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Partner picked much older guy for our threesome

Q.   Me and my partner of 10 years have been talking about threesome for while. I was under the impression she would pick someone if similar age but she I asked her mentioned a guy from the pub who is 51! She is 27 and in 32. I don’t mind but I’m just ...

A.   11 June 2024: Bringing a third party into a relationship can more often than not a deal breaker. Maybe the next one will be someone who is 21 and will give her an amazing time in the bedroom that she will become romantically smitten with leaving you out in t... (read in full...)

Two co workers pursing me its become uncomfortable

Q.   I’m 30 and I ended up sleeping with co worker who is 39. She has been extremely eager to please. For some reason she told her friend at work about it. Now her friend is pursuing me, borderline stalking and won’t miss any opportunity to talk to me. ...

A.   11 June 2024: Its always awkward when you have intimate relationships with co-workers, things can become very challenging and quite messy as you are experiencing. I would be inclined not to persue anything further with either of them and keep your relation... (read in full...)

We work together decided we could not be together but he's flaunting dating someone in front of me

Q.   We had a crush on each other , but then we realized we can't be together , we work in the same place ...we talked about it and it came to an end ..then he started hanging out with a co worker ..I did not mind but the di worker tried to put it in my ...

A.   4 June 2024: This is the thing about getting involved with co-working romantically, when things are going well its ok, but when things don't work out things can then become very difficult. I guess you just want to put it all behind you, easier said than don... (read in full...)

Friend really wasn't a friend

Q.   Found out my friend was never really my friend and just interested in me romantically. I feel it’s all been a huge lie and wonder if I should end communication with them! I feel betrayed and even foolish ...

A.   4 June 2024: I know its hard as you feel betrayed, but what happened was out of your hands and you had no control over them having romantic feelings for you. Time is the healer of all things, the emotions you are currently feeling will gradually dissipat... (read in full...)

Why does my friend acts this way?

Q.   Hi lovely cupids, I have a question about a friends behaviour. Me and my best friend are so close and we do so much together. We’re both in relationships, for context. However, I have noticed that when we go out, she seems to flirt with guy...

A.   3 June 2024: Its good you say that you are happy in your relationship and you don't flirt with guys. I think the problem is when she is out with you she gives off the vibe of being single, and because you are with her guys presume that because she is flirting... (read in full...)

Why are we so awkward around each other?

Q.   There's this guy I like. I find him really attractive but for some reason I just can't talk to him. I can say maybe a couple of sentences to him and then the conversation dies out. Vice versa if he starts the conversation. I can talk to his friends ...

A.   3 June 2024: Maybe the conversation is harder because you both fancy each other. A bit like getting tongue tied when you chat to someone you are head over heels for. why don't you suggest an activity where its just the two of you, maybe start with coffee o... (read in full...)

New boyfriend won’t tell his old girlfriend about me

Q.   Hi there. I’ve got a question. I have been seeing this guy for a few weeks. He’s been out of an 11 year relationship. I have been dating him only three days after his break up. He hasn’t told his ex girlfriend about me. She has called while w...

A.   3 June 2024: You are old enough to know that dating someone so soon after a break up is never a good idea, and he should not have started anything new with someone so soon. Of course he hasen't told his ex about you why would he. In the past he was always t... (read in full...)

I need dating advice am unsure how to navigate

Q.   NOTE: This has been posted before. Apparently poster didn't get responses or would like advice not given before. I’ve been dealing with a recurring challenge in my quest to find a romantic partner, and I’m seeking some guidance on how to navigate...

A.   17 May 2024: Firstly don't take what people say to heart, I know its hard sometimes. Your lack of dating history is no-ones business but yours, just treat it like water off a ducks back. Dating or finding a romantic partner is not easy and you will encounte... (read in full...)

Hes asking for space because his wife is upset about their split

Q.   I’ve been seeing a man for a few months who was honest from the onset that he was very recently separated from his wife. We’d been seeing one another for about 3 months when he said he wanted to tell his ex wife that he’d met someone else and knew ...

A.   17 May 2024: If I am honest I think that he embarked on a new relationship way to soon, you could say in re-bound territory. They clearly have unfinished business, and I think there is maybe still feelings there. I feel if there was no feelings there he would... (read in full...)

Is my physician losing respect for me?

Q.   For the past 6 months I’ve been seeing a physician for some issues I’ve been having- he came highly recommended by a couple of friends who have been seeing him for several years. He’s an older gentleman and all his reviews are excellent. ...

A.   16 May 2024: It is rather odd your the only one he refers to on first name terms, and also a bit random that he should mention you like expensive things, seems strange coming from a mature person in a professional position. He comes highly recommen... (read in full...)

Cut ties with my controlling family only to have to deal with fiancés controlling family

Q.   I feel like im reliving my past and cannot go through it all again. I have a very toxic family- I’m not going to go in to details however they had zero boundaries and never took accountability for anything. They mentally wore me down. I en...

A.   14 May 2024: I think you are absolutely totally right in breaking it off and moving back to where you used to live. Its good you have found out this out now and not once you tied the knot. If you found this out when you were married you would be a bit of a... (read in full...)

Guy at work flirted with me but dropped me for another. Do I confront him?

Q.   There is a guy at work who I thought likes me, but now he behaves as though he hates me. He would always come and try to talk to me and flirt with me, but I realized he liked another girl as well,and because he was talking to me, the girl became ...

A.   10 May 2024: No You should 100% not confront him, think yourself lucky you found out what an idiot he is when you did and never took things further possibly leaving your job in jeopardy. Put this behind you and put your energies into the job at hand and not ... (read in full...)

Am I weird for wanting this lifestyle?

Q.   My whole life I’ve never wanted the traditional family life - ie getting married and having children of my own. I’ve always wanted to marry an older man with grown up children and be part of their life, I guess I’ve always wanted a ready ma...

A.   9 May 2024: At the end of the day its your life not theirs and its your life to lead and you should do so which ever way you want to regardless of what anyone's opinions. You do not have to justify how you feel, you are in your 30's not late teens. Like... (read in full...)

Am I just jealous of his ex?

Q.   A long time FWB had open heart surgery recently. I told him I would help with whatever I could when he gets home as he lives alone. His ex-wife stepped in and started filling up his refrigerator, took care of his cat, and has been there every night ...

A.   30 April 2024: If you are more than a FWB as you say then why do use the term in your post?. By your own admission you say that you don't want to marry him, you don't want to live with him, so why are you putting yourself through this turmoil?. Save yourself... (read in full...)

3 years into the relationship I find out my boyfriend lied about his age

Q.   Hello I found out after being on a relationship for 3 years that my boyfriend has lied about his age by 4 years. When I confronted him he didn't even bother to give an explanation. Which has made matters worse. I'm questioning if he has told other ...

A.   16 April 2024: I agree with the other aunts here, its a big red flag. If he can lie about this then what else is he going to lie about. Trust is the most important part of a relationship, without trust a relationship is doomed to fail. If you feel the tru... (read in full...)

Torn between wife and lover

Q.   Please don’t shoot me down for asking this question as I know I’ve done wrong and am struggling enough as it is. I’m a 52 year old male, married for 30 years. I’ve not been happy for probably 10 years. As the children grew up we both realised we...

A.   16 April 2024: While I don't agree with affairs I think that you did the right thing divulging to your wife what you have been doing. Its also good that the other woman said she will not continue anything with you while you are still married. By you own ad... (read in full...)

Interested in a perfectionist

Q.   I am trying to get a friend to open up and be herself around me. She is a self proclaimed perfectionist and very hard on herself. I sometimes think she likes me and puts pressure on herself for things to be a certain way. As you can imagine it makes ...

A.   16 April 2024: I really don't think there is an awful lot you can do really apart from continuing to be her friend and be supportive where you can. I believe that we should never try to change people, we are all on a life's journey and following our own path... (read in full...)

I got involved with engaged co worker and made her choose

Q.   Hi everyone! Here's my situation: two and a half years ago a new coworker arrived into the company I've been working with for the last 7 years. A couple of weeks after she arrived, she started to flirt with me in a real intense way, I mean, she...

A.   1 April 2024: I think that you should just forget her and just concentrate on your job, what your paid to do. Think yourself lucky things happened the way they did, because if by some chance she did leave her fiance and get with you how could you ever trust he... (read in full...)

I don't hear from him alot does it mean he isn't keen on me?

Q.   i feel silly writing this but if a guy doesn’t constantly text me all the time or go a few days without texting does that mean he is not keen when we meet he says he likes me and is starting to get feelings but could it be because he is texting a ...

A.   25 March 2024: I gather from your post that you have not known him very long and you are still in the getting to know one another stage. Try not to over think things and make scenarios that may not be happening, or ever happen. He say's he is starting to g... (read in full...)

Is it possible to be friends with my ex on social media

Q.   I am happily married to my husband who I met ten years ago. However an ex boyfriend from when I was 17-18 added me on social media. I accepted because there are no feelings there and I didn’t see the harm in being on good terms as it was so long ...

A.   22 March 2024: I think that ex's are ex's for a reason and should be left in the past where they belong. I think you should delete this ex before the situation causes complications in your marriage, and that's the last thing you want. Leave the past on the ... (read in full...)

Could this lead to love

Q.   I have met this guy a couple of times and i have this electric undeniable connection with him, i don’t know him that well at all but when we kiss it’s amazing i know it’s not love but could this connection lead to love i have never had this before ...

A.   22 March 2024: Sounds like you are in the beginning stages of those first stages of meeting someone, encountering that connection and getting that dizzy butterfly feeling of connecting with someone you like. Its very early stages so all you can do is go with ... (read in full...)

Could this lead to love

Q.   I have met this guy a couple of times and i have this electric undeniable connection with him, i don’t know him that well at all but when we kiss it’s amazing i know it’s not love but could this connection lead to love i have never had this before ...

A.   22 March 2024: test... (read in full...)

Why does she want a black dildo

Q.   Hi, my gf 27, me 34. recently mentioned she wants a dildo. So I said I will look for her. When we were looking she pointed she wanted a black one. We are white. So it made me think is she into black men? She doesn’t watch porn but I don’t know if ...

A.   18 March 2024: I think maybe you are reading to much into this, its just a colour. I agree with the other aunts, you need to ask her. ... (read in full...)

Should I stay or should I go? Help!

Q.   Please can I get some career advice - I’m so torn….. I’ve been working for this company in customer services for almost 18 years. I’ve always felt a bit over looked and never really given much opportunity to progress - unfortunately it...

A.   17 March 2024: I think as you have applied for this new job you should now stick to your guns and take this new exciting opportunity. Why did your current employer offer you this while you were still working there?. The fact that they are now offering you this... (read in full...)

A friend told me that my husband is having an affair

Q.   I’ve been told that my husband of 25 years is having an affair with a woman we know. The person who told me has said they’ve been seen together in places they shouldn’t be and that it’s been going on a long time. There is no proof and he’s never ...

A.   13 March 2024: I think that until you come across solid concrete evidence that he is cheating I would be inclined to take third party gossip with a pinch of salt. You already know he goes for a coffee with this woman, which is where this third party has seen... (read in full...)

My boyfriend is a good man but is it time to walk away

Q.   I have been with my partner for four years when I met him he was amazing and wee just seemed to click. I also have a young daughter and after about a year he started offering days out with her too, which made me fall in love with him more that he ...

A.   13 March 2024: I don't think that any of this is a very healthy situation, not for you or your child. It seems like your relationship has unfortunately run its course. Its not ok for your to be spoken to like this, emotional abuse is just bad as physical,... (read in full...)

Crazy man I've never met will not leave me alone

Q.   I matched with a guy online. We have FaceTimed one and agreed to meet on date however before the date I changed my mind as he was very pushy and whilst at work he sent me repeated messages despite knowing I was at work asking why I was ignoring him, ...

A.   11 March 2024: I am sorry to hear what you are going through, there really are some unstable cranks out there. You have not done anything wrong here, but I understand how worrying this must be for you. I agree with Honeypie & YCNBS, I think you should keep all... (read in full...)

Is he playing? Feeling confused, foolish, stupid, and ashamed Title

Q.   This guy who lives in my neighborhood and I started communicating and occassionally seeing each other in September 2023. We both are busy and don't get to see each other often. He works 8-12 hours a day, and I am unemployed due to disabili...

A.   11 March 2024: The answer to your question in a nut shell is yes these are red flags and yes you should end things once and for all. Its never really a good idea dating someone within such close proximity as when things don't work out things can become a little... (read in full...)

Is he playing? Feeling confused, foolish, stupid, and ashamed Title

Q.   This guy who lives in my neighborhood and I started communicating and occassionally seeing each other in September 2023. We both are busy and don't get to see each other often. He works 8-12 hours a day, and I am unemployed due to disabili...

A.   11 March 2024: test... (read in full...)

Tired of his drama

Q.   Hello, I met someone online and we began a relationship. He has moved to where I am and I'm seeing a lot of red flags. I didn't ask him to move here, firstly. He did it on his own. Once he arrived here he got angry that I didn't see him ...

A.   8 March 2024: Its important that you recognise the red flags and from what you say he does not sound like someone that you want in your life as he does seem to display some worrying signs. Unfortunately him moving close to you is out of your hands and nothing ... (read in full...)

Should I say something or let it go

Q.   I don't know whether I should speak up or let it go. So me and my boyfriend now (fiance) have been together since we were 16 years old. We have been living together since 21 years old we are now 32. Last year he decided to incorporate sex toys into ...

A.   6 March 2024: It difficult to say why the toy was out of the box, he could of been masturbating with it, or he might not have been. But if he was its not really that bad of a thing, you still have a good sex life don't you. I think that if it bothers you this... (read in full...)

How can I make my dream a reality?

Q.   I know that this will seem like a silly want to others, but there is something I desperately want. Some women want a baby, some Women want a career, some women want a Gucci bag. I love horses and have always dreamed of learning to ride one, an...

A.   28 February 2024: I think its important for each and every one of us to have a goal, to have dreams and to know what we want and where we are going. Nothing is going to happen over night but keep your dream with you and around you at all times. Instead of focusing... (read in full...)

Get together that left me feeling excluded

Q.   Myself and 3 friends went out for dinner saturday night. I don’t drive so when we go out one of them usually picks me up (all 3 of them live quite close by to me) and I always offer to pay towards petrol or buy them a drink so it’s not as if ...

A.   28 February 2024: It seems odd that after 15 years of friendship they are being funny with you and excluding you. It really does seem a minor thing if its all about the driving thing. As you have said you have offered to pay petrol money and buy drinks. If n... (read in full...)

Is it normal to hurt when your ex has a new girlfriend?

Q.   Is it normal for it to hurt when your ex gets a girlfriend? So 2 months ago me and my ex split up after he cheated on me. I caught him and he still lied to my face. It has almost nearly broken me but I’ve managed to pick myself up and I was star...

A.   23 February 2024: I know it does not feel like it now but time is the healer of all things and these feelings will soon dissipate and you will be free of any emotional attachment you have to him. He betrayed your trust, he was horrible to you, so you could te... (read in full...)

Should I be suspicious of his ex-wife?

Q.   Friend with benefits just got out of the hospital for open heart surgery. His ex-wife has been at his house twice a day to cook breakfast and dinner since he came home, though I offered to help. Should I be suspicious that something more i...

A.   20 February 2024: I don't know how many years they were married, they may have been married for many years, have kids together, and had an amicable separation. by your own admission you are both friends with benefits so on that basis he can do what he likes, a... (read in full...)

I cannot tell when men are interested

Q.   I've never had a bf and I am bad at reading signs of interest from a guy (yes, I know I am almost 30 and still boyfriendless). A guy and I were in a conversation, and because I liked him, I started laughing randomly mid-conversation. There was ...

A.   20 February 2024: * meant to say best medicine, not bed medicine *... (read in full...)

I cannot tell when men are interested

Q.   I've never had a bf and I am bad at reading signs of interest from a guy (yes, I know I am almost 30 and still boyfriendless). A guy and I were in a conversation, and because I liked him, I started laughing randomly mid-conversation. There was ...

A.   20 February 2024: They do say that laughter is the bed medicine, also laugh or smile and the world does it with you. There is no rush to meet anyone, go along the lines of you would like to meet someone but you don't need to meet someone. I think the most i... (read in full...)

She’s angry I didn’t tell her, her ex got married!

Q.   I fear I have just lost a dear friend and long friendship over a silly mistake that I didn’t even know I made! My friends fiancé cheated on her 3 years ago. Obviously she was devastated. My friend does not have a facebook account, never h...

A.   20 February 2024: Very odd behaviour indeed, she made it quite clear that she never wanted to know, and to be honest she should have moved on with her life now and got over this. We all have ex's, so what if they have tied the not now, the relationships done and... (read in full...)

He is controlling and I'm worried that the bad outweighs the good

Q.   I was in a relationship for 8 years, 2 children and a wedding booked when I found out he was having an affair with a woman he worked with. We split up but stayed amicable for our children. 3 years down the line and I went through some serious ...

A.   29 January 2024: Can people like this change?. I would go along the lines of no. You will never find the qualities in a man like he has to offer?. Well i totally don't agree with you there because you most certainly will find someone with good qualities, and prob... (read in full...)

Sister in law has some odd quirks which at times cause hassle!

Q.   My sister in law has some funny quirks- she is a nice lady and makes my brother happy which is the main thing but sometimes she does things that make no sense and just create more hassle. I’m probably going to be told to mind my own business ...

A.   29 January 2024: I agree the scenarios you mentioned is very odd behaviour indeed. she does sound a strange one for sure, but at the end of the day she is the one your brother married, and he is obviously happy. I would be inclined to just take her actions ... (read in full...)

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