriend just told me he wouldn't stop me if I wanted to be bulimic or anorexic again, since I have gained ten pounds in the past three months due to my birth control. I sat there horrified, and I ... (read in full...)

At what age does a guy's voice break?

Q.   dear agony aunts i am a 15 year old boy.i would like to know at what age will a boy break his voice, as i have a really deep voice and cant speak properly on the phone and no-one understands me. i would like to know when will my voice be smoothe...

A.   12 February 2007: My boyfriend talked like that when he was 11, with a really deep voice. It stayed. His voice hasn't got any deeper, but he's still hard to understand, and he's fully mature. I guess it's just the way you will sound. If your voice hasn't changed in a ... (read in full...)

She had one missing condom in the box. I know I didn't use it--so who did?

Q.   been with my girl for 6 her, trust her, ect..about 3 weeks ago she bought a box of condoms b/c we both decided we should start using them b/c of the possibilty of getting pregnant. I have been sick for the past 2 weeks and have not been ...

A.   12 February 2007: If it's her first time using this particular brand, or condoms in general, or even if she's never had sex...Maybe she wanted to check it out. Heck, my boyfriend and I bought a three pack to inspect months before the act! I made him practice because ... (read in full...)

I enjoy reading about murders--is there something wrong with me?

Q.   i know this isnt the kind of question normally asked on here and some people may find it disturbing in some way but i really need some advice. the thing is, i love reading/researching/watching things about murders, like i love researching the ...

A.   12 February 2007: I wouldn't be worried. They did a whole bunch of tests on guys by wrapping an elastic around thier penises (penisi?) and monitoring thier heart rates and other vitals. Surprisingly, they all got half-erect or had an enlargment of thier penises when ... (read in full...)

Worried about the little lump on my vagina. Any ideas what it could be?

Q.   About a month ago i found a tiny lump in my vagina. Its not growing or hurting but its just there. im 16, im not a virgin and im really worried. its really small and its just kind of sitting on one of my "lips", what should i do? i dont want to go ...

A.   8 February 2007: I wouldn't worry too too much. It could perhaps be, well, just a zit. If you've had it for a while and it isn't getting worse, better, or it isn't hurting, maybe a doctor's visit is needed. A majority of women, including me, sometimes get ingrown ... (read in full...)

Do boys like it if a girl makes noises during sex?

Q.   Im going to have sex with my boyfriend this weekend, i just wanted to know, does it hurt the fist time you have sex? and do boys like it if a girl makes noises during sex?...

A.   6 February 2007: As from my own experience with first-time sex, it was with me, and another virgin...Wow, I honestly will tell you, it didn't really do much for me in the pleasure department. It was more of an emotional high. The 'he loves me, he's so gentle' high. ... (read in full...)

How do I deal with my sick friend who is unpunctual and alwayswanting me to do things for her?

Q.   My best friend suffers from cancer and she's recovering but she has always ben vey unpunctual and I never complain yesterday she was 30 min late and did not even bring the mobile with her so that I could contact her, I went back home and she started ...

A.   6 February 2007: It does sound to me that you're a little jealous, but I shouldn't really accuse, lol. It's important to remember that your friend is perhaps tired due to her bout of cancer. Also, perhaps she's interesting in seeing other people. It's probably a ... (read in full...)

How do I be skinny and well liked like the other girls at school?

Q.   me and my boyfriend are young teenager's and have agreed not to have sex without protection or have it until 14. i think we may be takin things fast seeming as previous activities we have done. people think its sick how relationships turn out! but...

A.   6 February 2007: Whoa, whoa whoa, sister! Back the truck up! I went down that road, sister, and it's not going to be something you want to do when you keep doing it! Take it from a former anorexic and bulimic...It's not worth it at all. All people ended up saying to ... (read in full...)

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