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Harmless lies are still lies and he can’t seem to get that into his head!

After seven years I find myself becoming detached.

Wife Left Me For Her Married Boss. How do I get over her?

Tales of attraction, games, betrayal and the wifes condundrum

His daughter and I are close in age she hates me, but I love her father so much help!

Me vs his ex, is his behavior a red flag?

Please help to explain to my sister that I am not a monster for looking at porn!

I know I should divorce him but I have no energy to do it!

Does he love me? Or not? Is he worth the wait or is he spouting empty words? Must I risk it all and take a chance with him? Help!

Is this the end to our marriage? He loves porn more than he loves me

He cheated on his wife. I don't want to be the next person he hurts

I'm pregnant and my husband is talking to a woman. Its making me sick

My boyfriend and his ex are "best friends" and keep saying that they love each other!

He denied using social media and then won’t show me his secret account!

I love him but I'm tired of being a mistress and I'm tired of the whole situation

Is it okay to delete from your life a parent (father, in my case) that has never cared for you?

She sounded cold and short, should I ask her if she is married before I ask her for a date?

My marriage in in crisis because I've decided my wife is too skinny and her boobs aren't big enough.

Am I on my way to being hurt?

Should I trust her on birth control?

What is going on with me? How do I end this weird relationship?

Is he oblivious or selfish?

My hsband left me for another woman but wont considera divorce.

How do I handle my girlfriends past?

My boyfriend is going to be sleeping at his ex's house this weekend

My husband has turned into a hateful old man.

I need advice, I believe my family are scheming against me.

I'm tired of being in a loveless sexless marriage. I want to leave my wife for the other woman

Am I crazy for wanting to blow up my marriage and the last 20 years for my first love from 30 years ago?

My FWB wants a break and I don't know why.

Is it possible to save my marriage?

Older man is now divorced and has guessed my child is also his!

Is something going on that I'm not aware of?

I haven’t heard from him in 3 days!

How should I react to this coversation between him and her?

I love him, but his deception can’t go on!

Toxic relationship with my mother and my family have decided to completely ignore me since I don´t live with them anymore!

He loves me but wants space? What does it mean?

He talks about money and costs a lot, is he testing me?

Was it wrong of me to intoduce him to my kids so soon?

Do I mean anything to him? Why is he with me if he doesn't see a future with us?

Married and seriously falling for my doctor

Should I try to reconnect with him now that I live nearby?

He's abusive and I need to get out

How do I get my life back?

How do I respond to his confession that he's falling for me?

Is he interested or just being casual?

I’m feeling guilty for our breakup!

Why send me a video of his girlfriend?

I'm concerned that my boyfriend may expect the same kind of commitment from me that his ex wife gave to him

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