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Feelings for ex teacher

Q.   I don’t know where to start :s I guess I’m just curious if anyone else has/is going through the same thing, I’ll try and keep it simple… When I started college I was 16 years old, I was at the same college until I was 21 and graduated. I had...

A.   24 June 2024: Dr Lady!… Thank you for replying again, I feel like I could talk all day about this to you, you know there’s people going through it and it’s finding them to talk to! I’ve found all the responses from everyone helpful and can see all points. I have ... (read in full...)

I got involved with engaged co worker and made her choose

Q.   Hi everyone! Here's my situation: two and a half years ago a new coworker arrived into the company I've been working with for the last 7 years. A couple of weeks after she arrived, she started to flirt with me in a real intense way, I mean, she...

A.   28 May 2024: Hi guys! A little update to this story: yesterday I received the invitation and guess what...I'm only invited to the cake cutting while other coworkers are also invited to the whole ceremony. This makes it easier to decline her invitation. I also ... (read in full...)

My husband wants to uproot our lives to take care of his mom

Q.   Dear Cupid Been married for 5 and been with my husband for 10 years. My mother in law got sick recently and would require constant care. My husband is a single child, and he wants to move in with her and take care of her. He does not want to ...

A.   11 May 2024: Thank you, my husband still insist on moving with his mom and taking care of her and not putting her in hospice. Me and our son are staying in our home for now. ... (read in full...)

Is there any way I can feel love for my fiance again

Q.   I’m not so sure I love my fiance anymore and deep down I think he knows it too but won’t accept it because he’s a creature of habit. The spark in our relationship has faded over the years for various reasons, for example, he works so much overtime ...

A.   28 April 2024: Thank you both for your advice Unfortunately, his mum is with us until June/July as she is completely renovating her house and has no plumbing/water in place. My mum is with us for a few years due to poor credit/finances. My fiances mum isn’t re... (read in full...)

Ex contacted me to wish me a Happy Birthday

Q.   So about 2 months ago I came here and asked a question regarding about going to therapy about a girl I was romantically involved with leaving me. I come back ask the situation with her has changed entirely that I've had what can only describe as an ...

A.   29 November 2023: To everyone who responded thank you Im making this post to give everyone an update on what happened after my therapist appointment and give a bit more context to things, and ask at least 1 more question. To clarify the dating for one week; Tec... (read in full...)

I think my husband likes my friend

Q.   I think my husband (common law for 11 years; don’t ask why we haven’t gotten married I don’t know either) likes my friend. I noticed when we went on vacation he would suggest her presence where we were gonna be. I don’t doubt her at all, she’s a ...

A.   24 October 2023: Hi, so yeah she never told me anything. So at this point I’m feeling a type of way towards her too. Him and I have not slept in the same room for days now, and as much as it’s hurting I can’t get over it because he just doesn’t give me a good e... (read in full...)

How to Deal with Sexual Urges

Q.   Hi everyone, I would like some advice. I am 31 years old and a virgin and I would like some advice on how to handle my sexual urges or lessen them to a degree. So far, my methods have been to engage in several hobbies and focusing on my w...

A.   15 October 2023: Hi! Thank you for your response. I’m not sure if you knew when reading my question, but I am not a man. I’m a woman. I haven’t self pleasured in 6 years, and I still struggle with the urges. I do appreciate your advice. ... (read in full...)

When close friends enter relationships, sometimes I feel they change and I lose interest

Q.   Dear Cupid, I have very close platonic friendships and I'm queer human. Until now my life has been populated by close platonic queer friendships and sex with strangers. Often I've seen close friends enter into committed, rather traditional romantic ...

A.   19 August 2023: Thanks for this helpful reply. I understand why I might appear all or nothing. Sometimes I am and sometimes I’m not that. I think sometimes people seeing people in relationships shows a side of them I didn’t know previously. Controlling or secretive ... (read in full...)

My partner's mum seems to dislike me and it is making things awkward.

Q.   Partner and I have been dating for about three and a half years now. Things with his mum seemed okay at first, but I have noticed in the last year or so she has become snide with me and throws little comments here and there. For example, my...

A.   29 July 2023: I also forgot to mention that at this year's New Year, I was at the mum's house. We were talking about having some people over for drinks. I can't remember the full conversation, but she turned to him, whilst pointing at me, and said: "If she (mea... (read in full...)

Is he done with me? He doesn't say so but his behaviour does.

Q.   I met this amazing guy a few months ago. I wasn't interested in him at first, but he had been noticing me. He had feelings for me and he'd been analyzing his feelings for about 3 months before he finally told me about them. He told me he was ...

A.   18 July 2023: Thanks Honeypie. He finally contacted me last night and gave me an explanation. He apologized. He was being cryptic and vague and I asked if he ever did love me and if he does still love me now. What he said was that he doesn’t know how to love me ... (read in full...)

Friends with an former fantasist lover? Bad idea

Q.   Dear Cupid, Around a year ago, I made a new friend. We spent a lot of time together but it was for me purely platonic, never sexual or romantic though I enjoyed our friendship. Over time I suspected he might harbor deeper feelings but always assum...

A.   13 June 2023: Thank you very much for your helpful answers. I will for one last walk, explain my concerns about him holding hope and that I feel being close friends might get in the way of both of us finding healthy reciprocal love. See what he says and explain ... (read in full...)

Is he a psychopath?

Q.   I met him 3 years ago and fell madly in love. He was my first everything. At first he was sweet, we would talk for hours everyday. After the first year, things changed completely. He reaches out to say something so affectionate (i'm a woman he can't ...

A.   11 June 2023: Thank you for the replies! Just to add a detail, I used to be a Muslim and wasn't allowed to date or do "everything". I was 30 when I met him, a little after I renounced my religion. That's why I had no prior experience... (read in full...)

Advice regarding my parents punishment for my behavior

Q.   I would like some advice from parents please ? i must admit my behavour over the past 2 weeks has been very poor last weekend i was grounded for general bad behavour, i ignored my parents and sneaked out of the house to go to a party, my friends and ...

A.   21 April 2023: i got home from school an hour ago, i was escorted to my bedroom by my older sister and locked in, i will remain in my room until monday morning, apart from bathroom breaks of course my bedroom door will be LOCKED at ALL times, this is my punishment ... (read in full...)

My bf is very dirty. What do I do?

Q.   Ive been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. After 5 months in the relationship I slowly started unraveling a kind of lie by ommission. Turns out he is a very dirty person. He doesn't wash his teeth. Takes baths once every two weeks and wears ...

A.   27 February 2023: Thank you all for your answers. To give a little background about my boyfriend. As some of you kinda guessed, he was raised like this. After meeting his family it became more apparent than ever. He lives in a family of 4.Father, mother, brother and ... (read in full...)

Should I rethink things?

Q.   He expected a thank you for getting a coca cola for my mother and asked me on the phone if my mother got the coke so I said yeah why? and he told me where was his thank you and I told him that when he asks for a thank you after he wants to do ...

A.   25 February 2023: I thank you all for your answers. Although some were quite harsh. I'm not a person who doesn't know how to be polite and I use thank yous and please on my day to day although I didn't make it really clear in my question. I do suffer from a learning ... (read in full...)

How to repair a fractured friendship?

Q.   Recently, I got into a big fight with one of my close friends. Needless to say, shamefully, I was the one at fault and became very over-emotional and angry with them at the time for reasons I could not comprehend while I was in an emotional state. ...

A.   22 February 2023: Thank you for all your constructive criticism! I have had this issue with anger outbursts and over-emotional behaviour for a very long time. I did previously seek therapy for 4 years to assist with a lot of underlying issues I had in the past. I let ... (read in full...)

Want to help my sister with her problems, but how?

Q.   Hi everyone, id like advice or some help with my sister. We'll call her Kylie even though i know she isnt on this site. My sister and I are in a very weird ground in my own opinion though she probably sees it differently. Currently im 24 ...

A.   6 February 2023: Thanks to the both of you, i appreciate the responses. Ill try and update you with some more information to clarify the situation. Me and my sister currently do not live in the same state anymore. Back when covid hit i lost my job and moved ou... (read in full...)

Husband seeing old troublesome friends again concerns me

Q.   My husband cut ties with a number of friends for various reasons - some were holding on much too tight when we first got together and acted like teenagers. Others partying, drugs etc. One of those friends he is fond of but hasn’t seen in awhile - a ...

A.   31 January 2023: Yea - I am not a mommy”. I am saying I feel uncomfortable after everything that happened and having trouble processing the feelings. ... (read in full...)

Why does he want me to swallow?

Q.   My husband doesn't get turned on by intercourse. He only gets turned on by oral sex and he wants me to swallow, and I really don't want to most of the time. Why is that so important to him?...

A.   12 January 2023: update. My husband passed away in October. I know we had problems, but I wish he was here to work on them.... (read in full...)

How to move on from a falling out with a best friend?

Q.   One of my closest guy friends online and myself have had a big falling out. It has gotten very toxic and very messy. He has blocked me on all social media accounts (however hasn't unfriended me), and he is deleting his main social media account ...

A.   1 January 2023: Thank you everyone for your input, I really appreciate it! In the end I did attempt to send him an apology message, stating I was also at fault, this was 2 weeks ago, and he ended up blocking me there also. I am not even sure if he read the message ... (read in full...)

When is enough enough when its family?

Q.   Okay so… . First of all, I live in a 4 bedroom household with 7 people including myself. Me and my husband in one room, my daughter in her own room, my sister and brother in law in the third room and my mother and 7 year old sister in the 4th room....

A.   23 December 2022: Hi, thank you for your advice first of all. My mom only gets assistance for the youngest child, she’s 8. Aside from that we help her with the 8 year old and anything my mom needs. Yeah same thing we thought, she could have gone to the coll... (read in full...)

Afraid I’ll regret ending this friendship. Is this a friend worth keeping?

Q.   Would you stay friends with someone who has the following traits? I need an outside person’s perspective: PROS: -Caring -There for you emotionally when need advice or venting -Helps in my mental health healing process -Feel less alone b...

A.   30 November 2022: Thank you to you both. I appreciate your responses... (read in full...)

Is it pointless for me to search for a partner?

Q.   Long story short, I've lived in a toxic home my whole life for almost 3 decades, and after finally breaking away, I feel better than before. In a nutshell, living alone is the most amazing thing ever. I don't yearn for there to be anyone there by ...

A.   28 November 2022: Thank you all, I appreciate all of your input—each and every one... (read in full...)

How to get over dissapointment of being so close to finding The One?

Q.   I fell in love with a guy who has so many characteristics I am looking for. He is so much of what I’ve hoped to have as a husband but never thought would exist out there. Long story short, he has three big deal breakers to him. These things are...

A.   8 November 2022: I wanted to say thank you everyone for helping me in me trying to get through this process. ... (read in full...)

Friendship Woes

Q.   Hello all, this isn’t necessarily a love/dating question, but a friendship dilemma in need of advice. I don’t know who to ask because I’ve only got a handful of people in my life and they’re mostly guys and don’t really have any solid advice. A...

A.   2 October 2022: @Honeypie, thank you! I absolutely blocked the contractor and the bitter baby mama the night all that happened. I feel like I’ve only stayed friends with my “best friend” this long because I don’t like hurting peoples feelings, and also felt ... (read in full...)

I feel like he rejected me when I most needed him

Q.   I have sexually lost interest in my husband of three years. I find his touch annoying. We have had our share of problems. Am suddenly remembering all the past hurt and just get turned off. One of them is that when we were dating, he made me beg for ...

A.   5 September 2022: Its been nine years since I posted this and I have not regained my interest in sex with my husband. I still find him repulsive. I have learnt to live in a *sexless" marriage. ... (read in full...)

My husband refuses to acknowledge my children from a previous relationship

Q.   Am 39 years married to my husband for six years. I had two children before marriage. On of them her dad is alive but is not interested in financially supporting her or co parenting. The other his dad passed on. I hve two more kids with my husband ...

A.   5 September 2022: I was looking at this and my life now. Well, my kids have grown. They no longer need attention from him. I think I did a good job raising them. He started complaining about how they ignore his existence now as young adults. I proudly reminded him ... (read in full...)

I think my wife of 24 years is seeing other men.

Q.   Dear Cupid, I and my wife have been married for 24 years with children. We have been trusting each other so much so that she even tells me when some man tries her for sex i do the same, when a woman,mostly her friend, starts sweet-talking me. Howe...

A.   7 August 2022: Thank you swapna. I have since found out my wife didnt marry me out of love but rather to fufil her wish to have a husband. she still feels and shows it to me that i have never been the right man for her. She likes making money and loves to flir... (read in full...)

No trust is causing issues PART 2 (part on caused an error)

Q.   Copied from original question) A female United Kingdom age 26-29, anonymous writes: [add to watch list] I am really struggling with trust issues in my new relationship. I have been in a relationship with an amazing guy for 6 months. He did ...

A.   30 July 2022: Being cheated on is traumatic. And it can end up being some heavy baggage to carry around, especially for someone (you in this case) who DIDN'T do the cheating. You "just" trusted someone who wasn't trustworthy. I think it is good that he told you... (read in full...)

I'm with a girl that is married but doesn't want to be and feels scared to leave

Q.   Me and this girl have been seeing each other for a little over 6 months now she is married but haven't been together for almost a year he lives in a camper on the property and she lives in the house they have 2 kids a 16 year old daughter and a 12 ...

A.   27 July 2022: Well I guess I didn't explain each and every detail but she stays in the house he stays in a camper on the property I don't give her money because I don't really have none as a matter of fact she buys me things that I need and is there for me ... (read in full...)

How do I manage this co-worker?

Q.   I started this new job as an Activities Instructor in the disability sector a month and a half ago and I really love it! Recently, I went on an overnight trip with some clients and another activities instructor that I have been having some trouble ...

A.   8 July 2022: Thanks for your input and I really appreciate it! I'm not use to taking the lead in many things and find it uncomfortable. I was given this role by my company to improve on that and have it as a stepping stone for another job within the company that ... (read in full...)

I don't want my step-mother at my graduation

Q.   Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my question. I am 24 years old, I'm graduating from university in the Summer. I'm only allowed two tickets for each parent at the ceremony, so I'm inviting my father and my mother. My Father and I...

A.   12 June 2022: @Anon thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately I don't think it's all my father's fault. And I'm not defending him just because he's my father, I am not attached to him nowadays. I truly think she is narcissistic out of the two of th... (read in full...)

Confessions of an Agony Uncle

Q.   On the 4th of November 2008 I signed up for a name and posted my first answer on this site. It was some quiet advice on career choices. Last night I posted my 100th. Just a bit of general advice on sex. In between I've gotten my ire up about ...

A.   12 June 2022: Just a test post to see how broken the site is.... (read in full...)

Am I wrong to refuse to meet him at a hotel?

Q.   Dear Agony Aunts, Ive been with this guy for 2 months now. Since we met, we always saw each other at my place. Since he doesn't live alone, it was convenient for both of us because of privacy. 7 days ago, we got into a heated argument that mad...

A.   8 June 2022: Hi HoneyPie, thanks for your input. We go into an argument because he was cheating on me.... (read in full...)

Since having sex I've barely heard from him

Q.   I am very confused. Something like this happened to me for a first time. I dated a guy for about one month and then we met on Sunday evening for dinner and then ended having sex at his place. As tomorrow was Monday and we live in about an hour ...

A.   8 June 2022: we dated a month. Since when it is quick? We are adults in our 30ies/40ies. I dont see a point to wait for 3 months only to find out there is no chemistry or he is small or anything else.... (read in full...)

Am I making too much of this

Q.   Hi. Just seeking thoughts as to whether Im overreacting to my current working situation. A week into my new job I have just found out that my boss,35,33 at the time, was charged and went to court because he was caught hiding in the cubicle of the ...

A.   28 May 2022: Hi Kenny. Good question. This is a family run business and they have no issue with them and mates coming and going out the kitchen, totally annoys me being its a safety issue and interruption, but not my place to bring it up I thought- anyway...I ... (read in full...)

Best friend distancing herself from me for no apparent reason?

Q.   I've been best friends with this girl for 5-6 years. We've been extremely close like sisters up until recently. Just the last two years, she started making these shady comments occasionally which she never used to do (comments about my body and ...

A.   22 May 2022: Thank you @honeypie ! I'm very hurt honestly because she had always been incredibly lovely and supportive to me the first 4 years we were friends. I thought she was going to be maid of honour at my wedding etc. She was one of the only friends I felt ... (read in full...)

Friend keeps going after the same men as me constantly!

Q.   I have this "friend" and we have been quite close for 2 years now. It seems as though every time I start dating someone, or if I fancy a man, my friend has to either try to sabotage it by telling him bad things about me, or will try to seduce hi...

A.   20 May 2022: I have decided to block this girl- thank you all!... (read in full...)

Friend ended engagement and his ex wont move out

Q.   My best friend told me last night he ended his engagement due to a concern he had. He's 27, and engaged to a 54-year-old woman. She's got no kids, no grandkids. They've been together for 3 years now, I think they met in summer 2019. He said ...

A.   11 May 2022: Actually his mum and dad own the house, it was a second home they rented out during the 2010s pre-COVID but they let them have it in November 2020, just as lockdown measures eased, and it allowed for house moves anyway. My friend's still having n... (read in full...)

My husband complains about our 'hum drum' life

Q.   Hi guys. I'm a newlywed, been married for eight weeks now, my wedding was a small but intimate one with 20 guests. The issue here is my new husband. I really love him, but he's possibly changing or changed in a way that he's questioning the ma...

A.   10 May 2022: Thank you. I showed husband this post, but he was claiming this post was some sort of pro-Biden thing. We're Americans living in Canada, for the record.... (read in full...)

Am I losing that guy?

Q.   I need to know if I am losing that guy. We have both made moves - indirect non verbal to express what we feel towards each other- an attraction. I am pretty sure he had something for me since we saw each other but I did not want to take any of this ...

A.   9 May 2022: Thank you very much for those who have replied - really appreciated.... (read in full...)

Husband cheating and I am questioning my whole life

Q.   Hello. Not sure how to deal with this, it's a toughie for me and life's threw me a curveball. I really thought me and my husband had a good marriage until I discovered something on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the dance school that our daug...

A.   7 May 2022: Bad news! Last night he HAD admitted to having an affair with her, and driving between our house and hers from 2019 to now, even during the pandemic when there were stay-at-home orders he'd travelled to her house. He said the affair actually ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend and I broke up due to long distance. Did I dodge a bullet?

Q.   My boyfriend (now ex) and I have been a couple for a couple of months, and have been dating for like a year and a half. (In person, I didn’t meet him online, I met him at uni) He went to an exchange program in February, and he isn’t returning ...

A.   28 April 2022: Thank you so much for your responses. Every day when I wake up, I wake up with a pain in my stomach. I guess it’s going to pass, I don’t know. It’s my first boyfriend and the first break up sucks, honestly. To be honest, months before he would le... (read in full...)

Is he beginning to change his mind?

Q.   Hi everyone So, my boyfriend has always said that he wouldn’t ever want to get married to anyone. He says that he’s not really religious, and the idea of committing to someone in the eyes the government kind of scares him as it means you are fina...

A.   28 April 2022: HoneyPie Yeah, definitely. I mean so far, it’s amazing. Both of our goals in terms of work are in the media field, we both want to end up cohabiting as soon as we’re ready, I’ll families love each other and I’ve never felt so appreciated the way ... (read in full...)

She and I have a crush on each other. How do I go from here?

Q.   Hi A member of staff in my child's school has a crush on me ( I am married) and I also have a crush on her. She is in a senior position. I have known she has a crush on me because she kept checking me dropping time, trying to get my attention...

A.   15 April 2022: I also appreciate your comments. Thank you... (read in full...)

My girlfriend's brother is a problem

Q.   I have been seeing my partner for almost 2 years, and our conversation is now turning to moving in together. We both have our own houses and the plan is that I will move in hers and rent mine out. Decision based in part on her work commute, I work ...

A.   11 April 2022: Ok, for anymore interested in the conclusion. Ina nutshell…. I explained my concerns about the situation, that our plan was beholden on her brother being in a position to get his own place, and my apprehension around this, given that he is show... (read in full...)

She cancelled our first date because of who I follow on Instagram

Q.   I'm 34 and she's 24. We matched on Tinder, eventually transitioned into Instagram, then started texting,and she let me know she prefers talking on the phone. I gave her a call, we talked for nearly 2 hours, finally set up our first date and I was ...

A.   10 April 2022: Great points here. I'll make sure to never let my friend follow women like that on my account again. And yeah, it is hypocritical to find me on a hookup app and act like she has some sort of moral high ground. Oh well. Thanks for your input! ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend never wants to spend time with me

Q.   I don't really know how to start this off so here I go, me and my boyfriend live about 23 minutes away from each other, I'm 15 he's 16. lately I've been feeling like he doesn't want to hang out with me and when we text he's super dry, ill send ...

A.   29 March 2022: so basically, he doesnt like me? and i should break up with him?... (read in full...)

How can I negotiate us back to friends?

Q.   I really wasn't sure how I was going to write this but I know this was a mistake that I wish I thought more about. I met a man from the Philippines online through a game we played together, we chatted on and off throughout the game and we beca...

A.   29 March 2022: Hi Aunts and Uncles! I absolutely loved all the feedback from everyone and wasn't expecting such a fast response, I reread everything at least 3 times to full absorb the advice given and it is greatly appreciated! In the most part, I realise now... (read in full...)

Why is the instructor acting weird now?

Q.   Hi, so I have a strange problem which is not exactly something to do with love... I've been going to this Zumba class for a few months now and the instructor is a nice young guy who everyone is crazy for. I have to admit, I even had a crush on him ...

A.   23 March 2022: Hi WiseOwlE, thanks for your answer. Yes, I agree. I actually never acted like a fool around him, I just minded my own business and smiled and said hi if he said hi, that was it. He was the one who was so friendly at first and has become strange ... (read in full...)

Will he still like me?

Q.   hi! i have had a crush on this guy for a while. he likes me too and he told me a couple weeks ago. my parents made me cut off contact with him because he has different views then them. i am an older teen, so personally i think that i should be able ...

A.   19 March 2022: hi! thank you everyone. i've been asked a couple times if he is older then me, but no actually he is half a year younger. ... (read in full...)

Minor celebrity's effect on me

Q.   I am genuinely really struggling so please only supportive answers. Bit of background. So there is a public figure, kind of celebrity – small celebrity, up and coming type – that I admire. (They will be left unnamed, I will just call them M) Thi...

A.   19 March 2022: To the anonymous reply - what can you see is wrong?... (read in full...)

My teacher kiss me

Q.   Hi, i am 15 and i was kissed by my teacher. He wrote a poem to me which i got confused about as a cooperation to write poem but it was a love letter. I don't know his age but he is the range of late 20's to early 30's he is a flirt he hugs some ...

A.   8 March 2022: I just remember that he told me think about it and write a reply to him when i declined. i declined because i felt the poems that i write were not to perfection but when he told me i shouldn't decline him i wrote a reply and showed him before h... (read in full...)

Do you think I was unfair?

Q.   I recently had a break down in a relationship and am struggling with feelings of guilt and regret, I am 64 and my "boy"friend was same age. He was in rented lovely cottage in great location but very expensive, he had lost his property previous...

A.   8 March 2022: Huge thanks to you all, I am feeling better day by day. R.... (read in full...)

Is it worth being alone for decades?

Q.   Hi everyone To keep a long story short, I’ve fallen for a man who’s wonderful and makes me happy. He is 20 years older than me. I am not worried about the happiness factor DURING the relationship, I’m more concerned about him dying 20 yea...

A.   5 March 2022: Thank you everyone. I know that the possibilities are endless, but since statistically it’s so much more probable that he passes before I do, would it just be an unwise gamble though? ... (read in full...)

My mother has always had toxic relationships with men

Q.   My mom has always had toxic relationships. First my dad, she had me and my 3 sisters, he did drugs and sexually abused me as a child. When she left him about a year went by and Then she got with my other sisters dad. Which was very toxic as well, ...

A.   2 March 2022: Hi, so to answer a couple questions, no she’s not on drugs and doesn’t drink. Thank God, I don’t think I could deal with that. My mother can’t work due to being undocumented. She does nails but honestly does not apply herself to make a little si... (read in full...)

I am an orphan and have been lied to my entire life

Q.   He is rich and famous and I am just a poor girl who got passed around from one person to the next. I have been sex trafficked after we got married but it was only verbally and we need a ring. I forgot the entire event because I was later attacked ...

A.   1 March 2022: I feel that the person you are relating to may have struggled with rejection himself. If he is doing bad things, he is clearly not happy with where he is in life. Though it sounds like he has everything, I can sense that he wants it all but might ... (read in full...)

Female friend / colleague blanks me outside of work

Q.   A girl started working for me a couple of years ago and we hit it off instantly. We had a similar sense of humour and although she is a bit socially awkward (by her own admission), we just seemed to get each other and enjoyed each other's ...

A.   27 February 2022: Thanks guys,appreciate your replies. There's a general consensus that I should respect the boundaries that she's set, which I intend to do. I should add that I've done this in the past. On occasion I've thought, OK I won't call her today (she wor... (read in full...)

My wife is pregnant by another man

Q.   I have a problem with my wife I do not know how to deal with. We have a happy open relationship with one child, we have been married six years and my wife has an African American boyfriend. She recently told me she is pregnant I know the baby i...

A.   24 February 2022: We have had several conversations since she discovered she is pregnant my tells me she is just going through a phase. She tells me the sex is incredible with him but wants to be with me. I told her she can see for the sex but no more babies and she ... (read in full...)

How To Move Forward After a Toxic Relationship

Q.   I think I may be trauma bonded to my ex and I am trying to get the heck over myself. How do I do this? This was a relationship that grew out of the pandemic and still feels so big to me. Everything I experienced in this was on another level. I wa...

A.   24 February 2022: Thank you, thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my question!!!Everything you guys are saying makes so much sense. I immediately privated my IG. I feel like my experience is a cautionary tale. I think part of the reason I ignored... (read in full...)

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