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I'm jealous but am I too cruel or too possessive?

My boyfriend spends more time with my dog

I’m ready to have a baby but my husband wants to go traveling first!

How do I get this master manipulator out of my thoughts?

My mom prefers her granddaughter who is rich than my daughter and baby son who are not!

Am I wrong for not trusting my man?

She's had more sexual experience than I have. Will I regret it later?

Is it unreasonable that I don't want to know about his personal masterbation habits?

Should I feel insecure or worried about him talking about this woman of the past?

He's messing around with that other girl, he's the one that moved out leaving me paying all the bills when I'm unemployed and yet somehow I'm at fault?

Turnng 30 and getting itchy feet about passionless relationship

His ex hates me because he dumped her two weeks before dating me

He sucks! Why am I not good enough?

Is there any chance she will come back to me?

How to get rid of these feelings and truly move on?

How do I handle my girlfriend's ex without punching him in the face?

My wife thinks I am after her sister. How do I convince her that is silly?

Want to be more serious with him but feel guilty for flirting with someone else. Should I feel bad about this? Pleas help

Are cheaters ever unhappy? They seem to be winning it all...a wife at home and a mistress outside!

Still have feelings for ex after 7 years

Family problems, problems wth my friend, panic attacks, working two jobs and unhappy. Help me get out of my rut

Help me deal with my provoking ex!

Why won't my boyfriend tell people about me ?

I am starting to lose my feelings for him!

There's a weird movie-like scenario playing in my head where I imagine my boyfriend and his ex pining for each other and wanting to get back together!

I suffer from OCD and crippling jealousy and my husband's occasional comments about other women's looks drive me over the edge

I am simultaneously unsatisfied and satisfied with my life, I need direction!

My ex best friend is confusing me and I don’t know what to do!

I think my boyfriend is stingy, what should I do?

We're both in relationships but I'm extremely attracted to my co-worker and don't know how to deal with it

Help! I’ve fallen for my friend, but I don’t know what to do about it!

I’ve got a crush on him and need help deciphering if he has a crush on me!

My husband found some screenshots from my sim game!

Boyfriend ignores me for computer games, should I be upset?

I can’t get the thoughts of her having sex with her exes out of my head!

My ex is hanging around me and my new boyfriend and its causing problems

He denied using social media and then won’t show me his secret account!

My boyfriend and his cousin sister's behaviour made me sick to my stomach. Am I overreacting?

I don't want to throw 5 years down the pan but I don't know what else to do. Can you offer any advice?

What’s the worst that could happen? He doesn’t want the threesome and I think it’s a bad idea too but I still want it!

Long time friend wants to be more than friends.

I'm tired of being the other woman but love him too much to let go.

My well-connected but broke boyfriend has 4720 friends on Facebook but won’t add me!

Am I meant to tell him to break up with her?

I'm wondering how some females can manage not being jealous and I'm wondering how some guys don't see how this affects their partners?

My boyfriend, I and his so called lesbian friend who's slept with him, fancies him and doesn't like me. What do I do?

We're having sex, he has another girl and I have feelings and a third girl is spreading nasty rumours.

I'm falling for the new girl and my current GF is jealous.

Is my boyfriend's mother jealous?

I want my boyfriend to stop paying for porn before we move in together.

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