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I’m still bothered by comments he made about celebrities and sex early on in our relationship!

My new wife sunbathes topless and I've seen other men looking

I refused to trade nudes for friendship. Now what?

I keep comparing myself and feel like a loser!

She says she will leave him for me, but wont say when!

Is it ever ok for your boyfriend to insinuate that you're fat? Feeling hurt and ashamed, how do I react?

Is what we are doing right?

I'm very puzzled by my boyfriend's giantess fetish. Can someone explain?

How do I tell a man he's not doing it for me in the bedroom?

Is his request weird or not?

He groped me without permission during our first kiss!

My boyfriend doesn't appreciate all that I do for him

Is my perfectionist boyfriend overly critical of my looks? Or am I oversensitive?

I'm falling in love with a married woman who's in a bad marriage but will she ever leave her husband?

Men, do you stare off have intense eye sex with women if you are not interested in them?

Boyfriend likes to ejaculate on my boobs and face and he finds this "adorable". Is this normal guy behavior?

I want more sex but he would rather masturbate to porn with young girls with boobs!

Is it degrading to let a guy ejaculate on you?

My boyfriend is in love with my boobs, but is he in love with me?

Is he living out a porn fantasy?

My boyfriend is so cruel with his words

How can I believe him ?

Help! Calling all people with nipple piercings. What are outcomes to consider if I get this done?

Am I aroused by women because of bad relationships with men?

If he hates other men looking at me why does he find it ok for him to go and look at other women.

I thought that boyfriends were supposed to make their girlfriends feel like princesses but mine makes me feel like a fool!

First time to a strip club with Bf. How should I feel about his behaviour? How else could I have reacted?

Post baby body woes. What can I do to get my confidence back after this pregnancy?

Was I wrong to report him for his inappropriate behaviour?

How do I get this stereotype about men out of my head?

Our relationship is great, except when he comments on the appearance of other girls!

Why do men like to ejaculate on their partner's body?

I lost 42 pounds and gained confidence. Why are people now so mean?

Does this mean that a person could possibly be bi?

Should I be worried that I have puffy areolas? I am worried they will be a turn off for guys.

I'm not sure if this co-worker lied to me. How should I deal with her?

He can't stay hard, says I'm too wet and yet he wants a threesome???

The idea of my boyfriend watching porn makes me never want him to be home alone

Worried I'm not his fantasy girl

do my feelings indicate actual gender identity issues?

Should I try this blind date with a woman I'm not sure of to experience my first lesbian experience?

Online dating: how do I make this work? When I suggest meeting up they back-off

Men only want me for sex and my friends only call when they need something

Do I talk to my boyfriend about his following these girls on Instagram?

Will my Bf be disappointed when he discovers that I am only a B cup?

I'm worried my boyfriend no longer fancies me

How do I bring up things my boyfriend does that trouble me without things ending?

What could be causing boobs to start hurting? Could it be my bra? Or..?

His ex had big boobs. I have tiny boobs. What chance is there that I can overcome my insecurities over this?

Am I being too idealistic by not using my looks to my advantage?

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