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I get jealous when others go on vacation

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19 April 2024 (F age 51-59 - I get jealous when I hear someone who is going away for a Break away or holiday. I go away myself with my husband on breaks and holidays but I still want to get away even if I have just come back. I had children at an early age so no travelling...

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Are we able to be friends

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21 April 2024 (F age 26-29 - Are we able to be friends One of the managers at my job I think has a crush and is attracted to me so he keeps me at arms length so to speak. He is not my boss or in the same department as me but sometimes we do work together and since ...

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Did I send a mixed message?

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21 April 2024 (F age 30-35 - From what I gather a girl who is someone I know and who is friends with one of my friends told him I like/have a crush on him. I never told her that but since me and this guy were fairly close and people know how I admire him or talk to him I guess ...

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