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My husband had an affair and now I can't sleep with him

My pregnant wife swears and breaks things when angry, sometimes I think I'd rather raise the baby as a single dad.

She has cut me completely after our families learnt of our same sex affair

Did my wife believe me about the dinner receipt?

I feel like a dirty secret

She says her married boyfriend will get jealous if we have sex.

Why is my husband still here?

Husband is making my life miserable because I told both our families of his affair

I can’t shake the things he told me! Am I being unreasonable and paranoid or is he lying?

I hate sex with my husband!

What is considered cheating in an open relationship?

I cheated and I stay because I think I owe him

Partner has been cheating with my best friend for the past five years.

Why do men keep long term affairs?

Her confession, while turning me on, makes me angry and I feel betrayed.

Thiinking of leaving because husband is so controlling

His email to his brother hurts more than his affair

Events of 30 years ago still hurt!

I feel like the third wheel around my boyfriend and my friend.

I want to run away because he is broke and is lazy

Where are we going in this relationship?

I told my wife the truth and she is furious!

I'm sinking into depression over this girl

How do I get the power back in the relationship?

My husband is having an affair with a woman half his age and lies about it!

Should I have an affair with a married man?

Desperate to get my life on track

Should the other woman tell his wife about the affair?

He's taken my wife. Should I be worried?

I've never cheated but my husband is accusing me off it because he says I am "loose"

I have been having an affair with a woman for 7 years and I am content. Is this strange?

My world has come crashing down because my wife just told me that the daughter we've been raising is not mine but from her affair after the marriage!

Its a year of no contact with married man, I suspect his friends are contacting me on facebook.

How can a wife cheat for 3 years and act like everything is ok?

There is no intimacy in our marriage .... is my wife having an affair?

I'm in a mess I cant walk away from

He had affairs while buying my IVF

My boyfriend has women all around him and I've asked him to stay away from them and be with men

He cheated. Should I?

Guys, do you miss the other woman if the affair ends suddenly?

I'd like to help them save their marriage!

I know I could have an amazing life with mistress but don't want to hurt my wife and children

I had an affair with my ex husband's cousin and don't know what to do with the feelings I have

How should I deal with this fantasy?

Angry about my parents divorce.

I'm on the verge of having an affair

Any advise on this relationship will be welcome.

She says she will leave him for me, but wont say when!

I'm having trouble putting an affair partner behind me

I found out my wife was cheating on me. I feel turned on and am confused about my feelings

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