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Check out these questions about "christmas"

Is this just a great friendship or does he have a crush?

I am upset at how he dealt with Mother’s Day! What would you do in my shoes?

Is he oblivious or selfish?

How do I deal with my long time "best friend" who trashed me in a letter to my parents?

How to deal with the pain of family estrangement?


How do I move forward with my new boyfriend after cheating on him?

Please help me stand up for myself

Should I keep trying to work things out after my girlfriend cheated on me?

I feel like a dirty secret

My husband spends the same amount on his son's girlfriend as he spends on me.

I have a new date but my ex has contacted me.

He didn't send me anything for Valentines Day and Tries to blame me

Should I go out with her again? She didn't trust me the first time

My husband spends more time with his female co worker than he does with me.

Gay friend is sending mixed signals to me playing hot and cold

He seemed so into me, said he had no wrong intentions... Then why did he ghost me after that evening of no sex?

Should I get someone else to tell him I am not going on the cruise?

Why do you think he unblocked my number and responded to me, and do you think there is

Its to the point where anything with my family causes problems between my husband and I

I'm in the relationship because of obligation and chivalry. Should I give her another chance or end it for good?

Is there a way to make up for our different dimensions?

I feel too shamed to talk to my family

How do I get back on my feet? Can I turn my life around?

He used me then broke up with me. Should I ask him to give back the gifts I gave him?

My boyfriend suffers from ptsd. Do I give him ultimatums?

I ended things at Christmas and gave each other's presents back, but she is furious about it!

I feel my girlfriend is cheating on me... With her ex husband's new wife!

Is it selfish to break up with him over this?

Can this violent, abusive relationship be saved?

Girlfriend getting friendly with my colleague. Should I worry?

How do I tell my mum that we're back together?

Family troubles have me at my wits end

No Christmas gift from him!

Can't wait for more with my gay hookup

Am I a terrible person for wanting an abortion?

Will he wait for me to be ready?

Do I buy him a Christmas present?

How do I deal with my narcissistic friend?

I know I don't have any claim on him so why do I feel bad?

Going cold on wedding plans

Should I go and see my ex and offer my condolences because his father died?

Our intimacy is gone and I don't know what to think or say?!?

How do I get the power back in the relationship?

I still don't know if he's prepared to be in the sort of relationship I want to be in.

How do I deal with his ex and his family during Christmas?

I need help to control his binge drinking

My friend is behaving differently since we had sex

Staying with his mum is taking all out savings

I need to help my parents know I'm an adult

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