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I'm beginning to feel that its me vs my boyfriends flatmates

After 28 years of marriage I just feel sad.

Rude and awkward flatmate seems to fancy me. What should I do?

What's the deal with my incredibly rude, passive aggressive new flatmate?

I'm into him and I would like to make a move! But we live together at uni, whatbif it went wrong?

My wife's sexual past has become a sticking point for me

How do I encourage my girlfriend to deal with her depression?

Help me understand these people! I'm feeling hurt and confused!

How do I deal with creepy older men?

New Flatmate Is Already Causing Trouble. How To Deal?

She says I'm psycho but I hink she is cheating.

My housemate has "Issues"and is getting on my nerves..She is too clingy. What To Do?

Entitled Flatmate Won't Pull His Weight - What Should We Do?

We had planned to go to a party but my behaviour seems to have scared him off!

What to do? I'm dating a woman aged 30 and I can't handle her "sleeping around" in the past.

I flirted with a crush that is my boyfriend's friend and our room mate. How do I get things back to normal?

I don't want to lose her friendship over spur of the moment sex

I'm sick of the "let's try" excuse because nothing changes!

We never have sex and now another guy is interested in me! What do I do?

I think I'm on the untrustworthy woman from college's target list to be friends and don't want to be, so what can I do?

Do I consider his efforts to reconnect? My ex has been pestering me for a second chance

Was my Flat mate behaving inappropriately? Should I be feeling guilty in any way? Was I right to tell my Bf?

I've recently become a bit jealous of my boyfriend's friend with other women

Do you think I've made the right decision to not attend this wedding, where my Bf will be the Best man?

I'm trying to understand if my current relationship is a rebound or not and if what I feel for this other man is real or infatuation. Non-judgmental help appreciate!

Where else can I get help? What else can I do to stop her recurring bullying?

Lately I have no desire for sex -- how do I get around this?

He comments on other women all the time but never compliments me!

I really like her, but so does my friend.

I've got the hots for my flatmates who might be gay too

He's amazing but he does drugs. Am I being too fussy by finding it a deal breaker?

I want to be with this guy but I don't want to create a situation that would be bad for us or our other flat mates

Involved with flat mate and not sure what to do about it?

We are just friends now but got intimate the other night, help me understand him!

Can I claim Housing Benefit in my situation and move out? Are there any free helplines I can call or people I can speak to about my situation at home?

Should my uncle have a talk with my boyfriend?

Our flatmates only growl at me when he's not there! I suffer from anxiety and depression so this is very difficult for me!

How do I best deal with my Bf who seems insecure about friendships I form?

We get on amazingly and we're fun together but sometimes I just feel a bit down about the relationship. Any advice?

Am I being unfair by being annoyed at the situation?

I've been lying for years telling people I was 10 years younger than I am! Now I can't talk to people about things because they don't understand why I would worry!

I feel like he can't see past our rocky previous relationship, but I want to move forward and start a new one with him

I feel so low, I thought he cared but he implied I am a stalker!

Marriage being damaged by wife's male friend who has now stayed for more than 2 months

I'm afraid this woman might out of jealousy try to turn my tutor against me

I want to know that we're looking for the same things in life

How to gracefully deal with boyfriend's best female friend?

My boyfriend's ex lover made me cringe when I had to see her again.

I can't afford sleepless nights because my flat mate won't get help for his problems!

My landlord wants to date me and is buying and fixing things in the apartment. It's scaring me, what do I do?

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