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Boyfriend told me his brother is cheating - and now I think my boyfriend is too!

What is wrong with this man who 'groomed' me when I was fourteen? Years have passed and he still contacts me...

He changed his relationship status and I'm confused!

Can someone else put up your photo on yahoo messenger and do things on webcam?

Boyfriend and coworker are too close for comfort! She's trying to break us up, and she might be successful...

Its been 4 years but I want closure. Should I contact him?

Meaning of an online outburst? Why would she write this?

I stripped down to my boxers on a webcam. Now I'm afraid I'm on a porn site!

Guys, if you're not interested in a girl, would you still talk to her every day online for long hours?

Why was my b/f having online sex chats?

He told me to repair my behavior or he wouldn't call anymore. He still hasn't called!

I thought things were going well, I was beginning to like him. What happened?

Am I calling too much? Will he forgive me? I don't know what to do.

Should I stop talking to this guy?

Girlfriend is always asking me to striptease on webcam, then gets mad when I give her what she wants.

I don't want to lose my dad, but he doesn't have the will to live. I just need some advice.

I don't think he's over me and I'm afraid he will ask me out again!

Is he just after sex or something else?

I can't handle seeing the way women are portrayed in the media!

What if this "girl" made a video of me and I'm all over the net?

How do I become more approachable?

I just feel like I don't get to see my best friend enough and it feels like everything is against us

I want to know if this LDR could work!

How can I confront the situation I think he's trying to get back in my life?

He fell in love with my friend's picture, and didn't like the real me!

Worried that the webcam session might have been recorded?

How can I get him to stop contacting me?

I'm hurt and I don't understand what went wrong!

How do I convince him to come back to me?

I didn't trust him and tested him and now I've lost him!

Four years of talking online but I still don't know his real name, or phone number

Fallen for a teacher from my old school after only 4 dates! Am I actually his girlfriend yet or not?

Online girl told me my intensity was too much and I needed to "dial it back" since we had never met. Why did she have to be mean?

Meeting Online - Your Opinions?

We broke up because he didn't "feel right" about our relationship. What do I do now!?

Keeping Long-Distance Relationships

Could she have recorded me? If this video got out it would ruin my life! What should I do?

Why would girlfriend have contact details of guy who raped her?

How do I make sense of this episode?

Can my LDR boyfriend have blocked me on msn by mistake?

I'm thinking I'm holding onto this girl in the hopes that when she loses weight, I'll already be the one dating this a bad thought?

Was it wrong for him to change my password?

Major problems, and we've only been married three weeks!!!

Why cant my ex just forgive me for cheating on him? I regret my actions yet he's stubborn as hell

15 year long relationship, 5 years of marriage...and now we are divorced because my wife could not be loyal to me.

My long distance boyfriend told me not to miss him?

I found hundreds of porn videos on his laptop. I'm devastated.

He's supposed to be happy with his new wife, why is he bothering me on yahoo, msn and fb?

My Bf's best friend has shown interest in me. My Bf has cheated on me. Can I Repair things now?

I want HIM to say that we're together, what do you think?

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