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What is my sis in law suggesting here? That I'm a loser??

I'm planning on getting married but afraid of divorce

What can I get for my ex for a wedding present?

2 months before our LDR is to end and we are to be together my fiance breaks up with me. Why?

What is going on with my psychotherapist? Is he interested in me?

I'm unsure of the relationship but is that enough to throw it away?

I need to tell my family that I was duped!

I'm married and in (unrequited) love with someone else for years. How can I get over her?

I feel my mother-in-law is inserting herself into my marriage!

My mom prefers her granddaughter who is rich than my daughter and baby son who are not!

My paranoia has driven us apart

Lack of sex is causing me to feel unloved and unwanted. I'm a newlywed!

She likes slaps and I like kisses. We have a baby girl but I don’t see how this will work!

He’s not reassuring me in the way I’d hoped! What should I do?

My not going to my sister’s hen do may we’ll end our already strained relationship!

Could he be gay? Is he not attracted to me?

How to get rid of these feelings and truly move on?

She’s a good wife and a good mother, but did she break me too much? Will I ever forget what she put me through?

How far would you be prepared to travel to a friends wedding? Is the very expensive proposition even practical with my girlfriend and one year old baby?

My fiance lied about not being attracted to other women

Should I leave my boyfriend because of my phobia?

My boyfriend cannot stand up to his family and is commiting fraud!

I would like my 2 sons to rebuild their relationship. Can I do anything to help?

I don’t have to get married but I still want a ring!

I have had an extremely stifled upbringing but I want to break free by going to a college of my choice. How do I convince my authoritarian parents?

I love him but feel neglected.

I hate my boyfriend’s best friend and don’t want him at my wedding!

I’ve made an ultimatum for my cheating husband. Is it reasonable?

Am I being used? I believe deep down that he is a good person but I am worried that I'm just there to teach him how to be in a relationship!

My friend is upset none of us can afford to go to his wedding

My ex has said he would never marry me, but I want him back!

Coping with a mum with BPD and its consequences

Do you think karma will ever catch up on my husband's ex wife for the way that she's treating her children?

I believe my friend is acting strangely after the death of an aquaintance She's acting as though she lost her best friend!

I’m having mother-in-law and financial problems, am I doing the right things to deal with them?

I feel like its my fault that my former lover has given up and gotten so heavy. I love her but know I couldn't take care of her

My husband spends the same amount on his son's girlfriend as he spends on me.

How do I tell if she ever felt anything for me or if does feel something for me now?

Am I fooling myself that we can hold this relationship together long term? Anyone else experience this type of situation?

I love him, but his deception can’t go on!

My Mum is saying we shouldn't go to my brother's wedding due to a misunderstanding over outfits.

Should I continue being my ex's friend or let him get married and walk away.

I didn't realise being a bridesmaid would mean so much pre wedding work!

My boyfriend is mad that I've kept my old wedding dress but he keeps Instagram posts from his exes

I'm getting married soon so why am I thinking of this other guy?

How do I convince my parents that I'm an adult? They have my entire college schedule mapped out and a GPS on my phone!

I feel stuck,I know I love him but don't know if I can trust him.

I feel too shamed to talk to my family

My ex still loves me but I don't want to hurt my current boyfriend.

I don't want to continue this relationship but I want my money back!

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