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Wife moves all my stuff around. How can I make her understand how much it bothers me?

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23 September 2023 (M age 36-40 - My wife and I have a very small house and we are both packrats in our own ways. For example, she has a thing with coffee mugs and has about 40 of them while I don’t use them at all but I have a lot of electronics accessories like cables, batterie...

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Split after 10 years and IVF

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24 September 2023 (F age 30-35 - Hi everyone! Me and my boyfriend of 10 years split last weekend. He has been off with me for a couple of weeks but I just thought he was struggling with stress being back at work and being a teacher. There is a lot of back story to this.. we’ve ...

#3 with 2 people reading it:

I am missing my partner after our breakup

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24 September 2023 (F age 30-35 - I have recently left my partner, who I didn’t want to leave but the relationship was toxic. He blamed me for everything that was wrong, said I didn’t communicate with him. I did, but he didn’t want to listen or compromise on anything. We were ...

#4 with 2 people reading it:

I don't understand what happened

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25 September 2023 (F age 36-40 - Prior to the start of our relationship, we made an agreement. I wanted to become a mother with the right partner, and he agreed to take on that responsibility. In return, I promised to be good to his three daughters and accept that his ex-wife would ...

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