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Do I take a chance on him or back off ?

Q.   I've been dating M since the 9th of May this year, Ive met him 10 times. His wife left him in Jan of this year.but he says there has been no sexual relations for two years between them. He rings and texts me reguarly, we have got closer to each ...

A.   3 July 2006: Hey Sweetie Well you do sound all confused and down, sit down take a deep breath we'll talk about this together ok :o) I'll try and help you through this, i understand that you have been hurt in the past cause man we've all been there and its ... (read in full...)

What shall I do about my predicament?

Q.   Should I let the guy that may be the man of my dreams go? We´ve been together 1 month and now he´s going to Italy to work (from Spain). I´m 22 and feel that if I let this relationship go I will regret it later, should I tell him how i feel??...

A.   2 July 2006: Hey Sweetie Yes is the only answer here :o) if you think he is indeed the one do the descent thing tell this guy how you feel and see if he feels the same way you never know if he does feel the same way about you then it could change the whole si... (read in full...)

I have trust issues with my man!

Q.   I have a trust issue with my man. I've been seeing him since September last year. In March this year I went on holiday with him, and whilst we were away he asked me to move in with him. He goes to London weekly overnight as he works in the Civil Se...

A.   2 July 2006: Hey Sweetie Well i can understand that you are a little insecure about things right now, but seriously its horrible to feel like your partner doesn't trust in you, i mean he has told you already that he loves you and wouldn't cheat on you cause of... (read in full...)

I broke off my engagement because of a row with my boyfriend's Muslim father about religion!

Q.   dear cupid, i am 34 yrs old and was engaged back in 2003 to the man of my dreams-we were together for almost 4 years. Unfortunatley i ended the engagment because his father (which i might add is Muslim)decided to TELL me that if I were to have ...

A.   2 July 2006: Hey Sweetie Well you poor thing :o( firstly I'm sorry that you have lost the man of your dreams but he is with someone else now and has clearly moved on with his life you babe have to do the same thing and believe me i know just how hard that can... (read in full...)

My boyfriend is heartbroken that England are out of the World Cup!

Q.   My boyfriend is absolutely, totally and utterly gutted now that England are out of the World Cup. He can barely speak and I can't seem to make him see that it's summer, life is good, and that there's still fun to be had. Anyone got ideas how to lift ...

A.   2 July 2006: Hey Sweetie I'm sorry your man is so sad :o( but this is your golden opportunity to shine as the perfect g/f? make the most of it yeah :o) Sit down with him and talk about the game console him tell him your just as gutted as he is, (even though y... (read in full...)

I'm 13.......... and only know one boy!

Q.   Im 13 and I only know 1 boy!Im going out with him but I want to broaden my horizons and meet new people (preferably boys),Its not that i want to cheat or anything its just....Well i want to know more boys as Im beggining to feel trapped only knowing ...

A.   1 July 2006: Hey Sweetie Whats your hurry? as Dr Psych quite rightly says your only 13? you have your whole life ahead of you don't try and run before you can walk ah? your life will be filled with men boys in and out of relationships slow things down take you... (read in full...)

My shyness drove my guy away!

Q.   I think I messed up my relationship with my boyf.At first he was treating me more as a friend and I hated it but one day he put his arm around me and i pushed him off!I didnt say anything I just kindve pulled away.I think now he might be getting ...

A.   1 July 2006: Hey Sweetie Well there is nothing wrong with being a little shy :o) i agree with you i think he has mixed messages of whether your interested in a relationship with him, you need to clarify how you feel about things and whether you want things t... (read in full...)

Can you get pregnant on a period?

Q.   can a woman still be pregnant even if she is still having her period? or does the period stop straight when a girl becomes pregnant?...

A.   29 June 2006: Hey Babe I completely agree with allthe other aunts they have indeed said it all yes its possible :o) I hope my advice was of help to you in this situation :o) and good luck with it. If you ever need a friendly chat of shoulder to cry on or jus... (read in full...)

Now my girlfriend is pregnant she doesn't want sex anymore

Q.   My Girlfiend and i started for a baby 3 month's ago and we did it like bunny's for 3 month's and this past month she gets tummy pain (weird pain)but she kept having sex like mad 4-5 times a week but when her period's came around she didn't cum on we ...

A.   29 June 2006: Hey Babe Well i agree completely with Wendy her advice is spot on as usual :o) She is probably just worried that you 2 having sex will hurt the baby but you need to reassure her that your baby is very well protected try having a look on this web... (read in full...)

What is second base?

Q.   hey im with a girl who wants to go to second base. someone want to explain how to go about "second base" with a girl?...

A.   29 June 2006: Hey Sweetie Well here's the terms that i know them as ok :o) First base is usually kissing Second base is usually touching, over clothing Third base is usually touching under clothes or without clothes Home run is usually sex but ... (read in full...)

How do I resolve this argument?

Q.   recently i had a argument with my girlfriend, and she is not happy with me, what would help resolve my relationship and let her know i am truly sorry? ...

A.   29 June 2006: Hey Babe Well you didnt tell us alot here though did you? but well we all say things in the heat of the moment and end up regretting it later, we have all put our foot in our mouths during and argument my only advice her for you honey is shower h... (read in full...)

My friend confided that he loved me, but said it to someone else!

Q.   Hi! I really like my friend. We've known each other for about a year and he said to my other friend he had grown to love me. The problem is this: friend never told me he said that, so I carried on with my own thing. Now I feel guilty because ...

A.   29 June 2006: Hey Sweetie You poor thing :o) what a way to find out that someone has feelings for you but the friend who confided in your other friend that he loved you should of just told you in the first place i mean you can't read minds right? i understa... (read in full...)

My GF said the open box of condoms belonged to a friend, but I wonder...

Q.   I let my girlfriend borrow my car tonight to pick up some items from her mom's bf's place which she didn't get anyways. When she came to pick me up so I can drive her back home, her purse was open and it had a opened box of condoms which she ...

A.   29 June 2006: Hey Babe Well some of the things you just mentioned don't seem to add up do they? your quite right... i mean she borrowed the car to get stuff from her moms bf's that she never got? condoms in her purse that she never usually carries? why woul... (read in full...)

Married with kid, but need to leave? Help me!!

Q.   Hi there I am an agony aunt on here with some strong opinions and I could do without being judged - which is unfortunate as I know this is going to happen anyway! I am in a marriage/relationship of 8 years and throughout I have had to literally beg...

A.   28 June 2006: Hey Sweetie :o) I'm not going to judge you sweetie most affairs tend to happen when one of the partners (you) has tried everything in their power to fix things in there current relationship but due to no fault of their own it has not worked t... (read in full...)

She's lovely now... But has anyone got experience of dating an ex-junky chick?

Q.   Where to start!! a few months ago i met this amazing girl, we had a great time, and quickly started a relationship, on our first date, she told me how she had a drug problem when she was younger, and had been forced to rehab 3 times by her parents ...

A.   27 June 2006: Hey Babe Well firstly you sound like you have been bitten by the love bug alright :o) as does your g/f. congrats I'm happy for you both you sound like such a sweet guy the way you tell her daily that she's beautiful and reassure her constant... (read in full...)

I want him interested again, but he flirts with other girls right in front of me!

Q.   pls help.. we started a relationship that lasted 3 weeks. he just changed and became distant, he doen't text me anymore and ignores me all the time. we are together every day, because we do the same sport. i want him back, he flirts with other girls ...

A.   27 June 2006: Hey Sweetie Don't be so sad and angry :o( i feel for you right now honey i really do but this really isn't healthy for you babe you shouldn't be dependant and want someones interest in order to cope, to love him is fair enough and totally understa... (read in full...)

Breast feeding my new baby has some ... interesting effects on me!

Q.   Hello, I am a 27 year old new mom. This will sound weird but I'm very embarrassed to ask this to any friends or family, as it is obviously a little strange. I breast feed, and every time I do so, I get turned on. Now I would NEVER do anything...

A.   27 June 2006: Hey Sweetie Congratulations on the new baby :o) what your feeling is perfectly natural you don't need to visit your g.p honey concentrate on enjoying this time bonding with your baby its the best time of your life :o) and it never seems to last ... (read in full...)

Where can a new married get information about sex?

Q.   I am newly married. I want books or doctors to help me to teach about sex....

A.   27 June 2006: Hey Sweetie I agree with Wendy above why not search online for the information you need its the biggest library and teacher in the world on every subject you can think of, i also agree about getting the Karma Sutra which you can get anywhere... (read in full...)

Would it be wrong if I were to date my E'xs sister ?

Q.   I was recently dumped after a long relationship and my ex now has someone else, she left me for him although she will not admit this. I still have feelings for her but realsie we could never get together again if she left her new boyfriend as the ...

A.   27 June 2006: Hey Babe Well to be honest it sounds a little like your confusing your feelings for your ex, i mean it would be a little uncomfortable if you and her sister got together and your ex and the guy she left you for turned up don't you agree? i mean p... (read in full...)

What shall I do about my army boyfriend?

Q.   my bf has recently joined the army and im really struggling to deal with it, i am trying but it is very hard. i was just wondering why people think telling me to split up with him is a good idea? as soon as i say im struggling to deal with it they ...

A.   26 June 2006: Hey there Well sweetie you poor thing :o( your obviously havin a very tough time right now going through this and people just saying dump him but how do u dump the love of your life right? have a look on the website link below :- * www.LongDis... (read in full...)

Why does my boyfriend wear things too big!

Q.   Not sure how to handle this...I noticed that my boyfriend wears shoes that are about 2" bigger than his actual shoe size. I had an idea, but when we went bowling the bowling shoes were obviously big on him. I thought maybe they didn't have his size ...

A.   26 June 2006: Hey there I completely agree with everything Dr psych has just said, she is spot on my only advice is follow her advice to the letter give him your full complete support show him you can get through this thing together and things should be fine.... (read in full...)

My partner won't cover for me and I will lose my licence!

Q.   i have a total of 6 penalty points on driving license with another 3 pending.Without my license i will lose my job and my familys only source of i suggested to my partner who is not in employment has a clean licence and is a named driver ...

A.   26 June 2006: Hey there Well babe you have been married for 20 years so there is no question of whether she loves you or not here cause she obviously does or would you still be together? don't over dramatise this honestly babe, what your asking your partner ... (read in full...)

My Husband as advertised on a sex site, is he bored of me ?

Q.   I recently found out that my husband has posted himself on a website for finding adult friends for sex/relationships etc. I have been cheated on before and am going paranoid. He says he's never cheated but has lied to me before about pornographic ...

A.   26 June 2006: Hey Sweetie All i can say to you babe is I'm sorry your so upset :o( don't be sad your husband is in the wrong here and definitely sounds like he's eager to cheat i mean advertising on the net for sex is lower than low especially when your alr... (read in full...)

My friend is critiscing my choice of lifestyle but underhandedly, I feel betrayed!!

Q.   Ive recently come out to my best friend whos female of 18 years and said im in a relationship at first she was shocked but seemed to get over the shock and seemed generally happy with it.However at the weekend i arranged to meet her with my partner ...

A.   26 June 2006: Hey Babe Well firstly i agree with you on a few things your friend is well out of order, and why on earth is her partner concerned about you he don't even know you? friendship is meant to be unconditional not ideal as long as it suits her...... (read in full...)

He surprised me by saying he doesn't want anything "too serious", so do I tell him about my feelings?

Q.   I've been seeing this guy now for about 3 months. When we first met he was still with his ex-girlfriend and he was telling me how controlling and possesive she was. He told me that he's tried breaking up with her but she puts the guilt shame on ...

A.   26 June 2006: Hey Sweetie I have to say it does sound like this guy just wants to use you for sex on tap until he finds something better I'm sorry to be so blunt :o( you need to make it known that you are no just a sex object you have feelings and emotions... (read in full...)

He wont look at me or kiss me during sex, why is this ?

Q.   How come my bf won't look at me or kiss me during sex and only enjoys doggy position? He has also started massaging my anus. Does he have gay tendencies?...

A.   26 June 2006: Hey Sweetie I seriously doubt he's having gay tendencies follow yos's advice cause its spot on :o) Good Luck ... (read in full...)

He says the relationship isn't the same. We broke up but I want him back. Any suggestions?

Q.   Hi everyone, Please please help me! I have been seeing someone for 10 months we have had our ups and downs we were supposed to have got married early this year and now because we didnt he feels bitter and has said its not the same now we cant go ...

A.   26 June 2006: Hey Sweetie Well you sound like your really into this guy :o) i think he is just a little unsure of how things should be after a break up of sorts, its hard to get back to the same page you 2 were on before it really is so i can kinda understa... (read in full...)

He doesn't put in the effort to our sex life-so I avoid sex now. Will our relationship work?

Q.   Hi, What am i going to do?? My boyfriend has a very low sex drive, this is now fine by me. Ive tried lots to improve our sex life but hes not interested. ive accepted this but the problem is I dont enjoy the sex when we do have it (once every 6 ...

A.   26 June 2006: Hey Sweetie You poor thing is all i can say :o( sex is such an important part of any relationship its not just the act as a whole but the intimacy and the passion the closeness the love between you the desire to make each other happy... and the ... (read in full...)

Dating a 21 year old who may have got me pregnant!

Q.   I am worried that i could be pregnant. i am 16 and started going out with someone, we had sex a week ago (with protection) and this was my first time. But before this we had been fooling around and he tried to go in, with no condom and it hurt, but ...

A.   25 June 2006: Hey Sweetie Well i completely agree with dr psych she is spot on, you could well be pregnant or maybe your not you really need to get a pregnancy test and stop worryin about this ok, sort it one way or the other if test is to expensive for you ... (read in full...)

Really worried about dating at 14

Q.   hey um im a 14 yr old girl n ive had quite a few relationships in my time..okay it sounds stupid as im only young but every time im in love with someone n going out with them, im really shy n nervous.. if they say lets go out or something, i get re...

A.   25 June 2006: Hey Sweetie You are at a very tender age at the minute honey and yeah i agree with phoebe on this the only way you are gonna gain your confidence is by going out on more dates having lots of fun and gaining your experience, you have plenty o... (read in full...)

My parents punished me for dating my bf-should I just break it off?

Q.   I have a boyfriend and he is really great. He has never done anything wrong so my parents have nothing against him. But my parents are old fashioned and dont think that dating is allowed. They once found out and i was seriously punished. I told him ...

A.   25 June 2006: Hey there Well i half agree with martini, whilst i believe you shouldn't be punished just for dating i also agree that your parents are only concerned about yourwelfare after all they do knpow whats best for you but they are only doing this to ... (read in full...)

I don't want to be regarded as just someone's sex partner!

Q.   Dear Cupid, I have been dating a lot this year and I never had a boyfriend yet. Even though I like one of the men that I have been dating, they just saw me as a sex object, even though I am not being a slut or flirt too much. What can I do ...

A.   25 June 2006: Hey There Sweetie Well firstly i'm sorry you sound so sad :o) but i do have to say that honey you have to state your opinion right from the word go on these dates ok you have to make it known that you are no just a sex object you have feelings... (read in full...)

Broke up with her mom, but I still want to give a 9-year-old her birthday present...

Q.   Unfortunately I just ended a 3 year relationship. However, I fell in love with her kids. My question is: Her daughter is celebrating her 9th birthday soon and I have a present for her. Should I just mail it to her mom (I live 2 hours away)and she ...

A.   25 June 2006: Hey babe I have to say your intentions sound very sweet, i completely agree with bev about this. You need to give your ex a ring and just ask the question, explain that your not out to rekindle things or you have no ulteria motive just simply w... (read in full...)

Twenty guys before age 23. Too many partners?

Q.   Is 20 guys a lot for a girl to sleep with before they are 23 years old?...

A.   25 June 2006: Hey There Babe Well babe this is a tricky one... you didn't give us alot to go on here did you really so not sure if my advice will be any good but will try for you ok :o) this all depends how your looking at it if the girl your talking about is... (read in full...)

Hubby like to view pics of other men in underwear! What should I do?

Q.   I'm 29 and my husband is 28. Recently he's become obsessed with pictures of male underwear models, even blatantly looking at them on the PC. I asked him why he did this, but he said it's just a personal thing. He also insisted he wasn't gay. ...

A.   24 June 2006: Hey Sweetie Well i agree completely with Dr Pete he's spot on :o) marriage is a big commitment and something not to be taken lightly, you say you can talk to him, so why have you not tried this option... communication is the key element in any r... (read in full...)

Do I pursue my ex-pupil?

Q.   I'm a 34 year old female teacher... Last year I had a relationship with an ex pupil (who was 17 at the time) We had a beautiful relationship for an entire year until her parents found out and all hell broke loose. I put my hands up to the blame and ...

A.   24 June 2006: Hey Sweetie Well i have to say i completely agree with both Dr Psych and Dr Pete they are both spot on here :o) you have tried to contact this girl but she has obviously moved on with her life :o( i know thats hard for you to hear cause your obv... (read in full...)

I don't know where my relationship is going!

Q.   You know when guys find that girl they know is gonna be the (mrs/mother of his kids)well thats what i thought i found.I love my boyfriend dearly, But since we bought a house 2years ago...things just aint the same anymore.not in any department Theres ...

A.   24 June 2006: Hey Sweetie You poor thing you :o), whats this he says he loves me only when i ask him? he should tell you all the time unprompted.. thats how things used to work, and again i don't like this he won't spend time with me unless i ask... basicall... (read in full...)

When is a man flirting?

Q.   How do you know when a bloke is flirting with you with intent or just being friendly? Is it hard to read the signs between general flirting (friendly) or I-fancy-you flirting (if you catch my drift on any of this). Is trying to wind you up/...

A.   24 June 2006: Hey Sweetie Well there are a few signs that a guy is flirting with you :o) men tend to act like the average animal they will preen themselves, checking his hair out or adjusting his clothing etc, if sex is on his mind his hands won't be far... (read in full...)

Don't know what to do about my best friend!

Q.   i have been best friends with a guy for over two years and during that time we have got very close. i care for him deeply n cant imagine my life without him. things have changed since the past 6 months though when i found out he had feelings for me ...

A.   24 June 2006: Hi there I agree completely with Dr Psych cause this guy's not a very good friend at all really is he i mean why is he making rules and demands on you like this that alone is out of order ! I agree with you i doubt the sexual couply relation... (read in full...)

Scared my lady will cheat when I am away

Q.   i am 21 and in the army, i am due to deploy to iraq in november for seven months, my fiance tells me she will just have to cope, her previous relationships are riddled with her cheating, but she has not with me yet, i am scared and insecure?...

A.   24 June 2006: Hey Shawn You poor thing :o( here's you going away to serve you queen and country this is the last thing you wanna be stressin about right now... personally i agree with irish why are you still with this girl when you have your doubts whether ... (read in full...)

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