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My Bf will be so hurt. I cheated over Christmas with a work colleague. What should I do now?

Q.   Need some advice,I understand if you judge me, I hate myself for it..... Me and my boyfriend of 2 years went through a miserable period over Christmas, felt really down about it. I had my works Christmas party where I found myself really drunk, ...

A.   12 January 2013: Let this man make his own made yours. Stop being so controlling and tell him... (read in full...)

My 17 year old brother wants to take responsibility for a child that isn't his

Q.   My little brother is 17. About 3 weeks ago, he started dating a 16 year old who is 7 months pregnant. The baby's father left her when she told him. My brother has known the girl for about a year now and has told me that he intends to put his name on ...

A.   27 July 2012: You need to get your parents attetion on this situation as soon as possible. This is very bad on all part. Theyre going to actually falsify documents stating untrues. Where is the bio-dad? This child belongs to its mother in her bio-lover, not her ... (read in full...)

My wife has a crush on a man she met online. She denies it, I know its true

Q.   wife has a crush? My wife of 2 years has recently been speaking to a guy daily since they met online about a week ago. They meet online every night speaking by mic, he compliments her very often and flirts as does she, they spend hours talking ...

A.   16 July 2012: I see you was giving advise, yet your concern is strange to me. Your wife is having an emotional affair with another man and it seem as you taking it as nothing. This is your sister but your partner in life. Her bags would have been pack that ... (read in full...)

Is getting pregnant at 15 the right thing to do?

Q.   Well, im 15... And me and my boyfriend have been together for 9 months, now heres my issue, when we hit a year... My boyfriend wants a BABY..... Okay look, I absoulutly ADORE babies, I LOVE them. And I have no problem with pregnancy at this age.... ...

A.   23 June 2012: Taffy, what are you thinking girl? How can you do this to yourself and your parents. I read that someone thinks he's doing this for sex. Gosh they're behind, you're working on the next level. If you were my daughter i would be so disappointed... (read in full...)

My boyfriend is jealous when I dance salsa....

Q.   So...7 months ago I started a long distance relationship with a man I met online. We talked on the phone for a month before meeting in person. We have a lot in common and he's very attractive. The problem is his jealousy. When we first started ...

A.   23 June 2012: sweety this guy is a jealous wreck and its a form of control. Take a real look at this then decide that is this the life you want or hope for...this is early. If i was you i would set this guy straight unless your into the father/daughter ... (read in full...)

I realized I desperately love my ex and want him back in my life!

Q.   Hi friends. . . I am in a relationship with a guy. Before that, I was committed to my ex boyfriend. He loved me very much and was loyal. But I had only one problem with him. He was too busy in his buisness and didnt give much time to me. While my b...

A.   23 June 2012: oh go sh, why all the drama. How about you take sometime and get to know yourself instead of running from guy to guy. The people has feelings and your playing games...wait. I see your age. Before you do anything you need to end all relation... (read in full...)

Should I leave her this message on Facebook?

Q.   Hey guys, I need some advice on how I need to approach this situation. There is this girl I am attracted to. She gave me her number a long time ago, but when I texted her, she didn't reply. After that, she never really talked to me quite as much as ...

A.   23 June 2012: don't do that to her! Good grief dude, she couuld have her eye on someone or their could be a chance that a guy is chasing her and their goes your posting ruining it. Ask her directly or if you like her then sweep her off her feet instead of that... (read in full...)

Will my ex go back to his ex wife? Can marriages work after such a long separation?

Q.   I wrote before about my boyfriend being reluctant to divorce his wife that hes been seperate from for two and a half years. He was involved with me for the last ten months and she was involved and living with a guy for the whole duration of the ...

A.   23 June 2012: your problem is that he wasn't free. If your heart is with another then your not free to date. He would have left you at any point to be with her and that what you need to understand. Let this one go. How can you trust this guy again. He loves anot... (read in full...)

He said I don't text enough. He accused me of seeing someone else. Not true. Now his texts are sporadic. What is going on?

Q.   Hi everyone this is the story. I met this man in march he asked me out. I agreed. We saw each other maybe every two or three weeks. He lives six doors away from me. It has been like this since I have been patient with him, but it is starting to ...

A.   6 December 2011: Listen to your guts. Just because someone isn't interested in the type of relationship you want doesn't mean they're a jerk or ass wipe. This guy is consistence as you pointed out, so why are you upset. If this guy isn't feeling you then why would ... (read in full...)

After 1000 messages should I meet this online man?

Q.   Okay, I met someone from Turkey over the internet I did not ask to be his friend he asked me. to make a long story short and numerous phone calls, and 1000 messages later he says that he is in love with me, and I feel the same for him my question ...

A.   30 November 2011: Turkey is a friendly country to the USA, he shouldnt need your help for a tourist visa. Staying here forever then yeah he need to marry or apply. I say follow your gut feeling and you want go wrong. Honestly if I were you, I wouldnt trust guys born ... (read in full...)

Can my ex take me to court and get custody of our son?

Q.   I need some advice. When I was four months pregnant I left my son's biological father because he forced himself on me sexually and used to hit me. After we split I tried to be civil with him for our son's sake. Well sometime later we got into a big ...

A.   26 November 2011: Yes you play that tape in court to show his disconnect for his child. Hopefully, he get a good lawyer and have him display ur life and challenge ur rights as a mother. i hope he did deep in ur and you new husband background. Your some kind of mother ... (read in full...)

Is sex outside the marriage infidelity when it's a 5 year plus sexless marriage?

Q.   I have a very long term friendship with a woman. Her marriage has been dead for many years but stays because of her high school children and financial reasons. My marriage has been over for 10 years. During coffee last week , sex became a topic. She ...

A.   25 November 2011: Everyone has an opinion, but I see it as this. If she doesnt love the guy and really dont see him as her husband then she not. People on here are telling you about the vows she took. In their minds they're local court has more authority than god. No ... (read in full...)

She says I should have sex with other woman, but I only want her!

Q.   I have a simple, but somewhat complicated issue I've working things out with my ex, she doesn't really view herself as someone who can fulfill my desires, we live two and a half hours from each other. She says she'll remain loving and give me the ...

A.   24 November 2011: I have no idea why people in here is blaming this woman for any and everything under the sun. Why encourage this man to keep this up. People have a right to say no to things that they'll find grading or regret for the rest of their lives. Ite ... (read in full...)

Could he tell that I had had sex with someone else the day before?

Q.   ls it possible for a guy to feel that you had sex with someone else? l had sex with my guyfriend at a party and a day later my boyfriend showed up and we had sex. afterwards he said nothing and ignored me the whole night, in the morning we tried ...

A.   22 November 2011: dont bring it up. If he feels anything different it your guilt and not the size of your vagina. We wouldnt be able to tell but when youre with someone for a long time, we can tell when something is wrong with you. Did the guy leave marks like plac... (read in full...)

I cheated and now feel disgusted!

Q.   my boyfriend did not come to see like he usually does yet he knew l had wanted to be with him. so a good guy friend of mine from childhood showed up, we started drinking and all. basically we ended up having sex, me being the initiator. after it, l ...

A.   21 November 2011: I gave her the best advice on here and they refuse to post it,nyet they would post advice tell her to mislead and lie to her partner. That's ashame for many reasons. I hope she finds it within herself to let this guy know what she has done and whil... (read in full...)

If a girl has kissed say 12-13 guys in two months, what kind of girl does that make her? Would you want to get involved with her?

Q.   If a girl has kissed say 12-13 guys in just about two months, what kind of girl does that make her? Would you want to get involved with this girl, or is it better to not go there? I ask because I met a girl who I got talking to in a club and I ask...

A.   20 November 2011: Move on, you know it was more than a kiss! Her past is her, some people change as the grow but most stay the same. If you get with her and know it doesnt take much to get with her then dont bother her about it later. If she saw anything wrong i... (read in full...)

Whats the meaning of a break?

Q.   What's the meaning of a break, time, space,? Does that mean its over? my girl asked me for time to find herself and see if she can let go of the past and reallu for give me for cheating and lying, but yet we live together and she still wants me in ...

A.   20 November 2011: i think its means she done with you. ... (read in full...)

I'm 13, he's 17 we met online, is it wrong?

Q.   okay so I know i'm still young and all but yes so here I go. okay so a little while ago my friend showed me this website were I could meet new people and things like that, so one day I decided I would go and try it out ,so I did. I didnt expect t...

A.   20 November 2011: Stop! Do not meet anyone anywhere for any reason. Any male regardless of your age that is interested in you would want to meet your family. Think to yourself, what would a 17 year old boy want with a 13 year old girl? Theirs no good intentio... (read in full...)

I met someone online but everyone is always concerned for my safety!

Q.   I think it's terrible how a minority of wicked people can forever tarnish something which could be used for the good. I met the love of my life (and I'm not using those words lightly) online in August 2010. It wasn't a dating site, just one for ...

A.   20 November 2011: They're right and wrong. Everyone that gave you advice are online and most of your family and friends are too. I have a friend now that I met online and we get along great. We're not dating but I know she likes me a lot. You already met and spen... (read in full...)

Is she interested? Whenever we are together all she does is talk about other guys!

Q.   I have a girlfriend, who I think is totally amazing. She tells me she misses me, that she loves me, and wants to be with me forever. That's all when she texts me, when we're in person, she constantly talks about other men. I don't mean every 6 ...

A.   18 November 2011: I doubt she's trying to make you jealous. I had the hos for Jennifer Love Hewitt, but it didnt mean I would leave my wife at the time for her. Its all fantasy and let it stay that way. If you admit it there probably a few you see on tv as well that ... (read in full...)

I thought he cared about me too but when I told him how he felt he hasn't been in touch

Q.   So i am separated from my husband. And there is this guy i have been talking to and seeing. We have been friends for over 2yrs. We used to talk about everything and we grew such a connection while we were friends (all this happening while i was ...

A.   16 November 2011: This may be going to fast, but we want things we cannot have. He may have wanted you just as you were, part time and now youre coming to him full time. This could have ended it.... (read in full...)

Just learned that I may not be my son's father

Q.   I need to make a HUGE possibly life changing decision. My wife and I are married for almost 15 years. When we met she had just broken up with her ex-bf. We dated for about 6 months when she told me she was pregnant. I did the right thing, and we ...

A.   16 November 2011: WOW, Man you said a mouth full, now man up. Why would you put ur child thruogh this to please your own ego. This guy didnt need to tell you anything, you had these feelings long before he sat woth you. Hell you even look up these DNA ... (read in full...)

He disappears on the weekends..

Q.   have been talking seriously with this spanish man on fb..who seemes too good to be the most charming , sensistive man i have ever spoken to....he say's he's fallen for me and would like to meet me in London , as i'm from the uk and he's ...

A.   18 September 2011: he's probably single as he say, but has to see his other wife/gf on the weekends. Tell him you will go with him the next time to see what he says.... (read in full...)

How could we make this a successful relationship?

Q.   I am a boy of 25 yr. I met with a lady of 40 yr on a social network about 9 months ago. We soon became good friends and we spent all the time sharing our thoughts, experiences and almost whole personal life although we hv abt 8 hr time lap. She is ...

A.   18 September 2011: youLre getting into something that you need to step back from. She can never be a virgin again. She can be tight yes, but that wouldnt last long for you. She has kids already. Why has she got a divorce yet? Do you really believe he has did her in ... (read in full...)

Fwb ignoring me done nothing wrong

Q.   Hi this is my problem my fwb who I have been having sex with for the past 6 months has just recently started ignoring me I text him last wednesday and got no reply and today he completely blanked me and walked straight past me what have I done wrong ...

A.   18 September 2011: He's not an idiot, but he may have interests else where. Your guy maybe crushing on another or he found a FWB thats he thinks is better. Just stop hounding him and when he cant find someone else to sleep with then he be back to you.... (read in full...)

It seems like everything died because we had sex!

Q.   i hit one wrong button and deleted everything I wrote so here is a reduced version. I was talking to a guy for two months via text and hung out a few times. He works at the same place I do but don't see him hardly at all so I wasn't worried about ...

A.   18 September 2011: You said thats all he wanted! You didn't want to have sex with this guy? What did he do wrong? He wanted to have sex with you and iLm going to assume you gave it to him willingly. How do you feel used from something you both wanted. You isn't his ... (read in full...)

A girl told me a rumour about my boyfriend and now I'm lost, hurt and confused, can someone please help me out?

Q.   A girl told me he told her he liked her two days into our relationship. I got super angry at him and accused him of cheating even though he kept denying it repeating "I have NO idea what you'e talking about!!" But she's a bit of a gossip so I don't ...

A.   17 September 2011: Sorry for your pain but you cause it urself. i keep telling people that when youre dating someone it needs to be between you and that person. Dont involve friends, family, or ur favorite tv host. Lets say her name is susan snow and ur bf is Jeff. ... (read in full...)

It seems like everything died because we had sex!

Q.   i hit one wrong button and deleted everything I wrote so here is a reduced version. I was talking to a guy for two months via text and hung out a few times. He works at the same place I do but don't see him hardly at all so I wasn't worried about ...

A.   17 September 2011: I think ur overreacting to this situation. Jusr give ut time. Im sure you was good.... (read in full...)

I never normally go for younger guys...but he seems really mature!

Q.   Hey everyone, Im in a bit of a dilemma and I need your help.I am currently 18 and going to be 19 in two weeks. Anyway there's this guy who I like who's 16,that's just started college. Now my problem is I NEVER go for guys younger than my age,but ...

A.   17 September 2011: nothing wrong in this relationship. Just go slow and get to know each other. My friend is 10 years younger than his wife and the get along very well.... (read in full...)

I've gained 40 lbs since he seen me last. Should I postphone meeting till I lose the weight?

Q.   6 years ago I regretably broke up with the greatest man I have ever been with. He recently found me. My concern is that at the time, when we were together, I was drop dead gorgeous. Since then, I have gained 40 pounds! I am scared to death of what ...

A.   16 September 2011: resentment may play a part in it now, if you were drop dead, now youre a lot of people would hold that against you. We all have preferences so to say something is important to one person is very hard to predict. He maybe find with you ... (read in full...)

How can I make my GF want to have sex with me again?

Q.   Ok so I've been together with my GF for 5 1/2 months and everything had been working until she went on vacation, but she's definitely not the type to cheat on me, she came back and was normal in every way except for sex. As soon as I touch her in an ...

A.   13 September 2011: Yes you need to talk, this could all be regret at something that has happen. Only she could really tell you. i wouldnt accuse her of anything but I'll give her space till then. ... (read in full...)

I caught my fiancé's dad cheating

Q.   Yesterday I caught my future father in law cheating, I know it would break my fiancé's heart if I told him, not to mention if his mother finds out, it will tear his family apart. I don't know what to do. I don't think I would ever say anything to ...

A.   13 September 2011: Old saying, keep your nose in your own business and all will be well. Can you honestly say he's cheating? How could you know this without even talking to him. What if him and his wife has an open relationship. What if she has a problem having sex ... (read in full...)

I'm a virgin but my girlfriend has been with 10 men already - and shown me a video of herself and an ex

Q.   me and my gf have been togehter for 6 months...she is my first gf whereas i'm her 11th bf...she has told me that shes been sexually active with all the 10 guys..i have had no past sexual experience...last week on my insistence she told me all about ...

A.   13 September 2011: My mother told me once to take a good look at the person youre with. If you cannot see yourself with them in 20 years then leave them at that point. Your girl had two guys a year that she serviced until she found you. Now if thats a wife to you then ... (read in full...)

I did not know he had a girlfriend! Should I tell her he had sex with me?

Q.   I never thought I would be the "other woman." I had broken up with a boyfriend after finding out about his infidelity. Since then I had gotten a new boyfriend and moved to a different city. However, my new boyfriend didn't work out, and my ex h...

A.   13 September 2011:  I would just let this go. if people keep their legs closed and get to know someone then she'll find out what type of person he is as a shouldnt be running around stalking the dude. Why don't you finally do yourself a favor and delete t... (read in full...)

Boyfriend is going on a trip with 3 girls, one is his ex!

Q.   My boyfriend has just told me he is going to London for the weekend with 3 other girls, and possibly another. He will be the omly boy. One of these girls is his ex girlfriend- who he is.close to and she is.newly single. The girl who's birthday it is ...

A.   12 September 2011: Your guy is going to be busy, hands everywhere, sorry that would be me. I would just tell him the truth, its over coz we both know if hes a virgin when he leaves, he want be when he return. ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend promised tattoo so I'd forgive him for cheating then went back on his word

Q.   2 weeks ago I split up with my boyfriend of 4 years for cheating. He begged foregivness for days none stop, txting, calling, emailing, stopping by the house, said he'd do anything and eventually came up with the idea of getting a tattoo of my name ...

A.   12 September 2011: No, he didnt conn you, he flat out lied to you and he did it expressing his love for you. You see what a fake he is now. You tell him once in for all that you dont want a cheat and liar. ... (read in full...)

How to ask her to be mine and tell her I'm hers?

Q.   I hope this doesn't sound stupid, It's something of a cultural question. I'm from Europe and now in the USA. I've been dating a wonderful woman for the past month, I'm falling for her and I want us to be official and exclusive to each other. I'm ...

A.   12 September 2011: Its not stupid at all, try a movie that she like and have it edited, then if the can have words highlighted you asking her to go exclusive with you or if the could have the actors edited to ask her for ya. Hey i am trying her. Just try something ... (read in full...)

Has anyone worried about having an unattractive child?

Q.   so this isnt a bf/gf type question but i do need a bit of advice. Has anyone ever been worried about having an unattractive child? It may seem selfish....but i cant believe im the only one who has ever worried. Help please?...

A.   12 September 2011: You can't help or stop how your mind process thought. I dont think its selfish at all, once you have a child in bond with it, then he/she would always be beautiful to you. ... (read in full...)

My Dad is threatening me with the police

Q.   I got in a car wreck about 2 weeks dad is very mad at me. He has threatened to call the cops on me and lie and say that i stole his vehicle when i didn't. Well that is not what bothers me. He has also threatened to call the cops and get me ...

A.   12 September 2011: Your bf isnt the problem at all here but the car is. I have a son 17 and two daughters 16 and 13, they can do nothing about me spend time with them talking to them and rasing them since birth. I also talk to people under the age of 18 almost every ... (read in full...)

My family first or him? My family criticize him. So I need to break up but think he'll take it badly

Q.   Hi, I can honestly say that I love my boyfriend. I can honestly admit that I have never feel so much loved before him. However, I am not happy because my family been criticising him in the past few months. His business went down pretty bad. M...

A.   11 September 2011: You need to slow down and think this through before its to late. They're criticizing him on a one sided story (your side) and not his, so criticizing him is easy to do without all the facts. You said they ask questions and you gave an honest answer, ... (read in full...)

My family first or him? My family criticize him. So I need to break up but think he'll take it badly

Q.   Hi, I can honestly say that I love my boyfriend. I can honestly admit that I have never feel so much loved before him. However, I am not happy because my family been criticising him in the past few months. His business went down pretty bad. M...

A.   10 September 2011: Well let you and I hope that he open his eyes and see that you wouldnt make a good wife to him for many reasons. 1.) why will you discuss your relationship with your family? If he hitting you then yes tell everyone, but if he's not then your rel... (read in full...)

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