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Two co workers pursing me its become uncomfortable

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Question - (11 June 2024) 2 Answers - (Newest, 11 June 2024)
A female United Kingdom age 30-35, anonymous writes:

I’m 30 and I ended up sleeping with co worker who is 39. She has been extremely eager to please. For some reason she told her friend at work about it. Now her friend is pursuing me, borderline stalking and won’t miss any opportunity to talk to me. How I know she knows is because she told me she knows what happened between us and where I took her. So initially I thought she was just jealous or trying to be a devil but overtime everyone keeps making a comment how she can’t keep her eyes off me and that there’s a spark between us.

Now I don’t quite know what to make of this situation. I have nothing to lose. She also told me that the woman I slept with is married which she didn’t tell me. I don’t know why she’s stabbing her own friend. If I question the other one she acts silly.

So as a result I’ve taken a step back but she won’t leave me alone. Neither will. I know it sounds silly but I’m feeling a bit suffocated. The lads at work said it’s not a bad situation to be in but I feel like I can bring them no good. Like I’m sure they both want to be two bad girls with me. Why won’t they back off? I assure you I do not give mixed signals. I on purposely avoid crossing paths but I cannot avoid it when work related subject is used to strike up a convo and rhan lead that to something personal. I’m actually sick of it now.

Any suggestions?

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A male reader, kenny United Kingdom + , writes (11 June 2024):

kenny agony auntIts always awkward when you have intimate relationships with co-workers, things can become very challenging and quite messy as you are experiencing.

I would be inclined not to persue anything further with either of them and keep your relationship strictly work related.

If it all becomes to much and they won't back off seek advice from HR.

Failing that all you can do is seek alternative employment.

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A female reader, Honeypie United States + , writes (11 June 2024):

Honeypie agony auntIf you can record the next interaction, then tell her you are NOT interested (stop playing nice and stop being coy).

If she doesn't respect your "not interested" go to HR.

Also, stop sleeping with married people. It causes more drama than it's worth and other people will see you as the "village bike" - which is obvious in how aggressively that second woman is pursuing you.

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