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Would you date a man you weren't physically attracted to?

Should I just walk away and save myself more heartache?

How do we build a lasting partnership?

The guy I'm dating doesn't believe I have social anxiety, does it matter?

I love my long term partner but feel a spark for a coworker!

Is my crush inappropriate?

How do you treat a friend who doesn't act like one?

I am unhappy at home, and flirting with my ex boyfriend

Is it too soon to mention I'd like more contact?

I'm on the verge of having an affair

Should I be honest about kissing my friend, or leave it in the past?

My married male co-worker alternates between friendly and cold

How can I fix this? I'm in a rocky LDR and I am catfishing another woman!

He says the sex is better with me but he still keeps his girlfriend. Do I wait around or end things?

I have feelings for two guys, and they're best friends?

Married woman flirts with me on and off. Why?

What to expect in relationship after 10 years?

Why is everyone sceptical about a 'friends with benefits' arrangement?

Should I contact my old tutor and tell him how much he meant to me?

What should I do? A shower get with sparkly elements for men? What could be the explanation?

Did he just want to have fun with me?

I pretty much hate my husband and need to find a way to get out of my marriage

My husband and his co-worker have feelings for each other. What should I do?

I know I shouldn't make a deal out of this or read too much into it. But out of curiosity, does he like me or does he like me as a friend?

Why wouldn't he want an emotional attachment? I feel discarded, by him.

How can I believe there is a good guy out there?

My Long Term girlfriend has just been diagnosed with Herpes. Should I bail?

I'm worried that my bf will randomly break up with me. How can face my insecurity and fear of this happening to me?

Do you think he actually likes me, in the same way that I like him?

Am I reading this situation right, or am I over reacting?

What kind of dating etiquette should I go by?

We are five hours apart. Could it be worth it?

Should I marry a man I don't love? Is it time to settle?

It's now 2/3 days, is he uninterested? Should I just leave it, or pursue him?

Do girls start to like guys if they spend this much time together? Or will I remain as just a friend?

Should I stay or go? If I walk away from this, then what if I never meet anyone else who will love me?

Met a guy on Tinder. Was he just after a hook-up?

2 year relationship just ended. How to move on?

Why would he? Potential date seems too much in a hurry to meet

Whirlwind love ? Have we only bonded due to our circumstances? Her ex still constantly sends her texts

I broke up with my ex, like a new girl but don't know if I should date her because it would ruin any future my ex and I might have

Swears she isn't cheating but...

I've lost the spark for dating

Criticized, humiliated and not loved and not appreciated. What do I need to do to get over this loveless marriage? I've put on weight and eventually my health will be affected.

But what should I do? Crushing for girl in my team. I don't want to be seen as a predator. Don't want to be called up by HR.

How can we slow things down? And why does he keep slipping out?

I met up with someone from a dating site, didn't like her and don't know how to tell her

Dating-site guy left me puzzled

I am feeling grief at the loss of this long term relationship. How can I get through this grief?

How can this continue with me losing my sanity? I have a wife and a girlfriend who are both amazing.

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