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Check out these questions about "jealous"

Triangle friendship double cross!

My confidence is wrecked, I regret telling people the truth about my ex boyfriend.

Now he's gone I really miss him

Should we remain friends

Difficulty with old and new loyalties

How to deal with my interfering and judgmental cousin?

He cheated. Should I?

How do I tell someone not to touch my boyfriend?

I broke up with my fiancé after 5 years together, she is begging me to come back!

Why did this woman pass such a comment on my 'almost' boyfriend?

He's left me yet again but what wrong have I done to be treated like this?

How did I get involved in their drama?

My boyfriend got another woman pregnant on a break and I am not feeling good about it

A year after my break up I still haven't been on a date and no one has shown any real interest in me!

Is this a ploy to make me jealous?

Haunted by the past and now I'm expecting

I think he likes another girl but I don't know how to broach the topic

My 'best friend' isn't much of a friend at all

My brother's wedding showed me how regretable mine was

We broke up because he was obsessed with women

Why am I having thought about having passionate sex with my friend?

Help me fix this situation with my sister

How do I address my poor self-image problem?

I constantly feel jealous about his exes!

I'd like to be spoiled a bit and shown some appreciation too!

My boyfriend flirts with his employees and it's annoying me!

I am so madly jealous! How can I overcome this?

Why am I stuck with the girl that doesn't want to give but wants me to do all the work?

He says he loves me but I feel jealous of the way he treated another woman he liked

How do I deal with jealousy? french kissing? He's my first boyfriend

My boyfriend has a new friend & he seems to care more about their relationship than ours.

Mother-in-law is interfering

He says he will never marry me because of my past!

I found some unsettling texts between my boyfriend and our mutual friend. should I be worried?

My ex had a baby and am sad, but I don't know why

Difficult LDR, I feel I'm becoming close to my ex. Should I isolate myself from all girls so I don't find myself slipping?

I'm Open-Minded but His Porn Habit & Denials are Alienating Me!

His teapot has his and his ex's names and wedding date on it! Is it appropriate to ask if I can replace it?

My girlfriend wanted an open relationship but I can't cope with it.

My destructive behaviour regarding my boyfriend's past is ruining my relationship.

I'm tired of being the other woman and need to break things off but how?

"More than best friends"

He wanted to end "whatever this is" and be just friends but he's acting like a jerk now

We're on an experimental break for two weeks given the LDR and my gf seems fine but I'm miserable and paranoid that I'm going to lose her

Does he like me? Or is he just generally outgoing and flirty?

Am I meant to be alone? I just don't understand why

If my husband loves me like he says he does then why can't I shake the feelings that he's been unfaithful?

How can I manage my wedding envy?

My friend's son seems to have a crush on me

I found out that one of his closest friends was also a past sex partner!

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