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I feel stuck,I know I love him but don't know if I can trust him.

My boss seems to hate me and I wonder why!

I'm worried about the looks I will get if I buy condoms

How do I enact new behaviours so my needs are not negated?

Can you get pregnant the day before your period starts?

Am I a terrible person for wanting an abortion?

My negative body image is ruining my life in every way

Was my childhood strange?

Lost my virginity and I didn't even enjoy it but now I'm wondering if I could be pregnant

Scared to admit I've reached maturity befor my older sister

He duped me! How do I learn the red flags and move on?

I may have put him off. What should I do?

Why am I still dreaming about my ex even though I'm in a loving relationship

My husband and I feel trapped and it's taking a toll on our health

This married man is only interested when his family are out of town

Do you bleed the second time you have sex?

I'm pregnant and my husband's sexual demands are taking a toll on our marriage

I dated one guy, then his cousin and am now going back to the first man because his cousin was a cheater and a liar

How to get off on the right foot with his parents?

I started bleeding after sex

Implant removed, unprotected sex equals pregnancy?

He's back with her and I'm hurting. What can I do?

She still seems to want me. What do I do?

He's asking about people I've slept within the past 2 years!

Is my pedicure cause for concern?

I'm tempted to punish him by cheating on him

He is getting married next month, I want to tell him I still love him!

What can I do? How should I handle this? Her sexual past and her ex who was her FWB are issues that are making me feel insecure.

My husband and I are struggling to move on. Any suggestions on how we can resolve this?

What advice can you offer for brides living in same home as their inlaws?

Should I worry about the attention he gives her?

I am troubled and feel so down.

Why's my teacher acting so cold?

I obsess over him too much. What can I do to rid myself of dating anxiety?

Help ! What is the best way to approach him? what do I do?

What do you do when your bridal party and family cannot get along while making plans for your wedding shower and bachelorette party?

I need to forgive myself.

Is it normal for men to have sex when women are having their periods?

I want to communicate more openly with my mother, but how? And once a girl is not a virgin, does one tell a parent or not?

Starting to doubt the positives

Painful sex for wife is causing serious problems in our marriage

Is it all in my head or do I have something to be worried about?

In love with my online friend but my parents want me to marry my childhood friend!

How do we or I take this LDR relationship further? 2

I have a chance of a full time job but feel guilty about leaving my supervisor in the lurch!

Do most guy friends behave this way?

Married five months and husband wants me to have an abortion.

Personal cleanliness? There has got to be a nice way to approach this! What would you do??

Should I admit I messed up and try one last time?

Do I tell him I may be pregnant?

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