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Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Continue to learn. Appreciate you friends. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.

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Do I owe it to myself to put my feelings out there?

Q.   There's this guy I have been friends with for some time now. He is very sweet to me and I have recently realized I have feelings for him. I do not know for certain if these feelings are mutual, but he does express genuine affection towards me, ...

A.   9 August 2010: If it is yours,nothing will stop you from coming together. Great to hear that. ... (read in full...)

Is there anything I should do?

Q.   I'm a singer in a hotel and my boyfriend and i are in a long distance relationship. It's really hard for me not to be with him, but i need to work for my sister's.. Anyway, i had a bit of a problem with my boyfriend. I just noticed that this past ...

A.   3 August 2010: If he cannot defend you from his mom , he is not worthy of your considerations. I don't see any future in this relationship. If you think there is still hope, you will face lots of difficulties and problems .... (read in full...)

Any suggestions as to how we rekindle our love??

Q.   Hi, My girlfriend and I are at a point in our 3 year relationship where it is make or break. Things have been going slowly down hill for a while and the situation has come to a head. She is not sure of the extent of her feelings for me an...

A.   2 August 2010: Fall in love again . See her from another man's perspective and rediscover the magic of loving her again. ... (read in full...)

He loves his religion more than his son and me!

Q.   My husband told me that he loves his religion more than my son and I .. what should I do he's a good father and a good husband and we loves him so much????????????...

A.   8 July 2010: "Seek first the kingdom of God and every thing will be added unto you ." That's the Christian beliefs. If he loves God first, then he will love you .If he cannot loves you, then how can he love God? That's what religion teaches us and we have t... (read in full...)

I think it's a mans duty to be the breadwinner!

Q.   I don't only date men who have a good bank account, personality is what matters most to me. I don't depend on men to buy me things, I work and make my own money. BUT is it wrong for me to think that it's a mans duty to look after his women. I want ...

A.   3 July 2010: If you want a traditional man, then you will have to subject yourself to those 'traditional values' and you cannot have the best of both worlds. If you are an Alpha woman , you may not have much of a choice.Either you marry down or you are left... (read in full...)

My period was late by a week, could I still be pregnant?

Q.   my period was late bout a week then it came...i thought i was pregnant, could i still can be? cause i haven't been using protection ...

A.   21 June 2010: You are not pregnant but for your peace of mind , get a pregnancy test to confirm it.... (read in full...)

I'm a single mother of two, who has money problems - any advice?

Q.   This a question for the aftermath of love gone wrong. I have two children with my ex. He beat me very badly and left us. My parents said to finish school and that things would be taken care of until my class has finished, as I have to travel for ...

A.   15 June 2010: My sympathies to you .It is a very untenable situation. If there is no other choice, you may have to move back to your parents place for the sake of your children. You need to put up there until you can find your own feet again.... (read in full...)

Can someone help me figure this out... does he want to break up with me?

Q.   My boyfriend is always saying i need a better guy and that i dont deserve him and that he's a bad guy and doesnt want me to get in trouble but he also always says he loves me and misses me and hes so sweet and i dont want to leave him but im ...

A.   11 June 2010: When a man says that, it does not mean that he wants to break off but to forestall any future complications. Hey! It is like you chose me even when you know I am not up to the mark.So don't blame me if I cannot perform up to your expectat... (read in full...)

The man who's too perfect, or the man who's not perfect enough?

Q.   I have a huge problem. I have to choose between my boyfriend, and my ex. I love both of them and i dont know who to go with. I broke up with my ex because i thought it wasn't working, but am now realizing that im missing him terribly. But, i dont ...

A.   11 June 2010: Stay away from both of them for a period of time and see who your heart pines more for. If you cannot decide now, let time decide who is the right guy for you .... (read in full...)

B/f's friend is there for me when my b/f isn't. What do I do?

Q.   so i've been with my boyfriend for a while now and i love him dearly, i just recently had a miscarraige and ever since then things have just become horrible. it went from almost perfect to a complete disaster, he rarely comes to see me and all i do ...

A.   10 June 2010: You are welcome ! Don't think about the problem. Just let your hair down , go out and enjoy your life with your friends.... (read in full...)

I don't know whether to believe what he's saying or not... Help!

Q.   Okay so it has been since 2 weeks i have known this guy. First of all we agree that this was just for fun. It has nothing to do with serious meeting it was more like fun type. Then i started to talk to his guy, we pretty much got together talking ...

A.   9 June 2010: That is virtual love and not real love.You have become his extension of his imaginary love online. It could lead to real love ,provided you meet in real life.If you are not interested, just move on.... (read in full...)

He is wanting marriage, but with his cheating past I am so confused if I can ever feel safe!

Q.   Dear aunts/uncles, I'm having tremendous relationship stress regarding cheating in my relationship. I am 27 and my BF is 36. He has treated me like a princess, we have lots in common and spend all our time together. Recently he moved in and we'...

A.   9 June 2010: You have answered your own question.You don't want a man who has a tendency to cheat.You know what you should do. If you believed that he will cheat on you as he has cheated on others ,then you should terminate this relationship. If you think ... (read in full...)

Should I keep ignoring an online casanova?

Q.   I just stopped talking to a guy online because I realized he's a total womanizer, talking to lots of other girls as well as me and giving them the same lines. I've still got his email address. I'm tempted to email him one more time to tell him ...

A.   9 June 2010: Do not go down to his level.He has got no class. They are like those pesky mosquitoes.Not worth paying attention to them except to 'twat' them and end their miserable life. Don't waste your energy and resources in an unworthy enterprise that wil... (read in full...)

I tell my husband 'size doesn't matter' but everytime after sex, he asks me if he is too small...

Q.   Whenever I make love to my husband, he is asking me the same old question "Am I too small?" I enjoy making out with him and I often tell him that it's not the size that matters, it's the passion inside me that counts. Is my husband ashamed of his ...

A.   9 June 2010: He is not only ashamed of his size but also have insecurity problems. It is not the size but how he uses it to the maximum. It is his performance that counts. If he can make your orgasms,size would not matter. You will have to repeat your answ... (read in full...)

How do I know whether to believe my fiance?? I found 100's of porn and dating sites, but he blames a virus!

Q.   Well basicly last night i accidently stumbled across porn that had been viewed on the computer...I had to know where it had come from so i looked and it was from my fiances acount...hoping i'd made a mistake i checked again and to my horror found ...

A.   9 June 2010: He is trying to B/S you .A virus will only replicate files and cannot go to those sites by itself. Someone has to type in those links or click on those links.... (read in full...)

How do you find out if a guy is a virgin or not?

Q.   hii!lemme ask a might be silly...but there is some expectation about there atleast a small clue to find whether a guy is a virgin or not.? ...

A.   9 June 2010: If you find he is very inexperience , goes straight for the target without any foreplay and comes too quickly,he is probably a virgin. This is not 100% true but only a guideline.... (read in full...)

I lost my bestfriend over a fight, I've tried everything for her forgiveness but her brushing me off is just killing me inside...

Q.   i feel replaced by my other friend all because of this one fight but i've done everything to apologize and i still have this feeling. when i ask her to hang out she just gives me an excuse and i hear that she went to hang out with my other friend ...

A.   9 June 2010: You lose, time to move on and go find another fish in another pond.There is nothing you can do here. Might as well go out there and enjoy yourself. ... (read in full...)

My wife left me and I want her back

Q.   I want my wife back even though she has had an affair for 5 months. We have a 4 year old daughter, and she says she is in love with the other guy. She told me she loves me, but she is not in love with me. She told me she misses the family aspect ...

A.   9 June 2010: If she loves you,she will come back to you . You need to wait for the right timing for your ship to dock. You cannot force this issue upon her and you need to move on.Do not go after her.It will only push her further away from you. Men are... (read in full...)

Is something going on with my husband and the woman he works with?

Q.   I have had suspicions that my husband has been having a relationship with a woman he works with. They were texting each other frequently and she confided in him about her sex life and personal issues--he was happy to 'help' her with relationship ...

A.   9 June 2010: You have already confronted him and got your answer. If you are not satisfied, you can hire a PI or a friend to check upon him to get the concrete proof. Otherwise ,you will go insane or have many ailments due to this worry. You need to l... (read in full...)

I feel helpless because my boyfriend has cancer.

Q.   Hi, I just found out that my boyfriend has cancer and isn't sure how long he has left. I don't know what im supposed to do or say. I feel helpless. I just wanna keep him here as long as possible. Please help...

A.   9 June 2010: My prayers and thoughts for your b/f. I pray and hope that he will have a successful remission. Take each day at a time and just enjoy the day as though it is the last day . Each new day is a blessings. Make his life as comfortable as p... (read in full...)

My husband backhands our daughter. Should I leave him?

Q.   My husband and I have 3 children together. He is great with our 12 year old daughter and our 5 year old son but is very mean to our 15 year old daughter. Let me also say that our 15 yr old has a big time attitude as well. They clash big time with ...

A.   9 June 2010: Your daughter is being physically abused by your husband.You should be firmed with your husband and no more physical abuses. Talk to your daughter about toning down her attitude. You need to stand on your daughter's side.... (read in full...)

Every week she brings home a strange man she's just met!

Q.   im really scared for my friends safety and i dont know what to do. i used to try the soft approach but ive now started telling her exactly how it is and she is still being so stupid. She is 22 and has had 67 sexual partners. we live together an...

A.   9 June 2010: She is beyond help and you need to report to those people who are in charge of those homes about the situation. Your life is in great danger if she brings home a murderer or a rapist. Try to find some temporary place to stay until she is kic... (read in full...)

Shocked he reacted this way! What happened?

Q.   I've been seeing this guy for almost 6 months. We've gotten close enough to talk about moving in together. Last Friday, I was at his house, we were sitting outside talking. Having a few drinks. He starting asking questions about my past. ...

A.   8 June 2010: I am very sorry that things suddenly veered over the edge for you . It means he is over with you .He took that excuse to break off with you . He is too controlling, mean and irrational. ... (read in full...)

I might be pregnant, but the test says no! How long do I wait to seek a Dr's opinion?

Q.   Sorry if this is TMI but I started my last period on May 8th 2009, which was earlier than usual by a few days. I have a 28 day cycle and if things are as they should be I should have started my most recent period on 5th June, but so far nothing! ...

A.   8 June 2010: You should know the results when your period comes or until day 14th. If you don't want to wait any longer,you can go to your doctor and the blood test is very accurate.... (read in full...)

Would my devout christian friend have sex before marriage through pressure from his mates?

Q.   I need your advice. I have a friend whos a devout christian hes always stood by his religion, jesus is everything to him, he doesnt believe in sex before marriage and is a very true guy. Well i think he is. hes always been generally quiet and a nice ...

A.   8 June 2010: If he has the fear of God in him ,he will not but most of us are only human and not perfect. We do commit sins everyday. The chances of having sex before marriage is higher because of his circumstances.People can change and they can succumbe... (read in full...)

What can I do to be there for him after the death of his best friend?

Q.   My boyfriend of three months has just lost his best friend to cervical cancer. It's been very sudden and he's devastated. I'd do anything to make him feel better, but don't know what would be better, to spend time with him or give him space? Talk ...

A.   8 June 2010: There are some who would want you to spend more time with them and some who would want more space. You will have to feel him out since you know him better. It is difficult to advise you on this because different people may react differen... (read in full...)

Can you tell if you have a low or high sex drive if your still a virgen?

Q.   Hi, Can you tell if you have a low or high sex drive if your still a virgen? I like to masterbait alot thoe i would do it every night if i had time lol does that mean any thing? Also is it true if you use a toy or finger yourself you wont be tight ...

A.   6 June 2010: If you masturbate a lot , it means that you have a higher sex drive. It does not matter if you DIY or have real sex. If you are sufficiently stimulated and aroused, it won't be tight.... (read in full...)

The friend ultimatum: she either leaves her abusive boyfriend or I cut her out of my life!

Q.   This might get kind of long, so sorry in advance, but I don't know where else to turn. My best friend is dating a guy that all of her friends absolutely HATE. I know that sounds harsh, but she is unhappy 95% of the time. He's controlling and will ...

A.   6 June 2010: It is not advisable to issue that ultimatum. You are only a friend. It is better to just avoid her because some day in the future, who knows ,you may need her help. You have given her all the help , support and advises and that's all you can do. ... (read in full...)

We were going to see a burlesque show together. Now he wants to go with a girl from his past!!

Q.   i found this great burlesque show to go to, it was mid week and couldnt do it ,found out there were other shows on so thought we could do it on a sat night -better,we did talk about it.i get a call from my boyfriend,he tells me he has asked a ...

A.   6 June 2010: You could not go and maybe that old pal may be flying back soon and may missed this chance. Maybe, he thought that you would not mind or he could have made an alternative plan to watch it with you when you are free. There is nothing going on... (read in full...)

My boyfriend is not paying attention to me

Q.   Hey guys! :) Alright.. My boyfriend is NOT paying any attention to me and it pisses me off! On facebook he NEVER replies to my posts and never posts anything to me but he has the time to comment on his friends' He never initiates a call.. Its a...

A.   6 June 2010: Stop being the chaser. If he wants you , he will come and chase after you .You are no more his priority and has become a burden to him. The road you have walked together is coming to a dead end. You must start a new journey without him.... (read in full...)

If someone says "leave me alone" when they are heated, do they really mean it?

Q.   If someone tells you to stay away from them and leave them the F alone knowing they were saying it because they were heated does that mean they never want to see you again ever in life? ...

A.   6 June 2010: Anything said in anger should go in one ear and out the other. It should not be taken to heart. Sending an apology letter is a positive move and it may help to resolve the problem.... (read in full...)

He wants meaningless sex with other women but to keep our relationship

Q.   My boyfriend wants to have sex with other women. we have been together over 2 years, and i know he loves me. We have a great relationship. We are both open and honest and loving towards each other. Yet he honestly spoke with me about how he wants ...

A.   6 June 2010: He needs to choose either meaningless sex with other women or stay loyal and in love with you . He is too young and wants to sow his wild oats first. It is better to let him go because his heart is no more there.... (read in full...)

Any suggestions about this??

Q.   Its been about four days since my last post. And my husband has currently convinced me to move back in... We still sleep in the same bed. But I do not allow him to touch me. A kiss or too I'd fine. As for sexually UHUN!. The day I posted that post ...

A.   6 June 2010: Time is a great healer . It is easy to tell you but difficult to do it. In time, you will slowly find there is no more pain and you can then focus on his positive traits and together build up your home again. ... (read in full...)

Is it wrong to want my ex-wife, to get laid?

Q.   I have a dilemma with my ex-wife. We are still friends but I am concerned that she losing her vitality for life. She was full of fun and at her best during our marriage soon after an she had an affair (which I am not supposed to know about). ...

A.   6 June 2010: You would be better off to leave her to her own devices. Stolen kisses are always sweetest. You will need to pretend and just act along with her.... (read in full...)

Wondering if I could get a second opinion?

Q.   I was wondering if i could get a second opinion on a situation that has just happened to me. I told my boyfriend i was upset that he was staring at a girl and asked him to stop. He got very angry at me saying that he had not. I remained calm and...

A.   6 June 2010: He probably stared without realizing his actions.He should not have screamed at you and in the process intimidating you .It was a natural reflex action. You were provoked and under those circumstances, I think you were not wrong to slap him to s... (read in full...)

Why do guys always cheat on me?

Q.   Im 18 and i have a baby girl....guys tell my im sexy all the time im always faithful in my relationships but its like no matter what i always get cheated on why is that?...

A.   6 June 2010: Either you are jinx or you have bad luck. Be smarter and be a better picker of men . You should have sufficient experience by now to know which type of man fits that kind of profiles. ... (read in full...)

Do some women have their menstruation while pregnant?!

Q.   Hi all! :) I would just like to know.. According to teachings about the menstrual cycle.. It was clearly stated why women can not have their periods while they are pregnant and now on the internet when its asked.. People say its possible to have you...

A.   6 June 2010: You cannot have a period while you are pregnant because both of these functions cannot happen at the same time. If you were pregnant and began menstruating, inevitably you would lose the pregnancy or have a miscarriage. Although you ... (read in full...)

How can I seduce my ex?

Q.   I kinda want to know how can you make a guy want you back cause I want my ex back I just rather not talk to him right now, but better said he has me locked out of his life. Our break up was a random one, he one day said he just didn't love me ...

A.   5 June 2010: Go out there and flirt with other guys to show him that there is life after him. Don't allow him to see you are sad or let him know that you cannot live without him. Don't hang on to him or cling to him.You will appear clingy and that is a major ... (read in full...)

He says nothing's going on but won't let me read his emails!

Q.   should I be concerned if my boyfriend of 12 years will not let me see his emails? I just recently found out he was telephoning and emailing a female coworker and as he admitted became "too close to her". He insist nothing is going on, but when I ask ...

A.   5 June 2010: You should be concerned because something is happening right under your eyes. If he won't allow you to see his mails, there must be some incriminating evidence which he does not want you to see. He is guilty unless he will let you see his emai... (read in full...)

I'm married but am attracted to my co-worker!

Q.   I'm married and have been with my husband for nearly 7 years. I love him dearly and we have a great relationship. He really is my best friend and I can't imagine not having him in my life. However, I have found myself crushing on this guy at ...

A.   5 June 2010: You are only human and as long as you don't cross the line , you should be O.K. Make sure you are aware of your limits and boundaries. Mark them out clearly so that you won't overstep them.... (read in full...)

B/f's friend is there for me when my b/f isn't. What do I do?

Q.   so i've been with my boyfriend for a while now and i love him dearly, i just recently had a miscarraige and ever since then things have just become horrible. it went from almost perfect to a complete disaster, he rarely comes to see me and all i do ...

A.   4 June 2010: Thanks for your update.Prayers and you are always in our thoughts. Take a breather and allow time to heal your wounds. Everything will fall in place when the time comes. Try to relax and take care of your health.... (read in full...)

B/f's friend is there for me when my b/f isn't. What do I do?

Q.   so i've been with my boyfriend for a while now and i love him dearly, i just recently had a miscarraige and ever since then things have just become horrible. it went from almost perfect to a complete disaster, he rarely comes to see me and all i do ...

A.   28 May 2010: My sadness and sympathies for your miscarriage. It is unbecoming of your b/f not to be there besides you to offer you comfort and solace for your grief and pain. You will have to decide if your b/f is still the man he is .If he is this cold ... (read in full...)

Do I owe it to myself to put my feelings out there?

Q.   There's this guy I have been friends with for some time now. He is very sweet to me and I have recently realized I have feelings for him. I do not know for certain if these feelings are mutual, but he does express genuine affection towards me, ...

A.   12 May 2010: Things happened for a reason. It meant that he is not the one for you . You have got to leave things as they are and bless him . Keep those feeling within yourself . It may stay or will disappear in time. Then you will know if those feelings... (read in full...)

Is there anything I should do?

Q.   I'm a singer in a hotel and my boyfriend and i are in a long distance relationship. It's really hard for me not to be with him, but i need to work for my sister's.. Anyway, i had a bit of a problem with my boyfriend. I just noticed that this past ...

A.   4 April 2010: I guess it is winter there and there is no much you can do about it. All you can do is continue to be loving and sweet to him and hope that he will respond back in kind. Could there be any problem in your relationship?... (read in full...)

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