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Co-worker's stories make me green

How to overcome the guilt of dating my friend's ex

My dad intentionally tried to shame and humiliate me at my wedding.

Now he seems interested in finally setting a date I don't want to marry him.

Why would she pull away when things are going so well?

Cannabis killing our marriage

I broke up with my fiancé after 5 years together, she is begging me to come back!

Our 7 year relationship is in shambles. Is it over? Should I accept defeat?

I'm interested in a separated man but don't like some of his actions. Advice?

The relationship I am in has become exhausting

Can you clarify his behavior?

I'm being taken for granted and wonder if I should marry him!

Torn between my man and my family

My brother's wedding showed me how regretable mine was

I need people's approval before I make changes in my life

We are getting married soon and I'm tired of family living with us

I can't wait to get married - but family issues putting a dampener on it.

Engaged to be married and have a crush on another woman

Should I attend my Son's wedding?

How do I handle his awful younger sister who assumes she's one of my bridesmaids?!?

I'm heartbroken but he said he wouldn't get back together with me because I was acting crazy!

We want different things in life ... should I just let it go?

Fiances mother is refusing to come to our wedding unless we change our plans

I went along with planning for a big wedding. Now I don't want it!

His teapot has his and his ex's names and wedding date on it! Is it appropriate to ask if I can replace it?

I'm worried about my husband's business venture

Huge crush on the petrol station guy but how do I pursue him without looking like a stalker?

Am I wrong to draw a line under this?

My fiance is in debt, was married previously and isn't making any real efforts to be with me

My boyfriend's mother suddenly seems to hate me and thinks I'm an awful influence on him. Should I stay with him or leave?

How many chances do I give my daughter's father when all he does is hurt her?

I'm shocked at being ghosted by him! How did you get over a situation like this? Advice?

I've been engaged forever but not married. Why?

I don't want to marry a man that doesn't understand when he is being hurtful

Why won't he Marry me?

How can I manage my wedding envy?

Should I invite my estranged dad?

My fiance has stopped trying to make me happy. Its making me not want to marry

I'm worried about the problems I will face with my soon to be mother in law

How do I break my news to the family?

He changed his mind about getting married so who keeps the ring?

Are we fading to nothing?

I'm feeling very low. Is it too much to ask to have what everyone else has?

Engaged but I've seen someone new

Is there anything in this astrology thing?

Relics of the past are starting to get to me

Indian wedding problem- I was happy with the guy that my parents had seen for me but now they say our horoscopes don't match!

How do I deal with creepy older men?

Help me move on from family drama! How can I look back on my wedding day without feeling so negatively about it?

Am I being irrational for wanting my parents to be involved in my daughters life?

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