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Does him not being able to stay hard with me prove he isn’t attracted to me physically?

Our arguments often lead to physical altercations!

Why would my Bf's penis go limp after foreplay? Does it suggest that he's cheated on me?

Let go of your hate

Any tips on how to handle grief? Maybe it was not my fault the baby bird died. But I feel guilt about it

She doesn't want to go out again because I limped, should I still pursue her?

Should I bother with a man who is always so busy?

Threesome that I initiated leads to my wife having a 2 year affair

I think my boyfriend is addicted to porn

We are having problems having sex and not sure why

My Wife Is So Boring and Lazy in Sex Now - Anyone Else Have a Partner Like This?

Boyfriend's lack and concern and hygiene make me think it might be time to end things

He's great except that he can't follow through in the bedroom

He goes limp! Is it my fault? Is he cheating?

Should I take it personally that he goes limp during sex?

Sex issue, possibly? Want some reassuring words I guess.

Feeling confused and upset. Was the unsuccessful sex, with my housemate and friend, his fault, my fault, the alcohol, or none of that, and why?

I'm obsessed with a man I don't even know. How can I approach him?

He couldn't get it up our first time together!

I feel like I am too ugly to deserve a guy.

I am genuinely not physically happy, but my partner gives me everything else I need. What do I do?

Could my best friend have feelings for me?

We had a threesome and my husband completely ignored me! I feel our marriage is over...

Am I really unloveable?

Life with a handicap

I want my wife and I can't have problems!

My marriage is failing mabye its because I left my ex for another woman?

Married and feel trapped but not by choice. I love my wife.  

My husband is very disrespectful

He can't stay hard now. Is he losing his attraction to me?

My penis curves downward and seems limp. Should I see a doctor?

Is it possible a man might be able to get an erection with one woman but never with another?

It took a lot for us to get together, and now her feelings for me seem to have faded away

Found husband on facebook asking to have sex with a girl and now when we have sex he goes limp

Our sex life isn't working out very equitably

Every time I ask my partner to change positions or try something different, he goes limp!

Is passion in a platonic relationship possible?

How Dear Cupid has allowed me to be myself and express myself. How strangers saved me

Was it just a sex dream or something else?

He's really big and I'm really tiny and sex just isn't happening!

Should I be worried by his threats to take custody of my baby?

Why does he go limp when I'm on top?

Performance anxiety, afraid to have sex again?

After 2 failed attempts at sex, he doesn't want to try again

My boyfriend can't stay hard during sex and it’s upsetting me? Does anyone know why? Need advice!

Bizarrely Friends With Benefits

Am I weird or is this a normal fetish?

So basically this messed up, crazy sweet guy told me he wants to be my fwb, but it's my choice now. What do I do?

Where is the world going? And yes this does affect relationships.

I'd like to approach my wife about using a big dong on her. Need advice. Also, does anyone have experience with this?

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