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ppl used to call me the date master cuz i could help neone with any date problem no matter how tricky i can find a solution to it so if u need help in neway ask me

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Is this love for real, or a waste of time? Can I ever trust boys again?

Q.   its weird but i still love my ex...even though hes broken my heart many times heres the story..he told me he thought i was the one he said i was amazing and perfect he told me he wanted to last for a long time he madeout wit me everytime we went to ...

A.   6 January 2008: thx for the great advice all of u he said he still likes me somewhat but its kind of hard to go out because we dont rele get to see each other all the n him r stayin good friends n who knos maybe someday we will get bk together =]... (read in full...)

He's wanted me for years; should I give it a go?

Q.   I have this friend. We have been friends since she was 18 and I was 23. When I was 25 I went to visit her at her family home. She had a brother. He was 15 and very shy. I don't remember it, but she told me years later how shy he was and how suprised ...

A.   22 June 2007: well id say dont go for it one you are 10 yrs older then him and my opinion is that the guy shuld be older becuz it makes more sence, im sorry that you like him i just cant picture you and him together you can ask if he still likes you but i would ... (read in full...)

What are the signs he's cheating?

Q.   how would you know if your boyfreind is fooling around with other woman?...

A.   22 June 2007: hi people call me the datin master cos i can answer any dating question a girl has and people always tell me im really good and i should go pro well the signs he is cheatin are very simple ~he doesnt call you your name he uses those pet names ... (read in full...)

I want to make a boy notice me

Q.   i want a boy to relieze im alive! HOW DO I ACCOMPLISH THAT? show some girl her love and respond!!!!!!!!!!!...

A.   20 June 2007: just start a convo wit him like hi im ________ how r u today and just talk to him n then once u guys get to kno each other more n become friends who knows what will happen but thats all you have to do instead of standing there wishing you were by ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend thinks I'm "pure"... How can I tell him I've been raped???

Q.   im 14 my boyfriend lives far away so when we meet up we are usually soo happy we get...erm...close He wants me to lose my virginity to him, its not i dont want to but first im no where near ready, second im starting to like this other guy at my ...

A.   8 June 2007: my friend was raped when she was very young but u need to be straight with ur boyfriend incase he asks u wats wrong when he wants to have sex so just tell him u got raped and dont worry he shuld understand ur unconfortable and u need to chose the ... (read in full...)

He says he was mean to me, because he 'did' like me! I am confused..any advice?

Q.   i am reali confused. a guy i always knew liked me just asked me out but i've neva been out with any1 and in the past he was mean to be because he likes me and was afraid. i reali confused please help!...

A.   31 May 2007: ok im 13 and alot of guys who say they like me (10 of the 15)r mean but they r just kiddin cuz they really dont know how to tell me they like me more then a friend so i think he is the one who is confused on how to tell u he likes u just go for it... (read in full...)

Can you ever heal and move on from your first love?

Q.   Can you ever heal and move on from your first love?...

A.   27 May 2007: yes you will someday get over your first love it is the hardest thing to do because simply she was your first love and so alot of people think you can never get over them i havent really gotten over my first love simply because i was in love with ... (read in full...)

I want to be with him as boyfriend and girlfriend but I'm too embarrassed and scared to even mention anything like that to him.

Q.   hello, i'm 18 years old and i'm abit confused. because i met up with a friend today who's a year younger than me so that makes him 17. and we've known each other way over a year now. well we met up and went to the cinema, but he started kissing m...

A.   10 May 2007: dotn be scared to tell him how you really feel and then dotn be afriad to ask him if he feels the same its very common for a girl to be scared to ask a guy how they feel but if you dont ever ask him then you will never know how he really feels ... (read in full...)

Am I being emotionally abused?

Q.   Is this emotional abuse?? hey, im 16 and in a relaionship with a 25 year old guy. but thats not the problem. We've had our fair share of problems, especially with other people trying to get in the way. A lot of his friends don't think I'm ...

A.   8 May 2007: RUN cuz he is making you stay with him and you need to go find another guy that will not do that to you and you deserve someone better then him good luck ... (read in full...)

We are both married but having an affair together and I think he is falling in love with me!

Q.   About 4 months ago i started working at a strip club as an exotic dancer. This guy that works there started flirting with me like he did with all the other girls. I liked the attention so i flirted back. A few weeks into working there we started ...

A.   4 May 2007: well he has to if he likes havin sex with u n if he goes bk to u but i think u shuld tell him its over cuz its not fair for ur husband n its not fair for his wife so just listen to me n tell him u cant do it nemore good luck jenna... (read in full...)

What is flirting and how do you flirt?

Q.   What is flirting? How do you flirt? I hear my friends going on about flirting with guys and i hate not understanding exactly what the word means....

A.   4 May 2007: flirting is basiclly when you show off to get his attention and im 13 i so know how to flirt theres rules to flirting 1 play hard to get it makes the guy go crazy for you 2 dont do it to the same guy millions of times cuz the guy could get anoyed 3 ... (read in full...)

I have been seeing this man who is 21 and i am 14 and he is doing some stuff to me that i dont understand and i dont want him to do!!!

Q.   I have been seeing this man who is 21 and i am 14 and he is doing some stuff to me that i dont understand and i dont want him to do, 1st he said i like u will u meet me and because ive liked him for ages i meet him, and got in his car because i ...

A.   3 May 2007: u guys have an age difference n even if u like him it seems ur not ready for this relationship i say stick with someone ur age or one age higher ok good luck jenna... (read in full...)

I have been hurt over and over again by my boyfriend...

Q.   I have been hurt over and over by my boyfriend, he has cheated on me several times with people who I am close to, I am depressed I don't know what to do....

A.   3 May 2007: i was in this same problem im 13 now but when i was in 3rd grade i had a b.f and me n his relationship was on and off many times one day we were datin the other we werent then the next day we were dating and then in 3 days we werent then the next ... (read in full...)

My friend wants to make me choose, it's either the guy I like or my friend, what do I do?

Q.   hi all, i reali like this lad i go to schol wiv (yr 11 IN THE UK) we get on reali well nd love spendin time together but my best friend hates him and she says tht if i go out wiv him she will stop bein my mate and hate me forever i dont no what to ...

A.   29 April 2007: if she was ur friend she wouldnt put u in this postition so if he makes u happy go out for him u dont deserve ur friend if she has to give u permission to go out wit him cuz that isnt right so do wut will make u happy jenna? *good luck*... (read in full...)

What do I tell him if he asks to have sex with me again? I'm 18, he's 49 and married with kids!!!

Q.   i am soooo in need of ANYONES help! i've never been in a situation like this. ok here it goes... lets just start off by saying that i can get very flirtacious and get carried away.. its kinda sad but yea. anyway so my manager at the place i work at ...

A.   29 April 2007: i agree with irish49 i mean also if he does make another move n gets u pregant wut will you do then just quit the job he will not leave you alone he wants to have sex with you prbably cuz ur young n it will make him feel young again but dont let him ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend and I are both 13 and I'm scared in case I want to have sex.

Q.   Hi, I Need Help. Im 13 And Have A Boyfriend The Same Age. I Dont Know Whether it is Just My Age Or Not But I AM Scared In case I Want To Have Sex. If That Makes Any Sense. Please Help Me Im Confused. ...

A.   28 April 2007: heyy i was in this same problem me and my b.f well i broke up with him but me and him were dating for a long time and i really liked him and me and him talked about sex and i was scared because i mean when you are a teenager and have a b.f mostly on ... (read in full...)

How can make her see that I truly love her and I want us to be together again?

Q.   Me and my girlfiend broke up today, and she won't even talk to me. What happened I went in the bedroom around 10:00...and fell asleep watching TV...then woke up around 3am...went out and got a drink and had a smoke...went over to the couch and put ...

A.   25 March 2007: dude go tell her the truth say "hun i thought your friend was you i didnt know it was her and i might have put my arm around her shoulder but nothing more i swear i love you to much to even try to harm you in any way possible speaking wise and ... (read in full...)

Any tips on how to ask this girl I like so much, out?

Q.   OK heres the story.... I like this short blonde girl at my school..she is an animal freak like me *no we are not nerds...* But I like her so much it's not even funny and I have not had a true girlfriend before and I'm afraid to ask her out but my ...

A.   16 March 2007: well im 13 and i rele like this guy but what you need to do is start a normal convo. with her like she is your friend dont act like she is a prize n then she could start likin you then when its been a week or so get the curage to go up to her and ... (read in full...)

I really like him and want to know..what is going on in his head? Any tips?

Q.   I really, really ,really like this guy. Weve talked a few times and he told my friend i was cute and that he would like to have a girlfriend like me. I really dont know what is going on in his head but i would like to know. So, i neeeeeeed some REAL ...

A.   9 March 2007: ok if he said your cute then he has something for you so have ur friends help u with this n ask them to get u guys hooked up to talk to him n just start a normal convo with him like he is a friend not the guy u like so u dont get nervous n say ... (read in full...)

I'm 14 and really really like this boy. How can I pluck up the courage to go and talk to him?

Q.   I'm 14 and I'm really shy around certain people. I haven't dated anybody before. I don't know why but I really like this guy but I have never talked to him before but I have seen him in the hallways and he is way more outgoing then I am. Every time ...

A.   24 February 2007: ok this is very normal for gurls i like soemone but me n him r best friends n i finally got the courage to ask him out at skool so my advise is when u see him dont freak say hi n just start a normal convosation with him like he was ur best friend ... (read in full...)

I want to put ON some weight! Anyone any suggestions?

Q.   hi just after some advise on diets i don't want to lose weight i want to gain it im 18 run and out eat any fatty and have hovered around the same weight for about 2 years i am 6.2 foot and weigh 9.4 stone i just want to get up to about 10 maybe a ...

A.   24 February 2007: im in the same sitiution kind of only im a female lol well im 5'5" n im like 9.6 n im in 7th grade 13 n ive been losin a lil weight n i dont want to cuz i dont want to be to skinny so ive been tryin to gain weight i guess my friend told me there r ... (read in full...)

How do you get over a bf that you know you can never have again?

Q.   how do u get over a b.f that u can nvr have again ok i bet u want the story in 4th grade i had the best b.f named eric but on his b.f after a yr we dated he died n im 13 now n in 7th grade n its hard for me to date but i do but everytime i think of ...

A.   21 January 2007: thankz for the advise also every time i hear the song from the titanic i cry cuz it reminds me of the good times me n him had together i listen to that almost every day cuz i feel that if i show him how much i miss him then i kno he still loves me n ... (read in full...)

Having 2nd thoughts about this whole online dating thing...any advice?

Q.   started online dating to see what was out there, decided on two men I liked the profiles, have spoken to both on phone,(they only have my mobile number), they seem ok, one chap I am meeting locally (but not too near)in a pub for lunch, the other ...

A.   16 January 2007: i wouldnt do that cuz alot of ppl lie bout there age n then u guys meet n its very dangerous so just dont do it ... (read in full...)

I don't know who to go for - my best friend or the new girl?

Q.   HI im 14 (M) and ive never had a proper gf b4. ive had a few gfs b4 but not really much longer then a month. at the moment ive had my eyes on 2 totally different girls. 1 is 1 of my best friends who ive liked since the day i met her. the other has ...

A.   15 January 2007: id say go to the new gurl cuz ur friend has someone n maybe the new gurl u think bout doesnt give it a shot n try to get to kno her a lil better n see wut happens ... (read in full...)

I love this guy but our relationship is always on and off. What should I do?

Q.   For the past 18 months or so, I've been in love with this guy. We've never done anything, apart from stuff via webcam. It's been on and off always. When it's off its completely off and we don't even talk any more, but when it's on, we'll talk on ...

A.   15 January 2007: omg when i was in 3rd grade i was in the same problem me n my b.f at school would go out then he would break up with me the next day then the next day at school after that he will ask me bk out n i would say yes cuz i rele liked him then the next ... (read in full...)

He cheated on me, now we are having a baby together!

Q.   my boyfriend cheated on me in switzerland when he was away on a sports trip, it was with the physiotherapist! i had just left hospital and was sick at home when he went away. when he came bak he went all weird and broke up with me but then i found ...

A.   14 January 2007: so u dont have the baby becuz he didnt want it well if he loved u he would want to have a kid with u n stay with u forever but the fact he cheated on u may be he is still datin her n thats y he didnt want the baby ... (read in full...)

He says he loves me. Is he just trying to be nice?

Q.   I know this is probably a stupid question...but iv been going out with this guy for less than two weeks and he already says he loves me, and he asks me if i love him...i mean yes i really like him, but dont love him as such yet, surly he isnt being ...

A.   14 January 2007: ok ive had lots of boyfriends n like the next day they say they love me n i say i love u too alot of relationships r different some need time to love their b.f others dont so he could be serious it depends on how long he has been waitin to be ur b.f ... (read in full...)

How do you know when you like someone? What do you feel?

Q.   Hey, This might sound like a stupid question but, how do you know when you like someone? What do you feel?, I just don't know if I like someone or not thanks x...

A.   14 January 2007: ok hun when i think i like someone they r the only ppl i can think of n daydream bout like if im thinkin of him n my friends r talkin i would be like huh n starin in space it feels like someone took ur heart n ur floatin on a cloud u cant think ur ... (read in full...)

Do all women want a 'bad boy?"

Q.   A question for the ladies. Is there actually some sort of infatuation (hope i spelled that right) with "The Bad Boy"? I am 28, and I feel I am a pretty decent guy. Although almost every relationship I've had the woman seems to get bored or find so...

A.   14 January 2007: well i like both but alot of women think bad boys r more excitin to them liek theres alot of nice guys i like but i like some bad boys to but be urslef n ur find a women who likes u for bein good ... (read in full...)

My parents won't let me have a bf! Are they being too over protective?

Q.   hi im 14 an my parents won't let me hav a boyfriend, i don't want one jus for the sake of it but i think they r bein a bit over protective. i've had 2 but they caught me n made me break it off. wateva im doin im always wary of wat they think i no ...

A.   13 January 2007: that suckz i mean im 13 n i have had alot of boyfriends my parents dont care my 1st boyfriend was in kg i would say ur parents dont want u to go off n have sex which shuld sit down with them n say y cant u trust me to have a boyfriend get their ... (read in full...)

Mysterious calls have shown up on her phone--should I be worried?

Q.   I was over at my girlfriend's house the other day and picked up her cellphone bill to look at it ... to see how much she was accruing in charges (being nosey). With that, I noticed that she was calling some numbers at 3-4am in the morning. Th...

A.   13 January 2007: ok if i was u i would text mesage him acting like ur gurlfriend say something she would say to him maybe then see wut he says back n if its lovey mushy then i would be worried she could be cheatin or something like that cuz talkin to him at 3 or 4 ... (read in full...)

I keep getting mean thoughts about him..why do I do this?

Q.   Are unwanted thoughts ..thoughts that just come to you randomly or can you think them yourself but wonder why you did because they arn't true? I feel like i don't deserve this great guy because i keep getting MEAN thoughts about him of differen...

A.   13 January 2007: r ur thoughts of him cheatin if it is alot of ppl do get those thoughts becuz ur b.f says something that might make u think he is or he says hes busy sometimes or doesnt call u bk there could be many reasons u get those thoughts the thing is just ... (read in full...)

We want to kiss, but we've never done it before! I'm 12 and he's 14. Does that matter?

Q.   My boyfriend and I have been going out for 5 weeks now.And we have said that we wanted to kiss each other.It will be my first kiss and his.We both said we were going to kiss the next day but I guess we both got nervous and didn't.He then told me he ...

A.   13 January 2007: gurl i can help here im 13 n theres a guy thats 15 i like 2yrs difference its ok i just wouldnt go over 3yrs older so ur fine not a big difference only 2yrs id say go ahead n kiss him u learn form ur mistakes if u r a bad kisser he shuldnt break up ... (read in full...)

If she and I aren't 'technically' dating-can I temporarily date other females?

Q.   ok theres this girl i grew up with like my whole life then i moved i love this girl and she loves me but she says long distance relationships arent good she says that we'll get together when i move back there wich is in about 2 years {college} in ...

A.   13 January 2007: u can date other gurls yes cuz u guys arent datin so id say go for other gurls go wild do wutever ur not datin her right now ur a free man lol so id say u can date other gurls ... (read in full...)

We broke up because he made promises to call me, but he didn't. Now he wants back--should I date him again?

Q.   i have recently been in contact with my ex-boyfriend and we have met up a few times. We broke up because he always promised to call but never did. His previous girlfriendS had cheated on him. When we are together he is very affectionate and I ...

A.   13 January 2007: wait for him he seems like he is srry n like u alot give him another try ... (read in full...)

I feel that I can never have a good relationship because of my poor body image! Any advice for me?

Q.   Well, I suffer huge self confidence issues. I hate my body which I feel is not as slim as I would like it to be and what’s more is also scarred with hideous stretch marks after a fairly chubby me had lost weight when I entered high school and ...

A.   13 January 2007: hun never say never someday u will find ur prince that likes u for who u r not how u look im rele skinnin n some ppl think im anorexic but i kno im not n ive had alot of b.fs who didnt care if i was or not they liked me cuz i was pretty on the ... (read in full...)

We like each other but I think he's way too good for me! Should I go out with him?

Q.   right thear is this boy who i like and he likes me but he is way 2 good 4 me and my best m8 likes him and has been out wiv him lotz she says shes ok with it but i no wen it comes to it she wont be wot do i do can eney 1 help ?????????...

A.   13 January 2007: go out wit him follow ur heart if u kno u guys were meant 4 each other give it a shot n if she was rele ur friend she wouldnt get mad at u for datin her ex so just ask him out it wont hurt u to date the guy u like its not like its a crime for datin ... (read in full...)

We like each other a lot--nothing is happening though! What can I do?

Q.   I'm in love with this boy...I have been for 3 years and I can't take it anymore...I know he likes me too and we are always flirting...but I don't know what to do cause he knows I like him and I know he likes me but nothing serious has ever ...

A.   13 January 2007: wut r u doin just sittin around he knos u like him n u kno he likes u y rnt u makin a move go up to him and say i rele like u n so will u go out with me thats all u have to do dont wait for him he wants u to make the move 1st so do it ... (read in full...)

After no contact from him for awhile, he texts me! Should I not bother replying, or give this a day or two? What on earth do I do?

Q.   Your thoughts please... (this is a follow up question to a previous dilemma)! We went on 2 dates in the space of 1 week - both driven by him. Of course, he seems keen to get me into bed, but I'm not ready until I get to know him / know what he's a...

A.   13 January 2007: heres wut u do u say he didnt text u in 11 days then dont text him for 12 days see if he texts u back sayin r u mad at me say no i was just busy wut bout u so ur tech. playin the game he played but with the age difference i would say he wasseein ... (read in full...)

Should I beleive him that nothing is going on between them or is this really an affair?

Q.   Is He Cheating?? Sorry its long- I have been married for almost 2 years in May. My husband and I have been together for nearly 6 years but have known each other since childhood. A few months ago he got a phone call from a woman late at nite. ...

A.   13 January 2007: gurl with wut u told me id be worried he is cheating on u alot of married men go to hotels to see other women behind there wifes back i would prob talk to a consular bout this one n sit him down n if u want have him take a lie detector test becuz ... (read in full...)

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