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Is he using me as a means to come to Canada?

Q.   Hello I married a man from Africa and I am Canadian. We have been together for 11 months and I am trying to get him to Canada. He has been good to me but very dominant and expects I be submissive and do whatever he says to me. If I don’t he ge...

A.   21 January 2018: Sorry to say he is using you. It’s my thinking . Since, I had bad experience.... (read in full...)

Will waxing my upper lip hurt?

Q.   hi y'all, I'm 20 yo girl and have a kind of a moustache. it doesn't bother me a lot tbh. I only waxed it once (mum did it for me) and it kinda hurts, so i can't trust anyone to wax it for me( not even myself).. I would like to shave it, but i ...

A.   13 January 2018: Please don’t shave . The hair is going to be thicker like men if you shave... (read in full...)

I'm extremely hurt that he doesn't believe I'm contributing enough!

Q.   Hello everyone, I am a full time student with the occasional summer internship. I am studying a very rigorous major and while I've been in school for 3 years, it will take at least another two for me to finish my bachelors degree. I am a very good...

A.   2 January 2018: Well, I think you did sacrifice for him to leave your country and moved in new place. I think he has to understand you will contribute once you will finish your school. My advice is please don’t go back home finish your degree first . No matter stay ... (read in full...)

Having a hard time getting over my ex!

Q.   I’m all alone this X-Mas season, thinking about my ex a lot. She’s my first love and since we broke up my life has been a mess. I’m in uni right now but it’ll take me awhile to graduate. My best semester was when we were dating. Now I feel so ...

A.   26 December 2017: Why you are thinking about a selfish person who don’t care for your feelings. She don’t deserve you. It’s more easy to move on if you accept the truth. The truth is she don’t love you if she loved you she never broke your heart. Maybe she is datin... (read in full...)

Relationship started out well but now he's asking for more and more money. Is he using me?

Q.   To cut my story short, I met a turkish guy at a resort during my holiday 2 months ago.We are both muslims and have similar cultures as I am from the middle east, so we seem to understand each other's views and lifestyles. Everything was going smooth ...

A.   4 November 2017: Hi there, please don’t take me wrong he is just using you. If he is serious with you he never ask you for money. He didn’t wanted to be disrespectful infront if you. I am very close to Muslim culture. ... (read in full...)

Why was he was so mad because I answered his phone?

Q.   Hi. Last night my bf got so mad at me and left my place at 2 am. He fell asleep on the couch while I was watching a movie, around 130 am I noticed on his phone maybe like 10 phone calls then like 10 messages, his phone is always in silence so he ...

A.   23 October 2017: BECAREFUL, I used to be very close to middle Eastern culture I agree with first post. He was hiding from someone about where he was. Also , he don’t want you to know lots of things. ... (read in full...)

My ex cheated on me, it took me 2 years to get over him and now he wants to try again

Q.   At what point can you be sure you have forgiven someone for hurting you, and take them back? 3 years ago my then boyfriend of nearly 2 years left me for someone else. It took me a long time to get over it, but I did. I never really forgot he...

A.   11 October 2017: I been in same situation. But , I didn't accept him when he come back. There was no trust any more. If I am in your position I never accept someone who had been hurt me. If he loved you or cared for you he never hurt you. ... (read in full...)

Am I being too materialstic and self sabotaging?

Q.   Am I being unrealistic? I am 50 and dating a man for close to three months who claims he is retired, I came to find out he was laid off and doesn't want to go back to work. I find myself paying more often when we go out, it is a huge turn-off. I ...

A.   10 October 2017: Please don't take me wrong he courage you to find another job but he don't want to find job for himself. He is selfish. If he cared for you he never put all burden on you. LEAVE HIM... (read in full...)

A thank you to your advice!! I am now engaged. You are all the best!! Just a Thank you Post =)

Q.   Hi Everyone!! Thanks for your advice. I am engaged and getting married!! I came to your site because I am more of a private person and my mother passed away and don't have a sister. I love my friends but I'm not one to talk about gossip on my rel...

A.   19 September 2017: You welcome ??... (read in full...)

Ex-boyfriend (considerably older) left me for someone else while being on holiday. I don't understand it and am now thinking of asking for closure.

Q.   Hi, will try to keep this as short as I can. A little background: A few months ago I met a charming older man (49 years old) and what began as a short romance started developing into something more serious and longer, with him (he lived in a diffe...

A.   14 September 2017: Hi there, I am sorry you are going through this. I had kind of same situation. I was very upset for short period of time. Now , I am very happy. A hypocrite is not in my life any more. He knew her before you. He is lier. My friends advice me lea... (read in full...)

Have I lost my share of family property?

Q.   We are a family of two brothers and widowed mother. I am the eldest son. I am married while my younger brother is single and takes care of my aged mother. My dad expired 10 years ago. My brother and mother do not stay with me. My dad made two houses ...

A.   28 June 2017: Your brother is taking care of your aged mom which is BIG RESPONSIBILITY. That's why she don't want to make him upset. ... (read in full...)

I'm taking care of an ill family member. I don't know how to stay calm, parents won't help

Q.   I am caring for a family member who is here alone - she has fallen ill and I am the sole provider. I count the pennies because everything goes to paying for her to get better- my parents own to homes and in this moment of need they could help but I ...

A.   28 June 2017: Hi there, if you don't mind may I asking you who is the family member?... (read in full...)

Beating myself up because I may not be her best lover

Q.   Here goes. My fiance and I have a good sex life when we have it. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 weeks after we started dating. Since then sex is not what it could be. Which is understandable seeing what she has been through. I never...

A.   18 March 2017: Hi there, my mom had cancer. She was going through a lot. You are very nice person . Since, you are supporting your gf. But , this is not good time to think about this issue. What ever she is saying don't judge. She is on medication ... my mom used ... (read in full...)

I miss my Mom. Is it normal to feel so bad and upset moving out from a parent ?

Q.   I'm 22, married and having a baby in 6 weeks time. My father died a year and a half ago and at the time myself and husbands rent was raised sky high meaning we temporarily needed to move home for a few months however the few months turned into 15 ...

A.   9 February 2017: I have same situation. I am 38 years old and never been marry. I cant leave my mom. I am still hoping to find a guy who dont have issue if my mom live with us. All my siblings are married. I dont have that corrage to leave my mom. All my si... (read in full...)

I miss my Mom. Is it normal to feel so bad and upset moving out from a parent ?

Q.   I'm 22, married and having a baby in 6 weeks time. My father died a year and a half ago and at the time myself and husbands rent was raised sky high meaning we temporarily needed to move home for a few months however the few months turned into 15 ...

A.   9 February 2017: You don't have to feel guilty if your mom is healthy and can survive with out you. I believe parents are beautiful gift from God for us. No one love us the way they do. Just be there for her when is in need.... (read in full...)

Guys never hit on me and I think it's because I have a big nose. Should I get a nose job?

Q.   I never/barely get hit on by men. I see other women get hit on men frequently, but men do not frequently hit on me. Only homeless men or guys I don't find attractive will call me beautiful out of nowhere. Once in a blue moon, I will catch a guy ...

A.   22 August 2016: Hi there , I had same experience as you . I had bump on my nose and did not look in my face. I never had any accident but it looked like I had accident . but , it was naturally and my noise was big too. ( just for your information my sister had bi... (read in full...)

How can I believe there is good in the world?

Q.   I can't stop wishing badly on people that have done me wrong - I fee like I'm stuck into waiting for karma to get people back that I'm watching my life waste away. I have been wronged very wrong end by a lover and friends and I've been a pushover or ...

A.   29 July 2016: Hi there, I am sorry that you are going through that. I had same situation. But , I believe in Karma. Its my own personal life experience. If you don't change your self. Negative thoughts will always follow you. Well, Even if they have problem... (read in full...)

How do I get a family that hires me as a nanny to accept I need to bring along my mother who has Alzheimer's?

Q.   Hi , Thanks for always being helpful to me. I have very complicated situation .First ,my profession is nanny . I work as nanny in family environment . I recently lost my job. I was working as nanny . I been with family more then three years. The...

A.   20 July 2016: Thanks for your reply. I am very sorry to use Alzheimer word. Well, she did not diagnosis by a doctor that she has Alzheimer . But ,She forget very little things.could be because of her age. If I will work I will only four hours per day. It woul... (read in full...)

I can't rely on friends. Should I accept the offer of a work colleague to take me home from hospital after my surgery?

Q.   I have to have surgery soon, and will be going home that day, im told i need someone to take me home but i have noone? Its day surgery and i must be driven home Im all alone with no family or reliable friends, friends are busy and wont care ...

A.   12 July 2016: Hi there, I will give ride happily without any reason If My coworker need ride from Hospital to home . My mom was under cancer treatment so I could feel how it's important to help someone when they are under treatment. She just want to help you ... (read in full...)

Is this a cultural shock that is affecting my relationship? Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Q.   I dont know where to start. I am from South America and I emigrated to USA 8 years ago, I studied got a degree. I have a good job and support myself , single no kids. I met an Iraqi guy 2 years ago, hes younger by 8 years. He came legally, ...

A.   10 July 2016: Hi there, I am sorry you are going through that situation. I read about Islam religion. Unfortunately, The Muslims don't follow their religion. They follow their culture. In their culture men is more important then women. Women has to follow th... (read in full...)

Is a thankyou card to my doctor appropriate?

Q.   Hi , Thanks for being helpful . I need a advice. I am going to doc for treatment. His treatment helping me a lot. I want to send him a card. I bought a thank you I am confuse about sentance in the card. Its written thanks for making m...

A.   8 July 2016: Thanks for all replies. He is physicatrist. He helping me with my depression that I had for 17 years. I am still under his treatment . I felt Money is not important to him than his patients treatment.Thanks again. God bless... (read in full...)

Paper thin wall mean we can hear each other! What's the best way to deal with this?

Q.   I live in an apartment building in which the walls are pretty thin; so thin that I can actually hear what my neighbor is watching on the tv. So, for the past couple weeks, Ive been hearing my neighbors going at it and its really awkward. I havent ...

A.   6 July 2016: I am sorry that you are going through this. I was in same situation. Pleas,Please,please buy Marpac The Original Sound Conditioner marpac Dohm Original Sound Conditioner Work very well for me. ... (read in full...)

I met a man I've been talking to online and he hasn't responded to my thank you message, what did I do wrong?

Q.   Hi , First Thanks for always been helpful. I am very confuse about situation. I talked online with a guy for almost two weeks. finally , I met him yesterday.we met for coffee around 5.30. we had long conversation. he was talking continue. I felt...

A.   24 April 2016: Thanks for reply. I met him on Thursday and massage him on Friday and today in sunday I didn't hear back from him yet. he was good looking but his one eye was shaking during conversation. May be he felt I didn't like him for that reason. that's w... (read in full...)

Does this sound fishy to you? I need some tips!

Q.   Dear Cupid I joined online dating couple of days ago, met a profile he mentioned that he has a kid, wife passed away and we chatted and he sounded nice and everything. We exchanged numbers, he didn't call but sends me text every 1 hr Max. Told me ...

A.   24 March 2016: I can't say about other things that you asked. but I am aware only about one thing. I met two guys in the past who lied about their age on their profiles. They were at least ten years older what they mentioned into their profile. if he told you ... (read in full...)

Have you ever done anything on a date that caused the other person to never call again?

Q.   I did. And I keep beating myself up for it. Any stories about doing something on a date (or even just in the dating process) that led to never getting called again? Please share! I will feel a lot better...

A.   21 February 2016: I met a guy through online. every thing was fine in bignning but when I asked about his past relationship he got mad. I think he had bad experiences. I was wrong to ask about his past relationship in first I never ever think someone ... (read in full...)

Is it too late for me to get married and have a family?

Q.   Well i'm 50, In fact today i'm 50. Not a life threatening event but still an event. You see i have cared for my parents and sister for the last 25 years. I lost my sister 2 years ago and both my parents last year. They were my life, i gave up on ...

A.   4 February 2016: Hi there , you are great men . who care for others then himself. no it's not late. I am 36 years old and I am dating guys who are 47 plus. I like mature guys. I have two other friends who are 14 years younger from their , no it's not ... (read in full...)

Can a player fall in love????

Q.   Hi there,thanks for reading my post. I am talking with a guy online. met him two times. he is 10years older then me. I am 36 he is 47.I really like him. but I felt he is player. I am interested to know can a player fall in love? Like, a guy wh...

A.   2 February 2016: Thanks again for reply. I felt he is very honest with me. he never hide if he is with someone for fun. he is charming so it's easy for him to get someone to have fun. I am from religious background. it's very clear to him I am not going to have sex ... (read in full...)

Can a player fall in love????

Q.   Hi there,thanks for reading my post. I am talking with a guy online. met him two times. he is 10years older then me. I am 36 he is 47.I really like him. but I felt he is player. I am interested to know can a player fall in love? Like, a guy wh...

A.   2 February 2016: Thanks for all replies. He wants to continue with me. I mean he wants me to meet him more but I am scare of fall in love with him. I told him I am looking for long term relationship.he told me he is looking for same... still I am not sure to meet ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend left me for my best friend. Just found out they're getting married.

Q.   Sounds straight out of a movie I know. I was with my ex from 2010-2013. We were both 23 and met at a party. We hit it off right away and started dating. I personally thought we had the 'perfect relationship' we never fought, we always knew exac...

A.   26 January 2016: I am sorry that you are going through this. Don't be upset for losing cheaters from your life. they were cheaters. if they can cheat you the could cheat each other as well.Just be patient and believe in karma. ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend of 5 years has been cheating and left me for the other woman. I'm not coping well!

Q.   My long term boyfriend of 5 years completely destroyed me tonight. He and I have been having some problems the last couple weeks but tonight he decided to end it. He confessed to having been cheating on me for a month and ultimately was going...

A.   4 January 2016: I am sorry that you are going through that. Believe me you are not only one who is going through that pain.I had same situation. Its almost three years ago and still I am in pain. I can't trust any one any more. but , I am sure with time I will be ... (read in full...)

Online guy is making me confused. I had an accident and I believe he thinks I was lying about it

Q.   hi everyone, first thanks for reading my post and marry Christmas and new year. I am trying my luck online dating. it's almost year ago I met a guy through online. we really like each other.But when I told him I don't want sex before marriage h...

A.   26 December 2015: Thanks for your reply. I just wanted to say I met him only one time in person. that's all. then whenever he wanted to meet I made different excuses.Since , I felt we were different. sex was very important for him before marriage. I told him my view... (read in full...)

Feeling shattered. Two days ago I saw my wife cheating with another man. What can I do?

Q.   I caught my wife having sex with another man. She says it was the first time she did this, but she did him with me just 30 feet away and right out in the open when i saw them. He says it was flirting that got out of hand. She says she don't...

A.   20 December 2015: Hi, I am sorry that you are going through that. All I can say leave her asap. she don't deserve you.... (read in full...)

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