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Is this co-worker friendly or testing out to be more flirty?

I showed interest in a shy guy, now he wont leave me alone.

I haven't seen my girlfriend in 3 months

She is comfortable being naked around me? So is she sexually attracted to me?

I'm extremely insecure about my inverted nipple!

Why is my coworker acting hot and cold?

He didn't disclose his real age. Am I overreacting?

Should I reply or ignore?

My boyfriend of 5 years is no longer sure he wants to be with me. I think he is going through some sort of life crisis

Long distance relationship started out so good but now so bad. Do I end things?

I am caught in the middle of a boy I like and my female friend

How can I be more confident in social situations?

First crush and self-loathing thoughts, how do I cope with them?

Should I give up on a shy guy? Is he just not that into me?

I'm shy and need help in talking to customers

We had sex and now I haven't heard from him in 3 weeks. Did he like me?

Brother got support, I got torn down?

I’m looking for practical advice on managing interviews!

My girlfriend lied about her sexual past. How do I trust her?

How can I subtly hint that I fancy my co-worker? I think he likes me too, but he seems shy 

Fallen for a hook up does he like me?

I'm too shy to tell my boyfriend that some dominant sex acts are painful to me

Kicked out of a cosplay group, what did I do to cause such a bad reaction?

I don't see this relationship lasting. How should I tell my boyfriend that I'm extremely annoyed with him?

To have sex or not ever have sex?

How do I show him I’m interested in him?

Am I rushing things, I've never had a long distance relationship before.

Why am I never a man’s first choice?

My boyfriend is extremely shy, but can put on fake confidence which is starting to worry me

I don't want to lead her on, but I don't want to flat out reject her as I don't want to hurt her that way either

do I look gay, or is it just a good way to attract attention from women?

Should I have said something when he put his arm around me?

Dating an older guy. One year on he still hasn't said he loves me

Am I wrong to brush aside red flags?

We are both too shy to say hi to each other?

Did she sell the phone I gave her? I regret how our interactions ended!

I'm not shy but I shake when public speaking.

My eccentric fiance's behaviour is starting to concern me

I’m tempted to ask her out but fear embarrassing her!

He's never told me directly that he loves me but he says it over text. Why does he do that?

Is he interested or not, or is he just shy?

Coping with a mum with BPD and its consequences

What is his deal? Can someone decipher his behavior?

How to get over your first love? It’s been 10 years...

Is the size of the take out he brought home a sign he is becoming cheap?

I missed an opportunity with him that I will never get again.

We bathed together in a spa while on a trip. Does she like me? I feel closer to her now

Dude at work shows a lot of signs of interest but not much action!

What's the deal with shy guy?

Would you date a man you weren't physically attracted to?

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