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I'm obsessed with my professor and it's making me depressed

Help! I'm crushing on a younger man.

How do I accept that he doesn't want to be my friend?

I've never had a boyfriend but am considering losing my virginity.

I have a boyfriend but my best guy friend has a huge crush on me and it's making me uncomfortable

Please help me stand up for myself

I love another boy but don’t know how to break up with my boyfriend!

Am I right to not trust him? Can a marriage survive on no trust?

My boyfriend wants me to take a lie detector test because his brother says him and I had sex

Why did my crush’s step-brother do that?

I feel I have met the right person at the wrong time ... and he is lying to his girlfriend!

How do I tell my crush that I like him without actually saying it?

I’m losing hope for finding my match!

The guy with the reputation treats me differently to everybody else, my friends don't trust him.

Should I let my crush know that I am now single?

I let her know I was interested and since then its cooled off.

I need to know how he feels.

Dude at work shows a lot of signs of interest but not much action!

I think I might have scared her away!

How can I stop obsessing over my colleague?

I'm still not over her after all these years but she has a 2 year old daughter and says she's done with dating. Should I still persevere?

Are we wrong for seeing each other? Or is it just a complex situation?

Do I message my crush?

I think he really likes me, so how do I help him get his feelings back?

I'm tired of my sister, her obsession at finding a partner and the fact that she's constantly blaming me for her woes

I thought he loved me but he cheated and she's pregnant!

How do I manage to become friends with possibly sleazy but otherwise awesome guy?

Should I continue being my ex's friend or let him get married and walk away.

Seven Year Relationship - Ended Over Phone Call

What hope for this relationship?

How do I respond to his confession that he's falling for me?

How can I find out her feelings for me?

Girl I don't want to go out with is messing with the girl I like!

I can't understand why he isn't more eager

I feel stuck,I know I love him but don't know if I can trust him.

I'm crushing on a girl who doesn't know I exist!

Is it too late, should I move on?

He wants to get married and start a family, I want to break up for good but he's like an addiction that I can't shake off

I have feelings for my cousin and so does my best friend

Are my best friends feelings starting to match mine?

How do I deal with my narcissistic friend?

I'm crushing on my ex's brother, his partner is my friend

Is there a chance my crush likes me back?

A practical joke gone horribly wrong

I'm having some trouble with my crushes

I refused to trade nudes for friendship. Now what?

Fallen for my priest. Help!

Am I right to doubt his fidelity?

I want to sleep with my wifes cousin.

I'm obsessed with my co-worker and I know not what to do

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