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The guy I've liked from afar is being a little wierd

We still sext even though he has a girlfriend, how do I move on?

My boyfriend has hooked up with his best friend?

Its a year of no contact with married man, I suspect his friends are contacting me on facebook.

My Boyfriend excluded me to his brother's funeral because his ex was going

How can I stop thinking about this teacher?

Should I give it a week? Am I worrying too much for no good cause?

Our 7 year relationship is in shambles. Is it over? Should I accept defeat?

A guy keeps sending me mixed signals.

Why am I still dreaming about my ex even though I'm in a loving relationship

Is my crush inappropriate?

Should I tell my long distance crush my feelings for him?

I have the hots for my sister-in-law

Haunted by the past and now I'm expecting

This woman is getting close on the train!

My guy friend denies being in a relationship and lied about becoming a father

Why can I not see things how they are?

My friend was in town and didn't tell me

I just cannot get over him

He found the girl he dumped me for was too costly and wants me to take him back.

Why does this guy flirt with me when he asks about dates I've been on?

Engaged to be married and have a crush on another woman

How do I make this work for us both?

I think guys just want me for sex

I feel excluded by boyfriend's decision to visit alone...

Does my close friend have a crush on me?

Huge crush on the guy who works in the same building but I don't think he even knows that I exist!

I want to get over crushing on my teacher!

Huge crush on the petrol station guy but how do I pursue him without looking like a stalker?

I like girl A but am dating girl B

My crush is being weird!

My married male co-worker alternates between friendly and cold

Does he like me? Or is he just generally outgoing and flirty?

Our fighting has gotten worse, could this be the final breakup?

I had a crush on her but didn't want to be her boyfriend, I want to be her bestie!

How do I get over my crush?

I can't get over my ex of 4 years ago. I treated her badly and have regrets

My friend's son seems to have a crush on me

A guy I have a crush on wants to do things I've never done

A one time encounter has caused my friend to be standoffish. Do I contact him on his birthday?

I think my personal trainer is crushing on me

12 years of hits and misses and I have no idea where I stand with this guy

How do I get over being rejected by guys?

I'm straight so why do gay women always hit on me? Am I giving off some kind of vibes?

Advice please on my crush on a policeman

He flirts with me when his girlfriend isn't around.

I like him but scared I wil lose the friendship!

think they are way too secretive and just honestly don't want them anywhere near each other!

He asked me to stop tickling him but now he's the one touching me!

Is this happening too quickly?

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