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Check out these questions about "a break"

My boyfriend constantly quits jobs and I'm tired of picking up the financial slack

LDR boyfriend is not giving me attention

Why did I panic in the middle of our BDSM thing?

Toxic mother relationship during pregnancy

I have overwhelming urges to kiss my friend

My husband wants "space", is shutting down all communication with me, is cold, rude and distant and spends a lot of time with people at work.

Did I lose a friend? I'm feeling sad and hurt

We broke up and now I regret it

I think I am being manipulated into being Plan B

Any advice on how we go forward after a break?

Do I stay with my job with little time off and great money or go for something less stressful?

I want to settle down he wants to date for a few more years

Should I be doubling my efforts to become a social media butterfly? Should I just be me and hope she accepts it?

I'm bisexual and I have a girlfriend but I develop deep, emotional but non-sexual bonds with much older women. Why does this happen?

I'm going out of my way to be good to his children as well as taking care of our family but all I'm reduced to is a mom and waitress.

Does his body language and other actions indicate he’s into me or just being friendly?

I had to work in a different work area and everyone was so rude. Why?

Any chance an ex might reach out after 5 months?

We are on a break but working on our relationship ... he doesn't understand how his actions affected me.

Do I warn others hes a serious fantasist

I am devastated that my ex has cut me out of her life. I thought we were still friends

During a break I went to work on my flaws but he never took responsibility of his. Now hes forcing his way back into my life. What do I do?

Regret kissing a girl I didn't find attractive that turned out to be an alcoholic on a date whilst drunk and now she wants more.

My boyfriend of 5 years is no longer sure he wants to be with me. I think he is going through some sort of life crisis

How do I deal with my controlling husband?

How do I get this master manipulator out of my thoughts?

How could he move on so quickly?

I kissed my ex when on a break from my boyfriend!

How do I enforce boundaries with my sister?

Turnng 30 and getting itchy feet about passionless relationship

After 2 months away my boyfriend wants us to take a break

Did I just get used for sex?

Any advice please I’m pregnant and I feel like he doesn’t care

Is there any chance she will come back to me?

Has anyone ever had a break with their partner and what was the outcome?

My boyfriend is depressed and anxious, what's going on?

Am I being too harsh in blocking her completely out of my life?

Newly back on the dating scene, can I booty call a guy or is that creepy?

Should I bother with this communal garden? I think I’ve attracted a bully!

Love triangle--why is he good to her and pushes me away when I am the one who is always there for him?

Should I lie and say the baby is his?

How do I support my husband in his business stress?

How can I change my life after a break up?

She wouldn’t make this small sacrifice for me, so I’ve cut contact! I know she’ll be back though!

Insensitive, rude, pushy student is getting me in trouble for not wanting to be his friend

No kids, no spouse, and nearing 30.

Am I being unrealistic wanting 2 breaks when our twins are 3 and 4?minths?

How do I get through this breakup?

We're almost breaking up over the question of having kids in the future but am I being irrational?

I would like a fresh perspective, as if there is something I could be doing that would make things better I would do it, or I’m doing something that I shouldn’t be then I need to know!

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