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Hi my name is Dawn, I live in England with my husband and 2 children.My son is 12 nearly 13 and my daughter is 7. I used to work with vulnerable adults and i now work in a residential care home organising activities for the elderly.

As you can see from the above i enjoy helping people.I have been married for nearly 16 years.

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My fiance wants to have a really expensive stag party in America. I don't like the idea. What actually happens at stag parties?

Q.   I just want to know what both you male and females think about this. I am getting married in 2010, and me and my partner have been together for 3 years. He said to me the other day that his mate (who i dont really like because ever since i was intr...

A.   21 September 2008: Blimey i read one of the posts in reply to your question and thought it was some arrogant bloke then was shocked to see it was a female, this is not all about you honey, there is nothing wrong about wanting your wedding day to be perfect, after all ... (read in full...)

My fiance wants to have a really expensive stag party in America. I don't like the idea. What actually happens at stag parties?

Q.   I just want to know what both you male and females think about this. I am getting married in 2010, and me and my partner have been together for 3 years. He said to me the other day that his mate (who i dont really like because ever since i was intr...

A.   21 September 2008: Blimey i read one of the posts in reply to your question and thought it was some arrogant bloke then was shocked to see it was a female, this is not all about you honey, there is nothing wrong about wanting your wedding day to be perfect, after all ... (read in full...)

Why does my boyfriend want to cum on my face?

Q.   Why does my boyfriend want to cum on my face? ...

A.   2 June 2008: it is just a different sexual act, probably has seen it in a porn movie and wants to try it out. If you are uncomfortable with it, say no. ... (read in full...)

Wife's been keeping her mobile close and has mysterious messages on her facebook page!

Q.   ive been married for 2 years and dating for 8 years and my wife has been going on face book for about 3 months shes been acting weired since then she keeps her mobile close to her chest when before she hardly use to go out with it ,i started to get ...

A.   2 June 2008: Well it does sound odd. Storing a name under someone else's is always suspicious. However that does not mean she is cheating. I am a member of facebook and i have had some male interest, i choose to ignore it as i am on there only to meet up with ... (read in full...)

I feel horrible and ugly due to my ex cheating. How can I improve my self esteem?

Q.   I know this will be silly- but it is how I feel right now! I found out that my ex-boyfriend cheated on me the whole time we were together. He cheated on all his previous girlfriends as well. I also found a mail he wrote to his friend two years ago ...

A.   2 May 2008: I understand why your self esteem is at a low but it is not your fault he cheated. Unfortunately that is how some people are and whilst it is unfair it shows they have real problems in doing this. There are plenty of men out there who will treat you ... (read in full...)

Was my husband only flirting with her?

Q.   My husband went up north got drunk and danced with all the ladies two weeks ago. This past weekend we were in the same bar and the 22 year old among those ladies was very unfriendly to me he had his arm around her and said something in to her ear ...

A.   2 May 2008: Well she sounds like a nasty piece of work staking a claim on your husband, who does she think she is? You must have the patience of a saint because if it had been me i would have floored her. As for your husband he is certainly showing you no ... (read in full...)

She tells me if I am not out of my relationship with my partner by May she is gone!

Q.   I have been in a relationship with my partner for 7 years. We have two small children. We are great friends however we are best friends not lovers anymore. My partner is very easy going and rarely raises her voice. A few months ago I meet a w...

A.   25 April 2008: Well on one hand you have a partner who is a great woman and mother and then you have this bit on the side who sounds like a complete loser and has no idea how to behave socially. I think you have answered your own question haven't you? ... (read in full...)

I was his mistress and now we are together. Why am I still competing with the wife?

Q.   i am a 21 yr old who is dating a 33 yr old man. He left his wife for me and i believe he loves me very much as do i him. He has 3 kids who absolutely dispise me as well as alot of financial stuff from his past with his wife.I know his wife is still ...

A.   24 April 2008: Leave them to get on with their marriage, it is nothing to do with you and you have no rights over him. Having a relationship with someone who is married is asking for trouble and you will never end up as his wife, and to be really honest would you ... (read in full...)

Do you believe a married man when he tells you what a witch his wife is?

Q.   To women who are having an affair with a married man. Do you believe your married man when he is telling you what an evil B*tch his wife is and how you are so much nicer and how much he loves you?...

A.   24 April 2008: No but i would believe he is a total arsehole!... (read in full...)

Do lads like a girl who can make them laugh?

Q.   a lad told me he thinks im funny n i make him laugh - do lads generally like a girl who can make them laugh? x...

A.   20 April 2008: Yes laughter is important in a relationship. If you can make someone laugh they naturally warm to you and vice versa. ... (read in full...)

I touch myself in public which is embarrassing. Why am I horny?

Q.   why are we horny all the time! i dont get it. i look at porn enjoy it and still in public i have to mess with myself. its embarrasing. HELP!...

A.   20 April 2008: What you do in private is your own business but you can't do this in public. Put a stop to the porn for a while and your hormones should settle down. ... (read in full...)

Is it possible to request a nurse rather than the doctor at my surgery for contraception advice?

Q.   hi, I was just wondering if anyone can help me. I have decided that I need to go on the pill for contraception but I can't get to the family planning session in my area due to work commitsments. Is it possible just to make an appointment with a n...

A.   20 April 2008: I don't see any problem in asking for a nurse to prescribe the pill for you. You need to speak to somebody at the surgery and explain this to them and they will advise, all they do is take your blood pressure and maybe weigh you and then sort out a ... (read in full...)

This boy stares at me like a puppy dog and turns red when I look at him! What do you think?

Q.   hi im 14. im in highschool i like this guy ,, he told asked me online if i like him .. and i told him do u like me? and he said no answer me first .. then i was like why? should i tell u knowin that you dont like me .. and he said how would y...

A.   20 April 2008: He likes you, he is just shy. ... (read in full...)

Attracted to my little sister but I don't think it's wrong!

Q.   So I am attracted to my little sister and I don't think it is wrong. i always have an erection around her and we are home alone a lot. she is just too sexy to ignore. i want to have sex with her but i don't think she wants it with me. if i can't ...

A.   19 April 2008: Please think about what you are saying. She is your little sister for god's sake. Is there an adult you can speak to in confidence? Get some help as there is no way you should be thinking like this. ... (read in full...)

Sexual harrassment by work colleague outside the work place, what can be done?

Q.   I work for a call centre and recently they have taken temp staff on, some of which are male. I amongst others have been allocating to help train 2. They have been there only 7 days and on the first Friday we all went to local bar after work at 4p...

A.   19 April 2008: Report him as there is no excuse for what he did to you. What he did was blatantly sexual and this needs dealing with as soon as possible. You have witnesses so there is no question of him being able to wriggle out of it. I must admit i admire you ... (read in full...)

The day I found out about my parent's disease, my boyfriend was unsupportive. Since we generally have a rocky relation, would it be best to break up?

Q.   i could really do with some help or advice....i'll try and cut this long story short and get to the point. basically last week i found out that my mother is in the early stages of alzheimers disease. im absolutely devastated and cant come to terms ...

A.   19 April 2008: Well you are under a lot of stress right now and you are probably very sensitive. Your b/f needs to support you though as this is your mum and of course you want to be with her. Sit your b/f down and explain everything and how you feel, make him ... (read in full...)

Best friends with a married man so will he ever leave his wife? Is it because of money?

Q.   I am a 37 yo woman with 3 children who has been married for 18 years and my marriage was over for months before I met this married man who said his marrieage ended a year before that too. We became best friends and helped each other through our ...

A.   19 April 2008: Well he is certainly showing his true colours, maybe it is not just the money though, maybe he wants his wife still. Ask him, get him to be truthful with you. Like you say your marriages were over when you met so there is no reason for him to ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend wants our relationship to be a "secret"! Why?

Q.   my boyfriend told me that he wants our relationship secret because i am not style and because its not the right time yet, he said it is ok to show it and let other people know our relationship when he already retire in managing his own company....i ...

A.   19 April 2008: Is he married? or in a long term relationship as i can't think why else he would want to keep you secret. If not, what is his problem?. From what you have said i think you would be better off without this guy. ... (read in full...)

Oral sex lies? I have one I've kept from my boyfriend.

Q.   Ok so I recently got in engaged to my boyfriend. But i am keeping ONE lie from him, which is that i have never given oral sex before, I have given it to one guy, but i told my soon to be husband that he is the first guy to get oral sex from me. ...

A.   18 April 2008: I don't think you need to tell him you have given another guy oral sex, it's a past relationship and is nothing to do with what you have with your fiance. I never told my husband about my sex life before him and vice versa, it just never came up for ... (read in full...)

I had an affair and I love him.

Q.   Last year i had an affair with a married man and too this day i am still in love with him. i have never been able to get over him and i know for a fact he loved me aswell. I have decided to write him a letter but as if its wrote to his wife. SO he ...

A.   18 April 2008: I have to admit what you have put in your update does not make a lot of sense. I have standards and would NEVER have an affair with a married man, that is the way i have always been. People make choices everyday, nobody has to have an affair with ... (read in full...)

How frequently is it healthy for a guy to have sex?

Q.   hope all is well for whoever visits this site as much as i do. Pliz ladies and gentle men i have one hell of a dielma! How frequently is it healthy for a guy like between 24-30yrs to have sex, as in with a chic? Even then is it possible for a g...

A.   17 April 2008: Depends on the couple. Having sex everyday is not going overboard so don't worry. Enjoy...... (read in full...)

SITE NEWS: New feature, "watched questions" list

Q.   I've added a new feature that lets you add questions to your "watched questions" page. It's just an easy way to make a list of questions that interest you and that you want to keep track of. It's easy to remove items from the list or clear it. ...

A.   17 April 2008: Great Andrew. I am already using it. Thanks.... (read in full...)

Am I over-reacting over these nude pictures (he keeps under his pillow)?

Q.   i dont mind my bf watching porn, but i dont like it wen he looks at pictures of naked women as this leads to him obviously fantasiing about them. he promised me he wouldnt look at pictures like that, but the other day i found pictures of naked ...

A.   17 April 2008: Well the porn is not unusual as many people enjoy this but putting pictures of naked women under his pillow? that seems a little over the top and i can understand you being hurt. Tell him how you feel. ... (read in full...)

Please help me with my insecurities. I think they derive from witnessing infidelity in my family.

Q.   hi, sorry if this is long! when i was young my mum got cheated on by my dad and how it was done was very sneeky that now has made me feel current bf is lovely, but has lied to me about other aspects of our relationship and i find i...

A.   17 April 2008: Hi, i can completely understand where you are coming from. I think to a certain degree what happens in childhood seriously affects our own relationships. I grew up having witnessed my mum being cheated on and then my step mother too, consequently i ... (read in full...)

My partner of 4 years has been cheating on me. Can we overcome this betrayal together?

Q.   I need some advice, I have just recently found out that my partner of 4 years had been cheating on me, it wasn't an complete shock as I had suspected he was up to no good for a while now. The truth was a lot worse than I had ever expected, and now ...

A.   17 April 2008: Hi there i really feel for you. I can completely understand you wanting to try to make your relationship work for the sake of your little girl if nothing else, but please make sure it is right for you too. I don't know if a cheat can change and that ... (read in full...)

He has jokinly told his wife (who doesn't wish to have children) he will have them with or without her!! He also said he'd leave her if I were to fall pregnant?! Any ideas?

Q.   i have only recently started dating a married man i met in a social circle of friends at a sporting event . we have so much in common and were attracted to each other instantly ... a week after our meet he traveled over to see me and stayed the ...

A.   16 April 2008: God it amazes me there are some gullible fools out there! he is MARRIED dear, you know commited to someone else, i am not surprised you have not told your parents that he is married, i don't suppose they would be impressed and would suddenly find... (read in full...)

He swears his not having an affair.-Do I believe him or not?

Q.   Hi a few months ago my husband and I had a lot of problems. Anyway he decided to move out for a while to clear his head. But before he moved out a friend of mine suggested I look into his phone as it sounded like he might be having an affair. So I ...

A.   7 April 2008: Hmm he does seem to have a lot of answers doesn't he? i think there is something very strange going on, this woman sending him these texts is bad enough but him responding in the same manner? that would start alarm bells ringing in my head, and the ... (read in full...)

I'm obsessed with my married boss, what should I do?

Q.   I really like this boss of mine i have been obssessed over him for the past 3months but he never said anything n but always gave me this really admiring look n finally last saturday i finally asked him wat was goining on in his mind. Well it was quit...

A.   5 April 2008: How would you feel if one day you were happily married with kids and then your beloved husband had an affair? Put yourself in that position, just imagine the pain of finding out the man you love was having sex with someone else, that thought alone ... (read in full...)

I had an affair and I love him.

Q.   Last year i had an affair with a married man and too this day i am still in love with him. i have never been able to get over him and i know for a fact he loved me aswell. I have decided to write him a letter but as if its wrote to his wife. SO he ...

A.   5 April 2008: You are not his wife and you do not have any rights over him, please aknowledge that. He wanted a bit on the side, now he is bored with you and probably up to the same with someone else. He is a cheat and i feel sorry for his wife. You need to let ... (read in full...)

Is he cheating on me with her?

Q.   Husband told me he was afraid to tell me he was friends with a girl at work because he thought she was pretty, he's never done anything like this before. He has went to her apartment to help her move, they've been caught hugging at work and even ...

A.   1 April 2008: She sounds like a nasty piece of work getting friendly with you just to get to your husband. Get her out of your lives, make it clear to your husband how you feel and make sure he deletes her number and has no more contact with her. People like her ... (read in full...)

Work colleague or more, plus he has a girlfriend? Help!!

Q.   Hi this is a problem I feel terrible about so go easy on me! There's this guy I work with who I have always thought was attractive but have never really got to know until recently because we've been working on the same project together. Working ...

A.   1 April 2008: Well he probably makes his g/f feel special. Unless he is single you have no right at all to expect anything to happen between the two of you. I may sound harsh but if you allow anything to happen with him you are doing the dirty on her. How would ... (read in full...)

I need to know if this is cheating. I have been sex camming with this guy, and he has a spouse. She does not know about us...

Q.   I need to know if this is cheating. I have been sex camming with this guy, and he has a spouse. She does not know about us. Now he wants to meet in person and he wants me to perform oral sex on him. To me this is cheating on his partner. He tel...

A.   30 March 2008: Yes its cheating, and i cannot believe he said "oral sex" was not cheating, and you having to ask? give him a wide berth, he is after a bit on the side. ... (read in full...)

He's my best friend, but his girlfriend is extremely jealous of our friendship.

Q.   My best friend *who is a guy and i'm a girl* of 17 years has had a girlfriend for the past 5 years. Everytime my best friend hangs out with me or calls me, she throws a hissy fit. It's gotten so bad to the point where she is accusing him and puts...

A.   30 March 2008: Well you have been friends with this fella a long time, make friends and be genuine about it with his g/f. There is no reason why you can't all get on together. If she has a problem with it there is not much you can do, surely she does not expect ... (read in full...)

I want to take our relationship to the next level, but don't want to appear cheap!

Q.   My boyfriend and i have been going out for two months now and all we've done is kiss. I really want to take it to the next level, but in every other relationship i've been in, it's the guy who's taken the intiative. How can i suggest to him that i w...

A.   30 March 2008: Well you are very young to start a sexual relationship, you have only been together 2 months which is not long at all. My 13 year old son has a g/f, i suppose they have been going out for a few months now. I have spoken to him about sex and he ... (read in full...)

I'm single and he's married, is it possible to be 'just friends'?

Q.   Can a man and woman be friends? He is married, I am single. We were friends in college, ran into one another, and I am not sure if a friendship is appropriate. I feel I can be friends without complication, but can a man? Do they seek friendship f...

A.   30 March 2008: There is nothing wrong with being friends with this married guy as long as you don't have an ulterior motive. Having said that if his wife has a problem with it then you need to back off and leave him alone.... (read in full...)

I'm single, he's married, could I get in to trouble for persuing our friendship?

Q.   Hi, almost a year ago something very peculiar happened to me. I met this guy who's military and had 2 encounters with him (not sexual, pure business) then he left a week after that. On the second encounter I noticed he liked me and vice versa, ...

A.   30 March 2008: Why would you want contact with this married guy? You don't know him and he has kids too, you certainly sound as though you are attracted to him and him being married does not seem to bother you, find someone single who is able to be more than ... (read in full...)

Is it bad to still be a virgin at 13?

Q.   I'm a 13yr old girl and I'm still a virgin.Is this bad?I'm worried about me because my friends are already having sex with boys at 13 and 14....

A.   28 March 2008: No it certainly is not bad to be a virgin at 13. Don't feel pressure from your peers to start a sexual relationship with anyone, at your age it is very common for teens to start boasting that they are having sex, chances are they are not. If they ... (read in full...)

Should I ask her to let me watch porn to get me aroused when we have sex?

Q.   Been in a relationship with a girl for 5 years now... she's my second long-term girlfriend. Before I met her I was into porn, and lad mags, and generally just liked looking at women all the time. After I ended my relationship with my first long term ...

A.   28 March 2008: My god, i would be insulted if my husband needed porn to have sex with me. You have problems mate, you are obsessed with a woman's looks, how about personality? So what your g/f does not look like a porn star, i doubt she would want to. Not every ... (read in full...)

I found a condom that was supposedly from over a year ago but the lubricant was wet on the ouside of the condom!?

Q.   My Mother in Law has been trying to sabotage my relationship with my husband ever since she realized how much he was interested in me. I even have a hard time believing the things she does to us. The other day me and my husband were moving furn...

A.   23 March 2008: Your Mother-In-Law sounds pretty nasty, wanting to cause all this misery for her son. I know they can have a reputation for being meddlesome but yours takes the biscuit. You need to say what you feel to your husband and deal with her together. If ... (read in full...)

I still feel young and attractive and feel the need to compensate for the lack of sex at home! But it's wrong, so how do I avoid that?

Q.   hi all ive been with my husband for 14 years and have 3 children together. weve had some really difficult times together and last year i tried to end our marriage because i felt there was no spark anymore and that it felt athough we were just ...

A.   23 March 2008: You need to get the sparkle back in your marriage and your husband needs to start appreciating you sexually. All marriages do through problems, i know myself, it is a case of sticking in there and communicating. Its great that your husband is ... (read in full...)

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