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A Male Coworker/Friend is Confiding in Me About His Marital Problems. How Should I Handle This?

My dad's partner is a gold digger and I'm afraid if he marries her our relationship will be done

He said he'd like to be friends and then blocked me. Why?

Marrying a Second Time With a Strong Porn Addiction

Why did I put up with my ex for so long when he did terrible things to me?

Should I stay and see how we can manage this for the sake of love or should I walk away?

Was my boyfriend lying about the period he was depressed and about how things were with his ex wife?

Is it possible for beauty to love the beast?

I feel my husband is using me financially

My boyfriend is divorced but still treats matters as though he is married

Why are men so cruel? Is that the way of the world?

Is it ok to have sex with my aunt who's now divorced from my uncle?

Why can’t he say that promise when I’m having an anxiety attack?

My husband wants "space", is shutting down all communication with me, is cold, rude and distant and spends a lot of time with people at work.

I try to be understanding but am I being a fool here?

He hasn’t told a soul about his relationship with me and it bothers me. It’s all about respect, or is it?

He says he loves me but doesn't respond to my texts

My mother does everything and yet when her mom passes away I know she won't be treated fairly. I want to speak up but don't know how to

We don't seem to be on the same page and I want to date others. How do I tell him?

I know I can't trust him again but I also want to tell him let's work on it and can figure it out. What is wrong with me?

Supplemental: My ex is now posting horrible things about me

I have neve wanted children, husband is being pressured to adopt his orphaned nephew

Does anyone have any advice on dating a divorced man with 2 young children?

Can I learn to love my husband? Arranged marriage I have never felt attracted to him

Is it wrong to not get along with your inlaws?

2 babies with another woman and he's married to me. I want a divorce!

How do I carry on being professional when I have a crush on my married boss?

I'm very attracted to a man who has kids and is separated. I'm torn about whether to move forward with him

Why would he spend so much time courting me then suddenly act like we never happened?

He said I was overthinking things and now it’s all awkward! What do I do?

Divorced guy asked me for drinks then backtracked and said that we should stop before things get complicated!

I didn't marry my husband for love. Can I learn to love him?

I asked my mother not to say negative things about my father and now she isn't speaking to me

My husband wants "space" to deal with his feelings of anger towards me

My ex was hiding something, am I right?

He decided to stop seeing me and I don’t know what to believe!

Do I not deserve my life too?

New friendship w/ someone I met from a reality show

How do I overcome my fear of commitment?

Why is he so reluctant to move in together?

Ended relationship, but already having doubts

I see his ex as a threat. Am I being silly or do I have reason to worry?

A stranger offered herself to me to help me lose my virginity. Do I accept?

How do I change my patterns?

He wants to spend the rest of his life with me but without marriage.

The gossip has taken all the good that I do and turned me into nothing.

How do I accept that he’s moved on with his new girlfriend?

Why did he still help his supposedly awful ex despite whatever she did to him? Is he lying to me about his feelings for her?

I'm planning on getting married but afraid of divorce

Should I tell my friend that I am dating his ex wife?

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