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My boyfriend likes me to do the same things as porn stars but I don't want to

I don't understand why she did this to me

My ex said some things, now I feel so low and worthless.

My sister’s husband is my ex from high school and he is rude to my boyfriend! And my boyfriend is frustrated by this and that he has to deal with an ex of mine!

Me vs his ex, is his behavior a red flag?

How do I handle my girlfriends past?

My girlfriend wants to do a boudoir photo shoot, help?

My boyfriend got another woman pregnant on a break and I am not feeling good about it

Letting things go and agreeing to disagree

Should I leave my job to go work with my Ex boss, who I'm sleeping with?

My husband made 160 phone calls in one month to his female coworker! Advice?

My friend will not stop talking about her sex life !

Should I try dating her again? She's a good friend but she's played me in the past

I don't want to send messages to her like a stalker but why won't she at least talk to me?

Why does my boyfriend always want to cum on my face?

How I get back to enjoying my favourite activity of fellatio, because currently, I gag when I try it ?

He's abusive and then buys me presents. Mixed signals? What should I do?

Should I just swallow my pride and tell him I really miss him or should I just wait for him to message me first?

Family put downs. What can I do? The problem is I do need them, but I need my space too

I'm very grateful for my Mother's help, but why would a mother treat one son more favourably, financially, than her other son?

Should I stay with the boyfriend I met on facebook? He was taking drugs so I broke up with him.

My married boyfriend is acting distant but he still wants to be with me. I am not sure what's going on?

Hw came in my mouth and it left a burning sensation. How long does that last?

What do I need to do, say or change so that my bf does not lose his erection so quickly?

I gave oral sex after losing my virginity should I have tests done?

Too many questions from over-sheltered teen

How to cope with a girlfriend who cheated on you and then left you for someone else?

The fog has worn off the affair but I love my married boyfriend. It's hard to stay but also hard to leave. What do I do?

What else? Tried anti-depressants, counselling and contraceptive pill to try to control side affects of heavy periods. Any further suggestions before I see Dr next week?

Our relationship is draining me. How do I know if its worth fighting for?

Are we prolonging a break-up, or is it possible that this can work? 

Do I swallow my pride and text him first?

The perills of looking young

How can I discover the truth? Is he not interested, or is he just having time-out?

I always resented her for leaning on my boyfriend

What is the difference (for you guys) if she swallows?

How important do you think political opinions are in a relationship?

His mother is putting a strain on our relationship

I've never felt an instant attraction before!

Our passion led to unprotected sex!

I feel like my dreams are dying ...

Do you think he would ever date me? I have very strong feelings for this guy friend

I am starting to get angry at his attitude!

Why did he suddenly become squeamish about a full on kiss on the lips after we had enjoyed such intimacy? It hurt my feelings.

Does he deserve somebody who will love him as he is?

He's made a mess of things, what is the best thing for me to do?

Help, I'm being bullied into unemployment.

Is there something wrong that I'm so fixated on oral?

Family still talks to ex boyfriend...

A conversation about a friend led to resentment of my wife's different treatment of me and her ex lovers.

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