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Who I am? A 28yr old Army wife. My DH serves, I serve and sacrifice as well. Went to college in my early 20s, economy caught up with me in 08 and dropped out for a bit. I however returned and am down the path to finishing a bachelor's degree. I have also beat my long, 3 year battle with infertility and am expecting a baby this December! Its been a long, pot hole filled road but I am finally where I want to be.

What qualifies me to help you? Vast dating experience, especially in the LDR department, even an international on with an Aussie, broke hearts, had mine broken, been engaged once before, I know what a real friend is, seen the ugly side of divorce coming from a recently broken home myself, even went as far as to tip the odds to my side and use men only to toss them aside like yesterday's garbage like they do women, I know what it's like to almost give up hope on finding the perfect man when he's really only a few boyfriends away, and I'm starting to learn the ropes of married life. I also know a vast deal about the female and male reproductive system, and all about the mental struggles with infertility. On a side note, I'm the one who gives you tough love, I'm not on here to sugarcoat it or to tell you what you want to hear. I'm going to give it to you straight up, wouldn't you rather the truth?


#1. Does this mean my teacher likes me?

Just because they're nice to you, offer extra help, and put a little gold star on your A+ paper doesn't mean they are in love with you.

#2. Could I be pregnant?

Have you not heard of a pregnancy test? Get off this website, and go to your local drugstore.

#3. I'm 14 and I want a baby?

Really? Me too! Oh wait I'm 28 and married. You're how old again?

#4. My husband loves porn more than me!

Maybe if you didn't let yourself go into the frumpy woman you have turned into then he wouldn't have to look at porn now would he? I recommend you get your rear to the salon for highlights, manicure, pedicure, tanning, toss the baggy tees and sweat pants for a wardrobe that fits, and a little makeup goes a long way. It's called basic woman maintenance in order to keep your man's eyes on you.

#5. Will we get back together, how can I get him to love me again?

Unfortunately, my crystal ball is broke at the moment and I just gave away the last of my love potion No. 9. Sorry.

MY GENERAL RULES OF THUMB (this should be common sense)

-No means no.

-Girls can ask out ask guys, this is a new generation.

-Unless you know sign language or are telepathic, you're going to have to talk to him/her.

-My "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy as is follows: Do not by any means volunteer your own sexual history, or ask your date/partner/wife/girlfriend their magic number (how many people they've slept with). If you find yourself being prompted to answer this question, politely tell them that's none of their business.

-Your past doesn't define who you are today. We grow, mature, age, and change as time passes.

-If you have to even ask random strangers on this website if you should have sex, then you're not ready for it.

-FWBs, fuck buddies, no strings attached, whatever you want to call not a relationship don't get the 2 confused. In this case, sex=sex, not love.

-No trust=no relationship.

-It is normal for your husband/boyfriend to have friends of the opposite sex, do you not have male friends?

-LDRs can work, however they're not for everyone. You've got to have trust, communication, be faithful, and a lot of hobbies to keep yourself occupied. If you have trust issues, a case of being needy, clingy, problems staying faithful and are in a LDR don't be surprised when it doesn't work. I told you so.

- An ex is an ex for a reason. If you guys couldn't hack it as a couple the first 2 times what makes you think the third time is a charm?

-Going on a "break" is a nice way of breaking up.

-If you have sex with a man and he hasn't called you, or responded to your texts in weeks sorry to say but he was just after a piece of ass.

- Now unless he's getting blown up in Afghanistan, an on call ER doctor, or lying dead in a coffin then he's got no excuse for his poor or lack there of communication.

-You have a 12% chance of your married boyfriend leaving his wife and children.

-A man who is going through a divorce is still legally married. He's about to have an ex wife and you're wanting to get into a relationship with him? That's called a rebound.

-If you're a minor who's just found out she's pregnant, do me and everyone else on this site a favor..Tell your parents.

-Just because some one stares at you, it doesn't mean they like you. They could be staring at that booger hanging out of your nose.

-If you have a lump/bump/cyst/rash that looks green, has oozing puss, and itches like hell, but kinda looks like a STD then you had better consult your doctor. They went through 6 years of schooling and have a license to practice medicine, I think they would know better than random virtual strangers.

-Don't mix business with pleasure. Why? Because if you date your co-worker and in the event things turn sour then you're still stuck facing them 9-5, Mon-Fri. Awkward.

-No matter how hard you try, you can't change a person..they have to make that transformation themselves.

-When your boyfriend/girlfriend says they want space that doesn't mean you do the opposite and bombard them with calls/texts.

-As far as ultimatums go, don't try to make your boyfriend choose between you, his female friends, or weed. You won't like the results.

-If you're 13-17, I'm sorry but you haven't a clue what love really is. You have minimal dating experience confined to the high school dating pool which are nothing but horny boys. Their facial hair doesn't make them a man. It's only till you get out into the real world, a vast dating pool is when you learn the definition of love. So, go on thinking you and 13 year old Tommy will go on to get married, have 3 kids, and a two story house with a white picket fence. I don't expect you to listen, I'm 28 and married, what do I know? There's a reason why everyone says it won't last..because it doesn't.

-The average penis size erect is 6 inches, 4.85 inches. Women like average to even a little below average. We're not going to bust out a tape measure and measure it to make sure it's up to our standards. We just want to have sex, so enough complaining about your size let's get down and dirty.

- The legal age of consent in the U.S. is 16-18 varying oer state, in Britain it's 16. I think it's safe to say most parts of the world (unless you live in a tribe with their own form of government) the legal age to consent to sex is 16. So yes, all you minors below the age of consent are committing a crime when you engage in sexual activity. The age is set that high for a reason, you are not above the law.

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I'm worried that once my LDR boyfriend gets his own place, his female friend might try to make a move. I know she likes him!

Q.   I am in a long distance relationship with an amazing guy. We have know each other for 3 years and are planning to soon meet and start a future/family together. He is the kind of person that I call my best friend and soulmates. He is my person and I ...

A.   26 June 2017: When does the Long Distance part of LDR expire? In this case, the sooner the better to ease your mind. NOW, if it's not for some X years, then I'm sorry to say but you're going to have to trust your boyfriend. Relationships will not survive without ... (read in full...)

Why do these guys act so weird around me? They don't do this to anyone else

Q.   I am friends with a few guys from my church. They will act like friends one day but then another day they walk by me like I am not even there. When I say hey to them they say hey back in a fake surprised way like they didn't see me when I know they ...

A.   26 June 2017: Hmmm that's strange. Maybe one of them likes you and the other is just there for support of the friend. Or maybe they're interested in becoming friends, wish to hang out and not sure how to approach the subject with you. I would ask them next tim... (read in full...)

My friend doesn't treat guys very well and I don't like it. Should I just stay out of it?

Q.   Hi how do I tell my friend she's a little conceited? Or am I overreacting? She's one of my best friend's. We're both 18 and have both had our fair share with guys. I just mean like being at the texting stage and dating, that kind of stuff. I'm no...

A.   26 June 2017: Sorry to say but your friend is a little conceited leading guys on. It seems like she needs validation and attention. I think if you try to say something about her behavior she would be furious with you for attacking her character and end the ... (read in full...)

My partner will not admit that she uses a vibrator and its making me feel inadquate

Q.   I've recently discovered that my partner if 6 years is secretly using a vibrator when she thinks I'm asleep. This has been ongoing now for 5 months and every time I ask her she becomes very angry and denial sets in. We have a very open relationship ...

A.   26 June 2017: Don't feel inadequate if your sex life is good otherwise. It may be possible that she isn't orgasming during sex and is using other devices to achieve such results. Since she feels like you are confronting her "dirty little secret" then I would ... (read in full...)

I want to initiate our next hangout/date but I'm not sure how to proceed

Q.   How do I proceed? I dated a guy last year I met from my cousin and things were going really well. He has a reputation of being a player and I am anything but that. My cousin told him that if you want to hook up with "me" do what you want you are...

A.   8 August 2013: As long as you refuse his sexual advances, and he is respecting your choice...he may be wanting to actually date you. However, with players they rarely ever change their ways. They also like a "good chase", especially if he's never slept with you. ... (read in full...)

Flirty work colleague refuses to acknowledge my marriage.

Q.   Dear all, I request your advice on my situation. In a way it is silly. I am married and very happy about family life. I have this female friend at work whom I like very much. she is 10 year younger than me and is at the age to get married. We are g...

A.   8 August 2013: Here's the thing, your flirty coworker doesn't have to acknowledge your marriage. That's your job. It's also in your best interest to stop this "friendship" with this woman, before your marriage is in trouble. Her intentions aren't pure or innoc... (read in full...)

My male friend has been ignoring his female friends since getting back from deployment

Q.   Hi, I have been friends with this guy ever since High School. Me and my sister both had a crush on him in past but he just want to be friends. I got more friends back then that we talked that still keeps in contact with him but after he came back ...

A.   8 August 2013: Keep in mind, he's just been overseas for a lengthy period of time. He just got back and needs to adjust to the time zone, and time to detox. Deployments aren't a holiday. He may have gotten shot at, seen people get blown up, just all around ... (read in full...)

Should I wear a bra because my boyfriend think it's too sexual otherwise?

Q.   Is it normal that my boyfriend constantly goes on about the fact that I should wear a bra? We've been having a very hot summer so far and I started leaving the house wearing tops but without a bra underneath. He says that it's obscene and ...

A.   8 August 2013: I hate bras! No matter if they're wireless, full support, whatever, they're all uncomfortable. However, since I am a C almost a D cup size, it would be obscene for me to go without a bra in public. What is your cup size? Unless you're an A or sma... (read in full...)

What would be good to wear/bring for a beach date followed by a movie?

Q.   I am going on a beach date. the beach we are planning on going to is within walking distance of my house, so we would come back there and watch a movie later. what should i bring? what should i wear ? is there anything else that you think would ...

A.   7 August 2013: If this date is his idea, then you don't need to bring anything. Leave the planning to him. Now if it is yours, then bring a big blanket, a picnic basket with wine, fruit and cheeses. I would look cute, yet not like you're trying to hard. You coul... (read in full...)

Neighbor confessed her love to my husband

Q.   I just found out my next door neighbor declared her love to my husband. She called him to make the confession. A few weeks ago I noticed they exchanged a "look" and when I stared at her, she felt uncomfortable. There have been many signs and now I ...

A.   7 August 2013: I'm guessing she's this lonely spinster that is wanting to sink her claws into any lawn care worker, post man, neighbor's husband she can get. She may have a low self worth and a serious issue with throwing herself at men. I applaud your husband ... (read in full...)

Cheated on my boyfriend last night and feel so guilty! Should I tell him?

Q.   I went out last night and got really drunk. A guy grabbed me and started kissing me and feeling me up and without thinking I started kissing him back. Then he said he would help to get me home safely but he got out the taxi too and we ended up ...

A.   7 August 2013: Ouch. The sex being crap, not knowing this guy, and the alcohol are all irrelevant. You cheated, it is what it is. It depends, if you're ok with having a relationship built on lies...then don't tell him. If you are an honest person and love you... (read in full...)

Is my boyfriend losing interest in me?

Q.   my boyfriend and i have been together 5 months, we started living together when we had only been dating 1 month. he moved out in the middle of july and moved in with one of his close friends (a guy) he said that we fought to much living together. ...

A.   6 August 2013: You guys really jumped ship in the beginning by moving in together. That doesn't work, and all of a sudden he has no time to talk to you. I imagine he had time to spend with you when you two were living together? Texting him nonstop until he... (read in full...)

Do women really enjoy anal sex?

Q.   I had a fairly normal but boing sex life with my now divorced wife. I met a nice woman and have been dating her for 6 months. We had our first sex about 2 months into the relationship. She is quite adventurous sexually, way more than my x wife who ...

A.   5 August 2013: No! The anus is an exit for bowels, not an entrance for peckers! I cannot stand it, due to the physical pain It causes me. In your new lover's case, she may have a loose enough rectal region of where she finds pleasure in it. I find men enjoy it... (read in full...)

My husband has been asking me to wear very revealing clothes in public because it turns him on

Q.   Lately my husband has been asking me to wear very revealing clothes in public. I have tried to accomodate, even though doing so Made me very nervous and self conscious at first. It still makes me feel that way, though less so the more I do it. ...

A.   3 August 2013: First of all, wear what you want. You went the extra mile in pleasing him and wearing such clothing. I would say you over compromised yourself. If you weren't comfortable with it, then decline his request. Now, it seems as if you like the attentio... (read in full...)

My girlfriend broke up with me in April, now she is messaging me a lot with smiley faces. Advice?

Q.   Hi all! My problem is my ex girlfriend she dumped me at the end of April after a year together but something kicked off on facebook over a status she realized it was nothing about her and apologized.During this argument it caused me to delete her ...

A.   3 August 2013: I wouldn't read too much into smiley faces. In fact, I wouldn't try to pick apart text messages in having hidden meanings. Perhaps everything is water under the bridge now, and she's just making nice conversation. After all, you two are adults. ... (read in full...)

He's going into the Army, which is stopping us from making our relationship official. What do you think I should do?

Q.   Me and this boy have been talking for a while now and are practically dating we want to make it official but there is only one thing stopping us he leaves to be in the army in three months for twelve months, twelve months is a long time and a lot ...

A.   7 May 2013: Unfortunately WiseOwl is correct. The only way you can hang on to him is to already be in a committed relationship with him, way before his departure. Or if he's willing to put a ring on your finger and walk down the aisle. But you will still be ... (read in full...)

My mother doesn't like my choice. How do I deal with this situation? I am extremely stressed! 

Q.   I find myself in a very stressful situation. I habve found the guy of my dreams. He is caring, respectful, and loves me to death. We've talked about a future together and what not. But the thing is that my mom doesnt exactly aprove. She thinks he's ...

A.   3 January 2013: I believe your mother is just afraid of having an empty nest. There's also that looming fear that single mothers face when their daughter starts dating; they don't want them to live a life like they experienced. She just wants the best for you, ... (read in full...)

I usually pick the losers and jerks - I'm scared to see what happens this time!

Q.   So I've started talking to this guy that has a lot in common with me, its like we can constantly talk and not get tired of each other. I have never been able to talk to someone like this and it feels really weird, and Im afraid I am going to say ...

A.   2 January 2013:  Just because he's no longer in his teens, doesn't mean he's this adult. at 20 he's still immature, especially since he jumped into a marriage at 18. i give him credit for kicking the drugs, let's just hope he stays clean. once again at his youth, ... (read in full...)

My online love interest said we weren't just going to be bed buddies!

Q.   Hello everyone, I started internet dating and first person I spoke to was really nice, we spoke for a long time and he said wasn't looking for just bed buddy but a relationship. Ended up sleeping together, thing is he seems to be treating me l...

A.   2 January 2013: He isn't just treating you like a casual f* buddy, you two are a friends with benefits. You're not in a relationship! This guy gave you lip service about wanting a relationship, just to get you in the sheets. Unfortunately, you fell for it. ... (read in full...)

Could I catch something from being fingered, what should I do?

Q.   last night i got fingered for the first time, i didnt really care about it at the time. but now it kind of hurts and im worried that his fingers were dirty or something. would i catch something and what should i do?...

A.   1 January 2013: You can get a urinary tract infection from the dirt, bacteria living underneath his fingernails. Next time tell him to clip his fingernails and scrub them with a nail brush. ... (read in full...)

Was his flirting a trick? Is he actually trying to get me out of a job?

Q.   I have been in this job over two months, this colleague is now more of a friend to me he is a senior. He is always helpful and we do get along but I am worried what his agenda is now. We do have a flirty relationship but professional one too. ...

A.   1 January 2013: What are you on probation for? You need to read the fraternization policy of your company. It's not a good idea to get involved with your co-worker. Mixing business and pleasure is not a great idea, because it hard to separate. I don't belie... (read in full...)

My mother doesn't like my choice. How do I deal with this situation? I am extremely stressed! 

Q.   I find myself in a very stressful situation. I habve found the guy of my dreams. He is caring, respectful, and loves me to death. We've talked about a future together and what not. But the thing is that my mom doesnt exactly aprove. She thinks he's ...

A.   1 January 2013: Is your mother a single mother? Because those sort of comments usually come from your father. Do you still live at home with her? Are you an only child? Why exactly doesn't she like your boyfriend? Does he have a job, lots of children with di... (read in full...)

My friend stuck her used vibrator in my boyfriend's face

Q.   So recently ive found myself in a strange situation and its one i never thought i would expect to deal with in a relationship and i truly hope no woman ever has to deal with this. I know your all thinking you boyfriend cheated on you. Wrong. So it ...

A.   1 January 2013: I know see that this was a joke gone wrong, and your boyfriend didn't deliberately try to suck on a dildo with your friend's fluids on it. Blech. In all actuality you should be quite angry at your friend for doing this action, and trying to say t... (read in full...)

My mother's boyfriend treats my brother very badly

Q.   I've spent a lot of time at my mum and her boyfriend's house this week and I've heard him call my brother a little scrote, douchebag, idiot, prick, pillock. He also threated to smash his wii and cut his signed football in half. He has also banned h...

A.   1 January 2013: This is NOT discipline, this is abuse. Your mother's boyfriend has no business, parenting your brother anyways. Can your mother not parent her own children?! Where is your father in all this? If anymore of it persists, I would threaten to call ... (read in full...)

Our trio has become a duo and I'm the odd man out

Q.   Evening folks, So, about two years ago, I went to this night school and I got on well with two other people. So well in fact, that even up to now, we're still close friends - and always meeting up together and stuff. However, as is expected with...

A.   1 January 2013: What can you do? Not a thing. Unfortunately, she chose him and you're now a third wheel. It's best to remain cordial with the both. She chose him, and he accepted it, if anything you should be equally upset with the both of them. Like ... (read in full...)

How can I break it to my friend that the magic is gone?

Q.   One of my best friends and I recently decided that there might be some kind of chemistry between us... We decided to go on a real date and see where things went... The date was awful. It was awkward and we had nothing to talk about. I'm not s...

A.   1 January 2013: It's not really a grand idea to try to date a male friend. Like you stated, it doesn't go anywhere and makes the friendship extremely awkward. Since he's away at school this may be the perfect time to tell him how you feel about the date. Be... (read in full...)

My friend stuck her used vibrator in my boyfriend's face

Q.   So recently ive found myself in a strange situation and its one i never thought i would expect to deal with in a relationship and i truly hope no woman ever has to deal with this. I know your all thinking you boyfriend cheated on you. Wrong. So it ...

A.   1 January 2013: Eh, it's never a good idea to hold a sex toy party while everyone is inebriated. Wow, he might as well have gotten on his knees and licked her crotch right there. I wonder if he realized her bodily fluids were on it? Did he spit out, or did he g... (read in full...)

How can I get my friend to accept that I don't have any romantic interest in him?

Q.   I've been friends with this guy for about a year, and for a lot of that time he's had a crush on me. We are both 20, and in college. We are good enough friends that the crush is "out in the open" and we have discussed it without too much ...

A.   31 December 2012: Wow, this guy is relentless. In all honesty, if you two are that good of friends then he would respect your choice. Don't coddle him on this. You need to set him down and be firm. Tell him he is too far in the friendzone, and that you are NOT... (read in full...)

Had an amazing date with my friend but now haven't heard from him for a week. Was he making excuses when he cancelled another date? We are both in relationships with other people.

Q.   Hi I have this friend L, we to talk to each other/hang out with friends etc. Nothing ever happened as he has a gf and I have a bf and he was moving to another country. However, we were both unhappy with our relationships and we do talk to each oth...

A.   31 December 2012: Being unhappy with your current relationship is NOT an excuse to cheat. If you're that unhappy, break up with your boyfriend. It's much easier than going out and cheating. To you it may mean more, but to L it doesn't mean that much. Because ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend never wants to socialise with my friends. Is he being selfish and want can I do about this?

Q.   Ok my boyfriend of 3 years never wants to do anything with my group of friends, it always has to be his. For example tonight, we were invited to a NYE party with my friends weeks ago but he has been hesitating about going to it. I have asked hi...

A.   31 December 2012: He's either stuck up his mate's arses, has social anxiety, or doesn't like your friends. I can understand him not wanting to be around your friends if he cannot particularly stand them. It's not like they're family where he would have to tolerate... (read in full...)

I usually pick the losers and jerks - I'm scared to see what happens this time!

Q.   So I've started talking to this guy that has a lot in common with me, its like we can constantly talk and not get tired of each other. I have never been able to talk to someone like this and it feels really weird, and Im afraid I am going to say ...

A.   31 December 2012: I'd be questioning his age and how long has he been clean...Also if he's sought proper treatment, as in going through rehab. There's also the looming question of what an older man wants with a teenager. It sounds like he's either a pervert ... (read in full...)

What's wrong with my relationship with my Gf? She seems to find fault with me all the time.

Q.   I have been going out with this girl for a while now and have been enjoying every moment we are together. Ever since we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend, she has been shooting me down. For instance, I asked her if she wanted to hang out...

A.   31 December 2012: When I was your age, I would act this way to my boyfriend when I wanted him to dump me...because I didn't want that on me. I'd feel too guilty. Or it's because I'm getting ready to dump him. I don't believe it's anything you're doing wrong, i... (read in full...)

Should I respond to ex's new GF's message?

Q.   I was in a long distance relationship a few years ago which lasted two years. Now we're just friends, although we don't keep in touch, we do meet up whenever we happen to be in one another's cities. Recently, his current girlfriend for about a year ...

A.   31 December 2012: I've actually has this happen to me a few years back. I had gotten out of a nasty engagement with my ex and his new GF contacted me out of sheer curiosity. Instead of dragging his name through the mud, as he had done me, I took the high road and... (read in full...)

Why are women so confusing?

Q.   Why are women so confusing? Why can't women ever just say whats on their mind? This past semester I met a nice girl in college and I would text her regularly. We would talk about music, movies, sports and whatever else was going on with school. I ...

A.   31 December 2012: It actually sounds like you like her and she's not interested in you. Thus why she keeps rejecting your passes with flimsy excuses. She doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Some girls are way too nice when it comes to that. ... (read in full...)

Why am I so emotional?

Q.   I don't know what is going on with me recently! I keep finding i'm very emotional, i tear up over nothing or the littlest thing! I get angry at everyone so easily, it's actually becoming a problem because now i'm getting into arguments with my ...

A.   31 December 2012: We're not medical professionals, so we cannot give you a concrete answer as to why you're overly emotional. It could be numerous things: -hormonal imbalance -PMS -anxiety, depression I suggest you ring your GP, so they're able to run ... (read in full...)

How can I introduce the idea of us being more than friends to him?

Q.   I met a guy several months ago and he's honestly one of the most incredible people I've met in a long time. When we met, he had a girlfriend but we became very close friends although even then I fancied him a bit. About a month ago he broke up with ...

A.   31 December 2012: He just broke up with her a month ago, it's still a little soon. Plus you don't want to be the rebound relationship. That won't end well for you. Why don't you try talking to him about relationships in general, and see where he stand on the topi... (read in full...)

Questions about cheating.

Q.   I am kind of surprised when women get cheated on and they weren't expecting it. It worries me, has anyone here ever been cheated on by someone who didn't have a reputation or someone who has never cheated before?...

A.   31 December 2012: I'm actually the reverse, I never cheated...then when things went south between me and my finance (at the time) I cheated on him, twice. To the women who get cheated on and didn't see it coming were either: -Obviously oblivious of the... (read in full...)

She posts everything we do on facebook!

Q.   im with this girl that is say young enough to be my daughter. i love her very much and i even ended a long term marriage for her. but lately i have been thinking about things she put on facebook when we were dating. i told her one night when we were ...

A.   31 December 2012: You will be paying for your other children until they're 18, so you will broke for a long time. Your new girlfriend will only tolerate the financial hardship for so long, until she finds another a man with more money for her and her children... (read in full...)

I want my BF to grow up and save $ - Am I controlling?

Q.   So I've been with my boyfriend for two years. He doesn't have a car or a license. So I drive him to and from work and everywhere else every day except on his days off. He pays for gas, most of it, and buys a few groceries since I stay with him at h...

A.   31 December 2012: Do you two live together in his parents home? Because if you are and don't pay anything towards rent, you chauffeuring him around is a small price to pay. Considering he pays for majority of the gas. The only thing you're getting shafted on is, ... (read in full...)

Eight months pregnant by him and now he's broken up with me on Christmas Eve. What can I do? LDR and he's in the military. He says I've not given him enough space.

Q.   I met this guy almost 12 mths ago, we were in love an every was great. Now I'm currently 8 months pregnant an recently he started talking a lot less, saying he needs space and that i message him too much. Then he then dumped me on Christmas Eve an ...

A.   31 December 2012: If he's cut off contact, then it's really over. You need to move on and focus on the arrival of your baby instead. ... (read in full...)

Why are women so confusing?

Q.   Why are women so confusing? Why can't women ever just say whats on their mind? This past semester I met a nice girl in college and I would text her regularly. We would talk about music, movies, sports and whatever else was going on with school. I ...

A.   30 December 2012: To find out the exact reason why, you need to ask her. There's too many factors to give you a straight answer. - She's busy with other engagements. - She grew bored of texting you. - She didn't see anything going anywhere between the two... (read in full...)

She posts everything we do on facebook!

Q.   im with this girl that is say young enough to be my daughter. i love her very much and i even ended a long term marriage for her. but lately i have been thinking about things she put on facebook when we were dating. i told her one night when we were ...

A.   17 December 2012: Since this girl is in another generation, then you what do you expect? Just because she's a mother doesn't mean she's grown up or mature. Facebook is basically a brag book. You let people on your friends list into your private life. You post pic... (read in full...)

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Cute Carl agony auntCute Carl
Damian k. agony auntDamian k.
Damn_hot agony auntDamn_hot
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Deagan agony auntDeagan
dirtball agony auntdirtball
Eleena agony auntEleena
eyeswideopen agony aunteyeswideopen
Forbiddenlovebutnoregrets agony auntForbiddenlovebutnoregrets
Franny Girl agony auntFranny Girl
gabriela1993! agony auntgabriela1993!
Gontse agony auntGontse
Hanply agony auntHanply
hopeful31 agony aunthopeful31
I_LUV_MEExD agony auntI_LUV_MEExD
I-Love-CSI agony auntI-Love-CSI
ILoveCupid agony auntILoveCupid
im a bird agony auntim a bird
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Inallhonesty... agony auntInallhonesty...
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Izzyboo agony auntIzzyboo
janniepeg agony auntjanniepeg
Jullianna agony auntJullianna
Kat_M_2011 agony auntKat_M_2011
kenny agony auntkenny
KITcAThottie agony auntKITcAThottie
Lilylove1 agony auntLilylove1
LivingWithBadDecisions agony auntLivingWithBadDecisions
loulou95 agony auntloulou95
lush2010 agony auntlush2010
macroseninfo agony auntmacroseninfo
marrowarrom agony auntmarrowarrom
Mehr. agony auntMehr.
Mejersy agony auntMejersy
misfitschik66 agony auntmisfitschik66
missyfit agony auntmissyfit
misty567 agony auntmisty567
mizz.butterflies agony auntmizz.butterflies
monacons agony auntmonacons
mystiquek agony auntmystiquek
nepangue1988 agony auntnepangue1988
nisha23 agony auntnisha23
paradice agony auntparadice
Paulhicent agony auntPaulhicent
Peter cute agony auntPeter cute
PinkRose agony auntPinkRose
pinktopaz agony auntpinktopaz
png526 agony auntpng526
potmanrules agony auntpotmanrules
princessgabby agony auntprincessgabby
raiders agony auntraiders
Remniscent agony auntRemniscent
ricarla agony auntricarla
Rockstar1984 agony auntRockstar1984
Sageoldguy1465 agony auntSageoldguy1465
sammy621aa agony auntsammy621aa
Sarahh._x agony auntSarahh._x
Selvi agony auntSelvi
Shadow_Phathom_of_the_Opera agony auntShadow_Phathom_of_the_Opera
shymexycpl agony auntshymexycpl
slimfish agony auntslimfish
smantha agony auntsmantha
smileyfaceCUTIE agony auntsmileyfaceCUTIE
smiliek agony auntsmiliek
SnowStorm51 agony auntSnowStorm51
so scared agony auntso scared
So_Very_Confused agony auntSo_Very_Confused
Soetaer agony auntSoetaer
suitcase agony auntsuitcase
TasteofIndia agony auntTasteofIndia
TeenGirl101 agony auntTeenGirl101
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Tisha-1 agony auntTisha-1
tomnoejr agony aunttomnoejr
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