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Check out these questions about "grandmother"

He broke up with me and now I'm pregnant

Do I go meet my grandmother knowing my mother may get upset?

I'm 64 but still frightened of my dying mother.

I've lost the people in my family that I was closest to and I'm depressed, anxious and low

How do you tell if your mother is a narcissist?

I just can’t shake the feeling that he’ll be benefiting from me!

Girlfriend's son's father suddenly wants to stay for a few days

I think my dad should take legal action, but how to convince him?

My ex is poisoning my children against me and interfering in my visitation with them!

Their Grandma wont drop the subject, what do I do?

Am I being unrealistic wanting 2 breaks when our twins are 3 and 4?minths?

My boyfriend takes his problems out on me because I am white.

How do I get back on my feet? Can I turn my life around?

We want different things in life ... should I just let it go?

How should this family go about dividing my late Grandmother's jewelry?

Should I invite my estranged dad?

Does my LDR GF have borderline disorder?

How do I get out of loving the "other man" when I'm a married woman?

Help me move on from family drama! How can I look back on my wedding day without feeling so negatively about it?

He didn't invite me to a family function. Should I tell him how I feel?

How do I show my emotions, open up to my boyfriend and confide in him?

My husband and his co-worker have feelings for each other. What should I do?

Should I ask my b/f for a break due to exams and him being in another country?

Engaged, had an affair, new person cheated, yearrrrrs ago... now married w/ pregnant wife and I can't deal with it

Family conditioning has defined sex as inappropriate and dangerous. How can I stop feeling afraid pf physical sex?

Due to health issues, asking a relative to help seemed like a valid option. My relative is reluctant to help. What are my options?

My grandmother died and I've lost my job

Boyfriend's grandmother died, should I go to the funeral?

My boyfriend's parents are strict and I'm not sure what to do anymore

My boyfriend and his ex are now talking every day and I am not comfortable with it

I live at home and my Mum won't let me clean it up, its a biohazard mess!

Do I give him a chance to show he's not like that, once we have our own place, or leave?

My sister is aggressive and opinionated. Would it be OK if I skipped Christmas this year and stayed home to avoid my sister?

Is there hope that my mother will learn to love me?

How to handle husband who ignores me to chat up other females

He says he's the victim. He's smug and confident and denies he hit me. How can I get my things back from him?

How do I stop feeling so alone when every single friend is coupled up and I have no family?

How can I make his family see how possesive they are?

Should I disown her for rejecting my name?

How can this be fixed? Dysfunctional family, I feel depressed when I'm near them but don't know how.

I broke the engagement, but what did I do wrong?

Is my cousin on the way to an addiction problem?

Need advice on how to handle child support after it "ends". 

Should I speak to my Aunt beforehand about re-establishing contact with my mother? I do not want my sons to see, hear or experience any nastiness over any reunion

I never understand why my mother seems to push me out, yet favours my sister. Your thoughts please?

The Cheater's Badge

I'd like to get to know my biological father but I know it will upset my mom and possibly him and his family too

I am mentally dating myself--am I crazy?

I think my mother is with someone who is going to use her but I can't talk to her and know I am losing the relationship with my mom

He keeps blaming me for changing, when I just grew up. I never cheated. How can our relationship be fixed?

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