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Boyfriend wanted to use an old tube of lubricant during sex but I got upset because he's used it with previous partners. Am I being silly?

I hate that I don't want sex

7 months later and sex is still painful!

Had sex for the first time, scared I put the condom on wrong?  

I want my sex life back!

Is this a normal part of aging for men?

Feelings of guilt over new relationship

Why do I experience such bad pain during sex?

My wife cannot have sex because of a medical problems and I need relief!

A 22 year old marriage over due to my disabilies?

Did he really get condoms to use with the toy?

Should my girlfriend and I just laugh off the weird noises during sex?

Could I have Vulvar Vestibulitis? Does anyone else know what this can be?

I'm 26 married and still we can't have sex!

Sex is still uncomfortable after a year.

Why does sex hurt me so much?

I'm having troubles with my body and its effecting my relationship

Do other people masturbate weekly? Use lubricant?

It hurts when I have sex!

Would stretching the hymen lessen the pain?

Why was anal sex so comfortable for my wife but now its not?

I just get turned off by his double checking the condom

Painful sex. Advice?

Are these normal reactions to sex or am I lesbian?

Too strong a hymen???

No condom for anal sex? Is it safe?

Still a virgin 3 years after having sex?

What is the best lubricant to use, specifically for anal?

Low sex drive and not getting wet

Will lube help?

Can you use lotion as a lubricant?

How do I help my wife get over some bodily fluid aversions?

What do use for lubricant?

Does water make for a good lubricant?

Husband cant satisfy me because of premature ejaculation.... perhaps I need to have my physical needs met elsewhere?

Using lubricant for sex makes me feel useless! Is there anything I can do?

Premature ejaculation issues, how can I convince my boyfriend to see a professional?

Does the anus produce any natural lubricant?

I love him, but I get turned on by porn and not by him!!

Oil and condoms.....

Soap as a lubricant?

Having concerned if this man is really large?

I would like to know how to get the best out of using lubricant during sex.

Lip gloss as a lubricant?

I am not attracted to my skinny boyfriend with his beer gut!

I don't get wet when turned on!

Does anyone know of any orgasm enhancing lubricants in the UK?

Special night gone wrong.....

The lack of intimacy is driving me up the wall.

My vagina has this smell which is making me uncomfortable..

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