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Check out these questions about "divorce"

My FWB wants a break and I don't know why.

Is it possible to save my marriage?

Older man is now divorced and has guessed my child is also his!

Is something going on that I'm not aware of?

I haven’t heard from him in 3 days!

How should I react to this coversation between him and her?

I love him, but his deception can’t go on!

Toxic relationship with my mother and my family have decided to completely ignore me since I don´t live with them anymore!

He loves me but wants space? What does it mean?

He talks about money and costs a lot, is he testing me?

Was it wrong of me to intoduce him to my kids so soon?

Do I mean anything to him? Why is he with me if he doesn't see a future with us?

Married and seriously falling for my doctor

Should I try to reconnect with him now that I live nearby?

He's abusive and I need to get out

How do I get my life back?

How do I respond to his confession that he's falling for me?

Is he interested or just being casual?

I’m feeling guilty for our breakup!

Why send me a video of his girlfriend?

I'm concerned that my boyfriend may expect the same kind of commitment from me that his ex wife gave to him

Should I let her get satsfaction with another?

Should I confront my soon to be ex husband about his girlfriend from another country?

I think he's cheating and we had unprotected sex!

How can I have sex without feelings?

We met online a week ago and already love each other

New girfriend wants marriage .... I don't!

I feel my girlfriend is cheating on me... With her ex husband's new wife!

Husband is cheating, wants me to leave the marital home.

Three men and I can't date them all. Who would you pick?

Is this my motherhood talking or would I have changed my mind as I grew older anyway?

Will I never be with my soulmate? It seems fate is keeping us apart

Troubled relationship don't know how to deal with my mother in law

I'm unhappily married but in love with a man who's engaged but hesitant to leave his fiance

Do you find this touching odd or it’s normal?

How do I move on from this married man and pick up the pieces of my life?

Desperate to get my life on track

I think my uncle is hitting on me

I thought I could taste latex condom on my husband while giving him oral, he says I'm crazy but I'm ready to file for divorce

Am I missing something here? He asked for my number but never called!

He's taken my wife. Should I be worried?

I feel that my boyfriend's ex wife was living my dream life and I'll never match up to her

The guy I've liked from afar is being a little wierd

Is $3000 too cheap for an engagement ring for a high maintenance girlfriend given my income and background?

Difficulty with old and new loyalties

My husband is threatening divorce ... please help

Wish I could sort out family problems

My wife says she won't move out of the house until our divorce is final. Why?

My boyfriend has women all around him and I've asked him to stay away from them and be with men

He cheated. Should I?

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