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My confidence is wrecked, I regret telling people the truth about my ex boyfriend.

How to overcome the guilt of dating my friend's ex

Now he's gone I really miss him

Why do I seem to be flavour of the month?

Its a year of no contact with married man, I suspect his friends are contacting me on facebook.

Why did my LDR boyfriend block me after I made a comment on one of his photos?

Why would she pull away when things are going so well?

I've worshipped this girl since I was 16! Do I tell her?

My confidence issues are stopping me asking for a date.

Is she ready for a new relationship?

My boyfriend has women all around him and I've asked him to stay away from them and be with men

I'd like to help them save their marriage!

Should I tell my long distance crush my feelings for him?

Do I keep trying to contact him? Or cut contact despite his debts to me?

Haunted by the past and now I'm expecting

I think he likes another girl but I don't know how to broach the topic

His online world has me worried

My friend was in town and didn't tell me

It was going great and now she has stopped responding ... I guess its over!

Why doesn't my boyfriend want to delete his exes from facebook?

Engaged to be married and have a crush on another woman

He's bragged about cheating on me behind my back but denies it when I confront him!

Is she seeking attenton from me or just comfortable?

My past won’t go away, should I talk to him?

He says he loves me but I feel jealous of the way he treated another woman he liked

She stopped responding, is that it?

He was still receiving photos from his ex!

I thought things were progressing well so why does she seemed to have slowed down?

I really like him, I think he likes me too, but he says he isn't ready for a relationship.

What are basic expectations people in relationships have in regards to social media?

Kissing Cousin ... yech!

Huge crush on the petrol station guy but how do I pursue him without looking like a stalker?

My crush is being weird!

I'm on the verge of having an affair

Any advise on this relationship will be welcome.

If he's not doing anything with his ex then why did he get so mad and ignore me?

If he doesn't trust me then I can't stay

Barmaid I like who I'm friends with has gone off me because of other friends stirring

I feel angry because my boyfriend liked his ex's pic on facebook

What is your interpretation when a guy says that you are what he needs in a relationship, but he is scared that he is not what you need?

Does my situation have a future or should I give up on him?

She didn't like my solo comment to a girl online and now she won't speak to me

Am I too sensitive or he just rude?

Is it too late to return his interest?

Married but falling for someone across the world

Should I continue with plans to visit family?

What will my boyfriend think of me that I don't have many friends?

Married co-worker I'm having an affair with is now ignoring me

My boyfriend has his exes as friends on facebook.

I don't want to meet a woman my boyfriend fancies! Your advice?

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