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*iss Potter

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Hi :) I've lived in four different countries, met people from all around the world. I see myself as a cosmopolitan, friendly and open-minded person.

I like learning from other peoples mistakes and I'm here to give advice to those who ask for it. I am not qualified to do so, but due to me travelling quite a bit, I've had my fair share of experiences.

I am currently in a long distance relationship and although I am quite happy to be with that person, we still haven't set a final target, where our long distance relationship ends and our future together begins. In fact, neither of us is sure there will be a future together, as one of us will have to sacrifice everything to be with the other person, which makes it all even harder to stay stong. I love having him in my life and we are taking it slow and we´ll see where it takes us.

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What do you do when you want to leave someone but feel stuck (because you live with them)?

Q.   I have been with this guy for 3 years, and I love him deeply. However, when we moved in together 2 years ago, our relationship turned into a rollercoaster. Things will change for a little while, and everyone is happy, then he will regress back to ...

A.   15 April 2010: Hi there, I think you have answered yourself all of your questions, you have questioned yourself, answered yourself and even came up with some possible ways out of this situation. You have done well so far. I think you are just asking for a little ... (read in full...)

This, in my mind, has broken my trust for my fiance.

Q.   I am very much in love with a man and we are about to get married quite soon. I have been married before and I bought my first husband a very expensive watch which he left behind when he left me. I gave my fiance the watch to sell for me as he know...

A.   28 March 2009: I do not really see where you are coming from either. You should have given your fiance a list of people you dont want him to sell the watch to if it bothers you so much! Firstly it is just a watch, some fading memory of your past. Secondly... (read in full...)

Have I gotten too clingy?

Q.   I have a friend that I've gotten VERY close with but we have not yet reached the point of being boyfriend-girlfriend. It's a long distance relationship (about 100 miles). We were supposed to meet over lunch recently when she left me a voice ...

A.   28 March 2009: Hello there, yes it seems that she is not that keen on staying in touch everyday. Give her more space and if it is meant to be she will try harder next time if she is interested. I think it is important for men to show interest and be more pro... (read in full...)

I'm 15 years old and I hate the fact that I'm so slim. Any ideas on how to deal with this?

Q.   hi i'm a 15yr old girl and i hate my body. i know people say this a lot but i do. it's not that i'm fat it's the complete opposite. i am naturally slim. my mom was. i eat and eat and eat - like comfort food eating.. but were it goes is beyond m...

A.   1 March 2009: About putting on weight - don't do anything stupid - eat healthily, don't eat too much junk. Your metabolism is very quick therefore everything you eat gets processed straight away. By trying to change your body you will put it off balance, it most ... (read in full...)

My ex keeps staring at me, even though he has a girlfriend. Any thoughts on this?

Q.   Hi people, just a quick one, Me and my ex split last yr he dumped me but have remaind on speaking terms, anyway 2 weeks ago he stoped talking 2 me as he has a new gf, anyway even b4 we stoped talking we would occasionly have sex, and when ever i s...

A.   1 March 2009: So it seems like you still want to be with him? Try to get over him and get yourself a new flame, then his staring habbit would not interest you one bit. ... (read in full...)

Pain during doggy style. What could be wrong?

Q.   Okay so this is very frustrating for me and my boyfriend, but for some reason doggy style is very painful for me. It's not too bad when he doesn't go in all the way, but when he does, that's when it hurts. But I have no problem when he goes all the ...

A.   1 March 2009: I think it just might be too deep for you - he hits your cervix. Occasionally it can hurt me too, so we just switch positions. Might be just your physiological constitution - you can either experiment more or you can just give up and go for ... (read in full...)

Any sex tips for plus size girls?

Q.   Any sex tips can help I need some here's why I have a thin boyfriend and I'm a plus size girl much bigger then him and we have sex but not as much. we have more oral sex then sex and I feel bad that he douse most of the work when haveing sex...

A.   1 March 2009: Doggy style In a bath tub Missionary - but where he is standing up on his knees and pushes your hips up and down Thats it from me for now :)... (read in full...)

Depression over girlfriend

Q.   My girlfriend and I were going out for about 4 months when all of the sudden she said she didn't feel the same about me anymore. Everything was going good too; we would say I love you and tell each other how cute we were etc., but then she stopped ...

A.   8 February 2009: Try to socialise more, meet new people pick up new hobbies that will get you to meet new people. Basically get a life and you will be more attractive to other girls as you will be the cool guy whos got friends and plays a sport or does other cool ... (read in full...)

I kicked my husband out, did I do the right thing?

Q.   I have been with my husband for 3 years. It has been 3 years of hell and abuse, not physical, mental that I have not been able to understand. I have 2 children and he has one. We have been living together for 2 years now and since we all moved in ...

A.   8 February 2009: My advice is not really an advice but here it comes. We tend to see everything and interpret things through our own value system. You say that he was mentally abusing your child. From reading the post it sounded like he told your child to do ... (read in full...)

I don't want to fail but I don't have the willpower to study

Q.   Im 15 and leavin school this year in a few months, my exams start in may and i starting to panic im not at all prepared and i feel like i may fail. i cant revise because i cant physically sit down and read over things or do activities because i just ...

A.   8 February 2009: Hello there! I can feel for you as I was in a similar limbo back in december/january when I had my exams, now guess what, I got my grades and they are not good. Now I have to work much much harder to pull up my grades to get a decent result in the ... (read in full...)

I cheated on my g/f now she doesn't believe how much I love her

Q.   ive have cheated on my girlfriend that ive been with for over 2 years ..with her brothers girl that he has been talking to and i have been crying and crying and i told her what i have done and all i can do is cry i really do love her and she was my ...

A.   8 February 2009: To put it frankly - if you REALLY loved her you wouldn't have cheated on her. Do the right thing - let her go and find her happiness with someone else. ... (read in full...)

What is wrong with my boyfriend?

Q.   my BF is says am cheating on him when am not. when i go out with my girlfriends he aks me if i got chatted by other guys or did i got drunk.when am not that kind of a girl that would do that. i really like him and am falling for him but am sacred ...

A.   5 February 2009: Hello, He might be a very insecure person who wants more love and affection and attention from you. Having said that, there are weird people out there who have more serious issues - really jealous guys, stalkers, guys with trust issues, just pla... (read in full...)

All these ups and downs are driving me crazy

Q.   I'm been dating my girlfriend for more than 7 years, and yes we have had our ups and donws, and 1 year ago we started living together but it didn't last long, it only last 3 months and then she move out, but we started dating after a while, and ...

A.   5 February 2009: Hello there, I think you have to give her some space so that she can figure out for herself what she wants. It is obvious that you want to be with her but she has got her doubts that she needs to address herself. If you have some underlyi... (read in full...)

Questions about kinkiness, am I a pervert?

Q.   I want to ask a question about kinks. I've seen some videos that's got women doing men with strap ons. I'm not gay and have got no interest in having this done to me but watching a woman do this is really kinky and gets me going. Is this freaky? I ...

A.   22 January 2009: I agree with previous poster, I dont think there is a type of porn I havent watched, I like variety and besides those porn movies were made for someone to be watched so you are not alone. You are normal as the previous poster has said - people just ... (read in full...)

How long should I wait for her to get that old spark back?

Q.   I have written in before but my question has now changed. My wife had a tough child hood, her parents were not around, she had to take care of her brothers and sisters and then at 16 she had kids. I have been with her for 6 years, we have been ...

A.   22 January 2009: Has she always been like this? Maybe its not that the spark is gone, maybe this is her true personality and she really does mean that she needs more space to herself. I would respect her wishes in that sense, everyone needs to be alone for a little ... (read in full...)

He changed his mind about wanting to marry me when his parents said they don't approve!

Q.   HI, I am in a major predicament. I met my boyfriend in the UK, and we have been dating for sometime. I am 30, and he is 35 and we are both Jatt Sikh (same caste and religion). We are also both divorced. I am madly in love with him and he tells...

A.   21 January 2009: As hard as it is, try to respect his decision, he did it for his own reasons and those reasons were serious enough for him to decide not to marry you. In this case I would say - his loss, not mine. This man doesnt want you badly enough to go against ... (read in full...)

I need some insight on Virgo men... any Zodiac experts?

Q.   I have recently gone on a date with a Virgo man and was wondering if anyone can give me some insight on them. We had a wonderful time and a lot of fun and he has called a few times since the date. (It's only been a week since the date). I am an ...

A.   21 January 2009: Virgo men are tidy, perfectionists, quiet, look after themselves, like quiet environment to do their job. Generally I dont like virgo women and like virgo some extent. They are quite family orientated and faithful. ... (read in full...)

Did he want to see me on Friday? Why didn't he say so?

Q.   Ok here's the thing..I just started dating this guy and he says, "We can go to play pool next weekend if you want." I had mentioned it to him that I can play it fairly well. He asks, "Do you want to go Friday or Saturday?" I immediately said, ...

A.   21 January 2009: Hehhehe, he is playing games, he wants you you to be more active. Id txt him asking to confirm your plans for Satturday. Its amazing how guys at the age of 30 or more still like to play those little mind games or are too shy to go ahead with the ... (read in full...)

Do his text kisses mean he wants to be more than friends?

Q.   i am wondering what the kisses at the end mean when the text is coming from a guy, as i know that when girls text, they nearly always put kisses so dont mean as much, but when ur getting like 8, 9 or 10 kisses at the end of a text from a guy is he ...

A.   21 January 2009: Hehhehe, yes, that is a lot of kisses coming from a guy. If it was a couple of kisses from a gay guy Id be ok with that. Seems like he is flirting with you.... (read in full...)

Is this only friendship or could there be more?

Q.   ** I had ask this question already, but I only got one response. I would like several people to answer so I can get an idea** had been chatting with this guy for 4 years and I decided to go meet him. I went over to his state to meet with him, h...

A.   21 January 2009: Hey, well personally I would tell him that I liked him myself after all it has been 4 years. On the other hand it seems like you are doing the most effort - bday present and coming over to see him. If he was interested he would do that himself, ... (read in full...)

I talk to other guys on the phone, should I tell my BF?

Q.   me and my boyfriend been together for 2 yrs now and i really love him and everything but i like to conversate with other guys. i never technically cheat but i talk on da fone wit them late @ night and go out with them places and thats where it ...

A.   21 January 2009: I guess you might just be bored with your boyfriend so you need this extra excitement that comes from socialising with other boys. Try to do more exciting things with your bf, go on a holiday, go camping, do a sport together (tennis), play chess, ... (read in full...)

Is my wife lazy?

Q.   Hi, I have met my wife in 2003 and we got engaged in 2005 and married in 2008. When we first met she had a very bad temper and she was verbally abusive, but she would cry and apologise soon after we argue. I tried all my best to help her and thi...

A.   14 January 2009: Hey there. This wife of yours sounds quite a bit like my boyfriends ex-wife. Well with that difference that she did everything for him basically second mum BEFORE they got married. Then she changed into this monster, verbally and physically abusive. ... (read in full...)

My husband's ex charges her children when she does things for them

Q.   My husband's ex-wife charges her adult children to do things for them. For instance, she takes one of the grandchildren to school each morning and they must pay her to do so. She also buys things for them and expects to be reimbursed. Her gifts ...

A.   14 January 2009: Get a separate account for paying for the bills and then another account for whats left over so that your bills are paid which is a priority and then you have your pocket money, and he can do whatever he pleases with his. Try talking to him abou... (read in full...)

Can I really be with someone that I can't rely on?

Q.   My boyfriend and I split up after a very happy 2 years together. We split up because I felt I couldn't rely on him and after 2 months of being apart he wants to get back together. Splitting up with him was a very hard thing to do but I felt I had ...

A.   9 January 2009: Personally I wouldnt get back with him. Imagine that you are pregnant and you make plans to see a doctor together, first scan etc etc and he would be late for all those things or even not show up. Do you want a partner like that? Remember that you ... (read in full...)

Should I be suspicious of my hubby's new guy friend who's buying him underwear and gifts?

Q.   My husband has a new male friend - and he often socialises with him. My husband is very popular at work and I'm happy for him. It's the nature of this friendship that worries me though - not the fact he's friends with the guy (I've only met h...

A.   9 January 2009: It does sound odd indeed. Although I do have a friend who I am very fond off and we have known each other for years, I do give her presents but nothing too kinky. Underware and champaigne presents sound like it could have a sexual underlin... (read in full...)

Quickest way to get over him?

Q.   hi i am 16 years old and i really like this boy for couple of months now, and it felt like he liked me bk, every where i go his eye were always on me, he started flirting wiv me but i avoided it n i told a couple of my friends tha i hav a crush on ...

A.   9 January 2009: Start liking someone else to get your mind of him. Get yourself occupied with a new hobby, sport...... (read in full...)

My girlfriends mad that I didn't do anything for our "monthsary".

Q.   My girlfriend was upset with me because I didn't do anything out of the ordinary for our monthsary (monthsary is a different month but same day we became official). She also doesn't do anything out of the ordinary for our monthsary, so I don't ...

A.   9 January 2009: Yes I think she has to do something too but usually girls expect the first step from the man. Anyway when I was in my first relationship I was 19 and my boyfriend 25, and we used to kinda celebrate every month our monthsary for the first 6 months, ... (read in full...)

My wife wants a sex change

Q.   Yesterday my wife told me she wants a sex change. I was completely shocked by the revelation. I asked her to repeat what she had just said, and she said that she'd suppressed it ever since she was a girl. She said she'd known she wanted to be a b...

A.   9 January 2009: Hi there! First about child support, I am no expert but if I was to award the custody I would award it to you because you are the emotionally stable here. She cant just start living as a man just like that straight away, she has to think about he... (read in full...)

Unsure about what kind of career move to make, LDR

Q.   Please help I am tied up in knots trying to make a decision about my future. I am currently living in the UK and drifting which is making me feel low but I am determined that this is the year I move my life on. I want to change career and I want ...

A.   8 January 2009: Hi there. You do not necessarily have to break up with your boyfriend if you opt to study in America, you can continue with your ldr until you are finished with the course and will move to AU? If you go to US there will be living costs, have you... (read in full...)

Tips to my b/f horny so he'll rip my clothes off

Q.   I wanted to know if any1 could giv me tips on makin my bf really horny so he trys 2 rip my clothes off me,and i also want to kno what else he can do to really get me horny.. thanks...

A.   7 January 2009: Tease him for a while but dont go as far as having sex... (read in full...)

Stretch marks & cellulite--any advise?

Q.   Hi there, I know this sounds like a really daft problem but here it goes ... Im a 20 year old girl, have a bf who i love but were going on holiday together, weve been on holiday before but only to places where you wear covering up clothes. this ti...

A.   7 January 2009: Hi, I am afraid there wont be much you can do about stretch marks, they do fade over time though. About cellulite, start excercising and after a jog for example have a shower and use a scrub with a massaging glove or use one of those hard massagers ... (read in full...)

How do I make him realize how I feel for him without looking desparate or like a fool?

Q.   I was in a long term relationship 2 years ago and I ended being heartbroken when my b/f cheated on me. I am now working and have found a colleague that I have fallen for. He is intrested in me too, he once told me that he wanted to have a go with me ...

A.   7 January 2009: Hey, Id ask him out for a drink first. Just a casual evening together? Have some wine and relax and watch him carefully, listen to what he says. Ask him questions about himself, his life, let him talk and you do the listening. He will feel ... (read in full...)

At the back of my head I'm wondering if he's just manipulating me to get what he wants.

Q.   During my relationship with Derek, he was the perfect boyfriend. But I had always had this suspicion that there was something going on between him and my best friend, Alice. Given, Alice is very 'friendly' with the boys, so I tried not to take ...

A.   7 January 2009: He is manipulating you to get what he wants? And what would that be? You are friends with benefits he does get sex, so I assume that he wants more - a relationship with you. So he is manipulating you to get a relationship with you? ... (read in full...)

New girlfriend and orgasm.

Q.   Hi Been with a new partner for quite a few months now, everything is going very well. Except in the area of her orgasm, she never orgasms through normal sex, though this isn't the first partner I've had like this (about half my previous par...

A.   18 December 2008: Hi. I can relate to your situation, I am pretty much the same, cant have more than 2 orgasms per day, I only had 3 once or twice in my whole life. My boyfriend keeps on pestering me about his technique, to tell him what is it that he is doing wrong ... (read in full...)

Could there be other guys she has done this too and lied about that also?

Q.   I have an issue in my marriage that I am seeking advice. My wife and I have been married almost 3 years, no kids yet, but we have started talking about it possibly this coming year to start trying. My wife told me she was very inexperienced in...

A.   18 December 2008: You didnt say whether you were a virgin too, were you when you got married? Giving blow jobs is still petting as the previous poster has called it, so she was very inexperienced in bed. I dont think you should be making a huge deal out of it, ... (read in full...)

Intercourse after a two year break.

Q.   I had not had a boyfriend, or any sexual activity, for over two years but have now met a super guy. However the first time he tried to make love to me the pain was excruciating, just as though I was a virgin again, and he had to stop. The second ...

A.   18 December 2008: Well lubrication might be an option, also I am not sure whether you possess any toys, from your post I guess not. Getting one could work wonders for a single woman! Get one and try it out before he comes over. And well still try to use lubrication ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend is away for a week and I'm a mess... how to cope?

Q.   Ok my boyfriend of a few months went to Las Vegas for a friends wedding. He'll be gone a week and I'm losing it! We are still in that see each other 24/7 phase. We never go more than an hour or 2 without getting at least a text from each other. Last ...

A.   18 December 2008: Hi there, I can suggest going to the long distance questions and reading up on some of them - it will probably make you realise that a week apart is nothing... Also, just try to make yourself busy, cook from scratch in the evenings, go for a ru... (read in full...)

Should I receive the engagement ring and hope for the best or wait to see if he's really changed?

Q.   I'm wondering if you could give me some advice. As we speak my bf of nearly 5 years is shopping for an engagement ring (he's with my best friend. she told me). The thing is i'm not sure if i want to get engaged at this point in my life. We've been ...

A.   18 December 2008: Hello there, if your boyfriend is smart, he will get a receipt for the ring, they usually allow some time to return the ring in case it works out. So I dont think you should be worrying about the ring itself, pretend that you dont know about it. ... (read in full...)

Is this a bad sign? Or I am just freaking out??

Q.   My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex two nights ago. We were both tested prior, so went into our relationship clear of any STD’s. We have been together for 31/2 months, however, I remember learning in school that you can be carrying a virus for ...

A.   10 December 2008: Ok well the only thing you can do now is to get an advice from a health clinic, so you can get tested now for HIV and 6 months later, you cant really do anything else I am afraid.... (read in full...)

Here it is ten years later, what do I do?

Q.   Hi My husband and I were talking and he and I have been married over ten years. Around ten years ago we were separated for a year but were still close, didn't live together but it was hard to tell we weren't married. Anyway the question is h...

A.   10 December 2008: And why did he have to tell you this now? To make himself feel better or make you feel bad? I dont really know... It doesn't really matter what happened ten years ago, you were on your break and he slept with someone else. Happens. And he didnt wa... (read in full...)

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